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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c6

TL: Torturous short chapter. Nearly 4+ hours of headache...

Volume 1, Chapter 6: Had eye contact with her already

TL: flarewk

Huuu.........calm down.

Don't be too cowardly already, An Jun Cheng!

Didn't you stayed just fine in class during this half year, so just act as if you don't know anything, and nothing would happen at all!

And if something was to occur, wouldn't it happened since a long time ago already?

That's right! There won't be any problems at all!

After comforting myself in that manner, I returned back to my seat, with everyone's gazes upon me en-route, which made my footsteps stiffened; it's like a prey being fixated on by a predator, unabling to resist shaking in fear, as both of my legs started to tremble.

But maybe it's because I don't approach other people usually, for no one went on to converse with me.

That's right, I'll just need to walk to my seat like usual, afterwards doing whatever I wanted to do............and absolutely nothing will happen..........

Finally walking back to my seat, I pulled out the chair and was about to sit on it.

When I accidentally glanced onto the girl sitting behind me...........

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]

[Ji Lian Bing]


Seeing something unbelievably inconceivable, I finally was unable to resist and spewed.

The result of that was this sound attracting her attention, as she lifted her head and placed her vision onto my face.


Had eye contact with her already!

The moment that our eye gazes crossed each other, Ji Lian Bing's expression subtly changed. She seemed to be a little surprised, and she actually smiled?

Seeing that smile on her face, I became stunned for 2 or 3 seconds before regaining back to my senses, quickly pulling my eye gaze away, and afterwards immediately sitting onto my own seat while lowering my head downwards.

It nearly frightened me to death!

Why did she suddenly smile, and she even smiled so beautifully too!

And what's the heck with that [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]! Why wasn't it [Popular School flower] that sort of things! 

I didn't realized that → Ji Lian Bing would actually be..........

If you was to mention Ji Lian Bing, I think that there shouldn't be anyone within the whole school that don't know about her.

Those people who confessed to her were numerous, and of course those who were being rejected were just as equally many. A huge portion of the male students' dream girl and secretly admired target, even young male teachers also wanted to have a student-teacher relationship with her as well. She's a mountainously tall flower that no one was to be able to reach up till now, an actual real youthful bishoujo, and was one of the school flowers that had the most number of fans.

As for why I would be sitting in front of a such a school flower like's more like; because it's me, that's why I'm able to sit at this seat.

After a period of my first year in high school, everyone knows that I'm a infamous solitary hero, who didn't have much contact with anyone at all. Although it wasn't by my consent, but everyone seemed to agree that I'm an aloof person.

Also, because that I didn't express any interest towards Ji Lian Bing at all, thus when the class monitor went on to arrange the seats; me, this 'safe person', was arranged to seat onto the front row of Ji Lian Bing.

Indeed, I don't have any interest at all, so what if she looked beautiful? In the end it'll still be the same, as time went on she'll slowly turn old, and ugly, passing away eventually, a mere pinkish colored set of bones in the end............cough cough, although that's how I feel, but she was indeed so beautiful that even I found her to be rather stunning already. Just by that appearance alone, she'll need not do anything for her lifetime already, and if she could sing or act, she'll completely would be able to become the best topmost star then. This sort of person would definitely be impossible to have any sort of interaction with a commoner like me at all, so even though I sat in the front seat of Ji Lian Bing for nearly one plus semester already, the words that I said to her in total.............don't think I've ever spoken to her though.

Ahh...........that's true, usually no one came to talk to me as well, so why would Ji Lian Bing, that sort of eye-catching school flower, be wanting to talk to me at all, wait, wake up! An Jun Cheng! The important point is not about that at all!

To me right now, she's not only a bishoujo that's so beautiful to the extent that it made people rather frightened, but she also had another layer of reason that made me terrified!

A corpse loving homicidal maniac............she's actually a homicidal maniac!

I didn't think that our class other than having strange people in it also consists of murderers as well!

Wasn't this too dangerous already, it won't be strange for me to become a target anytime, think carefully, it's impossible for her to mark me as a target, right. If I'm to be suffer that sort of fate, I would have suffered a long time ago already, plus I've sat in front of her for nearly half a year, and she didn't express out any form of interest towards me.

But the most important point, was that I still hadn't heard anyone being missing from the school yet............yeah, if she was to kill off anyone from the school, it would be rather disastrous, mm-hm. No matter how she's that careful, there definitely would be a moment where she would be noticed, so Ji Lian Bing probably should only take action on those people outside of the school.

Then that means, as long as I don't actively provoke her, she won't be fixated onto me already, huh?

