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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c67.9

Vol 2, Chapter 67.9: The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s metamorphosis

TL: flarewk

[Stalker (intermediary)]'s metamorphosis:

"Ooohh, impressive, have another cup!"

"Just hurry up and forget about that sort of scumbag!"

"Yeah, yeah, forget about him!"

"Cheers for breaking up!"

"Ooh! Cheers!"


Yet another glass of wine was being thrust to right in front of my face. I didn't reject it, simply downing it within a single gulp. I'm not worried that the other party had placed any such drugs inside it at all, as what I'm drinking was wine that's brewed on the spot. The bar that we went to was being nonchalantly discovered, and the barkeeper looked to have completely zero relations with this man.

So, I wasn't that especially worried that it would be spiked, or you could say that, if there was something being mixed within, I could already discern it out without even me drinking it.

I can't exactly remember how many cups it was, and didn't remember the name of this man who brought me here, as under the effects of the alcohol, I finally was able to gradually forget away a little stuff already..........

But what I solely couldn't forget, was Jun Cheng..........there's too much already, my mind was packed full of stuff regarding about him, and even if I'm to forget a portion of would be like those leftover pieces of materials, them merely being unnecessary portions.

There's still a lot, a lot, a lot more Jun Chengs inside my mind.

I'm too overly mindful about matters with regards to Jun Cheng. All along, as long as it's something about him, I would always rootedly remember it within my head. Which resulted into the current me, being unable to forget about him.

Recalling the matters about Jun Cheng, my heart felt miserable once more, with my tears wanting to fall off again.

The man who was donning a hat seized the opportunity to fondle onto my shoulders. Though it was distanced apart through clothes, I still distastefully had my eyebrows frowning.

It's very uncomfortable.

Rough coarse hands.

The tips of his fingers carried old calluses which arose from due to a long period of time of playing games, with scars on his palms too, as well as it becoming uncomfortably sticky due to sweating. It's a hand that was very disgusting.

A disliking sensation.

He merely wanted to f**k me.

Seeing onto a beauty like me sobbing on the streets, he developed lustful intentions, and wanted to get me drunk to do some stuff towards me afterwards.

Such obviously apparent intentions, such never-changing plots.

My heart felt a slight pity, along with as feeling a little relieved as well.

The pity was that what I've encountered wasn't a man that is just as gentle as Jun Cheng, and the relief was because what I've encountered were perverts which I completely wasn't able to accept at all.

If it's a man who was gentle instead, even if it's just a single phrase of simple comfort, even if I'll have regrets afterwards, in order to temporarily cover up the wound that's on my heart, I would be uncontrollably pouncing within the embrace of that man..........

And afterwards, completely giving up Jun Cheng just like that, and after the soothe passing of time, the pain that I've been afflicted with would slowly recover.

Luckily, what I've met were these group of tasteless men, which was why I'm still able to maintain my consciousness...........

Was this heaven's way of saying, to not give up yet...........

*Sob sob*..........Jun Cheng..........


I've still drank to be too much already, as I unresistingly vomited out.

The man who was wearing a hat had a look of delight upon his face, perhaps he had thought that I've finally wasn't able to make it.

It's such a pity~

I'm still wide awake, hmm?

It's only that my stomach couldn't slightly bear it.

The man wearing a hat whispered something into my ears, with me also being too lazy to listen to it already, nonchalantly nodding my head in response, and he supported me, bringing me out of the bar.

Is he going to bring me to a hotel? Fuuu..........wanting to grope me, huh? I'll purposely not let you grope!

When he wanted to touch me everytime, I would always act as if I'm walking in a sluggish manner, falling towards the other side, fufu..........he's really~ a fool~ not even able to tell out whether I'm drunk or not~ Mor~ on~

I once again intentionally feigned that I'm about to uncontrollably vomit out, and afterwards, he frantically brought me walking into an alleyway.


I leaned by the walls, with my hair tucked behind my ears, giving off a delirious chuckle. Those men gulped in their saliva as they approached me..........oh myyy, being unable to hold it in just from this..........

"Ahh, I'll give you all a chance then, hic........."

Well, I'll just take it as, payment for the wine.

"As long as there's someone who promises to never touch any other woman in this lifetime, to never ever lie to me, to never ever hide stuff from me, to never ever betray me, to never ever........."

I flicked out my fingers one my one as I listed out examples, but I hadn't finished when the man wearing a hat gave off a scoffing chuckle, winking his eyes to me as he said.

"Heh heh, Miss, you should have understood reality by now. In this world, there's simply no such existing unflirtatious man at all..........That boyfriend of yours probably had also broken up with you due to him finding another girl, right? Men are just like that, wanting to change to another after getting sick of the current. Being absolutely loyal to you? What you want to find isn't a man, but a dog."

