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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v1c33.3

Volume 1, Chapter 33.3: The [Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s love

TL: flarewk

[Corpse Lover Homicidal Maniac]'s love:

28th of March, Tuesday. After the afternoon's lesson had ended, I walked out of the school gates.

Xue Li was already waiting there for me.

"Dàxiaojie, directly to home?"

If it was the usual, Xue Li wouldn't have asked me about this sort of question, and would respectfully welcome me instead, opening the door thereafter. But today, she asked onto this additional question; it's probable that she had already known onto my answer as well.

Being able to observe a person's heart to such level of detail, as expected of the head maid indeed.

Frankly, with Xue Li's capabilities, she could completely become a topmost figure within any kind of fields, so why would she want to be a maid that serves others?

I even felt that Xue Li would be even more impressive than that father of mine who takes benefits over any other beliefs..........when she's by my side, she's not like those maids that served me, more like my educator instead.

Seeing that expression of Xue Li's which resembled a smile yet not so at the same time, I had a feeling that I was being seen through, with my face turning blush red before pretending to cough and saying.

"Mm..........go to that place for awhile then."

"That place, huh? Understood, should gifts be also prepared as well?"

"No need for that."

As for the gift that's for presenting towards sick patients, I've already prepared it, huhuhu..........

I sat into the car; the maid who was sitting in the driver's seat immediately opened her eyes due to her short vitality rest earlier and smoothly started the vehicle.

"Xiao' Yan, your fever haven't recovered yet?"

"Ahh, cough cough..........yes, I'm extremely sorry, dàxiaojie! Cough, not taking care of my body properly, it's your humbleness undoing!"

"Since you're still sick then don't overdo it, just switch to other maids then."

"No! Please allow your humbleness to handle this! Cough cough.........if it was to be handed over to others, your humbleness will feel immeasurably uneasy!"

Ai ya ya, Xiao' Yan had always been so serious. Even though she had a fever, she still was that hardworking, I should reward her something in return.

Xue Li sat at the front passenger seat, and through the front rear mirror she smiled towards me and said.

"Don't worry, dàxiaojie, I've given maid Yan Yang suppositories yesterday, she'll quickly recover from it, huhuhuhu."


Although she's wearing a mask, but from that brightly red ears alone, I was able to see that Xiao' Yan right now must be extremely embarrassed to the state of wanting to just die.

Huhuhu~ you're so devilishly naughty indeed, Xue Li.

(TL: Suppositories→ medicinal pills that you insert in your a**hole.)

After a moment, the vehicle stopped right in front of a hospital. I let Xue Li and Xiao' Yan wait in the car for me, while I alone went inside the hospital.

Although the scale of Chun Yu Hospital wasn't large at all, it's one of the best reputable hospitals within this city, and many sick patients would come here to seek treatment. When Xue Li said she wanted to send Cheng Jun here the day before yesterday, I was even against it, as I thought that this hospital would definitely be crowded with patients, and there wouldn't be any way to let Cheng Jun be promptly treated.

But in actuality, Cheng Jun very quickly received treatment, for the hospital's efficiency was extremely high, which made me rather impressed.

Speaking of which, Cheng Jun's father also seemed to be a surgeon in this hospital as well.

His own son being wounded, resulting in the stay at a hospital yet not coming to visit at the very first instance...........this area was quite similar with that cold-blooded father of mine too...........

Thinking about these things made my mood unconsciously turn sour, as I carried moody expressions and boarded the lift.

From the surroundings resounded noises of people gasping in amazement, and a ruckus started thereafter.

So noisy.

As expected, no matter where I go, there would be these kind of shallow men who would be attracted by my looks, huh.

But..........if this set of appearance could attract his gaze, then it's considered to be worthwhile after all.


The lift reached the hospital's 4th floor, and ward 404 was the ward he's at.

The door wasn't closed, perhaps it's for the purpose of ventilation.

I stealthily crept towards the doorside, and poked out my head to spy within the ward.

That man with an expressionless face was half lying onto the sickbed, wearing that pair of black rimmed spectacles that I've personally selected for him, as he concentratingly focused onto reading a book.

