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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c44

TL: Sorry for the long nil-updates. (:3

Volume 2, Chapter 44: Calm, Quietness

TL: flarewk

Corpse splitting homicidal maniac, huh............

I hadn't thought, that before Lian Bing had even done anything yet, there's a homicidal maniac suddenly appearing so prominently. Plus, that person looked to be even more malevolent compared to Lian Bing...........if Lian Bing was said to be only a homicidal attempter, then this person's already a hopelessly incurable present offender already.

So scary, it probably should be another pervert with a distorted mentality.

Speaking of which, since I possessed the ability to see through a person's original personality right now, who knows that I'm able to use it to help track down the person?

Uuu, but, if I was to be discovered accidentally, and not being able to catch onto the criminal as well, I guess that I'll become the next target then............

Homicidal maniacs should be people with a rather insane mindset, just like Lian Bing, as I merely just made eye contact with her and accidentally gave out a 'Pu!' sound, which made her suspect onto me............perhaps these sort of people (perverted homicidal maniacs) had a rather astute instinct then.

Hence, they could be like an person who's unrelated at all, being able to conceal their true appearances.

And so, if I want to intervene into this matter, I must be well-prepared in order to be involved within the extremely perilous risk. that case I'll just forget about it.

Laobà already wanted me to be mindful a little already, plus I myself am also not that kind of person who's exploding out with a strong sense of justice, so, I won't go to be such a busybody then.

Plus, my biggest acting motivation was merely onto hoping that Laomā's workload would be able to be lessened, being able to not work overtime daily to sew corpses, obtaining adequate rest.

Of course, if I was to really meet onto that person, I'll be delighted to provide leads onto him.

I arrived at the classroom early today as usual, and furthermore, Lian Bing once more reached class a step ahead of me.

Recently, she had been coming extremely well as Lan Hua-tongxue too............what's up with the both of them?

"Goood moorning, Cheng Jun~"

"Oh, morning."

"Ohayou, Cheng Jun~"

"Ahhhh, good morning."

"早上好, Cheng Jun~"


"Buongiorno, Cheng Jun~"

(TL: Jp, CN, Italian 'good mornings')

I spun around and pressed onto Lian Bing's head, with my entire head full of black vertical lines as I said.

"What's with all the different language repetitions, are you an international alarm clock?"

She grabbed onto my hand that was pressed onto her and stuffed it inside within her breasts, as she unveiled a deep meaningful smile while looking at me.

"I'm an alarm clock that belongs only to Cheng Jun~, do you need your dearest girlfriend to give you a call every morning, using a sweet voice to wake you up? If you do, there's still moaning services too, hmm? In the morning, Xiao' Cheng Jun should be rather energetic too, listening to my voice while letting Xue Li helping you to use her hands to rub one out, isn't it the merriest thing ever?"

As she said that, Lian Bing even licked her lips, as she used her right hand to shape out a circlish gesture and moved it up and down...........if men were to do this kind of action it would definitely look rather obscene, but for a bishoujo like her doing such an act, it was extremely seductive.

But this person was too much already, cracking this kind of perverted joke early in the morning, her dàxiaojie image had already been completely destroyed till it doesn't have any remainders behind.

Eeh, hold on, Lan Hua's still sitting beside her, was it really suitable to use this sort of tone to speak right now?!

I twisted my head to glance towards Lan Hua-tongxue, and she had a face of dazedness while sitting onto her seat, an appearance of not noticing onto our side...........phew...........luckily, she's daydreaming.

"Don't need it at all, thank you."

I flipped a white eye and just simply retracted out my hand, turned around very disinterestedly and sat back onto my own seat.

"Such an aloof reaction. Having such a beautiful girlfriend saying a good morning everyday, doesn't Cheng Jun even have a little gratitude at all?"

"Oho, I'm indeed rather thankful that you sent Xue Li over to take care of me, as all thanks to Xue Li, those live lines of household chores have drastically dropped. Its really such a huge help, I'm extremely grateful for it~"

"Huhuhuhu, since it's like that, why not just simply let Xue Li acknowledge you as her Master, officially becoming your maid? It's also alright for her to be your very own private maid, hmm?"

(TL: private maid was referred to be in a R-18 way)

"That's the best outcome then."

If I really had a maid like Xue Li-xiaojie to serve me, I probably would be raising my both hands up high joyously proclaiming cheerily about already.

"Huhuhuhu, as long as Cheng Jun becomes my husband, Xue Li will also become your maid, and will always be serving you already~"


Why does this sentence sounds to be so familiar?

Xue Li-xiaojie also seemed to have said these sort of words to me before, the thoughts of both Master and Servant actually coincided together, huh............

"Xue Li-xiaojie isn't a dowry at all."

