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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c45

Volume 2, Chapter 45: Innocuous, Pure

TL: flarewk

Because there's no need to go for night self-revisions from tonight onwards, there weren't anyone proceeding to the integrated building to have their dinner, plus the canteen wasn't even open at all, needless to say about the library already, not containing even half the shadow of a person within.

At first, I was even worried that Li Li had perhaps already went home from work, but in the end, after I pushed open the entrance doors of the library I then realized that she was tidying books, and it was coincidentally those pile of manga that I usually read at the corner of the library.

I'm not sure why, but upon seeing Li Li, those gloomy mood that were accumulated for the past recent days all vanished, and my footsteps even became way more lighter.


Not even waiting for me to call it out, Teacher instantaneously dashed to my front and covered up my mouth, agitatingly crying out.

"You still dared to call me Teacher!"

I didn't think that just by calling out a name would have such a worked up reaction, so it looks like name addressing had a huger impact onto her than what I've, true, everytime I called out a 'Teacher', she would always twinged about as if she touched onto electricity. Last time, she even collapsed out in pee...........cough cough, that should be pee,, don't mind about the details, just take it as pee.

It's really because of Li Li expressing to be too feeble during that time, as I couldn't help but to bully her a little, was this also a charm ability of a succubus?

Sii, it's not right, a succubus should be a character that evokes doting and affection, but why whenever I see Li Li, I would always be unresistingly wanting to bully her?

(TL: sii = nose sharply breathing sounds in self-surprise)

Mm............perhaps its because of me becoming her owner by sheer coincidence.

With the result that whenever I faced Li Li, my heart would always have a kind of mystified superiority feeling, just like as if I was naturally more esteemed than her, as if like I'm more of a higher stature than her............

Sii, why would such a honest person like me have this kind of status mindset? Even if it's because of that what Master-Servant contract, this sort of view that affected onto my moral values had appeared too abrupt already, right.

As expected, I was being possessed by some ominous thing already, even my views had already been affected by it.

"In any case, please don't call me Teacher already! I'll really be angry, kay! Cheng Jun!"

Tch, feigning it to be quite realistic, even if you were to be angry, you also can't do anything towards me, wasn't it?

"I only wanted to joke around with you~, isn't today April Fool's?"

"Still wanting to make a joke! It's more like that you wanted to see me within mockery, right!"

Li Li seemingly recalled back those stuff back from previous times, as her cheeks started to veil out redness, ashamedly clutching onto her own face.

The more I looked, the more I felt it to be baffling. Even though she had such an erotic body, her personality was so innocuous, this could simply be said as a miracle already, right? It could even be metaphored as a lotus flower that weren't dirtied even though it was growing in a silt.

"But I indeed wasn't used to it at allll, and you're originally my teacher as well, so I addressing out a teacher would be rather normal too. But calling your name out instead will have a sort of status disrespecting sensation, as I'm a person that really respects you, and it's all thanks to you that I need not boringly stay inside class during night self-revisions, these are all Teacher's efforts............err............Teacher?"

(TL: the you here is a polite 'you', a 您, rather than the normal 你)

At the moment, Li Li-laoshi was already unable to stand up straight, as she hugged onto my knees while forcibly enduring herself to not fall over. But no matter who it was, they could distinctly see that both her legs were shaking, as an unknown liquid once again 'di di da da' dripped onto the floor.

Mm............this reaction was really infinitely unboring, it's extremely entertaining~.

I also didn't understand on when did evil thoughts occupy the upper end, or if it was Li Li-laoshi's natural charm displaying its effects, in any case, under a mysterious occurrence I actually said out something that I usually would absolutely never say.

"Actually getting the floor dirtied, hurry up and lick it clean."

Li Li abruptly lifted up her face, as she used a shocked expression to gaze at me. Not only both of her legs were shaking, but her entirety started to tremble about as well.

I too also woke up abruptly, realizing about those unbelievable words that I had just said earlier, and anxiously tried to salvage the situation, saying.

"Eehh, just now wasn't counted, it doesn't count!"

However, it's too late already.

I only saw Li Li closing up her eyes as if she had resigned to her fate, tears welling about within her eyelids, it not dripping out due to her enduringly gritting her teeth. She let go of her both hands that were hugging onto my knees as she supported herself onto the floor, with all four limbs making contact with the floor and crawled backwards a few steps, facing that pool of liquid............

"Sob...........sob sob............"

And just like that, Li Li had her body creeping in front of me afterwards, with her butt raised up in the air and plastering her enormous breasts onto the floor, stretching out a vibrantly red tongue to lick that pool of liquid.