Kyaa~ so handsome~

My Cheng Jun's so handsome~


I leaned onto the ward's door and deeply breathed in a mouthful of air before forcibly pressuring down my feelings of excitement and heartbeat skipping.

I've nearly let her come out already.

But then again, he's really so handsome~

I'll need to admit it, Cheng Jun's really suited to be wearing spectacles.

At movies, there would often be males who originally wore spectacles turning into handsome men upon taking it off, which made the female lead and the audience be stunned by his attractive looks, and Cheng Jun's exactly the opposite of that.

After putting on the spectacles, his charm level was felt to be multiplied by 2.25 times, especially for males that was focusing on a certain something which would make them more attractive, and Cheng Jun possessed that sort of a serious man's charm.

Oh no, oh nooo...........

If this goes on, there definitely would have someone who will notice him.

This hidden piece of gem was gradually emanating out brightness, now there definitely would be even more people who would be attracted by him.

Like Lan Hua, or poker face, or ugly Cheng Jun's meimeis, who also seemingly had special feelings towards him too...........

............Darn it, when I thought there's a possibility of other females approaching Cheng Jun, my heart became completely blockaded with panic.

No, I'm going to see him next, I can't reveal this kind of expression. There's not a single man who liked jealous women, and the same definitely goes for Cheng Jun too, so I mustn't let him sense my jealousy.

It's alright, I'm most excelled into displaying a smiling face. About how to unveil a charming smile, that point had already been deeply engrained into my bones, so it definitely won't be noticed by him.

Finishing my preparations, I walked into the ward, closing the door behind me and locking it afterwards, before using a merry tone to greet him.

"Cheng~ Jun~ I've come to see you alreadyyyy~"


Upon hearing my voice, Cheng Jun lifted up his head and glanced towards my side, as he slightly frowned his eyebrows, while I elegantly smiled and walked towards his side.

"What's with the look of seeing onto a ghost?"

"Nothing, it's just that I didn't expect you to come visit me."

Humph, didn't expect, huh?

I'm a little unhappy now.

"I am your girlfriend after all, is there anything wrong onto seeing you?"

Cheng Jun stroked his nose as he displayed a look of helplessness, saying.

"Didn't you come by yesterday already? I thought that you wouldn't come today instead."

Indeed, I did come here yesterday.

Plus I even took leave and stayed in the ward for the entire day as well.

But a huge portion of Cheng Jun's time was spent on sleeping instead.

Although I've took advantage of when he was sleeping to take quite a few photographs, I even snuck into his blanket, hugging and kissing him quite a couple of times, but ultimately still felt rather regretful that I didn't get to converse about with him.

I waaaant to cuddle up with the conscious Cheng Junnnn...........I want to see his frantic expression when kissing him..........huhuhu.


Ahh, laughing like that wasn't very elegant at all, but I just couldn't control myself.

Although an already sleeping Cheng Jun was also very charming, too. Heeheee, sleeping in such a dead state, it's just like a corpse..........


It'll always pop out from time to time, so frustrating.

"Lian Bing?"

"Muyo? Kya~ sorry, I slightly became a little dazed~"

I stuck out my tongue, and tapped my forehead with a small fist, using a method of acting cute to try and conceal my actions.

Cheng Jun wasn't affected by it at all instead, as he frowned his eyebrows still, and worriedly looked at me.

"Are you alright?"

He's worrieeed about meeeeee~

He's worrieeed about meeeeee~ I really want to pounce into his arms~...........

Speaking of which, he started to call me by my name too. Calling my name already~ Calling me 'Lian Bing', heeheeeheeeheeeheee..........

An expression of blissfulness was nearly exposed onto my face as a result. Betting onto the reservation of a girl's, I exerted out my entirety's willpower before finally pressuring that urge down.

"I'm alright, until you've fully recovered, I'll come visit everyday~."


Cheng Jun squinted his eyes, and unveiled out an expression of unabling to take it any longer.

Humph, what kind of expression was that.

I coming to visit you had made you that troubled already?

