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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c42

Volume 2, Chapter 42: Single mindset, Unwavering

TL: flarewk

When I woke up, I felt my lower half to be rather chilly.

Giving off a shudder, I unwillingly got up from bed and shut the opened windows once more which were being blown open by the wind, whilst being wrapped in blankets.

I wanted to go back and lazily sleep again, but lacked any sleepiness instead, hence I could only stretch a lazy arm to prepare getting up from bed.

When my consciousness regained its clarity, I then suddenly realized about a few bizarre happenings.

I didn't close the windows yesterday night?

Why was the buttons of my pajamas being opened?

Why was there a portion of my bed wet?

It can't be that I've peed on my bed already...........ehh..........

Approaching near it to give it a whiff, it's rather strange, and I can't distinguish out what kind of smell it was, but in any case it shouldn't be urine. Looking from the way that after the bedsheets become dried it turned a little stiffly, perhaps it should be sweat then.

But since I didn't close the windows last night, even being chilled awakened in the morning too, would I still be sweating so much last night?

.............What the hell.

In any case, it's fine as long as it's not bed peeing, if not, being at such an old age yet still peeing on the bed, it'll be another black history that accompanies onto my entire lifetime.

Don't tell me that Xin Ran once again did something to me unresistingly?

It shouldn't be, as if she was to do anything overly-agitative towards me, my wound would definitely act up in pain. Plus I vaguely remembered that last night when Xin Ran was being hugged by me in my embrace, she was rather honest too, not daring to move an inch at that time.

Ahh, forget it, enough thinking about it. I'm also not Sherlock Holmes, it's essentially not possible for me to deduce out the truth of what happened from these minor things.

When I see Xin Ran later I'll just ask her about it then.

Carrying such thoughts, I walked into the washroom at the second floor to prepare on washing myself up, when I met Xin Ran who was just using the toilet.

She still was half squinting her eyes, looking to be rather sleep deprived.

"Ehh...........why didn't you lock the doors when you go to the toilet!"

I a little awkwardly looked at Xin Ran who was sitting on the toilet bowl, and hastily retreated 2 or 3 steps, wanting to close up the door on the way too, but Xin Ran instead unconcernedly said.

"Ah, gege. Don't go out, I'm almost done already."

A series of anxious liquid sounds resounded out..........the amount seemed to be quite a lot. Well, after all, it's being accumulated for the entire night...........the hell!

This reaction wasn't right at all! Why could she still pee out even after being seen by me!

"Why did you manage to pee already!!"

"Gege also wanted to use the toilet? I'll just leave out some room.........."

As Xin Ran said that, she then slightly pulled up her pajamas, revealing out her white tender huge thighs. Even though she's still excreting, she inelegantly spread open her legs instead, using her actions to imply to me 'Here, I left out some space already, go ahead and make yourself comfortable, I don't mind.' such a meaning.

She even purposefully stretched out her tongue to lick her upper and lower lip repeatedly, indicating 'After you've finished with your business, I can help you to wipe it clean, hm?' this sort of misinformation that gave people wild imaginations.

I hastily covered my eyes and a little angrily told her off.

"You should be more conscious a little! Xin Ran, recently you seem to be more and more wilful already! Last time you're not like that at all, where's the modesty of a woman? It's thrown away by you just like that?! I don't have such a shameless meimei at all!"

Seeing my meimei day by day turning into a himono onna who completely doesn't mind about her image at all, even having a development of turning into a female pervert, I, being a gege really am extremely heartbroken!

Even though last time she's so conservative in front of me, although more or less there would be some aloofness, but the distance of our sibling's relationship were very stable. The boundaries between us were defined out very clearly as well, not letting me grasping onto the distance so indistinctly.

But after Xin Ran confessed towards me, the distance between us became a little ambiguous already, and the boundaries of between siblings slowly turned blurred also...........perhaps Xin Ran intentionally planned it as such, but even I had noticed onto it already.

At this moment, I of course can't continue onto this mistake anymore, and I must properly tell her off about it.