This image was extremely terriblee...........

While licking the liquid that dripped out from her lower half, Li Li used her tear-stricken eyes to look at me in resentment, still being unable to control her body, as she spat out a freshly red tongue and hardworkingly licked onto the floor. To put it more bluntly, it's like a female dog...........pei pei peiii, what the heck am I saying!

(TL: pei = spitting sfx)

Hastily shaking my head to remove off all unnecessary thoughts, I looked towards Li Li. She was using an immensely wronged tiny eye expression to look at me, and her tears in the end still fell out disappointingly, mixing together with that pool of liquid that she was currently licking.

It gave off a feeling that would make anyone to just be sympathetic, and it also gave out a sort of corroded sensation, which would make anyone develop subjugation pleasures within their hearts.

Ahh, oh crap, I felt that it would be addictive...........

If this was to go on, what should I do if Teacher had been completely played till she had become broken?

I a little awkwardly scratched my cheeks as I said towards Li Li.

"Umm, there's no need to lick everything clean, just taste it out will do..........."

As expected, only commanding in this way would then have it being reached to Li Li's side, as she immediately regained her freedom, and directly stood up and pounced towards me.

"Cheng Jun!!!"

I received Li Li who had pounced over, and just like that, she crouched onto my torso and used her tiny fists to pummel my chest.

It didn't hurt a bit at all, and it's too much of an overstatement to say that it's a pummeling; its basically just using the sides of her fists to rub against my chest. As expected, she couldn't do any actions that were assaultive towards me. Master-Servant's a scary thing indeed.

Don't tell me that I in fact had obtained onto some sort of an extremely powerful ability?

This way, wouldn't I subjugate a demon whenever I see a demon? It's exactly could be said to be a demon king, no, a demonic tyrant already, right?

An image suddenly flashed by within my mind. I desperately tried to retain that picture, but in the end, I didn't even retain even the least bit memory about it. Eeehhh? What was that? Why did I suddenly think about that sort of image?

Headache............I mustn't think anymore about it already.

"Sorry, I'm only just kidding around, I really didn't think that you'll really have to do as I say............"

I was carrying such a beauty who was taller than me by half a head, caressing her head and stroking her horns as I repeatedly comforted her.

Li Li was inclined sitting onto my thighs with her both hands pinched onto my clothes, as she curled up her body and cried for quite a period of time before finally regaining a rather composed mood afterwards.

"You! Hate you!, you're bad! Uuu..........."

After shouting out 'hate' afterwards, Li Li trembled about for a moment, realizing that it's a word that she couldn't use, and afterwards changed to another term, not expecting to still be a NG single-term that would have punishment being meted out, with the result that she received her punishment once more.

Her crotch seemingly had liquid flowing out again, and because she was currently sitting on my thighs, she even wettened my trousers. As she panted out fragrance, her eye gaze too became gradually dazed.

She seemingly knew about this matter herself, as she shamefully wanted to split away from me, but was instead being pressed down by me and hugged within my arms even more tightly.

Ahhh, really, wasn't this person too cute already?

How could she be so cute to this sort of level?

Even though she had a look saturated with seductiveness; a dàjiejie face shape, plus with that body that wasn't too overboard to be describing it as lewd, yet her personality was like a meekling, being completely and utterly weak. Perhaps it's even more moe compared to the Moe Bing state of Ji Lian Bing.

This sort of contrasting difference made me being assaulted by adorable cuteness already, as the sympathy within my heart overflowed, coaxing her just like coaxing a small animal.

"Sorry, sorry, it's really wrongful for my house's Li Li alreadyy~"

"Who's your housee's!!" 

"Ahh, yep, not my house's, not my house's. You're rightfully my wif............"

"Still saying! I, I don't care about you already! Uuu...........aaaa............sniffle.............uuuwaaahhhh!!"

Even a 'don't care about you already' was still in the NG region, huh, wasn't this region a little too huge already? Even if it's a servant, occasionally having gripes towards their master would be a normal thing as well, but wasn't this contract a little too dominative already? It's basically not even having the least bit of freedom at all.............

Hugging Li Li and coaxing her for half a day, along with continually saying out apology speeches that I could think up of twice afterwards, she then regained back a calmed composure.

She cried until her eyes were reddened already, although it suited her scarlet red pupils, looking to be even more flirtatious in retrospect.

Ha, a succubus is a succubus as expected, it's really that no matter how they looked, they would always looked good. It's no wonder about those rumors about succubi, of there would always be death-unfearing men who would die under these 'heaven-defying goddess level of beauty that have turned into an alluring seductress', as succubi really had those levels of charm.