"I coming to visit you had made you that troubled already?"

"I only felt that it's a little too much of a fuss already. I'm also not suffering from any major injuries too, not even having a single bone fracture at all. It's only just that the wounds on my body being a little too much, which caused an overloss of blood. To be honest, there's no need to even stay in the hospital at all.........."

After Cheng Jun brought me out from the cemetery the day before yesterday, I immediately carried Cheng Jun and located Xue Li. Under her incomparably proficient medical skills, a huge portion of the wounds were already treated. But I who was in chaotic confusion at that time still insisted onto sending Cheng Jun to a hospital for treatment, and even roared at Xue Li a little, just over the matter of hospital selection...........thinking back to it, it's a little too inappropriate of myself already.

Losing control of myself like that was my first time too.

"No way~ The doctor said that you must stay inside the hospital for a week to recuperate, so before then you must be good, okay~?"

I acted out a demeanor of a elder sister, and tapped onto Cheng Jun's forehead, while gently saying.

Cheng Jun who had meimeis but no jiejie was expectedly lower resistant towards an elder sister role, as he brushed off my hand, and softly mumbled 'Busybody...........'.

"Oh right, why didn't you not leave at that time?"

"Not leave?"

I a little puzzledly tilted my head.

"It's at the start when I wanted to pull you to leave the place, no matter how I said you wouldn't listen too, it's like as if you're being stuck by a spell."

"Mm..........about thaat, I just wanted to remain there and follow those group of deceased dead to a place to visit. Rumors say there's a dream-like city that only the undead resides, just nearby that area~."

According to my investigation, Li Nai-tongxue would very possibly be one of the residents in that city. It's a pity that I hadn't investigated out the method on how to reach that city, as it seemed to be needing a very special sort of way in order to arrive there.

Cheng Jun who had already understood about my personality then nodded his head in understanding as he questioned in return.

"So I see.........but why did you give up later on then?"

"Mm? Give up? I didn't give up at all."

Even till now, I'm still searching for that place, no matter what, I wanted to go in and take a look..........

"Still acting coy huh, it's that time when I carried you to run away. If you really wanted to follow those deceased deads, at that time you could just completely shake me off, right? And afterwards just leaving me behind uncaringly then, but instead, you were honest, not doing anything at all."

I've been exposed.

My expression became a little stiff, as I tried my best to display a smiling face, using a swift tone to speak.

"Ai ya, what are you talking about Cheng Jun~ I'm a frail delicate girl, hm?"

"As if I'll believe you.........."

Cheng Jun a little exasperatedly gave off a sigh, and afterwards he remained silent, turning his head around not looking at me anymore.

That's Cheng Jun's eyes, I'm just a dangerous serial killer.

It's of course that he would be cautious against me..........I'm almost wanting to cry already...........

At that moment, I didn't struggle, as I felt to be too joyous already..........

In that single moment, I actually felt that An Jun Cheng was even more important compared to corpses.

About the undead city and whatnot, I'll still be able to look for it again in the future, but there's only one An Jun Cheng in this world.

Among the decision of two selecting one, I unhesitatingly chose Cheng Jun.

It was so resolute until it even made me a little surprised.

Unknowingly, the importance of him within my heart had already way surpassed my attraction towards corpses..........

Right now, do I kill him?

Can I still be able, to kill him?

My thoughts once again clashed, and I fell into a state of chaotic confusion.

"Heh heh, but now I'm your life savior already! No matter what, you owed me a life! So if you really do have a conscience, just give up onto wanting to kill me!"

He tyrannically let out a chuckle, as he wholly denied my notion, obliterating all those gloomy fogginess that were concentrated within my heart.

"That's true, Cheng Jun's my life savior, so no matter what kind of request you'll make, I'll always agree to it."

Heaving a sigh of relief within my heart, I felt that I finally found a reason to persuade myself already.

That's right, this was a request of my life savior after all.

"Then just let me take a look at your panties!"

Ai ya ya? He became a little cocky already?

Cheng Jun's probably not really wanting to see panties at all, but it's only because he saw that I was feeling downcast, hence he wanted to seize the opportunity to humiliate me.

