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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c50.4

Volume 2, Chapter 50.4: The [Ghoul]'s external job

TL: flarewk

[Ghoul]'s external job:

"An Jun Cheng? Is there such a person in our class............Mn............"

An Jun Cheng............

"Ahhhh, I remember already desu, it's that person who's sitting beside Li Nai, right."

It's that person who looked to be very honest, as well as completely not displaying any presence at all.

Although I didn't went on to deeply understand about him, but just by looking at that person's appearance, it's really hard to imagine that he would be doing any sort of gravely harmful deeds.

'You won't know about a person's thoughts despite being acquainted with him', so he's unexpectedly that sort of person, huh?

"He's in the same class as me, so that means that he's also an 'abnormality'?"

Na Na shook her head, and with a slightly better expression compared to the darkly appearance earlier, replied.

"No, he's only a normal person."

"Huh? Normal person? Then why is he in Year 2 Class 2? Isn't that class a 'class that accommodates abnormalities'?"

"That's right, but he, a normal person, had always been mixed within it instead, with I completely not realizing anything strange about it. And from the first year of high school entry onwards, he was even already assigned into the 'class that accommodates abnormalities'."

"Eeehhhh? You aren't even aware about this matter?"

A normal person, starting from the first year of high school, all along staying in the 'class that accommodates abnormalities'? That's too baffling desu, plus I remembered that when an abnormality is discovered, Na Na would personally step forward to negotiate with them, waiting till after the negotiations had been successful before assigning that person to be inside that class by right desu.

If An Jun Cheng was really a normal person, then how could it be that Na Na would be assigning him into our class?

Na Na too frowned her eyebrows deeply, biting down onto her lips while displaying a mixed expression.

"If it's not Li Li who came to look for me regarding about that matter, I wouldn't even know about the existence of this human being.............who was it that hid him already, right under my very eyes............!"

"Since he's just a normal person, then how did he form a contract with your daughter? It can't be that Li Li herself proactively went on to make a contract with him?"

Uuu, just by thinking about it, I knew that it would be impossible desu............but, about that sort of thing called love, there's really no way to explain it clearly, who knows, Li Li might be struck by love at first sight with this obscure-looking man?

Na Na placed her legs in a cross-legged stance, and while biting onto the nails of her thumb, she said to me.

"I heard from Li Li, that he recently awakened some sort of extremely powerful ability, being able to see through true names, plus is able to be like us demons, being able to rely on colors to interpret the emotions of human beings............."

"Able to see through true names, huh?!"

There's actually this sort of unbelievable ability, huh. From what I know, true names and souls were intertwined together, so even if someone was to use mind-reading, or in the absolute event where the memories had been probed, it also wouldn't be exposed desu............directly seeing through true names? That's exactly like the nemesis of powerful demons and monsters desu!

All existences that possessed true names would have to bow down as humble subjects in front of him............the king of demonic monsters...........?!

But if the one who possessed this sort of ability was to be just a normal human being, even if he grasped onto the other party's true name, just basing on that weakly feeble mental strength, there wouldn't be anything able to be done at all.

"Li Li had her true name called out by An Jun Cheng face-to-face, exposing her original appearance, and even confusedly making a contract, having half of her mental strength being split away. But it looks like there's seemingly nothing being done to her at all. I've already secretly confirmed it, Li Li still had her virginity............."

Speaking till this point, Na Na's ongoing tightly knitted forehead finally relaxed, as she switched around her long slender legs, grabbing the cup of red wine which was on the table and downed it in a single gulp, with excessive red wine leaking down from the edge of her lips and trickling down her neck, into her mountainous cleavage, it once more dripping down from her abdomen to downwards.............

I couldn't bear to continue looking, and took the damp towel that was hanging on my neck and helped to wipe her, with her too realizing about it and embarrassingly making an apology, afterwards very shamelessly using her both hands to press onto her milk jugs to split it apart, plus spreading her legs wide open with her neck raised, wanting me to help her wipe properly.

I directly flung the towel onto her face.

Na Na didn't do these sort of provocative actions intentionally, it's just that it's deeply embedded within her soul, it's merely that there's already no way of changing off that seductive sensation. This would be called as 'being born a seductress', right?

"Heeh~ but, he actually was able to retain his reasoning in front of your daughter? I suddenly feel interested about this human desu."