Being scolded a few words by me, Xin Ran immediately pouted her lips, and a little unhappily murmured out.

"Didn't gege accept me already..........."

"I didn't say that I would accept up to this kind of level at all!"

If even this was to be accepted, then next time won't there be such a situation of that when I was bathing, I'll be suddenly barged into with an righteously-sounding proclamation of 'Helping to scrub gege's back' already?

And what closely followed next will lead to 'I'll use my breasts to help scrub gege's back.' → 'That area of gege became big already, I'll help gege to vent out a little then.' → 'Gege's milk had already covered my entire body.........' → 'Gege, Xin Ran also became a little strange already.........' → 'Wait, not over here, go inside the room..........' → 'You immoral degenerate, you actually did this towards your own blood-related meimei! I'll break your degenerate's legs off!' these kinds of metrorrhagia developments.

I don't wish to encounter upon this sort of situations which would develop bad afflictions towards the heart, hence I must extinguish off this flame from the very start.

Xin Ran coldly snorted, regaining that type of aloof appearance she had in the past.


That's right, this was then the Xin Ran that I'm familiar with.

"Alright, I'll go out first, hurry up and wipe yourself clean."

I scratched my stomach slightly annoyingly, and was just about to walk out of the washroom...........

The toilet roll was being thrown onto my face.

"What are you doing?!"

"My hand slipped."

"Don't play anymore, hurry up and wipe yourself clean!"

"No toilet paper."

Wasn't it you who threw the toilet paper over! Since you don't have any, then just use your hands to wipe!

I nearly unresistingly roared out just like that, but I had the distinct feeling that if I was to tell her in such a manner, she would really use her hand to wipe, hence I could only swallow back my words suppressingly.

Phew...........calm down, my temper today seemed to be bafflingly fiery today...........was it because I was affected by the chill last night?

I picked up the toilet roll, and rolled it over just like throwing a bowling ball, with Xin Ran simply just kicking it away using one of her foot.

This person...........looks like it's a definite opposal of me today.

It's really been a long time since we had a sibling argument............

Me and Xin Ran rarely argued, and most of the time it was in cold war, with both sides not bothering each other. I remembered when Laomā and Ke Ling still hadn't come to this house yet, the both of us had a huge conflict once, not saying any word to each other for a whole two months. Added up with the fact that Laobà was also a taciturn person, during that period of time, the house was like as if someone had pressed onto the mute button, being deathly quiet.

And from that onwards, her attitude towards me became even more aloof already.

Plus, I had always thought that the fault then was on me, as I, being a gege should be always humbly conceding to my meimei instead, hence I would always unconsciously lower my state of self in front of Xin Ran.

But now...........


I silently grabbed my own toiletries and towel and prepared to go to the first floor to wash up.

Since I'm unable to provoke you, don't think that I can't hide then?

After Xin Ran saw my actions, she suddenly was like in a fit of pique as she flung away the toilet paper that she had just torn off, as both of her hands crossed each other and pinched onto the both sides of her sleeping gown, afterwards vigorously pulling it up. A large patch of white tender skin were being exposed to my very eyes, as her cute bellybutton and her abs outline were being fully received by my gaze. Plus, I still saw two roundish shapely milk jugs along with its stiff protrudement, she wasn't wearing a bra at all!

"Wait wait, what are you doing!!"

"Wiping pee away."

"Is there a need to take off your clothes then?!"

"There's a need, it will dirty my gown."

It's simply just being unreasonable!

I finally understood it, Xin Ran now was using this sort of method in order to make me feel troubled, lending the opportunity to exact out revenge onto my earlier actions of roaring at her.

Just as what I've expected, after Xin Ran took off her sleeping gown she threw it over to my side, just like as if she wanted to express out her displeasure.

"What do you want exactly..........."

Xin Ran bent over to pick up the toilet paper that she had just flung away earlier, and was as if she had wanted to handed it over to me, stretching out her hand and calmly said.

"Gege, help me to wipe."

"Who would want to help you out already, wait, don't spread open your legs like that!"