Especially for Li Li, as I felt any kind of succubus wouldn't be as alluring as her. She definitely must be the most cutest succubus since the making of history, absolutely! Mm, although it's worth mentioning that I had also only seen one such succubus which was Li Li after all............

Speaking of which, I'm currently hugging this kind of beauty yet not having a single bit of reaction at all, it can't be that the ghost that were possessing onto me was Liu Xia Hui*?

"Um, Li Li."


"Then I'll be like what I said last time, and call you as jiejie then?"

"Uuu............don't call me jiejie too! A punishment that's like being scratched by a cat is also very uncomfortable~!"

"So troublesome............"

"You're then the troublesome one! Can't you not just properly call out my name?"

It's because I can't, which was why I would want to find a replacement for addressing you.

"Eyy...........alright, truth be told, I didn't want to call out your name as it was for your sake."

"Umu............even though Cheng Jun want to just bully me............"

"That's not the casee, think about it, I must call you Li Li by right, correct? Although your current appearance within my eyes is a beauty within my self-ignorance opinion, but from other people's eyes, how would they think instead?"

Although it's worth mentioning that from my vision, Li Li's a beauty who's ultra peerless, fiery hot yet innocuous, with seductiveness at imploding levels; but in other people eyes, they could only see that sort of old and ugly leftover-woman appearance.

"Li Li, in other people eyes, you will become a haggard that preys on a better-off victim, a perverted sicko leftover-woman who was unable to be married out despite being so, I'm currently going out with Lian Bing, if I express to be too intimate with you, it will..........err............well, just like that, you get my drift."

Was it my misconception? I had a feeling when I said 'perverted sicko leftover-woman', her body violently trembled for a moment............

"Cheng Jun, you're really going out with Ji Lian Bing?"

"Ahh, something like that."

Not fully confirming, and also not fully denying, the response I gave was an ambiguous two sided one.

"............Mm, I get it, about this matter, I'll think of a way to settle it."

Li Li nodded her head, suddenly spitting out such a sentence coldly, and left from my embrace afterwards.

I instantaneously gained an understanding, she had turned back into that Yang-laoshi that I was familiar with.

"Let's not talk about these first, and discuss some important matters. I went to look for Mother already."

"The Principal, huh?"

"Mm............she said, if you can join her organization, she will tell you the answer that you wanted."

"Ahh? What organization?"

"I'm also not too sure about the details............she said that she'll talk to you face-to-face when she have some time."

"I see. Got it, I'll be waiting then."

In any case, if she could change me into not being able to see those titles, I'll be extremely willing to co-operate.

"And also, Li Li, I have a feeling that I seemed to be possessed by something ominous already, can you help to take a look at it?"

"Something ominous?"

"Like ghosts, or spirits and whatnot..........."

"But there's nothing, your status right now is very normal, and there's nothing unclean possessing onto you. However..........."

"However what?"

"Nothing, it's just that there's other demon's magic traces...........Cheng Jun, did you recently have any encounters with any demons other than me?"

"Nope, if it's a demon that have a very long name just like yours, there's not even one at...........ahh, there's one in class."

I've even seen that person just earlier, it's that Isekai Maou, but to be frank, was Qin Jiu-tongxue really a Maou? Completely not looking like the part at all............if he's really a Maou, then he must have been living to be too pitiful already............

"You're referring to Qin Jiu-tongxue, right, he isn't a demon, not even a person of this world, hence his magic composition is different from ours. This isn't his magic traces."

"Then I have no idea already............"

" any case, Cheng jun, you must, must be careful in this recent times, don't ever be dragged into those strange happenings again!"

"I also don't want to be dragged into strange happenings too..........." 

I myself really am eager for peace and harmony the most, having a peaceful life was what my heart yearned towards!

But Li Li in retrospect, even though I shamed her as such just now, she actually still was so concerned about me, really............

Wasn't this making me feel like bullying you even more already!

Ehh, no wait, what am I saying............

"Mm, that's good then. Hurry up and go on home, recently outside in all sorts of ways aren't that tranquil..........."

"I understand, I'll first head on back then."

"Ahh, hold on for a moment."

Li Li retained me who was thinking of walking out of the library behind, walked towards the sides of the bookshelf earlier and plucked out a few books and once again returned back to my front afterwards.

"I've recently just bought these few books, take it and read them............"


"Ahh, no, I mean, their stock just came in. In, in any case! Just take it and read them will do!"

Don't tell me that up till now, those manga and light novels that I've read were all Li Li buying them out from her own pocket?

