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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c71

Vol 2, Chapter 71: Late night, Abrupt awakening

TL: flarewk

After leaving that bizarre antique shop, we didn't window shop anymore, and simply headed home.

Dinner was consumed at home, and since the time was already 6pm plus, I made a comparatively hassle-free dish, curry. And of course, the secondary layer of reason was that Xin Ran loved to eat curry, and it's considered to be a reward for her as well.

"That's great, gege, you've finally chosen a present."

"Mm mm, and it's all due to you too, Xin Ran. If it's not for your help, I also won't be able to find such a shop like that."

"Ke Ling thinks that the sensation that shop gives isn't that pleasant........."

"Well, it's indeed a little strange, but I'm guessing we won't be having any more opportunities to be returning there in the future already."

After browsing for an entire day today, I too felt rather fatigued, and wanted to go sleep when it's not even 9pm yet.

Afterwards, when I greeted my two meimeis, the both of them gave me an extremely surprising response in return.

"Gege, are you going to sleep already? Goodnight, have sweet dreams~"


"Eh? You two aren't going to sleep together with me today?"

I originally thought that my meimeis who had already made themselves completely clear to me would definitely be sticking onto me every single day, wanting to sleep together with me, but I didn't expect that it's just the opposite to what I've imagined.

Of course, that's a good thing to me, but Xin Ran had provided quite a bit of assistance today, not only giving me a massage, but also aided withholding back Ke Ling as well, plus even more so helped me on successfully purchasing a gift to boot.

No matter how it was being put, it would be required of me to give a bit of praises and incentives to compensate Xin Ran.

If I'm to hug her to sleep, she'll probably be quite delighted, and it's due to that sort of thinking which was why it turned out to be my side here proactively mentioning about it. It's definitely not due to any of my personal agenda! Absolutely not!

"Today, Ke Ling wants to sleep together with Xin Ran-jie, so you'll be sleeping alone, gege! Heehee~"

Ke Ling made a face towards me, while pulling onto Xin Ran's arms while pleasedly chuckling.


Though Xin Ran unveiled out an expression of slight reluctance, she still nodded her head nonetheless.

Really.........I don't even know what to say already, at this sort of time I could only laugh out bitterly.

Sigh, you two suddenly becoming like that, I being your elder brother would feel lonely..........

Eeeh, I by right should be feeling happy.........

Tch, I'm having mixed feelings.........

It must be because I'm too tired, which even caused my brain to be not that right already. I'd better hurry up and go sleep then.

Since my two meimeis decided to lovingly sleep together, I too shall not intervene into the good relationship between them sisters then.

After I've directly returned back to my room and changed into my pajamas, I then prepared to head to sleep.

Mm.........locking up the room's doors and closing up the windows afterwards, I still switched off the lights after thinking for awhile.

It's just me alone sleeping tonight, so it should be fine having the lights off. Plus, I'm able to have a more comfortable sleep with the lights out as well.

Lying on the bed, I instantly felt my aching back suddenly obtaining onto a support point, with my body becoming way more relieved as well. Lian Bing's birthday already.

I don't know what kind of a birthday party it'll be, but it should be that sort of standing banquet, I guess.........

Then, would it be better for me to put on a formal attire.........

This magatama, would she like it?

I feel like wanting to see her a little.........

Aahh, really, when was it that I've become so hypocritical already.........

Anyway, I'm able to see her tomorrow, isn't it?

I'll hand over this present to her then, afterwards saying it to her personally, that I like her.

Heh heh, I wonder what sort of expression she would be making afterwards.........

I've started to become a little eager already.

Well then, I'll quietly await the arrival of the 4th of April then.........

.........An Jun Cheng in the midst of sleeping..........




*Whroom whrooom*——

*Whroom whrooom*——

While being soundly asleep, I distinctly heard onto vibration sounds.........though the sounds it made wasn't loud, it kept ringing nonstop instead..........

*Whroom whrooom*——*Whroom whrooom*——

So noisy.........

I shouldn't have any alarm being set at all.........

*Whroom whrooom*——

"Argh! It's annoying me to death already!"