"No wiping?"

"No wiping!"

"No wiping then."

As she said that, Xin Ran then stood up, bending her waist and pulling up the greenish pure cotton panties up from her calves, and seeing that it's almost about to be worn, I hastily called out.

"Eyy? Wait, wait! My meaning was not for you to not wipe, but for you to wipe yourself!! Don't just directly raise up your panties!! It'll be dirtied, right!"

"Then help me wipe."


Seeing her unrelentingly unwavering look, I finally understood. If I don't help her to wipe today, she would always be at odds with me until I'll get a headache!

It's better to get a short-term pain than a lengthy-term of pain, so I'll just simply help her to wipe then!

Compose yourself, it's fine, don't overthink it.

I clutched my upper lip area, finished mentally preparing myself, cleared away all cluttered thoughts afterwards, then resolutely and steadfastly walked over. I picked up the long stretch of torn out tissue paper from the floor, and after folding it up four times and felt it to be rather thick enough already, I then squatted in front of Xin Ran.

Calm down, calm down, compose yourself, she's my meimei after all, and it's not as if I hadn't helped to wipe her before.

Although that was elementary's 1st or 2nd grade stuff already, being completely incomparable at all right now, but ultimately, I still had some experience before.

fanart illustration by BabyDalyn (discord)

Xin Ran unfearingly spread open her legs, as both her hands pressed onto my shoulders. I'm unable to directly look at that enigmatic land in front of me, and lifting my head up will also glean onto a completely exposed breasts, hence I just simply raised my head upwards to look at Xin Ran's face.

Just now still holding a look of being bleary-eyed, right now she was already completely wide-eyed, and in the deepest reaches of her eyes there's excitement and fanaticism being hardly noticeable...........just the same as like Lian Bing.

It can't be that my meimei had also been entrapped into some form of disease already, right...........

Don't think too much about it, hurry up and finish the job!

Mustering up my vigor, I held the tissue paper and stretched it out deeply towards Xin Ran's crotch, and afterwards made contact with that mysterious garden.

Even through the few layers of tissue, I could still feel that sensation of softness that was never being experienced before.

I felt my body turning blazing hot. As expected, even if it was to be through tissue, caressing a girl's private part to me had its impact being too huge already.

I hastily wiped in a bout and afterwards swiftly retracted my hands out.

Xin Ran carried a unsatisfied yearning expression as she said.

"I'ts not wiped clean, one more time."

"Where did I not wipe it clean already!"

"The place on top a little, the opening part. If you don't wipe then I won't get up, and will also go tell daddy."


Although those sentiments of being at odds with me were gone already, she had started to threaten me instead!!

Why did this meimei of mine became so troubling already!

Carrying a 'Since I've done it, I might as well do it all the way' state of mind, I once again pressed onto it, carrying sentiments of wanting to exact vengeance as I rubbed it.


"You're not allowed to give off any strange sounds."

"'s too comfortable can I just hold it in..........."

"Just hold it in."

Malicious thoughts gradually oppressed my heart, and made me subconsciously increase the strength of the tip of my finger.

"Uuu...........Uuuuuu............gege, naughty..........."

"Who asked you to piss me off!"

"Gege's hand technique is too comfortable already............"

"I don't have that kind of strange skill at all!"

Strongly enduring the incoming blood rush, I originally wanted to retract out my hand, but Xin Ran instead moved a step ahead of me, as she clutched her legs tightly, completely devouring my hand!

My entire hand was being blanketed in a layer of softness, dampness, and amidst within a warmish-hot body part. Xin Ran suddenly moaned out continually, bending her waist forward and hugging onto my head, giving off a series of convulsions............the toilet paper on my palm were all completely being clouded already.

The drenched sensation of the tissue paper layers plus the moist sticky wetness onto my palm made me abruptly sober up.

Ehh............I seemed to have done a very, very, very terrible thing already!!

Aaaaaaa, I extremely regret it! What have I done already!! What did I do to my own blood-related meimei already!!