The more I thought about it, the more I felt it to be possible, and my gaze that was looking towards Li Li had unconsciously carried touched, grateful, and thankful emotions.

Aahh, it's really a good teacher that really cared for the students, a good servant that really cared for her master~

Thus, I happily carried a few books of light novels and left the library. On the way home I didn't meet onto anyone strange too, as expected, it's impossible to be so coincidentally meeting onto that corpse splitting homicidal maniac after all. 

After returning home, I'll start to read light novels then~

-ch 45 end-

(3861 words to tl)

TL: TDG is getting censored soon, but so far I've gotten all the uncensored chapters, which included this one (and next chapter). This chapter (and next chapter), as you can see, have many parts to be censored from CN site soon, but luckily I've already translt it (same w/ next chapter) -evil face-

My thanks to the author for tipping me off so I can prepare for the cleansing beforehand~ (by providing me with downloads for all untranslated chapters!!! bwahahah!!)

And thanks to the author, for consenting translation of this series! Really, you have my thanks! I know it's rather a hard choice to make since you're going VIP soon, have my word that all translation of this series will stay forever free, like the rest of my works do, and uh, to the highest quality that I can provide.

Also, there are fan arts illustrated by BabyDalyn, I'll be posting em in the TOC page, they are related to Vol 1 of TDG.

Going to the school integrated building for their dinner = It's mentioned before in the early chapters, the canteen is at the 1st and 2nd levels, while the library is at the 3rd.

Perhaps it's even more moe compared to the Moe Bing state of Ji Lian Bing = The definition of 'moe' refers to being a combination of 'adorable', 'cute', and endearing. Some people, or most people find adorably docile girls to be rather moe. In any case, it certainly fit the "moe" requirements rather well (to be a wife-like character, looking like a beauty yet 100% submissive to you)

"Sorry, sorry, it's really wrongful for my house's Li Li alreadyy~" = I didn't explain it in prior chapters when Ying Nai described it to Lan Hua, but describing a person to be from your house, it's akin to acknowledging their relation is so close to the extent that they were like from the same family. It's a CN expression.

Hugging Li Li and coaxing her for half a day = half a day doesn't really mean half a day, it's a metaphor to describe "a very long time that it seemed like half a day", CN is full of those metaphors. (e.g. the summary of mom-con, there isn't any god of rivers at all, lol, it's entirely a metaphor)

Succubi = pural of succubus, I remembered in prev chapters I placed a 'succubuses' instead, I forgot which it was though. If you can remember it then just lmk! thanks~

'A heaven-defying goddess level of beauty that have turned into an alluring seductress' = long, eh? It's a context translation of 成精了的牡丹花, -3-. Basically a goddess-level of beauty had transformed into a seductive temptress.

Liu Xia Hui (柳下惠) = (copy pasted from my previous chapters, I love being lazeh!) TLDR it's just a proverb of staying honest to what you really want and not be swayed by anything else. (lust)

There are many stories about this, but it all boils down to the same meaning as explained in the TLDR.

Anyway for a word breakdown:

Liu (柳): is a willow tree, 
Xia (下): it simply means 'below', 
Hui (惠): beneficial effects.

Waiting under a willow tree, to obtain beneficial effects in the end.

Uh, if you really want to know 1 of the stories behind this term, it's:

There's a couple in the state of Qin. They were childhood friends, the male was handsome, the female beautiful.

The Qin emperor, a lecherous emperor who sought to have as wide as a harem as possible, caught an eye for the female.

But the female didn't want it, even against the might of an 
all-powerful emperor, that could (a) provide her with infinite wealth and status (b) destroy her completely with his power he wields, whether socially, economically, everything. (destroying her family included)

So the couple made a promise - the girl would run away from the arranged marriage and they will meet under a willow tree.

And then people lauded the two for being so truthful to their feelings and named this term after them.

Uh, I have no idea how the term Liu Xi Hui (lust related) comes after that ^ kind of story, maybe it's some other stories? It's quite a generic term after all.

Within my self-ignorance opinion = 'self-ignorance opinion' (美得冒泡) refers to in his own selfish opinion only, thinking that your a very beautiful/handsome person but in reality you aren't. I can't find a EN verb to describe it so I coined a few terms.

Isekai Maou = a jp term, it means: Demon King from an alternate world

-laoshi = a suffix, it means 'teacher'

-tongxue = a suffix, it means 'student'

jiejie = elder sister

dàjiejie = a polite respectful way to call a jiejie. something like: esteemed jiejie. Let's just say that you call a woman who looked young to be a "dàjiejie." (but in reality she's in her 30's), she'll be quite delighted. (something like that, since your praising her to be youthful)


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