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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c81

Vol 2, Chapter 81: Head chopped, Repeat

TL: flarewk

Xue Qing actually appeared as such, despite having a huge amount of places to hide herself! Is she an idiot!

Even though she had already seen those people, she still walked out justifiably!

"My god........! What's she doing! Xue........!"

I'm almost worried to death, pressing my palm on the glass panels, with an extreme want on crying out to Xue Qing, but Bai Yu Hui immediately reacted to it, stretching out her hands from aside and covering up my mouth.

"You promised, to never ever head outside."


But! Xue Qing, she!

"I understand your feelings, but even if you're to head outside, what else can you help her out with? Please calm down first, and properly think about it."

This time, Bai Yu Hui didn't aggressively bind me up, providing me with a convincing reason instead.

I who had become impulsive in the heat of the moment after listening to her words, too suppressed on my anxiety, and as to what she said, calmly thought over it.

Indeed, if I'm to dash out right now, I at most would just be a it only having a single effect.........

And Xue Qing definitely wouldn't have wanted me to bear the injury for her, and it's even more plausible that she's unable to fully perform to her capabilities due to looking after me, and the possibility of that scenario occurring would be even greater.

"If you're being treated as a target by these murderous ghouls, it'll instead be a hindrance to her, isn't it?"

Bai Yu Hui's thoughts were almost just the same as mine.

"You're right........"

I had to admit, if I just recklessly dash out, I indeed wouldn't be of any help at all, but would instead cause trouble for Xue Qing.

I still am very clear, about how capable I am.........I'm that weak against murderous ghouls, akin to like a piece of paper, and would be shredded into pieces if I'm not careful.

Also, if I'm being captured and held hostage by the other party, it would basically be a GG scenario.

But, it can't be that I'm to just look at it over here.........!

Phew........don't be anxious, first try to understand the situation outside.

"Alright, I won't go out, but is there any way for us to hear the contents of their conversation?"

"That's no problem at all.........I'll cast a Windsweep Hearing technique on you then. As well as the Thousand Li Sight technique.........done."

Bai Yu Hui used her hands to touch my ears momentarily, afterwards brushed my eyes briefly, with me after that feeling the sounds of the rain becoming louder, while being able to hear their speech as well, and at the same time, my vision was able to zoom in or out as to my wishes, able to observe their movements at a close distance thereafter.

Woah, it's so amazing!

"Oh? Not even waiting for us to come finding, but to actually first offer up yourself already? It's really kind of you~ Don't you agree? Eviscerate?"

I heard a frivolous voice; it definitely should be that Skin peeling Murderous ghoul's.

"Muhihihi~ its a little girl who's even more cute than what I've imagined~ Clown uncle likes little girl~ Girl why must you tiptoe~"

(TL: creepy song* reference)

The clown gave off a shrill laughter, his guffawing face in a unprecedented state of hideousness, it even looking more of like a demon.


Why would their titles be presenting out such colors?

Black colors (evil intentions), red colors (killing intentions), purple colors (lustful greed) all being mixed together, like some sort of a sticky residue, emanating off a circulating bizarre glow.

Just by looking at it made me feel extremely disgusted, with a sensation of puking assaulting over, which made me uncontrollably dry vomit out a couple of times.

Plus, these sort of colors to them were actually 'normal'.........even people who had become crazy were more serene than these bunch of people.........

"Murderous ghouls, what sort of things are they exactly........they had basically completely discarded their human personalities........."

I didn't want to ask that question, merely subconsciously having murmured it out, with me receiving Bai Yu Hui's response.

"Murderous ghouls are humans that are possessed by ghouls and have stepped into the path of killing, obtaining the powers of ghosts in exchange for selling off their bodies and souls as a cost. Murderous ghouls must work for their 'employers', which is the ghost that's possessing them, to kill people within a specified duration in order to satiate the ghost's stomach, if not, they will be eaten up."

"I, the time that they are speaking of earlier was referring to that kind of time........."

And thus, their target this time was Xue Qing, and they would be able to obtain huge amounts of time if they killed her; that's what it means.........

That also mean, that murderous ghouls were like executors for ghosts.

"Wait, if that's the case, then if the ghost isn't captured or killed, there would still be other murderous ghouls repeatedly appearing?"

If it's said as such, then the underlying culprit would be those ghosts possessing those humans, wasn't it!

"That's the case. However, humans that can allow ghosts to possess them in actuality number very few, and only people who have very intense killing intentions are only able to be the targets of being possessed. It's not just that any murderers will do, as those people who can still remain indifferent after murdering really are few among the few........."

Her meaning was, only people who could still stay indifferent after murdering would then be qualified to be the targets of possession, huh?