With the outcome that I still couldn't endure against those incessant noises, sitting upright onto the bed.

My phone? Where's my phone?

Dazedly searching about for half a day, I then finally located my phone.

Out of habit, I slid the slider wanting to switch off my phone, with the result that I've discovered my phone's vibration wasn't due to its alarm.

It's those vibration sounds when one receives a text message.

Even the good temperamental me would be uncontrollably scratching my head while grumbling out.

"Isn't it only just 1 am.........who is it exactly........."

I merely felt my eyeballs about to pop out from their sockets already, them feeling unimaginably sourish, coupling up with the fact that today marks the third continuous night of me not having a proper sleep.

While having my mental state being drained out, my mood too became terrible to the limits.

Ahh, please, can I just have a good night's sleep..........

I was out shopping for an entire day yesterday, you know.........just let me have a proper rest, as after the Qing Ming holidays, I wouldn't have any more opportunities to be lazily sleeping already.

Really.........who was it that would be sending over those messages?

Xue Qing? Or was it Lian Bing?

It's only them both who would be sending me text messages already. And Xue Li-xiaojie as well, but she definitely wouldn't be disturbing me while I'm sleeping.

Looking for me in the middle of the night, was there something urgent already?

Although my mood was a little displeased due to being forcibly woken up in the middle of the night, I still opened up my received messages to take a quick glance, for fear of missing out any important notifications.

With the result that it's a stranger' wait, this number wasn't even able to be viewed at all!

What sort of advanced technology was being utilized already? It actually didn't even display out its phone number!

Plus, for all of the text messages, the contents were entirely the same, only a [You there?], those two words, along with a question mark.


The f***, who was it that's so lame!

If there's something then just say it out, what's up with the sending of so many 'You there?' !  Plus, since there's no reply back as well, doesn't that imply that I'm not around too!

Speaking of which, one would know even by using common sense, that at this sort of timing right now, the other party would be sleeping, right! What exactly were they thinking! It can't be that the person who sent that text message was a person from overseas?

No, if that's the case then they wouldn't use chinese characters already!


After ferociously giving it a rebuttal within my mind, I directly blocked off that number, simply not wanting to reply to it at all! Yeah, a person who sent me text messages looking for me in the middle of late night, I simply didn't want to care about them at all!

After completing the settings, I placed the phone on the study table and turned my head around, wanting to go back to sleep once more.

With the result that I've just laid down when a *Whroom whrooom*—— sound resounded again.

Aaaa, really, what the hell.........

Who was it this time? I've even blocked off that number, and going by that, I shouldn't have been receiving messages from the other party, right? Don't tell me that they had switched to another number already?

I've been annoyed till my brains was about to implode already, and I who was deeply helpless and infuriated could only pick up my phone once more.

As expected, it's a brand new text message, and I was similarly unable to see its number too.

I gave off a yawn, and the instance that I've pressed onto this text message opening it up, my slightly awakened mind suddenly formed out a question.

How did the other party know that I've blocked off that phone's number already?

What closely followed next, was that the text message which I've opened provided me the answer.

2017-4-4  01:11

[I know that you're around, I saw you waking up already.]

Instantaneously shocked awake!

I immediately flipped off from my bed, grabbed onto my phone and ran off to switch on the lights.

There's no one else in the room.

The doors of my room was still locked, the windows were still tightly closed, the curtains too pulled down..........

Have I seen onto a ghost already? !

*Whroom whrooom*——

Just like as if it's confirming onto my inner thoughts, the next message was just so perfectly delivered right into my phone.

2017-4-4  01:12

[I'm always looking at you, hmm?]

And at the same time, I really felt that there's a bout of gaze staring right at me!

The gaze this time wasn't fixed at any direction, just like as if it's being directed down from all surroundings, hence I'm completely unable to tell out where the other party was observing me from.

Uwa! It's so scary! I've expectedly met onto a ghost already!

Even if it's me, I wasn't able to maintain my composure anymore, quickly opening up my phone and immediately replying.

Sent a [Who are you? Are you watching over me?]

*Whroom whrooom*——

An instant reply.

