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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c49

Volume 2, Chapter 49: Corpse destroying, Removing traces

TL: flarewk

Not planning to spare me, huh!

Even if it's like that, I also couldn't just wait here and die!!

Ferociously shaking my arms around, I was swinging my body about and desperately struggling, as I loudly yelled out her name.

"Xiang Yue Xun! Let go of me!"

"I doon't waaant~"

"Xiang Yue Xun! Xiang! Yue! Xun! Let go of me!"

It wasn't a begging for her to spare me at all, and also not because of me losing my composure which led me to vexatiously scream out loudly.

Repeatedly calling out her name attemptively was I hoping that it would be like at the cemetery last time, just as when I was commanding that deceased dead called 'Gou Xia Wen', as she would also be controlled by me because of I calling out her name.

However, this time it wasn't that successful.

After I loudly yelled out her name, she didn't follow onto my orders and let me go, but instead only became dazed for a moment, the focal point within her eyes dissipating for not even half a second before regaining back to her senses, and with an even more curious eye expression, asked me.

"Huh? Your voice could actually cause such levels of effect onto me! Why is your mental strength so powerful?"

Damn it, in the end it only made her even more interested in me already!!

This ghoul wasn't simple at all! Was it really that I don't have any more solutions already?

Huuu, calm down............since she was expressing to be so deeply interested, I'll just lean onto that fact to strike up a conversation with her then.

"My mental strength's very strong? But why didn't I feel anything at all..........."

"Hehee, the help provided from that trait isn't indeed a lot~, at most, it'll merely provide the ability to be able to endure much more pain compared to normal people; not so easily feeling fatigued; concentration being able to be maintained a high focus point; being able to maintain self-consciousness even more so, and a quicker speed onto regaining back one's senses."

I see, it's indeed rather normal. It's true too that recently at night, I didn't make any dreams while sleeping and was sleeping rather peacefully too, and during lessons, I also didn't daydream anymore. It's all because of Li Li splitting half of her mental strength towards me.

"Also, it will also make your 'words' become rather influential, just like this."

Xiang Yue Xun let go of her both hands that were tightly hugging on my waist, as she held my hands and tilted her head, saying to me.

"How about we go to the bench over there and sit down while talking? Standing up like this while chatting, I'll still need to raise my head up to look at you, it's really tiring desu~"

"............Sure, let's go...........Uuu!"

After I subconsciously agreed to her, I then regained back onto my senses onto what I've just said. What was that just now? After listening to her words, I actually unconsciously agreed to her already............don't tell me that it was the so-called influencing of words?

I see, she used a real example to demonstrate it to me, that a person with a powerful mental strength would have a sort of power onto instigating people when they spoke.

She used her soft small hand to hold onto my large hands and brought me walking towards the direction of the bench, not using much force at all, but I still didn't dare to shake off her hands and flee.

Let's first not talk about her being able to easily crush my hand by just forcefully squeezing, even if I was to be really lucky onto shaking off her hands, judging by that speed of hers from when she earlier just only spent 2 seconds to travel over 20 plus meters to reach my back and grapple onto me, I basically don't even have a chance to escape, huh.

In any case...........I'll take a step at a time then...........

After reaching near the bench, Xiang Yue Xun let go of my hand, and in a blink of an eye jumped onto the bench and sat down, patting on the empty space given out beside her, indicating me to sit there.

I frowned my eyebrows and hesitated for a moment, but still walked over............those 'residuals' were still nearby.

The revolting smell of blood came forth. It's just like the smell given off by a steel pipe which was being rusted due to dampness, which would have made anyone being unable to accept it innately. My abdomen became slightly feeble. I'm not sure on how to describe that sort of discomforting feeling, with my stomach repeatedly churning about, and I with great effort then resisted not puking out.

That pool of blood along with those residual inner organs plus meat pieces were still around the vending machine, and it looked to be really indescribably disgusting.

My footsteps weakly walked towards Xiang Yue Xun's sides, and my feet stepped onto a pool of blood. From the bottom of my legs I felt the unpleasant sensation of softness.

I hastily lifted up my legs and scrubbed it onto clean ground............I felt even more disgusted already.

"Ah, sorry~. No matter what, you're a human too, letting you see those portions that I didn't eat clean would be very gross, right. But, since you didn't vomit out right away, it already showed that your mental strength was stronger than normal people desu."