Speaking of which, that indeed was quite less.........since after a murder, what mostly surfaced next for the majority of people were feelings of unease, anxiety, fear and after-fright, and very seldom there would be people who remained at ease murdering.

"Then, Xue Qing, she........."

As expected, she's able to remain indifferent when murdering, huh........

"That's right, Jiang Xue Qing is also their kind."

"Just as I've thought........"

Then the ghost that possessed Xue Qing was roughly that ghoul, Xiang Yue Xun then, which was why Xue Qing's saliva would have healing properties.

What I didn't expect, was that after Bai Yu Hui heard me saying 'just as I've thought', she astonishingly looked at me while asking.

"So you had long known that Jiang Xue Qing is being possessed by a ghost! Then, why must you still........."

"Why must I still get close to her, right?"

I turned around, calmly looking at Bai Yu Hui, interrupting her words as I carried on asking her.

She blanked out for a moment. Perhaps she hadn't expected that I would be that composed, but she immediately regained over it and nodded her head, replying.

".........Yes, since you already know about that matter, you should be very clear on how dangerous Jiang Xue Qing is........."

"She's my friend."

"Just because of that reason........!"

"It's enough for just that reason."

It's even too adequate already.

I once again turned around to look outside the windows, and currently, the rain outside had become way smaller.

Xue Qing halted her footsteps and looked at the four murderous ghouls, with no expression on her face. The murderous ghouls too didn't take action brashly, all solemnly observing Xue Qing. Perhaps they were thinking, on what sort of courage this little girl depended on to come out so prominently.

No matter what, it's too disadvantageous having one against four........

"Can't you go help her out?"

"Within those tossed beans and ghost exorcising talisman earlier contained true qi that I've cultivated during these few days, there's not much left right now, and for precaution's sake, I mustn't use up everything."


Not only had Bai Yu Hui saved me, she even went inside such a dangerous place for the sake of protecting me, and I by right shouldn't be asking for anything more........but........

I subconsciously clenched my fists tightly, with feelings of regret once again surging out from my heart.

If only, I had power........

"Plus, I think that you do not need to be too overly worried........Jiang Xue Qing has a complete difference in comparison to those people."

"A complete difference? What difference?"

"That is........."

Just at this moment, the standstill outside had finally been broken.

Xue Qing had once again begun walking, completely ignoring those murderous ghouls that was impeding her path right in front of her, intending to just simply walk past them.

The Skin peeling Murderous ghoul called Moda raised his eyebrows, while stretching out his hands wanting to press on Xue Qing's shoulders, saying.

"I'll say, little girl, don't ignore us? You'd better........what!"

Moda's hands didn't manage to reach Xue Qing.

Because it dropped off halfway.

An entire complete palm, just like that, fell onto the ground. Blood spurted out, while Xue Qing extremely timely used the umbrella to shield her sides, with not a drop of blood being splashed on her.

"Gyaaa! My hand! What's exactly going on!"

Moda clenched his wrist that was gushing out blood as he cried out in shock, completely not knowing what exactly had happened, while Edward who's standing aside squinted his eyes, seemingly comprehending something, as he murmured to himself.

"I see, so this is why she is able to incessantly slaughter off my brethen........."

While Xue Qing continued on, walking forward a few steps before turning to face the murderous ghouls and me, keeping her umbrella properly and took down her hoodie.

Her hair had already turned white, with her pupils too emanating off a freshly red glow.

".........You guys, very annoying."

Because the distance away wasn't that near, I'm not able to see Xue Qing's expression clearly as a result. Unbeknownst why, however, I'm able to clearly feel the change in her mood.

Right now, she's extremely impatient!

"Muhihihi! This time, how about letting Clown uncle play around with you? Little girl!"


Xue Qing shook off the rain droplets on her folded umbrella, afterwards started to tidy up her umbrella.

Oi oi, is it really the time to be doing that kind of stuff right now?! Aren't you afraid that the other party would be attacking you?!

As expected, it's impossible for those bunch of despicable murderous ghouls to let go of that chance. The clown had already hurled the throwing knives in his hands, while after the Skin peeling Murderous ghoul had a hand lessened, he too in maddening desperation whisked out his skin peeling knife and rushed at Xue Qing.

However........they simply couldn't touch her at all!

All of it was being dodged!

Needless to say about the throwing knives, but those cunning angle attacks of Moda were all being avoided!

If one was to look carefully, they would be able to notice that Xue Qing's clothes wasn't damp at all! Though the rain had already become drizzling, not becoming drenched while not having an umbrella propped up was just simply too exaggerative already!