[Fufu, guesssss who I am~ (●´∀`●)]

Still contents that were making fun of me, along with a text emoji as well. If it's the usual I would be thinking that it's rather cute, but right now, I could only feel that it's incomparably bizarre!

Sent a [Please don't joke around anymore! You're already disturbing onto my daily rest! If there's anything, please simply say it out, and don't send over text messages anymore.]

Afterwards, I gave the other party a call.

It was being hung up.

Looks like the other party seemingly wasn't planning onto revealing his or her voice.

[Please don't be angryyy (,,•́. •̀,,) I know that I'm wrong's just that I'm too happy, so I just can't resist sending Jun Cheng a message for celebration.........fufu, in the future, I'll be able to see Jun Cheng anytime and any moment already~ Sooooo happy~ ε٩(๑> ₃<)۶з ]

That person even actually acted in a adorably spoilt manner as well!!

Plus, the information contained within this text message really gave my back a chill. Being able to see me anytime and any moment.........what's the meaning of that!

This person was expectedly looking at me from somewhere, huh!

I who suddenly had my heart being engulfed with feelings of trepidation, started to search around all four corners of my room. Under my bed, inside the clothes cabinet, even the drawer itself was being combed through..........

Even though I knew that there couldn't possibly be someone around, but I still went around searching about.

But the outcome was that I who didn't locate onto anything became even more uneasy already.

Was it.........Lan Hua?

I don't know why, but I just felt that it would only be her who would be doing these kind of things.

Plus, it's only Lan Hua's gaze who would be bringing this sort of bone-chilling sensation to me already!

With this thought appearing, it became impossible for it to be extinguished afterwards, and I who had determined out that person to be Lan Hua within my mind immediately wrote a text message and sent it over.

2017-4-4  01:15

Sent a [It's you, right! Lan Hua! I know that it must be you!]

The response this time didn't appear that quickly anymore, which meant that the other party upon seeing my text message became hesitant already!

This made me convinced even more within my mind, that the person who disturbed onto me during the middle of the night sending me text messages, it must indefinitely be Lan Hua!

Right now, asking her once more on how she had obtained onto my number and so on would be a foolish act indeed.

Wasn't it clear just by thinking about it!

It must be that she seized the opportunity for when I was sleeping at the train, to secretly look through my phone!

Because there wasn't any important information right inside my phone, I didn't place a security lock onto it as well, which made it convenient for Lan Hua to peek into it.

Although I still wasn't clear what methods she was exactly using to be watching over me, but at the very least, I now know that the other party wasn't an incorporeal existence such as of ghosts and spirits anymore, and since the other party is a human, I'm then able to..........

I can't, it's still so scary..........

That's Lan Hua ultimately..........I completely don't have a solution to deal with her.

Plus, I had already completely rejected her..........

My intentions was already put across very clearly. Going by that, when one said it out to be that harsh, anyone would by right be feeling disheartened, but Lan Hua..........even if it's like that, she still hadn't gave up, huh..........that bout of tenacity was indeed deserving of praise, but to me, it's rather troublesome instead..........

*Whroom whrooom*——

It came, huh.........

After roughly 5 minutes, I've finally received yet another text message. After giving out a long heave, I opened it up to take a look, and uncontrollably gasped my breath inwards.

2017-4-4  01:20

[I'm so happyy, to actually be guessing onto my identity so quickly, as expected of Jun Cheng~ here's a praise~ (´・ω・)ノ]


It didn't have the '-tongxue' being added behind anymore, and what's with this tone which seemed like she had very good relations with me.........

After rejecting her, our relationship became even closer instead? Wasn't that too bizarre already!

What exactly was she thinking of doing!

Help, I seemed to be harassed by a strange girl already!

-ch 71 end-

(3123 words to tl)

TL: 1 more chapt being owed....but I'm tired, so I'll push it to tomorrow for a double release :3

Even the drawer itself was being combed through = I think that's a reference to doraemon, who is known to be coming out of drawers

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

gege (哥哥) = big brother

-jie (姐) = honorific for 'big sister'

-xiaojie (小姐) = honorific meaning 'miss'

-tongxue (同学) = honorific indicating a 'classmate' relationship


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