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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c69

Vol 2, Chapter 69: Both sides, Predicament surrounding

TL: flarewk

Letting both my meimeis leave the room, I finished changing, and after slapping my cheeks to forcibly re-energize myself up, I brought them out of the house.

The plan for the morning was to first proceed to Laobà's area, firstly due to my promise that I'll have my wound checked before the start of my holidays, and secondly to go..........get some money from him.

I didn't have a choice, as my wallet was being taken away by Xiang Yue Xun, and since I wanted to buy a proper gift for Lian Bing, I could only go get some money from Laobà.

However, about the matter of allowances, Laoba's stance would be a definite handing out upon request, as no matter how much I asked, he would always simply just hand that amount to me. And there's even a time when he found it troublesome, and simply tossed his bankcard over to me..........with the result that he was being reprimanded by Laomā for half a day, saying that he simply have no common sense at all, with the issuing of allowance thereafter being bridled under her care.

This time was a sudden occurrence as well, hence I could only go look for Laobà to go want some money already.

Although the time now was only roughly 7 am, there's a huge batch of registered patients queuing up already. Since Chun Yu Hospital was the city's most renowned hospital, notwithstanding that Laobà was rather well-renowned too, many people thus came here due to high esteem.

With the outcome that it took quite a long period of time to register and queue, and when it's nearly my turn, it's almost 10 am already. Laobà wouldn't provide me special services just because I'm his son, as what needed to be queued still needed to be queued.

Actually, being able to get a registration and diagnosis on the same day itself was an extremely remarkable task already, as it was all due to Laobà's terrifyingly work efficiency.........sometimes, I even have my suspicions on whether he had any superpowers or not.

We also were long prepared; having brought along power banks, with us three siblings knitting our shoulders together to watch a 2 hour long television show. Xin Ran and Ke Ling was comparatively more prudent than during at home, not using any bizarre positions to lean onto me, as well as not placing their petite feet onto my shoulders. Now this was extremely comfortable already, I'm even having thoughts of forever staying in a hospital..........speaking of which, the last time that I've landed here, I also felt rather comfy, with nurses-jiejie taking care of me too.........

Eh, no, about wanting to always stay in a hospital and so on, that thought itself was extremely dangerous.

Uuu, hurry up and forget about it!

I shook my head, tossing those cluttered thoughts entirely out of my mind afterwards, and pushed open the door walking into it.

Laobà also had long known that we were coming, as he didn't say anything much and started to check my wound.

Seeing my wound which had already been 'un-stitched' and almost fully healed, he kept silent for a moment, but ultimately still didn't go on asking about what exactly happened, only giving me slightly more money and dismissed us three siblings away afterwards.

Mm, Laobà should have noticed something about it already. But why didn't he ask about it?

He had a look of wanting to ask yet held back from doing so, but this matter also can't be raised up from my side, hence in the end, we left the hospital without me being able to tell him about it.

After leaving the hospital, we directly went to a place to have our lunch, and was being dragged by Ke Ling to go eat crayfish hotpot.

The surrounding passerbys shot gray-colored emotions towards me, as since in the eyes of they themselves, I'm a winner in life who was embracing two babes at the same time..........

Plus Xin Ran and Ke Ling were the most cutest meimeis in this entire world already, and having my both arms subjugated by such bishoujos, it definitely would entail people's jealousy.

A pity was that they didn't know they were actually my younger sisters..........

Speaking of which, siblings who was so tightly plastered together like that of lovers should be a rarely seen occurrence already, with the previous us seemingly to be even more of being siblings instead.

Though if it's in the past, I would still be thinking that Xin Ran hates this gege of hers, along with Ke Ling being an innocuously angelic girl as that completely changed already.

That matter of finding boyfriends for my two meimeis was of great urgency, and in any case, I would need to hurry up and think of a idea to locate suitable candidates.

And as for those gazes.........I choose to put on my spectacles!

I can't help but say, that buying clear lens glasses was the most wisest choice that I've recently made!

About that point, I'll need to really thank Lian Bing.........ah, no, it should be giving thanks to Moe Bing instead.