After a normal human male attains a succubus slave with such level of beauty, what sort of things would that person be doing then? Of course, all sorts of abominable happenings would then be executed, right............even if it's the most resolutely willed man, even if he's a gay, they would all be unable to resist that sort of seduction desu, as Li Li herself possessed the most highest level of lustful body composition among all succubi. No matter which male was it that had made contact with her, they would all be deviantly hypnotized, losing out their reasoning thus.

But, that man actually didn't do anything at all? It was just as unreasonable, as like a wolf which was starving, yet it not devouring up the lamb which was right in front of it.

"Humph! That only proved that he's just a piece of trashy male who lacked backbone! In my opinion, it's better to just chop off that area of his, for him to become a woman already!"

"Pu............heehee, if he really did something, he probably would have already long vanished from this world desu."

(TL: Pu = sfx for an unresisted laugh coming out from mouth)

If things were to really become that way, would Na Na be alone by herself at home drinking then? She probably would have long dashed towards his residence to slaughter him desu, who knows that she may even just slice off An Jun Cheng's reproductive organs as well. When Na Na was to be really angry, she's even more terrifying than me desu.

"But............why was he in the same class as us when he didn't awaken any ability at all during the first year, it's exactly just like 'a premonition that An Jun Cheng will be awakening an ability'."

".............Right now, I'm still not too sure. After the holidays have ended, I'll personally go look for this human to question about it detailedly."


(TL: ^ sfx is like a, "ahhhh....okayyyyy" thingy)

Just at this moment, a bout of dreary piano sound resounded, it's The Dawn theme that I set for my phone's ringtone that had just rang.

I took my phone and slid the screen to pick up the call.

An apathetic voice that I've already long been used to hearing emanated out from the phone.

『It's me.』

"Mm, I know. It's time for me to clean up the scene already?"

『Mm, but............』


『There is one, who escaped.』

"There's actually two appearing tonight? Looks like those bunch of people are starting to not be able to control themselves already............alright, Xue-er, just tell me the first location then, I'll rush over right now."

I didn't continue to ask detailedly about the situation. Even if I was to ask Xue-er, she also wouldn't be able to say it out, as that voice was so soft that even I, a ghoul, am unable to hear it clearly desu.

『North Hill, Park.』

North Hill Park? I remember that there's one of those entrances leading towards 'Black Street' at there desu. There were killer ghouls actually still actively approaching that area?

Looks like today's killer ghouls weren't any normal fry, it's one which had came prepared instead.............

But, they still died within Xue-er's hands after all (laugh).

"No problem desu, wait for me there, I'll be reaching in 3 minutes time."


She hung up after finishing saying; this child, it's still the same unfeeling desu.

After hanging up the call, I looked at the time displayed on my phone. Right now, it's just past 11 pm nighttime............speaking of which, the homework notification call still hadn't came over desu, was it being held up by someone already?

The call for 'work' notification came over first instead.

There's no choice, I'll need to rush over first already then.

I walked to my room and took out an huge raincoat, directly draping over my body. My panties.............Uuu, I'll take it off then, it had already turned damp. It's all to be blamed on those dishonest hands of Na Na, looks like when I'm biting her next time, I'll need to tie her up already.

Na Na poked half of her body out from the sides of the sofa, with her breasts being weighted down by gravity onto her chin.

"Are you going already?"

"Mm, if there's a call for homework notification, help me to pick it up desu. And also, immediately notify human resources to send out 'troupes', the location's at North Hill Park, don't let normal people get close to it. If there's not enough manpower, then just let them think up of a plan to set up an isolation barrier then."

"I already know about all those."

"I'm just only saying, didn't you drink quite a lot today? I'm afraid that you might suddenly fall asleep desu."

Na Na unveiled a slightly depressed look as she apologetically said to me.

"Sorryy, Xun Xun, always letting you do these kind of work............"

"Well............since the remuneration is also excellent, there's also nothing bad about it desu. Plus, ghouls eating humans, it's a naturally justifiable occurrence, not excluding me as well............."

A ghoul that doesn't eat humans, there wasn't any at all.............

I'm also not Yusuke Urameshi's Laobà (Raizen), I really don't have such strong willpower desu.

"But you............"