"Mm, well, just simply even having her marrying together to you then, how about it?"

"Cough! What are you talking about!!"

This idea was simply outrageous to none's end already!!

"Ai ya, you see, in traditional times when dàxiaojie marries off, don't they always have a lass accompanying their marriage along? No matter how you put it, Xue Li is also considered to be my maid, and of course should marry along with me to become your concubine~~ plus, other than Xue Li, there's still three other maids, all peerless beauties as well, you can play with them up to your discretion, hmm? Huhuhuhu, marrying me alone equals to marrying five women, hn? From Monday till Friday, being able to continually savor different tastes, how about it? Extremely worth it, right? Touched already, hmm?"

"What the hell, you said it to be like a supermarket's discounted goods's basically just a consumer scam."

"Ara araa, even though it's a huge present that was being delivered right up to the doorstep, you still dared not to accept it, this type of person won't be turning magnanimous, hmm?"

"I originally also didn't think of being some kind of a great person."

"Huhuhuhu, well then, the April Fool's joke will be up till here. Even if I want Xue Li to marry you, I'm afraid that she won't be agreeing to it too."

"Tch, as expected, it's a April Fool's joke, huh...........

Today is April Fool, a day that you can casually say out lies..

In the morning, Xin Ran even made a joke to me that's not the least bit funny at all, as I've nearly fell for it, being deceived.

Hence, I naturally would slightly raise my guard a little more cautiously, and from the moment Lian Bing started to spout nonsensically, I already knew that she's trying to trick me already.

"That's right, today is April Fool's~~ heh heh heh, it's a day that you can casually lie to anyone, a day that even scams wouldn't be punished at all, a day that you can just casually steal from other people."

"Eyy?! Wait wait, this explanation seemed to be a little incorrect, right!"

A normal April Fool's event directly turning into a day to legally swindle people already~!

But Lian Bing ignored my exasperated rebuttals instead, supporting her cheeks while looking outside the windows, seemingly murmuring to herself while saying.

"Since it's a day that anyone can be just casually lied to...........lying to myself is also considered as lying, right?"


As Lian Bing said, she turned around and gave me a sweet smile, then closing up her left eye, using her left index finger to brush across her right eye............I remember this action is!

I hastily took off my spectacles and looked towards Lian Bing, as expected, after this actions, the title above Lian Bing's head started to change, and in a moment it had changed to [Love Monarchical type Girlfriend]!

"Cheng Jun...........?"

"Ah, err...........h-, hello?"

I had no idea on what to say, and even my speaking had already become stammered.

A 'Moe Bing state' perfectly displaying out a dàxiaojie's flair, the damage it caused to me was really too great, it's just as comparable as the maid outfit donning Ke Ling already!

This made my entire day being spent in befuddlement, not even daring to say out even half a sentence of unnecessary words............but Moe Bing had a rather good mood throughout, just like that Saturday's date, having an appearance of being adorably docile............

I don't really understand on why she would suddenly switch into this personality, was it really because of April Fool?

When class had ended in the afternoon, Xiao Zhen-laoshi announced, that from tomorrow onwards it'll be the start of a three days short holidays, and the night self-revisions from today onwards will be cancelled as well, with the classroom instantly erupting about in a wave of celebration.

"Quiet! Be quiet for a while~! And so, it's because of the recent random murder cases, that the school then decided to temporarily cancel the night self-revisions~! So, all of you must never ever be outside at night, and must properly stay at home, got it?"

"Got it~" x N

The students in class would only be very united at this sort of timing, and in reality, everyone definitely would be thinking about where to go and play during the holidays, disregarding the warning onto not going out at night instead.

A homicidal maniac that kills randomly? What does that have to do with me? There's a few hundred thousand people around in this city, it won't be till I'm so unlucky that I'll be meeting onto it, right?

This sort of chancely thinking should be wielded by everyone...........when facing Lian Bing last time, I also had this sort of thinking before, and that's a common stance by humans. Before they really encountered onto mishaps, they wouldn't be anyone who would be especially really mindful about certain things.

Mm, except for people like me, who had already experienced it once before, and changed to be a rather cautious person.

Xiao Zhen-laoshi probably also had seen through the thinking within everyone's hearts, still not feeling rather assured, and used her final huge tactic.

"From tonight onwards, up till the 4th of April, every night at 9 pm I'll be using the seat numbering orderly homework distributing method, if there's anyone who breaks off the order in the middle, or if there's someone who didn't hand up homework when school starts! Just wait for Xiao Zhen-laoshi's family consultation then! Heard it clearly already?!"

Xiao Zhen-laoshi stood on the small foot pedestal* that was specially prepared for her, 'Pa Pa' smacked onto the table twice, to attract everyone's attention and roared afterwards. A small looking appearance, but rather imposing instead.