"Is that so............"

With mixed feelings, I sat onto the bench, with Xiang Yue Xun immediately leaning over, directly lying down onto my thighs, with her calves shaking about up and down, a look of being delighted.

"Normally speaking, only those old monks that have cultivated for a few decades, or priests that were incomparably devout, plus natural born leaders would only have these levels of mental did such a person like you who's normal to the bones have such powerful mental strength? Looks like you also had a bout of occurrence, hehee~"

"Since my mental strength was that powerful, why didn't you obey my commands............Xiang Yue Xun, isn't that your true name?"

Imposssible, the name under that title was definitely that person's true name, this absolutely wouldn't be wrong.

After hearing onto my query, Xiang Yue Xun turned around, slightly facing downwards, pillowing onto my thighs while gazing at my face, saying.

"Ai ya? You actually knew about 'true name'............ahhhh, I see, it can't be that just now, you're trying to utilize the 'true name' onto controlling me?"

She grabbed my right hand, placed it in front of her exquisite small breasts and played with it, with a look of naughtiness as she looked at my palm while saying.

"A pity, a pity. I'm a ghoul, so there's nothing such as a true name desu? Think about it, even if I really had a true name, how could I also be directly using it for casual addressing? Even if you're to be so forcefully shouting 'Xiang Yue Xun!', I also won't be dominated by you desu~"

She didn't know that I have an ability that could see through a 'true name', and I also saw the name above her head being [Xiang Yue Xun], hence had called out onto that name............a pity, judging from the outcome, she indeed didn't have any other true names, plus the method of yelling out names also had no effect on her.

Xiang Yue Xun was still playing with my hands, not sparing any sort of corners from the tips of my fingers to the gaps of my fingernails. After groping it about entirely, she suddenly stretched out her tongue and licked onto my wrist.

It also wasn't just a lick before separating away, as Xiang Yue Xun spat out her small tongue just like a lizard's as she directly plastered onto my wrist and not leaving already, closely followed by licking upwards along my palm prints, and swallowing my middle finger into her mouth.

She suddenly deeply frowned her eyebrows.

"Uwoh............there's other people taste...........there's actually someone who took a step ahead of me and tasted it already, huh............I still thought that I was the first one desu............"

After she had finished mumbling, she twitched her tiny nose a little, and unwillingly switched to my index finger, placing my index finger into her mouth and suckled onto it.

My back started to emanate out cold sweat.............

Was she...........sampling the food's taste beforehand............

And she even tasted out about the matter that my middle finger was being eaten by others before.............that was yesterday, no, the morning before yesterday already. Till today, it had been washed 8 to 9 times already, but she actually could even differentiate out other people's taste, huh? Such supremely impressive scent of taste.............

I didn't think that I would be experiencing occurrences of my finger being eaten by bishoujos into their mouth for two continual days, it can't be that after a few more days, all my fingers would be experiencing such events, right?

Although the sensation that came upon my finger was really comfortably uncriticizable, but...........the terror within my heart didn't recede the slightest bit at all.

The one who was eating up my finger was a [Ghoul], it wouldn't even be surprising if she suddenly bit off my finger.

I'm begging you, can you please change fingers............I'm a right handler, without my right index finger it'll be very uncomfortable.............

Plus, I'm not even sure whether a finger would be able to satisfy toes weren't that important, if not I'll simply feed it to her, and afterwards plead with her to spare other places of mine?

Wait, feeding my toes to such a bishoujo seemed to be a little terrible...........even if she's a ghoul, it's still a little............

Luckily, just like that, after 'trial-eating' for a short moment, Xiang Yue Xun then reluctantly spat out my finger.

After wiping her saliva, she continued saying.

"In the four big genres of 'Monsters-Demons-Ghouls-Beasts', only the first two kinds possessed 'true names', and only 'powerful monsters' or 'powerful demons' levels of demonic monsters would have such a thing as a true name. True names were symbols of one's status, kay? Normal common monsters, or lowly ranked small demons wouldn't have such things desu."

Monsters-Demons-Ghouls-Beasts...........they actually all existed, huh...........