"Well, although I did say that I wouldn't eat humans once more, but it also can be flexible desu. I've told you last time not to be mindful about it already, and furthermore, those people that I had to settle were a bunch of persons that weren't considered to be human already, isn't it? Those bunch of people that gave up on their humanity, they could be reclassified under 'killer ghouls*' already. So this isn't considered to be eating humans............but merely handling trash."

Yep, those group of trash basically weren't even considered to be 'humans'.

The matter of being able to be possessed by ghouls was enough of an evidence to show that they had already completely lost their humanity desu.

Plus, the taste of that bunch of people were indeed horrible to the max desu, referring them to be trashes were to be too highly praising them already.

"Xun Xun, you're really very strange............there's actually a ghoul that doesn't eat humans............"

"Oho, you still dare to say that about me, aren't you the same, being a succubus yet refusing to do men, I'm afraid that in this world, there's only you being such a 'self-purity untainting' succubus already."

Na Na puffed up her cheeks and displayed out a look of indigence, with her breasts bouncing about in a manner, as she raised both hands towards me and protested.

"Who says so? Look at my daughter, Li Li, she's still a virgin~! A virgin succubus, can you believe it? It can be even said that it's a miracle~!"

"Humph, yet she still ended up having an owner............"

"UuuUUuuu...........! An, Jun, Cheng! Now I really want to find out what kind of a person he is, actually making my daughter be his slave, and still letting Li Li to be so willingly going in front of me, pleading for him!"

Uuu, what a frightening atmosphere............looks like it's best not to mention about this matter in front of her, if not, she'll definitely go crazy desu............

If it really was to be raised, perhaps we truly would be rather strange...........

A succubus that refuses to mate with men.

And a ghoul that refuses to eat people.

We're a pair of strange twins, disregarding our races innate doings, stubbornly abiding by our meaningless principles............

Perhaps it's just because of that, which was why we would be the best of friends that were so both-sidedly comfortative to each other.

I walked towards the porch, took out a pair of rainboots from the shoe cabinet, opened the doors and went out.

"I'll be heading off then."

"Alright~ be careful on your way there~ when you come back, let's continue on our second round~?"

"Hurry on to wash up and sleep, you perverted woman! I will never be accompanying you desu!"

Closing the door properly afterwards, I put on the hood, and in an instance, jumped over to the balcony of the opposite's condo.

At this timing currently, I wouldn't be needing to be so concerned about too much stuff, hence I directly leaped over the rooftops to walk in a straight line.

If I wasn't wearing such a scenery-ruining raincoat, but donning a mahou shoujo outfit instead, I'm like a 'Mahou Shoujo ★ Xiao' Xun Xun' who punishes the evil and represents love and justice already desu~

The outfit would be a pink colored series that represents flesh and blood, and my catchphrase is 'Eating you up in a single gulp~', with the transformation phrase being.............

Ah, no no, what am I thinking, during work, I can't be thinking about these things desu.

I've accidentally thought about character acting already, it must be because I'm too hungry, which made me to be too dazed. Plus, the 'interaction' I had with Na Na earlier which lasted for 2 hours also consumed quite a fair amount of energy, which made me even more hungrier desu............

Cosplay is considered to be my most passionate hobby already.

The money earnt from work had a portion of it being spent on eating, with the remaining spent on buying high quality cos outfits. As expected, using the money that I earned myself to order cos outfits and props gave an even more better sense of achievement desu.

I've decided, next time, I'll go order a mahou shoujo's cos outfit then!

Arriving at the designated point mentioned through the phone, North Hill Park, I saw Xue-er who was standing at the entrance waiting for me.

The school uniform that she was wearing had some blood being splashed onto it, not wearing a jacket, with her shirt slightly messed and her skirt being torn open.

There's not a place where she was injured, but for her clothes to turn into this state............



"It's rather difficult for today's?"

"A little, powerful."


Looks like today's a comparably more powerful person. If it's just a small fry, Xue-er would only shake her head, if it's a medium level strength sort of person, Xue-er would say 'Still okay', and since she said it's 'A little powerful', then it should be a very strong opponent.

Which 'powerful ghoul' had appeared already............

"There is, one more."

"Are you going to chase it?"


Looks like stopping her wasn't an option, her status was already in a fully opened mode desu. It appears that before finishing up that escaped killer ghoul tonight, Xue-er wouldn't be just leaving it just as that.

"Ahh, be careful then, if it's dangerous, don't worry about my side, just use your strength. After killing it, you don't need to bring it over, it'll be fine to come here and tell me about it, I'll be waiting over here."