Hum hum hum~ he's so cute.

But then, treating me like a normal girl, you'll be in deep trouble already, hn?

"Wanting me to display out a look of disgust, afterwards revealing my panties to show you? What a perverted fetish indeed, Cheng Jun~"

"Cough..........I didn't have that sort of fetish at all! Speaking of which, you who aren't even the least bit frantic is then more weird, right, do you really have any shame at all?"

I of course do have shame, but in front of a certain someone I wouldn't need it then.

"But then again, it's a real pity, as I'm coincidentally not wearing any today."

"Not wearing again?! It can't be that you really would have an addiction onto exposing yourself!"


In reality, I am wearing it.

What I wore today, was a little bold white-colored half transparent lace panties with flowery edges.

But soon it'll be a state of wearing nothing at all.

When I thought of what I'm about to do next, my heartbeat subconsciously increased. Although I felt rather embarrassed, a bizarre excitement feeling completely covered it up, which made me bold ultimately.

I stretched both hands into my skirt and slightly bent my waist forward, as I pulled down the sides of my panties..........


He's looking at me, he's staring at me, he's keenly staring at me.

Bathed under the gaze of Cheng Jun, I slowly undressed my panties to my knee level, afterwards raised my legs one after another, and took off my panties.

My legs were raised slightly higher a little, he definitely must have seen it, right?

Oh no.........that area must be a little awkward now..........

"This will be the 'visiting present' that I've brought today. Freshly warm, slightly damp, an original panties that were just stripped off~"

"Who would want it!!"

"Do you really not want it?"


He still wanted it~, what a pervert indeed, huhuhu~

Even though his lips say no, his body was indeed rather honest~.

In an instant, I flipped open the blanket that was covering onto Cheng Jun's body, afterwards crawled onto the sick bed, and cross leggedly sat onto him.

Mm..........his scent was so fragrant.

I hugged onto him; tightly hugging onto's so heartwarming.

I softly whispered in his ears.

"Cheng Jun...........I didn't kill anyone before, hn?"


"Those people weren't killed by me..........although I indeed have urges to kill people, but I hadn't took action to murder anyone yet. Because I wanted to give my 'virginity kill' towards that most important person of mine.........."

He didn't interrupt me, just quietly listened.

"That's youuu~"

From my chest I could feel Cheng Jun's heartbeat, his heart had skipped a beat because of me. From my heart flowed out a feeling of pride, it's even more satisfying than those possessive obsessions.

"I love you so much that I just wanted to kill you alreadyyy~"

Ai ya ya, had I frightened him already? His shoulders were trembling.

"Please..........spare me..........."

Nooo waaay!

Even if you were to become a corpse I would always cling onto you!


-ch 33.3 end-

(4049 words to tl)

Short vitality rest (闭目养神) = It's not those slackish rest, it's when a person just closed their eyes, they still fully attentive, only to slightly ease up and rest their vigor.

Cough cough..........yes, I'm extremely sorry, dàxiaojie! = The 'yes' word chosen in here is intended as I feel that it's way more polite to express it out, rather than the informal 'Yeah, yup' or the question-like "That's right, indeed". Xiao' Yan is speaking in a tone that had herself in a lower stature than that of her dàxiaojie.

his charm level was felt to be multiplied* by 2.25 times = 2.25 times, was it a reference to Bounty Hunter's Jinada skill from the moba game DotA/DotA 2?

dàxiaojie = it's a formal way of calling 'miss' to a lady, usually of a influential, wealthy origin. It's spilt into two words, "da" and "xiaojie".  

Xiao' = a front suffix, it's placed in front of a word to indicate closeness to the said target. Although the term itself translates to 'small', in this case it's exceptional. (target is older)

your humbleness (在下) = It simply is another way to refer to yourself in CN. It basically means "I", "me", "myself" and so on, all those words that refer to oneself. The only difference is, this term itself would refer to the person calling himself of a lower stature than that of the target, as a form of esteemed respect.

meimei = younger sister

jiejie = elder sister

-tongxue = a suffix for 'student'


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