"And we ghouls, were existences belonging from hell, not even having a namely record in the book of life and death, just a 'forgotten existence', so naturally there won't be such things like 'true names' already. Plainly speaking it doesn't matter on what we're being called. I'm being known as Xiang Yue Xun as when the first time that I came to the surface world, it was at japan, and it was my first friend that gave me that name."


So there's really a hell, looks like those ox-head and horse-face, black-white variables, and ten halls of yamas were all factually existing already, huh?

No, right now I still mustn't be so affirmative...........who knows, the real hell may not be the same as what was told in urban legends?

At the very least, this ghoul right in front of me completely doesn't look like those ghouls from legends.

"But your mental strength being so powerful, just by directly calling names out, it could indeed command onto a few rather weak ghostly beasts. But I'm not the same, as even among the ghouls I'm a rather old experienced ghoul desu."

............It might as well be said that she had a complete appearance of a human being, furthermore it's the rather exquisitely beautiful type.

Under the moonlight, her jet-black long hair was being pressed behind her back, her white-skinned complexion just as smooth as lamb fat, a pair of crimson red pupils akin to being as magnificent as red gemstones, slim yet extraordinarily alluring lower abdomen displaying out marvelous curves, and that both legs definitely must be suitable to wear long knee socks.

Ehh...........speaking of which, she's still in a state of nudity............

"Umm...........can you please put on clothes..........."

"Ai ya, don't look at me like thaat~ I'll be embarrasseddd~"

If you were to be embarrassed, would you still strip off your raincoat right in front of me?!

I scratched my cheeks and thought for a moment, but still took off my coat and covered onto her body.

Xiang Yue Xun looked at me a little surprisedly, afterwards happily put on my coat.

"Hehee~ you're really gentle, huh? Then I'll first borrow it for a little while~. After a while there'll be 'workers' coming over to clean up the scene, and will also bring clothes to me as well desu, by then I'll give back the coat to you~?"


"That's right~, I'm only also just working as per normal desu,'s just helping people to destroy corpses and remove traces~, you should know, right? Since being eaten inside my stomach was the most insured way already."


Corpse destroying and trace removing, huh............

Indeed, this way of corpse destroying and trace removing was indeed the best already.

Even if not all was being ate finished, leaving a portion of innards behind wasn't a problem too, as basically there's no way of just basing on intestines alone to identity the deceased's status.

In the end, it'll be left unresolved, with the murderer being able to escape from suspicion already.

Wait wait, then this also means...........

"Then that also means, it wasn't you who killed those people? It wasn't that you wanted to eat people already, therefore you eating up this person?"

Xiang Yue Xun pouted her lips, carrying some displeasure as she said.

"Of course~! This person isn't the least bit delicious desu! If not for the working fees, I then wouldn't want to eat such a disgusting person! A person that's being possessed before like that, tastes so gross till it can kill desu!"

............It wasn't her who killed that person! And what does it mean by being possessed?

Within this matter perhaps concealed some very huge inside stories!!

Plus, there's also even specialized workers to clean up scenes? It seemed to be a rather powerful organization..........

"And I originally don't like to eat people desu, there's actually nothing delicious about people, it's not as delicious as Michelin-starred sweets, eyy...........although my kind all liked to eat people, as it'll be able to increase their strength that way, but I had enough already."

Xiang Yue Xun closed up her eyes, seemingly recalling back previous memories, her eyes which had reopened once again becoming a little dull.

"It's really enough already desu..........."

The more they ate, the more a ghoul's power would increase, there's this sort of saying as well...........I didn't expect it to be real, huh.

Then, how many people too did she eat already............

It's like as if she wanted to shake off all the unpleasant memories out of her brain, as Xiang Yue Xun shook her head about and afterwards regained back that manner of delightful appearance earlier.

"Heehee, you must be delighted that the ghoul you encountered was me, hmm? If not, you'll have been long devoured already desu~"

The meaning encompassed within that sentence was............

"You won't be eating me, right!"

"Of courseee~ from the start I wasn't planning to eat you desu, no matter what, we're also classmates, so how could I eat you?"

"But then just now you still............"

"Heehee~ it's only just a joke, an April Fool's prank~. You actually thought that it's real, puuuuu............your reaction was ultra interesting desu~"


Haaaaaa............I'm extremely depressed...........

I already said that April Fool was already over!!