"Eyy~~~~~" x N

Unison replies came from the class once more, but this time everyone was lamenting and sighing about, with faces of unwilling looks.

The so-called seat numbering orderly homework distributing method was Xiao Zhen-laoshi's special type of attendance taking, she will give a home call to the first student sitting at the first seat in the first row to distribute homework, and afterwards that student will give a call to the person sitting behind him to notify on the homework details............and so on in such order, until after everyone had given at least a call. Xiao Zhen-laoshi will then still personally give a call to the student sitting at the last seat in the last row to do a second confirmation.

In essence, it's a method that's super troublesome.

But it's still a no-go if you don't go homework notifying, as by then when there's someone who didn't hand up homework, or when there's a pursuance of responsibility from whoever that broke off the chain............if Xiao Zhen-laoshi's house consultation was to be explained, it's one of the things that a student would really doesn't want to see occurring.

It's not that she'll intentionally be difficult, but she would instead notify your family on all matters, no matter how big or small, thoroughly, about you at school............very embarrassing, right?

Speaking of which, there's someone from the start who wanted to crack this method too. It's that the first person who heard onto the assigned homework immediately posting the homework contents into our Year 2 Class 2's group discussion, this way, it won't need to go through a one-by-one notifying already.

But because there's some students who didn't join the class group discussion, or some students who simply don't even know how to use something like a mobile phone at all, this plan ended up being gone under as a result.

As expected, at this timing, everyone turned towards that person who was 'unable to use a mobile phone', [Majo] [Yin Shi Yao].

Shi Yao-tongxue whose attitude originally was a little temperamental upon seeing everyone all looking at her, crossed her arms and unhappily pouted while exclaiming.

"What are you looking at me fooooor! I'm just unable to get along with electronic devices, can't I?!"

The [Autonomous Doll] [Zhen Zhu] who was sitting in front of her nodded her head and added on, saying.

"That's right, as long as it made contact with Yin Shi Yao-tongxue's hands, the probability of devices breaking down can be as high as 82.6%. Currently there's already four school computers, three oscilloscopes, two ticker tape timers, five multimeters all being brutally destroyed. It's completely being able to be said that its almost close to the effects of a 'curse' already, hence she's basically unable to use an electronic device like a smartphone."

"Humph, you heard it, right! It also can't be helped for the matter about me, and why you people didn't say about those others that didn't join the group discussion!!"

Yin Shi Yao righteously gave off a cold snort, as she turned the conversation towards others who didn't join the class group discussion.

The rest of them upon hearing as such then looked towards the other two people, one of them was [Living Dead (already awakened)] [Li Nai], and the another was [Isekai Maou] [Exoda · Awei Sita · Heli Ke], a student that all of us call him as Qin Jiu.

Being stared at by other classmates, Li Nai wasn't the least bit frantic at all though, as she scratched her head and carefreely laughed while saying.

"Ahahaha, because giving mobile phones, computers and such kinds of things to me are useless as weelll~ as long as I'm able to see friends at school and needing just a landline when asking friends out to play, there's basically no need for a mobile phone for contacting~~ plus those money that were being used to buy those electronics could be used to eat quite a couple of high quality meals as well!"

That's already the mentality of a glutton, as anything else weren't worth as much compared to a meal.

And, with that look of unfortunate appearance, Qin Jiu who basically doesn't look like a Maou at all then spoke out a sentence that sounds incomparably tragically pitiful.

"I'm poor, unable to afford any at all............stuff like mobile phones need at least 3 to 4 thousand, right? Even if it's a lousier model, it will also require about a thousand, and with that money I'm even able to pay out the rental for next month already............"

(TL: It's in RMB currency, 4000 RMB = roughly USD$600)

"Eyy............" x N

Everyone gave off a sigh in unison once more. Those things were already discussed before not only once, but if those problem children were able to easily resolve their problems, then they wouldn't be called as problem children already.

(TL: 'problem children' neta from 'problem children from another world' jp light novel/ anime series)

The class meeting ended, and after I sent Moe Bing into her car, I turned around and returned back to school.

Although today's night self-revision wasn't held already, I still walked towards the library.

I had all sort of things that were needing to be properly discussed with Li Li, hopefully, she wouldn't disappoint me............

-ch 44 end-

(3687 words to tl)

TL: Hi all. Recently, I discovered that the author of this web novel series have started to accept donations in order to hire an artist to draw his volume cover.

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P/N: I'll tl one more chapter in the evening, I'll go read up more yandere cn novels ferst  “ψ(`∇´)ψ

'Pu!' = It's a sound of someone choking out, in surprise. Think anime when they spit out water, it's like that, quite similar.