But my yelp just earlier had already attracted her attention already...........and what's with that deep meaningful smile too! I'm really in a state of panic right now!

Forget it, it's useless no matter how much I think about it, it's better if I focus onto the if I could!

The me currently had already no way onto focus my attention onto the class.

Even the Xiao Zhen-laoshi who was in front giving a lecture was already a human clone, which made me unable to resist thinking connectively that Xiao Zhen-laoshi would be the same as like Mi****-meimei, because of a certain secret lab experiment that ended up creating her............who knows, the approximate price may even be 11000RMB too..........

And her look right now, was it exactly her original age? Was there a grown up version of Xiao Zhen-laoshi? Or was it that she became a child, because she consumed APTX4869? Just like that, this series of wild delusional thinking clouded my brain, as I nonsensically visualized throughout the entire lesson.

Although I originally love to daydream about in class, or maybe sometimes looking at my phone secretly, but right now, I'm completely fixated onto the teacher.

During class, even if you aren't looking at the textbook, you must absolutely not look at the teacher! Why? Because you'll be called out to answer questions!

That's right, and so I'm being called out as a result, but I wasn't even paying attention to the lesson at all, so how would I know the answer to that?

If it's in the past, I would have directly said 'I don't know', and close case after being given a scolding by the teacher. But today..........being stared at by those originally not considered familiar, and now becoming even more strangerish classmates, my nervousness kept compounding infinitely, to the extent of almost puking.

Aaaahhhh, please spare me...........

"Answer is C~"

Suddenly a voice floated from behind me, it's Ji Lian Bing!

She actually told me the answer!

Why? That moment when I made a 'Pu' sound earlier had her curious about me already? Oh shit, oh shit............


"Ahh, aahhhhh! Umm, answer is C!"

"Uuu..........such a simple question, do you really need to think so long over it? An-tongxue, are you alright? You seemed to be a little strange today, hmm?"

"Err, that, it's fine, I've only slept late last night..........."

"The boys always like to stay up throughout the night, I wonder what they were always doing exactly?"

Within the classroom reverberated the snickering laughter of the male students, and I too scratched my head and dryly gave off a few laughs.


"Really, you must take care of your body okay, sit down then."

After sitting down, I still couldn't resist the urge to nonsensically visualize.

Why did she suddenly had interest into me already? What did she want to do? It can't be that she wanted to kill me off to prevent her secret from being exposed, right? But she shouldn't know that I had already discovered her identity! And it's impossible for her to have feelings for me already, eh? I don't want a homicidal maniac to have feelings for me at all!

Right now, the impression of Ji Lian Bing within my heart had already completely changed from a popular school flower into a Jack the Ripper sort of terrifying existence.

Just like that, I spent this entire lesson in anguishing worry..........

During the spare time between classes, I silently looked at the scenes of the classroom. and fell into deep thought.

The [Active type Handicapped Admirer] sitting in front of me was trimming fingernails quietly, after that person had finished, those fingernails were swept onto a book and carried the book outside as that person walked out of the classroom.

The [Mixed blood Werewolf] sitting even more frontwards of me was asking [Pure blood Vampire] a question.

Sitting to the right of me was [Living dead (already awakened)] who already munched onto her bread early in the morning, as [Ghoul] and [Ogre] walked over, and the three of them gathered round happily discussing onto what to eat in the afternoon............

Sitting onto the sides of behind me was [Stalker (beginner)], who's with two of her friends [Voyeur (intermediary)] and [Eavesdropper (advanced)], having a conversation together.............they were conversing extremely happily............

[Intern Angel] took out a phone, and had thumbs swiftly moving around, seemingly contacting someone, expression looking to be a little nervous.

[Autonomous Doll] patted [Generic type Home appliance] who's sitting in front and pointed at her own's wrist whilst saying something, afterwhich [Doll Maker] and [Mad Scientist] who were beside those two girls noticed onto their conversation, and turned around to discuss something together as well.

[Majo] held onto a fashion magazine and went to [Mahou Shoujo]'s side, and a perversed face [Mahou Magister] approached towards them, but was being subdued by a beautiful attack to the liver from [Majo], and he laid onto the table groaning painfully. The [Cultivator (Foundation Establishment Initial stage)] who was sitting just beside looked at [Mahou Magister] with a face of mockery, and raised a thumb towards [Majo].

[Flood Dragon] who had seen this was hugging his stomach as he laughed in peals, with the result of accidentally touching [Qiongqi]'s head, and immediately received a Shoryuken and fell backwards, knocking onto the [Mahou Magister]'s head, with the result of the [Mahou Magister] being knocked down twice in a row.