Can't you all not one-by-one make such terrifying jokes, it's not the least bit funny at all!

It's really not the least bit funny at all!!

-ch 49 end-

(3662 words to tl)

TL: I'd like to point out that the raws have completely been modified due to CN censorship laws. Rest assured, I still have the originals with me, but this is just a heads up to any potential readers who mtl-ed the raws and find mine vs the current raws to be different -3-
desu = It's just an sfx attached to behind words, uh, to amplify cuteness I suppose?

there's other people taste = It's referring to when Lian Bing sucked onto MC's finger...........but I thought he used that very same hand to finger Xin Ran too? lol

bishoujo = a very pretty girl

Monsters-Demons-Ghouls-Beasts (妖魔鬼怪) = It's an idiom, used to describe those demons or monsters that came from novels/ games.

There's a separate meaning for each of the CN characters of the idiom.

妖 → monsters, think 'monster hunter level of monsters?'
魔 → demons
鬼 → ghouls
怪 → beasts, being non-humans yet non-monsters, think mutations?

It looked rather weird in EN, but rest assured, it looked perfectly normal in CN, lol. CN words usually were coined together, often, they would be just summed together without any official "grammar" dictionaries; it just made sense somehow to readers, and, yeah. lol. hard for me to explain too -3-.


Ghoul (鬼) = Upon deliberation, I decided to reflect the 4 different races (妖魔鬼怪) instead to Monster-Demons-Ghouls-Beasts

Indeed, 鬼 in general consensus (modern society) means 'ghost'. (Because it's more likely to have people narrating that they encounter a ghost rather than a ghoul, see?) But it also can mean 'ghouls' in a lesser known state too. Hence the mix up -3-. From this chapter we can refer that the '鬼' that was being referred is more towards a 'ghoul' interpretation.

Regardless, ghosts/ghoul, they all fall under the same cat - undead.

Book of life and death = It's interesting to mention about this point. In CN mythology, there exists such a book wielded by a god, (can't remember who, i think the god of hell kept it), and in there, all records of all existences are automatically inputted in/ erased when that existence ceases.

Ox-head, horse-face (牛头马面) = In CN mythology, those two are guardians of hell. Similar to what their names sound like, these human-bodied looking guardians have heads of ox/horse respectively. 

Their roles were simple: Whoever died, they were tasked to bring that person back to hell to face the king of hell's court judgement (on where they would go, be it heaven or to suffah in hell or for reincarnating so on and forth)

Black-White Variables (黑白无常) = two famous deities in CN mythology that served the king of hell.

Their tasks were to capture ghosts/spirits, and aids out in helping the good and punishing the evil.

the white deity rewards the good, black deity punishes the evil.

P/N: On CN dictionaries they listed the translation as 'black and white is impermanent', I was like wtf, that's clearly from google translate, lol. I used the word 'variables' to best describe '无常' (meaning: abnormality) as they are a duo that were always seen together, appearing at will and when handling out dues.

P/N 2: Not placing image for this one, it's a little scary....go google it, but thou have been warned.

Ten halls of yamas (十殿阎罗) = This one kinda lacked a good EN translation wise. I'm looking for a word 'region/ sanctuary', but can't use sanctuary at the same time coz I need a 'hell'-sounding word, ah well. 'Ten temples of yamas' sounded weird anyway.

Ahem, anyway, it refers to 10 overlords that control ten areas of hell, (yama means god of death), uh.....that's it for the summary. NOooope, not going to explain all 10 gods and what they do, nowai!!!! I'm gonna take forever to out this chapter if I really did so!!!!!!!!

Corpse destroying and trace removing (毁尸灭迹) = It may sound a little weird in EN, but it's an idiom in CN. Meant literally 'corpse obliterating'.

Ghost = It doesn't necessarily mean those transparent things you saw in Harry Potter movies and such. Some demons are classified under 'ghosts' too, in CN/JP as far as what I've read before. Ghoul is a good example of one.

Michelin-starred sweets = Holy. Michelin is a high star italian-derived rating system for extremely extremely extremely delicious food. No, sweets doesn't mean that kind of candies you buy from a supermarket, it can also mean cakes, chocolates and stuff. And to think that I thought the perfect meal was a mcdonald's meal.....dayum. Michelin-starred burger? -evil dance-


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