After Xue-er nodded her head, she ran off to chase after that escaped killer ghoul.

Seeing her back view, I gave off a sigh, and helplessly walked into North Hill Park.

Just like how Gou Xia Wen and Li Nai are partners, Xue-er is also my partner.

But, even though we had partnered each other up for such a long period of time, I'm still unable to understand her inner thoughts desu.............

The isolation barrier had already been set up, those people from the miscellaneous tasks department were rather fast, heeh.

Sniff sniff............the raunchy smell of blood came from that direction.

With both hands placed into the raincoat pockets, I walked over leisurely, since Xue-er wouldn't be returning in just a short span of time, so I'll just slowly handle it then.

In front of the vending machine, I found tonight's 'contents of work'.

Huh? Still moving?

Ohhh, that's impressive desu, was it just feigning dead just now?

Actually managing to deceive Xue-er............but wanting to deceive me, it wasn't that easy already desu.

I walked over and gave a kick to that man who was feigning dead.

"Oi oi, stop acting dead already, I know that you're still alive desu."

The man who was covered entirely with blood suddenly started to tremble, afterwards clutching the sides of the vending machine as he slowly crawled up, akin to a dying canine.

Blood flowed out nonstop from his hollowed eye sockets. His left hand had been chopped off from his elbow area, but his right hand instead had all of its fingers being cut off.

His knees had been sliced off, hence he completely couldn't stand up at all, and could only painstakingly lean-sitting by the sides of the vending machine.

Xue-er predictably still couldn't give the target a fatal hit, expected, she didn't had the intentions to kill people from the start desu.............was it really alright to choose her.............

The man panted for quite a long while, and after he finally managed to calm his breathing down, he bore delightedly surprised emotions as he cried out.

"You, you're.............a ghoul! You're a ghoul, right?!"


I should have already concealed my presence? How did he know about it? Even though his eyeballs were already been gorged out............

"I can't be mistaken! Your presence is very similar to that esteemed person, you, no, you* must also be a ghoul, right!"

(TL: the second 'you' was mentioned in a polite form, 您 instead of the informal 'not-so-polite' 你. The 'you' he used afterwards are all in the polite form)

"Mm, that's right, I'm a ghoul desu."

With a 'pu tong' sound, the man collapsed into the pool of blood, desperately crawling to the sides of my legs and hugged onto my rainboots, as he started to wail anguishingly, begging me to save him.

"I'm begging you............sii............I'm begging you.............I'm begging you, save me............!"

(TL: sii = sfx for nose sniffling)

Grovelling in front of me, he psychotically kowtowed, with his head cracked bleeding from the kowtowing.

"I'm begging you! As long as you save me, I'll do anything for you, please save me............sob sob sob............."

"You...........your time is almost up desu, I can't save you. Unless the ghoul that's possessing you is willing to spare you, otherwise, nobody is able to save you already.............even ghouls aren't able to save you*."

This person's 'time' was about to be up, looks like today's share would have a portion being lessened already, it'll be comparably easier then desu.

Ahhh, if I had known, I would have agreed to accompany Li Nai and them to go eat spicy crayfish already. As of right now, I'll probably even go hungry, it's so depressing desu..............

"Ahhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh! I'm begging you! I'm begging you, save me! As long as you help to plead for me, perhaps that esteemed person will spare me............."


"T-, time's almost running out already! Stop!! Stop it!! Stop leaving already!!!!!"


Save him? What kind of a joke was that, this type of person, it's not lamentable even if he died.

Afterwards, the time was up.

His limit had been reached.

The man suddenly gave off a bout of shuddering, as his shadow 'crawled' out from the ground, transforming into a 'ghoulish shadow' for the purpose of executing him.

The ghoulish shadow's appearance was the exact same as him, it being presented in a pale blackish color, but lacking any vitality at all............after appearing, it started to eat onto the man's flesh.

Gnawing, chewing, gnawing, chewing.

The man gave off a tragic howl of agony.

"Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurts! It hurtssssssss!!"

The grievous sounds lingered onwards continuously.

But even if his heart was being gnawed off, his spine being destroyed, and even his head being plucked off.

The man was still shrieking anguishingly.