Extremely perilous risk = FYI, the chinese words were 水深火热中的风险, which translates to 'danger risks within deep water trenches and amidst the burning flames'. It's only a metaphor to describe daaaangar.

Various 'Good Morning' languages = Originally, the CN good morning was used first, afterwards the EN version was used, but I swapped the their positions to make it feel more of a sense to you readers.

Entire head full of black vertical lines (满头黑线) = Basically → (-_-""). I added the 'vertical' extra in order to describe it more well, rather than just using 'black lines'.

Are you an international alarm clock = A joke referencing alarm clocks that will say "Good morning" in the morning when you wake up, as normally it would only say in 1 type of language rather than spewing out all sort of multi-language

Xiao' Cheng Jun = It refers to the lower half of our MC. (Yeap, she referred to that area rather affectionately)

Bishoujo = a jp term used to describe an extremely pretty girl

Those live lines of household chores = reference to a graph's lines

Eyy = it's an sfx, something like "huh"

Adorably docile (小鸟依人) = used to describe a girl who's really submissive to you (in a loving fashion), will be listening to whatever you says, just like what the chinese idiom meant, "as clingy as a pet bird's". Hence, to describe the full meaning out, I coined tgt 2 terms; "adorable" + "docile".

'Afternoon' usage (下午) = Pls note, although it's clear in EN between these two terms, "afternoon" and "evening", but for CN side they combined both terms into just "afternoon". 

I'm guessing it should really mean evening (like 4-5pm), but there's no definite proof (unless I ask author), hence I left it as such. Please note of future "afternoon" usages too.

small foot pedestal = Looks like this:

Yin Shi Yao (Majo) = For those of you who are interested to know, her CN name is: 尹诗瑶. A rather feminine-looking name. 

From my conjecture, her name is a homophone pun onto the term 阴事姚 (yin shi yao), which means "ominous things foreboding", a person who heralds unluckiness.

[Majo] title = Originally, I termed it as such as I thought it's a JP reference to a 'witch', in conjunction with other classmates, 'mahou shoujo' and 'mahou magister', as well as basing on the whole novel having a hidden jp theme in it.

Was it a reference instead to an anime girl or something that couldn't touch any electronics at all, as they will explode upon contact? I can't remember which series it was neta from.

In any case, the title could also mean that she's an unlucky "witch", breaking down appliances around her too.

Zhen Zhu (Autonomous Doll) = Her CN name is 珍珠, which means "pearl" in english, that circlish thing that came out from oysters. Not sure what it really signifies, maybe her to be rather precious, and not a "common" object?

Ticker tape timer (打点计时器) = Uh, what I can explain that it's a school electronic item that's being used to demonstrate to students on how time is being calculated, something like that? Here's what it looked like.
Yeah, it's an electronic device. See the power supply there?

[Isekai Maou] [Exoda · Awei Sita · Heli Ke] [Qin Jiu] = Original CN wording was [异世界魔王] [艾克索达·阿维斯塔·赫利克] [秦九]

From what the author tells me, the naming "Qin Jiu (秦九)" was a neta of Gin from Detective Conan (CN name is a homophonic 'Qin Jiu', 琴酒).

Gin from Detective Conan

[艾克索达·阿维斯塔·赫利克] on the other hand, was a mix of names from several "maou" origins.

P/N: Maou = demon king

The first艾克索达, was neta from the series "Shina Dark: Kuroki Tsuki no Ō to Sōheki no Himegimi", from the dumbly comedic maou main character, Exoda Cero Claw (also known as 艾克索达・赛罗・克劳 in CN)

Hence, the first name, 'Exoda' was derived from there.

Next阿维斯塔, was neta from the series "Problem Children are coming from another world, aren't they?", from the strongest demon lord Azi Dakaha (also known as 阿兹·达卡哈 in CN)

P/N: The english name 'Azi Dakaha' is just the Han Yu Pin Yin of the CN words.

Hence, the second name, 'Awei Sita' was derived from there. (using HYPY of 阿维斯塔 in a likewise fashion)

Lastly赫利克, was.........the author forgot what pun he referenced from, so I'll just use the HYPY as well.

And therefore, 'Heli Ke' was created.

Laobà = an informal way to address 'father'

Laomā's = an informal way to address 'mother'

-tongxue = a suffix, it means 'student'

Xiao' = it's a frontal suffix that indicate closeness

-xiaojie = a suffix that's used to refer to a lady politely and respectfully

-laoshi = a suffix, it means 'teacher'

dàxiaojie = a term to describe a lady in a stature above yours, as if she's a semi-princess or something. Used mostly to describe a young girl from a prominent or wealthy/ influential family. Similar to "ojou-sama"


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