Other than that, there's still [Tree Spirit] [Neko type Kemomo] [Blood Elf] [Mermaid Princess] [Isekai Yuusha] [Isekai Maou].............

I'm scared!

Just now I've merely glanced around at the classroom's entrance, it's fine even if there's no normal people around already, but now observing carefully, there actually really weren't any normal people at all! 

Not even a f***king single one!

What in the hell kind of class was this!

What in the hell kind of school was this!

What in the hell was all of this!

-ch 6 end-

(2675 words to tl, but super horrendous chapter -3-)

TL: This chapter really, really exhausted me onto searching the correct context usage and definition listings every-freaking-where  -3- .....

Thanks Emperor of Frogs, your 'shia' motivation enabled me to complete this! 

I won't be able to update as much chapters today as a result of this tiring chapter, maybe 1 more at the very best..... -3-

Footnotes (very lengthy):
Ji Lian Bing = I forgot to mention the obvious pun in her name, her hanyupinyin name in chinese sounds like "souvenir", lol, get why she would have a 'souvenir' in her name? ahaha

School Flower = a term to describe an extremely beautiful girl within the entire school. Like a flower among the grasses, geddit?

Bishoujo = extremely beautiful girl in japanese.

Pinkish colored set of bones = the term pink in cn can be used to describe a very seductive and beautiful girl

Mi****-meimei = a subtle reference to Misaka Makoto, a girl from To Aru Majitsu no Index

When she was young, she provided her DNA to a lab unknowingly, thinking that it was just a place to research muscle atrophy, but instead it was being used to form human clones called [Sisters].

P/N: 1100 RMB = ± US$160 = ± ¥17700; I'm sure there's a joke in the story of To Aru Majitsu no Index about selling the human clones for that price, but as I don't read the series or watch the anime at all, I have no idea to explain this pun.

APTX4869 = A drug from Detective Conan, which turned the MC, Conan, from a adult teenager into a small boy.

The boys always like to stay up throughout the night, I wonder what they always were doing exactly? = XXX stuff, if you don't know what boys usually do.

Jack the Ripper = a probable subtle reference to Jack the Ripper(Fate); also a serial killer who's a bishoujo who was clad in micro bikinis all the time. (which was why I didn't put the image of her here)

Sitting onto the sides of behind me = Now, where have we heard this before in the previous chapters? Surely it's not being mentioned by Ke Ling, the haraguro meimei, before? >:3 (hint hint)

Majo / Mahou Shoujo / Mahou Magister = I'm quite sure the author used japanese words in this context, so I preserved them likewise. 

They respectively mean: "Witch""Magical girl", and "Magic Grandmaster"

Although it wasn't explicitly mentioned the person who had the perversed face as he approached was a 'male' gender (text didn't describe the gender at all) , but I'm pretty sure it's a reference to Mahou Sensei Negima's dad, who's a grandmaster mage and a pervert as well.

Worse come to worse, if the author did mention he's a she, I'll change accordingly. But looking context wise, it's likely a male.

Cultivator (Foundation Establishment Initial stage) = This is in reference to chinese cultivation novels. 

Foundation Establishment (筑基 zhùjī) – also translated as Foundation Building. 

The stage after Qi Condensation. Once a cultivator’s Qi crosses a certain threshold (in the volume and/or density of the Qi), they’ll be able to breakthrough to this stage.

Source: Immortalmountain Wordpress

Flood Dragon (蛟龙) = An aquatic dragon with power over storms and floods.

Source: Immortalmountain Wordpress

Qiongqi (穷奇) = Part of The Four Fiends in mythology, who were a group of monsters, banished to bring order to human society.

Qiongqi represents Deviousness. It looks like a winged tiger. It eats people, instigates wars, and commits many other evil deeds.

Source: Immortalmountain Wordpress

Shoryuken = Something like those upwards punching attacks from street fighter games.

Blood elf (血精灵) = A reference to World of Warcraft? 

Neko type Kemomo (猫人型兽人) = It's rather obvious that this term came from japan, thus the naming preservation. Who else invented Human-shaped Cat beasts

Isekai Yuusha / Isekai Maou = I preserved these words in their japanese meanings as it's rather clear by the author he intended on it so.

It meant respectively, "Alternate world Hero" and "Alternate world Demon King".

-laoshi = a suffix, it means 'teacher'

-meimei = a suffix, it means 'younger sister', in this context it's used to refer to an a fictional character endearingly.

-tongxue = a suffix, it means 'classmate'


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