No such existing unflirtatious, huh.........

Then why Jun Cheng would be rejecting me..........why..........

If he's flirtatious, he wouldn't be that decisive onto rejecting me already..........

Once again recalling those miserable stuff, my face turned cold as I said towards them.

"Get lost if it's not possible."

"Heh heh.........."

The man evidently wasn't ready to just leave it as such, as he flicked out a butterfly knife from within his pockets.

"Get lost? It's miss who should then be accompanying us on rolling about.........since you've drank our wine, there should be payment for it at the very least, right?"

I knew it.........

Sigh.........if I'm to shout loudly for help right now..........would Jun Cheng come and save me? No, no he wouldn't.........he by right should already reached home..........

"As expected, it can't if it isn't Jun Cheng.........."


..........Forget it, I'll just take it as an after-alcoholic exercise then.

That man walked over, wanting to grab my hand, but the arteries on his wrists were being grasped by me instead, with me receiving onto the knife that had fallen out of his hands. I utilized that movement flow to pull him over to deliver a kick to his crotch, with him immediately kneeling onto the ground.

The other men too swarmed around in unison..........

It's too slow already.

I swam between the gaps around them, carving out wounds onto their exposed skin.

If it's in the past, facing against quite a couple of men, I definitely would be completely helpless..........but, now...........

Unbeknownst why, as long as I think of Jun Cheng, I feel that I'm able to do anything.

Uuu..........even though I should be forgetting all about him, why do I keep thinking of him.........!

Gritting my teeth, I drove the knife into the palms of a man, while screaming out loudly.

"Uwaaaaaaaa! My hand, my hand! ! !"

"An Jun Cheng! An Jun Cheng! An Jun Cheng and whatnot..........I.........!"


Those words that I originally should be saying out were being stuck in my throat.

".........*Sob sob*........*sob sob sob*........."

I can't say out those two words, 'hate'..........

I still really like him.

Turned out that I liked him even more already.

Even though he had already rejected me, I still really liked him.

Even the appearance of him rejecting me was so attractive. Being completely different from me, not even the least bit nervous at all, and also not stammering as well, sonorously resolute, honest and straightforwardly saying out words of rejection to me..........*sob*'s still so painful...........

Rejecting me even before I've confessed..........*sob sob*, it's a solitary love that's a complete failure.

But why would Jun Cheng know about the matter of me liking him? Why would he be so direct onto rejecting me as such?

Because of Ji Lian Bing? Because of Jiang Xue Qing? Because of his meimeis? shouldn't be any of them, as Jun Cheng himself originally was this sort of straightforward person. Whatever is, whatever it will be; a very pragmatic, and factual seeking person.

Disliking things that were complicated, disliking things that were confusing, disliking things that were wrong.

And also, whose attitude is ambiguously unclear.

Which was why he would be so decisive onto rejecting me.

He had already anticipated that if this continued on, things would turn out to be even more and more troublesome, which was why he would be so straightforwardly rejecting me at the start, huh?

It's me who was too impulsive already, I should have taken it slow, should have started from being friends..........progressing onwards gradually...........

Next time, I must exert out my best, to not let time?

Do I still have a next time?

Didn't it all ended already?

"There's no, next time already..........huh.........."

I who had realized upon this point unresistingly burst out into tears.

"I don't waaant! *Sob sob*..........I don't waaant! I don't want........*sob sob* to end just like that!"

Slice off, slice off, everything must be sliced off!

"Uwaaaaaa! Heelp! Heeelp!"

Cut off! Cut off! That sort of failing experience, it's better to just cut it off already!

"Gyaa! My legs! Big boss save me! My legs are being stabbed!"

I don't want it to end just like that, I want to start again from scratch, I still want to continue looking at Jun Cheng!

" *Sob sob sob sob*..........I, I won't ever look for beautiful women to play with anymore..........they're so scary, Mummy.........women are so scary.........."

Because, because I like, I like Jun Cheng..........I like Jun Cheng!

"Crazy bitch.........! Hurry up and run! Take care of those injured comrades as priority!"

Regaining back to my senses, I noticed that those men were all gone.........huh? Where have they been to..........I still hadn't finish venting out..........


A familiar voice..........I spun around, looking at her, smiling while replying.

"Ahh, Xiao' Ying, why did you come here already."

After Xiao' Ying had seen onto my appearance, she hastily ran over and hugged me, nervously saying.

"You.........! What exactly happened over here! Why are there blood on your body!"

"Uuu, it's not my blood.........fufu, I've merely given them a little lesson."

"Let's talk about these things later, hurry up and go back home with me! You'll first stay at my house for today.........."