As if like he wanted to scream his throat out until it burst, with the final voices of his life playing on to his heart's content.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhh! It hurts so much! No! Don't eat me already!! My heart, my heart is gone alreadyyyyyy!! My blood have already trickled dry! It hurts, it hurts, my body, stop biting on my body alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyahahahahaaha...............aahahahaha!"

Anguish shrieks along with tormented wails gradually turned into laughter.

The man's lips curled upwards, as he nonstop laughed hysterically.

From his eye sockets that lacked any eyeballs at all had bloodied tears trickling out, yet his laughter wasn't able to stop, crying, while laughing............just like as if he had gone mad, as he howled and wailed.

"Aahahahahhaha! Hahahahahahahahaha! It hurts!!! Hahahahahaa! I'm going to die! I'm going to die already! Hahahahaa! I'm going to die alreadyyyy! Hahahahahaha! I'm finally able to die already! I'm finally able to die already!"


"Hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaa! Hahahahaah.............Haha, ha...........ha............"

He finally died.

Because his skull, along with his soul, was being eaten away.

To be frank, tearing this man's body apart, chewing on this man's flesh; it's merely that ghoul venting its frustrations out, for the truly important portions were only the brain and soul.

This sort of psychotic scenery, I've already bore witness to it countless number of times.

A ghoul like me rejecting to eat people was extremely rare, as the majority consumes people, since eating humans could increase their strength, and to them, it was the fastest way to become stronger.

But in this world that was currently being dominated by humans, the majority of ghouls didn't dare to openly eat people, hence they had this sort of way that wouldn't 'draw trouble onto themselves'.

Possessing a human body and providing strength, as a price in exchange for their 'worshipping'.

Those humans that were being possessed would then turn into 'ghoul murderers', obtaining strength way beyond human beings, but must kill an indicated amount of people within a period of time, in order to satiate the ghoul's stomach.

Ghoul murderers who weren't able to kill the indicated amount of people within a period of time............what welcomed them was that sort of ending just earlier, being peeled and swallowed alive by the ghoul that possessed them.

But they wouldn't die out during the process of being eaten. All the way before the moment of their death, they would be feeling the extreme anguish of their bodies being torn and chewed apart.

Although it looked to be rather appalling, it doesn't deserve any sympathy however.

Since those who would be possessed by ghouls were people who already carried thick killing auras; it's either that they had murdered people before, or they were people with twisted minds who were planning onto murdering.

Humans who had been possessed by ghouls, were already incurably hopeless.

They could only be killed.............afterwards, it'll be me responsible for eating them up.

And that's my job.

The ghoul who finished eating turned around to look at me, saying.

"Xiang Yue Xun."

Oh~ so it's this person, it's really a powerful ghoul desu.

"Ai ya? Isn't this Ye Cha-dàren? I didn't expect that such a powerful ghoul like you would actually be possessing onto a human body, isn't this harming your 'yaksha' reputation~?"

"Humph.............this is the most insured method, but you, aren't you going to join us?"

"I'm merely the most low-classed ghoul desu, being completely not qualified to be your companion~"

"You don't need to be so self-deprecating. Although your origin is indeed lowly, but being able to live up to 500 years, it's enough to prove onto your capability already."

"Nonono, such a small ghoul like me, look at me, only being able to scour upon your food scraps, it's so pitiful~"

" your best then."

After leaving such a sentence behind, the ghoulish shadow dissipated.

"Tch, so cocky............."

I clicked my tongue, and walked amidst that pile of messily scattered body portions, sat down, picked up an arm and started to chew.

Eyy............eating until it was being splattered everywhere, it's absolutely disgusting to the limits, was he a child?

After slowly chewing for a period of time, the midnight bells resounded. As it's really too disgusting, there's still some remaining, even after eating for such a long period of time.

At this moment, I suddenly felt the barrier rippling.

Ai ya?

It seemed like there's someone who had barged inside already?

Strange, how did he manage to come in?

There should be an isolation barrier being set up in this park; normal people should be subconsciously distancing away from this place desu.............

I didn't move, continuing to eat those last few bits, waiting for his arrival.

A short moment later, he appeared within my range of sight.

Huh? Wasn't this An Jun Cheng, I even discussed about him with Na Na previously, with the result that I've already met onto him, it's really such a coincidence desu.

It's perfect, I'll sub in for Na Na to interrogate him then.

Perhaps that he saw the scene of me eating humans, which made him feel frightened, as his mental strength dispersed and spread out around the surroundings, it affecting onto me as well.