While I was astonished, Bai Yu Hui spoke.

"You saw it too, and that's the unique factor about Jiang Xue Qing; she isn't passively 'possessed' by a ghost. Her relationship between a ghost isn't a master-servant kind, and neither a hierarchical kind too, but a co-operating relationship, and can be said to be in an 'equally reliant' status.

"Equally reliant?"

"A ghost splitting half its soul and storing it within the host's body, that's being termed as an equally reliant status. With the assistance of the ghost's soul, one could be as such turning into a state of becoming half a ghost. While a normal possession is merely but a contract being made, the power that is able to be shared is very limited, hence, an equally reliant status will be far more powerful than the ordinary state of possession. As such, I think that you should not need to be too overly worried."

So Xiang Yue Xun had split off half her soul and given it to Xue Qing already, huh.........

I suddenly recalled back to the scene which Xiang Yue Xun made me see, of two bare-bodied lolis embracing while kissing each that's not only just Xiang Yue Xun using her saliva to heal Xue Qing's throat, but to also store half of her soul inside Xue Qing, eh!

Xue Qing who had finished keeping her umbrella faintly said.

"Fast battle, fast resolution."

Her skirt floated in the air, its black-colored clothing material dancing swiftly, with a bluish white-colored striped panties flashing over.

With fluidly adept movements, she pulled out the knife which was bound near the base of her thighs, and after spinning it in a circle within her hands, she grasped the knife handle in reverse, letting the knife blade point downwards.

"I'm coming."

Expressionlessly giving off an attacking proclaimation.

But her target wasn't the Skin peeling Murderous ghoul Moda right beside her, but the Garroting Murderous ghoul John who had hurled throwing knives at her just earlier!

The clown also didn't expect that he would become a target, as he reacted over to it after dazing out momentarily, and hastily took out a string, tossing it frontwards!

The string wrapped round Xue Qing's neck, but before it was retracted back, it's already chopped into quite a few sections, along with a few fingers from that hand which tossed out that string having being chopped off as well.
The clown finally wasn't able to exhibit a smiling face, as he gave off a bizarre yelp and anxiously leapt back as he wanted to flee.

However, Xue Qing had already thrust out the knife held in her hands.

"As a, clown."

Just like that, stabbing it inside his mouth, afterwards waving it towards the left!

"Teeth, not aligned."

His mouth was simply sliced up open till the base of his right ear, with uneven teeth becoming exposed to the air.


He only spat out a syllable before becoming unable to cry out sounds any longer, as the blade immediately returned to its original position and spun quite a few circles.........his mouth, along with his tongue and gums, were being shredded into pieces.

"Seemingly smiling, yet unsmiling."
The short knife once again gashed the clown's left face apart, but this time, it didn't stop when it reached splicing till his ears, revolving round his body swiftly encircling instead, causing the blade to persist on slicing horizontally.........!

"Not, qualified."

The interconnecting muscle portion of his upper and lower jaws were being sliced into two, with half of his no longer supported head thus splattering on the ground, giving off a *pa ta* sound.

Title vanished, head landed onto the ground, the clown [Garroting Murderous ghoul] [John・Gacy], was confirmed dead.

Blood flicked off; skirt flipped up; sheathed.


-ch 81 end-

(3525 words to tl)

Head chopped, Repeat (斩首、循环) = Could also be referencing Kubikiri Cycle

GG = Good game

Windsweep Hearing/ Thousand Li Sight (顺耳/千里眼) = I recall, the first time I heard about this terms was from the deities in Journey to the West. Basically these are techniques that allowed one to hear sounds to the extreme and see things to the horizon away.

These skills are metaphors for being able to hear and view over human limits. Depending on the user's skill, it may be limitless, or below average (to what the skill's name was)

Windsweep Hearing, refers to ears that are able to pick up far-distance sounds that are blown over by the wind.

Li is a measurement of unit for the chinese. Basically 1 Li is about 0.5 KM. 1000 Li = 500 km. Hence Thousand Li Sight describes a user being able to see 500km away (may be more)

Girl why must you tiptoe (女孩你为何垫脚尖) = here's a youtube link to the song. From my brief looking at the video, it seemed to be a song questioning on why a girl (in the audience who attended a circus performance) would be tiptoeing; did she want to see more clown acts? (The stage curtains suddenly closed up)

Things that occurred before the stage curtains abruptly closed:
- people were juggling knifes on stage
- clown gives off a 'shrill laughter' → literally in the subtitles
- curtains closed up

Many interpretations to that video, but it seemed kinda dark to me

Seemingly smiling, yet unsmiling (似笑非笑) = used to describe a person who looked half laughing half not at the same time


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