Xin Ran panted roughly, as sweat flowed along her chin and dripped onto my face, with her eye gaze being in a state of stupor.

She was like a rubber ball that had deflated out its air as she laid onto me, hugging onto my neck and mumbled.

"Actually, gege...........Xin Ran............I'm not your blood-related sister, kay?"

I instantly froze.


While my body turned stiff, the pressuring force of my hand subconsciously increased as well.

"Gege, that place, hurt..........."

Xin Ran, what did she just say?

She isn't my blood-related meimei?

We in reality, didn't have any blood relations at all?


"Uuu..........gege...........don't be nervous, April Fool..........."

My tightly constricted soul immediately loosened.

"Ahh, really gave me a deathly scare, so it's only an April Fool joke, huh...........phew..........."

To be frank, the instance when I heard onto that sentence earlier I felt that my blood being frozen already.

If Xin Ran wasn't my blood-related meimei at all...........Uuu, I dare not imagine about it, nor to think about that sort of possibility.

"I can only...........say it out...........during April Fool's..........."



Xin Ran loosened her constricting thighs, and I hastily retracted out my hand from within. The toilet paper was being thrown along the way into the toilet bowl, while my hand was already being completely soaked.

"Aaaaa, it's too much already! It's too preposterous, what have we done!"

"This'll be evened up already."

"Haa? Evened up already?"

"Last time I helped gege to shake it, and this time gege helped to rub mine. A wonderful memory was being left behind."

"This is also considered to be a wonderful memory?!"

It's another black history, right! I'm afraid that it will be caught and photographed by Xue Li-xiaojie again already!!

"It's all gege's fault that I became wet again, plus I even became completely soaked already."

"Now you started to blame me!"

Placing the hand that had become incomparably messed up right in front of me to look at it, the corner of my eyes kept twitching.

Last time Xin Ran indeed didn't help me to mast**bate, but this time it instead became me helping her...........eehh...........

Huh...........this smell seemed to be roughly the same as that layer of scent that's on my bedsheets............

Don't tell me...........

"Xin Ran, you still came to my room last night."

"I didn't enter gege's room last night."

"Mm? Last night, you didn't enter my room?"

Xin Ran had a look of seriousness as she used a confirmed and guaranteed expression to say out.

"Mm, I was afraid that it will touch gege's wound, thus strongly endured the urge not to go into gege's room..........hence I didn't sleep well for the entire night."


But I clearly remembered last night, there was someone who snuck into my bed already, and I even thought it was Xin Ran, hence I just hugged her and slept..........

Oioioi, it can't be that I've really encountered onto a ghost already?

"What's wrong? Gege? Your face expression looked rather terrible."

"It's nothing..........."

I originally thought that I could finally return back to that normal everyday life of mine already, in the end, perhaps it's merely just a misconception of mine...........

My meimei seemed to be a little strange as well?

Nah, there weren't any such things at all.

No matter if it's Xin Ran, or if it's Ke Ling as well, they were all my cute meimeis.

Of course, I'm talking about when they weren't at odds with me.

When facing towards them, the status of myself within my inner heart was only a gege.

About this point, I absolutely won't be in chaos over it.

-ch 42 end-

(3880 words to tl)

Himono Onna (干物女) = It represents a young woman, usually in her late 20s or older who has given up on relationships, love and sex.

Source:  (i googled the word)

Metrorrhagia = It means abnormal bleeding from a woman's uterus. It's a metaphor to describe a bloody scenario

What/ Wut usage = in earlier chapters, I used 'wut' to represent the slang of 什么/啥, but seemed that it's a staple word used often by the mainlanders, hence I'll just revert to using "what" instead.

As her cute bellybutton and her abs outline (马甲线) were being fully received by my gaze = it was being mentioned before in prior chapters, but for those of you readers that don't know what's an abs outline, have a glance at these pictures. That's exactly what Xin Ran looked like.

gege = elder brother

meimei = 'younger sister'

Laomā/ Laobà= informal way to say 'mother' and 'father'

-xiaojie = a suffix, this is a respectful way to address a lady (Miss)


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