Afterwards, through his mental essence, I felt onto his soul.............

There's an incomparably familiar sensation.

I had my mouth gaping; there's some kind of a dazed feeling.

Ahhhh, so it's like that.............

So, it's you, huh.............

I had been searching for you for so many years already, not expecting you to actually be right by my side desu.............

I really don't know whether to grimace about you or to thank you (bitter smile).

In the underworld, it was you who led me to the surface world, to experience the various ups and downs of the human world. I had mixed's all because of you, that I would turn into my current self............I had a lot of things that I wanted to tell you, although you who had reincarnated probably couldn't remember about it already, but I still want to tell them to you. 

I want to tell all those things that I've experienced throughout these years entirely to you desu.

Heehee~ being able to knot my strings of fate with you once more, was this destiny?

All along, I've always felt that heaven wasn't managing things reliably, but this time, it accomplished onto something good, heeh~


I placed down the food that was on my hands, stood up and used the back of my palms to wipe my lips, with a delighted smile uncontrollably appearing on my face.

"I didn't think that there would still be visitorss~"

Well then, I'll start from being acquainted with you once more.

-ch 50.4 end-

(6354 words to tl)

You won't know about a person's thoughts despite being acquainted with him = contextual meaning of 知人知面不知心, directly translated to: "Know him, know his face, but not knowing about his heart."

The Dawn theme (亡灵序曲) = referenced to the Warcraft 3 Dreamtale song, here's a youtube link!

Killer ghoul (杀人鬼) = Thanks to Rai and all of you for the suggestion on rewording in order to prevent confusion! This meaning implies 'murderers who were actually people who had lost their humanities to ghouls'.

Killer ghouls sounds like a new species, ey?

Yu** Urameshi (浦O幽助) = Yusuke Urameshi, MC from Yu Yu Hakusho

Raizen (Yusuke Urameshi's Laobà) = His ancestral dad (demon), he originally fed on humans for sustenance, but after Raizen falls in love with a human woman, he vowed never to eat humans again, and as a result of him keeping his promise, his body begins to slowly eat himself to death.

Trash (usage) = It have a double meaning, first is really those sort of garbage you would throw into a dustbin, second refers to the very scum of society, the lowest ranked among all, even lower-er than a cockroach, for example.

Mahou shojou neta = uh, I don't really watch fate series, or any mahou shoujo anime for that matter, so I'm not too sure which neta it was being referred to...

Esteemed person = aka 大人, or dàren (you'll prob see it in suffix). It's used to very respectfully address someone like he's your lord and savior (or master, as if you're his/her slave)

Even ghouls aren't able to save you (鬼都救不了你) = A joke based on the original saying, 鬼都救不了你, which directly translates to "Even ghosts aren't able to save you".

This CN saying is used when you're in a really deep shit, and it's a general term that would be describing you when it's really a one-sloped events that's unchangeable: you're about to get into trouble.

As for the origin, I believe that in the past, the chinese used to think that the supernatural could do anything they couldn't; from granting unholy strength or devastatingly powerful magics to cursing and whatnot, if they even failed to do something that you wanted them to do, it would mean that you are really unsavable at that point already.

Of course, the general usage of the modern '鬼' now refers to ghosts, but as explained before, the '鬼' used in the text is more to 'ghouls', plus the pun is more appropriate in that sense as well, with Xiang Yue Xun (the loli ghoul) describing herself being helpless to help too (you would expect that she, who had more than 500 years of supernatural existence, would be able to do something), by snarkily inserting the saying within the commentary.

Ye Cha (the powerful ghoul) (夜叉) =  Interestingly, in mythology, this is a powerful semi-god like ghoul that's extremely renowned in hell.

'Yaksha' (夜叉鬼) is the Buddhist term for this malevolent spirit.

Various ups and downs = To broaden your knowledge, the original term used was 咸, respectively meaning "sour, sweet, bitter, hot, salty" (different tastes describing life), or you could just term it as 'life's various emotions/ ups and downs'.

-er = a suffix, it symbolizes 'familial' relations towards someone else more than anything, usually family members would be addressing it to themselves

Laobà = informal way to say 'father'

-dàren = a way to respectfully call someone (with yourself in servitude). In EN, it's known as what I like to describe as: "esteemed person (/master)"


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