I also had no idea onto when I'll then be able to see the Moe Bing's state of Lian Bing. I'll first practice for a bit before that time comes, as it can't always be when I'm together with Moe Bing, I would be like a dumb moron being utterly mute.

Reaching our destination with me having unfocused thoughts, I very coincidentally chanced upon.........eehh, they weren't considered to be acquaintances.

It's Li Nai and.........Mn, she's called Jing Shang Feng, right? She's a very tall (higher than me by half a head), with her appearances being very pretty, girl who felt to be very suitable onto being a model. Her figure was extremely great as well. Before seeing onto Li Li's true appearance, the woman who had the best figure that I've ever seen would probably be Jing Shang Feng already. Hence, she was also quite popular amongst those boys as well, Mn.........because she's quite alluring.

To describe it in detail, the places where it should protrude were being overly protruded, the places where it should be shapely were excessively shapely, the curves of her body was also very distinct, it's the kind where it extremely attracts eyeballs.

In my opinion, as long as it's a guy, they would all hope to have this sort of meaty girlfriend who would probably feel to be very comfortable when hugging..........

However, her title wasn't the least bit friendly at [Ogre]!! Although I already knew about that from Xiang Yue Xun, that everyone from class didn't pose any sort of danger, and could even be said to be neutral stanced as well, but just by looking at such a dangerous title, I still couldn't help giving off shudders from within my heart..........

You must know that those titles were absolutely factual. Xiang Yue Xun is a ghoul, and will eat corpses, and since Jing Shang Feng is an ogre, then that also means.........she would be really eating people up.........

Waah, my god, uwraagh..........I shouldn't have been thinking about that scenery, as now I probably wouldn't be able to eat anything for my lunch already.

"Yoo~ little transparent-kun~ such a coincidence eyy, you also came to eat crayfish?"

After seeing me, Li Nai very cheerfully gave me a greeting.

"Eehh.........Li Nai-tongxue huh, good's really such a coincidence."

Although Li Nai was always seated right beside me, but the flow of conversation between us was scarce.........even though I heard from Ying Liang that Li Nai was able to make friends with anyone, as she's a person who's very considerate in every single thing, yet having such scarce interpersonal relations with me instead.

But after I had accidentally bumped into her last time, she was like as if she had suddenly noticed onto my existence, turning out to be having greetings with me now already.

Speaking of which, she kept calling me 'Little transparent-kun' and so can't be that the reason on why she didn't greet me last time, was really due to my presence being too puny? !

Then that reason was a little too sorrowful already..........

"Yeah! This place's drunken crayfish is really quite delicious~ oh my, these two are? Don't tell me that the both of them are your girlfriends? Simply impressive, little transparent-kun! Still able to be in such harmony even after going out with two people at the same time, it's really unapparent that you're such a great expert in love~ hee hee hee~"

While clutching her mouth and evilly chuckling, Li Nai used her elbows to jab onto my chest, with a face of a teasing appearance as she looked at me.

"Hold on a minute! You're misunderstanding something! They're my younger sisters!"

Speaking of which, didn't you this fella know that my girlfriend is Lian Bing! Even using that sort of teasing gaze to look at me, the heck's up with it!

After hearing me saying out Xin Ran's and Ke Ling's statuses, Li Nai used a very shocked expression to point towards the both of them, thereafter looking at me with a bewildered look as she said.

"Eehh? Your younger sisters? But, the gaze that they're looking at you are..........huh? Have I gotten it wrong already? Oh my, I'm really sorry~" 

..........It was being discerned out by her, huh? With regards to the matter of Xin Ran and Ke Ling holding special feelings towards me.

I didn't expect that this person who looked to be extremely air-headed would be so surprisingly sharp..........or it should be said, it's because she's air-headed, which was why she's able to see through a person's personality, huh? Hmm..........

Using the corner of my eyes, I secretly peeked towards Xin Ran's and Ke Ling's expressions. They evidently unveiled out appearances of being shakened up, while clutching onto my arm even more tightly already, along with those feelings of unease passing through to me via those actions.