Xiao' Ying pulled onto my wrists, wanting to drag me, but my legs were like as if they were being glued to the ground, being immovable.

"Xiao' Ying, do you know what's the sensation of falling in love? It's really so incredible...........that attraction when you fall in love with can completely ignore gravity and so on already, hmm?"

I nonchalantly tossed away that butterfly knife which was entirely soaked with fresh blood onto the ground, afterwards turned around facing Xiao' Ying and grabbed onto her hands, narrating it out to her.

"Xiao' Ying, I've been rejected by him..........I failed once again. I was crying so sadly just now, I wanted to try to hate him, wanted to forget him, wanted to try to ruin myself..........but it all failed."

I simply couldn't forget about him.

But instead, it became even more deeply rooted already.

"Thinking about it right now, being hated is also a sort of brand new sensation~ because only when you're being hated, you'll then once again be able to experience, that the feelings of love are just so intense..........!"

Because, the person who is able to make me feel that heartwrenched is only Jun Cheng.

Being able to fall in love with Jun Cheng once again, this sort of pleasant sensation..........fufufu............

"Xiao' Hua, you.........."

Xiao' Ying opened up her eyes wide staring at me.........was there anything strange about me?

"Xiao' Ying, I love the end, I still love him.........! Even when he doesn't like me, I'm still able to love him~ that's great~"

"Great.........huh? Which part of it is great already!"


Listen to me, listen to mee, Xiao' Ying, Jun Cheng's lips are extremely soft, hmm? And his butt as well, it's so firm, his chest is so wide as well, I really want to bury my face in there and rub rub rub..........

"Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! I really like everything of his!"

I like him, when liking Jun Cheng, I am, the world's number one happiest.........! ! !

Inside of my brain, my body, my heart, it was all being entirely filled up, entirely filled up, entirely filled up..........

My heart stopped for nine seconds, and afterwards, once again started beating once more.

Without him, there will be no colors in my world.

Jun Cheng have a pair of direct, beautiful eyes that's way beyond my imagination.

The person who was being gazed at by me, was the person whom I understood the most, was the person whom I liked the most, was the person who's most important to me.

Only when I'm looking at him, I would then feel that he only belonged to me..........

Since it's that case, I'll use these pair of eyes to completely burn the image of his figure into my sight.

"Xiao' Hua, right now there's something very wrong with you!"

Xiao' Ying pushed away my hands and pressed onto my shoulders while loudly yelling at me.

"Very wrong? But there's nothing wrong at all~ fufu, my condition right now is excellent to the point of being exceptional already, hm? Thoughts keep popping out one by one, I really want to immediately act on them!"

Ah, I had an extremely excellent thought~

"I've decided, Xiao' Ying! The me in the past is only mindful about my own things, but from today onwards, I'm going to treat Jun Cheng as the center of my universe already~!"

Xiao' Ying frowned her eyebrows as she asked.

"You're saying.........that you want to always stalk him?"

"No, those motion-based stalking are too outdated already, that way, I won't be able to always be looking at him 24 hours a day........."

Although I really wanted to be always following Jun Cheng, but since I'm still just human, I'm not able to look at him when I'm sleeping, plus that when he goes in and out of certain places, my movements would be restricted as well..........just relying on my body alone wasn't adequately

"Xiao' Ying.........lend me your monitoring devices, kay? And also, Xiao' Liang, there's abandoned surveillance cameras at his side, right?"

"You..........! You're planning to..........!"

Xiao' Ying seemingly knew what I wanted to do, as she tightly clutched onto my arm while hysterically crying out.

But I immediately knelt down, hugging onto her legs while pleading to her.

"I'm begging you, this is my lifetime's only request! Xiao' Ying~ pleaseeeee~"

"..................I got it. I got it already! I'll give you! So quickly get up!"

She agreed~ that's great~ I just knew that Xiao' Ying wouldn't be refusing my requests~

"But you must do it in moderation, got it, Xiao' Hua! You must never be too deeply trapped into it! You're already overly sinking inside already!"

"I know, thank you~ I like you the second most~ Xiao' Ying~"

"Humph..........only being second most liked even after that.........."

"It's already the same level of like as my parents already~"

"Alright, I get it, let's hurry up and go back, look at you right now! don't even know how much I'm so worried about you........."

"Okay~ okay~"

Burning the image of the person whom I liked into my sight, I want to forever look at him..........

The one whom I liked the most..........

Of course would still be..........

An Jun Cheng..........



Title update:

[Stalker (intermediary)] → [Stalker (advanced)]

Colors being set in stone:

Pink (love) 50% + Purple (obsession) 50%

-ch 67.9 end-

(3742 words to tl)

Xiao' (小) = prefix that is used to refer to a subject endearingly

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister


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