As expected, when being exposed to others, even if it's them, they weren't able to maintain onto a calm appearance.

"Hey! Nai Nai! Don't be like that, okay! Can't you see that Jun Cheng-tongxue is very troubled!"

Jing Shang Feng hastily walked over to pull onto Li Nai, with an apologetic smile appearing on her face, while repeatedly lowering her head apologizing to me.

"Ah, I'm really sorry about that, Jun Cheng-tongxue. Nai Nai is just like that being so tactless, I apologize on behalf of her..........umm, we'll first head towards that side then, not disturbing your lunch already.........."

Finished saying, she immediately dragged Li Nai off, and before leaving, Li Nai's mouth was still muttering 'Ahh, why did you pull me away already? I still want to go eat together with them.........', with the result that Jing Shang Feng had a face of rage as she used Japanese to scold out a 'Are you an idiot? !', and leaving afterwards.


I could only helplessly give off a laugh.

After they had left, the three of us too found a cubicle and sat down.

After finished ordering the dishes, Ke Ling suddenly asked me.

"Gege, that person just now is?"

"Eh? You're referring to Li Nai? She's my classmate."

"I know, she's that girl who's sitting right beside gege, right. What I'm saying is..........who exactly is she?"

"Eeeh? Her? Umm, I'm not very clear about that, we aren't that close as's just her personality being like that with her being so passionate onto greeting me just now. The truth is, I'm completely not familiar with her at all."

A person being so energetic as with her would definitely have a lot of friends, while I didn't have much friends at all, heeh. She's also different from Lian Bing, as although Lian Bing's very popular, there's not much people by her sides, but in contrast to Li Nai, there's always a bunch of people surrounding her in class, happily chatting amongst each other.........she's the so-called riajuu, I guess.

(TL: riajuu = winner in life)

These sort of people wouldn't have much interactions with me, as the clique that they were in were completely different.

Xin Ran who had all along maintained silence suddenly spoke.

"Gege, recently have been making a lot of friends.........."

"It's not really a lot, but I indeed have made a few friends that are able to talk to me already."

And about that point, I'm still rather grateful as well.

"That's such a huge relief........."

Xin Ran suddenly unveiled out a smile, it's so beautiful that it made me dazed looking at it.

The smiles that Xin Ran made recently had increased more and more already..........compared to her aloof appearance in the past, she had become way more even made my heart stirred up a little.

Aaaaaaaa! You can't, that's your blood-related sister! What were you thinking! An Jun Cheng! You idiot!

"Not only that, gege also gotten himself a girlfriend as well, isn't it~ she's called Ji Lian Bing, right? Hee~ I heard that she's a wealthy dàxiaojie too~"

Ke Ling had a face of innocence as she threw this topic out.

Eyy.........what would come will eventually come, huh..........

I had long anticipated that Ke Ling would be bringing up this matter, but to discuss about it when it's being placed right in front of me, I still couldn't help feeling panicky within my heart.

Calming my spirits down, I feigned out a composed appearance, and equanimously replied.

"Yeah, it's my first time ever having a girlfriend."

..........Her title, started, to turn gray.........

From right now, I must start to be carefully prudent onto minding my words, because if I say out any sort of term which doesn't bode well at all, it would very possible be resulting into the destruction of our entire circle!

Ke Ling crossed her fingers before her eyes, placed her chin onto it, and smiled while asking me.

"Then, does gege like Ji Lian Bing?"

Directly jumping to the main point right from the start, huh!

It's the first time that I've clearly felt onto Ke Ling's haraguro trait.........

Aahh, I felt my stomach starting to ache once again...........

-ch 69 end-

(3139 words to tl)

bishoujo (美少女) = beautiful girls

dàxiaojie (大小姐) = a respectful addressing way to greet a lady, aka 'young miss' (of a very respectful/ influential origin).

meimei (妹妹) = younger sister

gege (哥哥) = big brother

Laobà/ Laomā (老爸/妈) = informal way of calling out yer father/mother. "pa","ma"

-tongxue (同学) = honorific referring to student

-kun = jp honorific used to refer to a male rather affectionately


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