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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c62

Vol 2, Chapter 62: Sudden changes, Swift developments

TL: flarewk

The sand hourglass imagined within my mind dripped its sand beads very slowly........time was like as if it's been slowed down numerous times as it gradually drifted past by.

Gritting my teeth, I closed my eyes shut and clutched my mouth, counting prime numbers within my mind in order to distract my attention away.

After feeling upon the passing by of ten incomparably long minutes later..........the train broadcast of it almost about to reach the station resounded from above.

From within the palms of that female witch Lan Hua, I endured the humiliation of being played about, battling against the lustful maliciousness within my inner mind, repeatedly swaying around within emotions of guilt and loss.

Really, it was almost just that little tiny bit.........

I've almost become the same as this morally infinitely degrading female pervert already.

But ultimately, it's still due to my unwavering mental fortitude that persistently carried me up to the very end, and right now..........

I've finally, finally, finally reached the station already!

*Pu si*.........The instance that the train doors opened right behind me, I ferociously wrenched open my eyes!

Crossing sight with Lan Hua's eyes, our gazes were being intertwined, and she seemingly also noticed onto something, and I felt that the rapidity within my inner mind had all been exposed amidst her eyes.

But! My body's speed was even faster! I who had already long been prepared, hastily used both my hands onto grabbing her arms and flung them away!

Just like that, I escaped out from Lan Hua's devilish fangs, with my body regaining its freedom!

She had also finally regained back to her senses, with an anxious expression etched on her face, as she hastily stretched out her hands once again attempting to grab onto my arm, but my speed was even faster by a notch, as after I flung away her hands, my hands were already pressing onto her shoulders.

Not even having any single thoughts about cherishing delicately pretty females at all, I forcefully shoved her shoulders away, borrowing this surge of force to fall backwards and leaving the train carriage.

It knocked down many people, causing havoc for those people who wanted to get off and on the train, with reproaches arising about continually. I must have caused trouble to many people. Although it's not good at all as such, right now, I couldn't bother much about that already.

I only wanted to quickly flee away from her, not wanting to let her approach me again!

After squeezing out from the crowd, I trailed along the subway station, bolting off psychotically.

With no destination aim, just running and running, all the way until I've almost couldn't catch my breath, before halting my steps.

"Haaaaa! Haa.......! Haa.......!"

My hands were propped up on my knees, and after using my mouth to vigorously gasp in a couple mouthfuls of fresh air, I hastily used my palm to fan my cheeks, in order to disperse off heat as well as disperse off Lan Hua's scent.

It's not that there were any strange odor on her, and if I was to really speak about it, it was actually rather fragrant. I'm not sure if she had some perfume on, or if it was the scent of shower gel, perhaps it may even be a girl's fragrance?

Causing one's mind to fall into a trance, a fragrance that resulted one's heartbeat into leaping about vigorously.

I however was completely not wistful towards it at all, with my thoughts only wanting to hurry up and disperse off that fragrance.

Because if it even was her fragrance, it gave me the sensation that she's just right by my side!

The girl Lan Hua was too bizarre already! Originally, her personality was that type that I'm not that good at facing against, and after having such an obscene incident occurring at the subway together, the impression that I had towards her was simply lowest to the maximum already! I had originally thought that she would be like Shirai K***ko, merely being a yuri bitch in heat, but looking at the state of things right now, I hadn't really noticed any yuri attributes at all, but the bitch trait instead was already so strong that it left an irremovable impression onto me.

Her gaze, her voice, every single gesture of hers made me discomforted!

It caused my entirety to feel uncomfortable!

When her body was tightly plastered onto me, my body was being filled up with the sensation of lacking freedom, some sort of like being tied up with ropes, or a little like being bound up with chains. In any's just an extreme lack of freedom!

I'm unable to differentiate onto this sort of freedom-lacking sensation, whether if it came from the packed and cramped train space, or if it arose from that suffocatingly body plastering act of Lan Hua, but anyway, I just wanted to swiftly leave from that place, returning to the wide spacious area devoid of anyone, to properly breathe in fresh air.........

Mm, although what I'm able to breathe in now were fumes anyway.........

"Kackh........cough cough...........cough cough cough cough!"

I originally stayed within a cramped train carriage for such a long period of time, notwithstanding my chest being ferociously squished by Lan Hua with her using that two lumps of meaty sacks, causing the air within my lungs to feel inadequate and me having difficulties in breathing. Plus, after escaping out of the subway, I was also wildly bolting about for a few minutes, and no matter how good my lungs capacity were, it would still cause me to unresistingly start coughing.

"Cough painful........"

A disgusting permeating sensation surged upwards, and I hastily clutched my mouth, vomiting dryly a couple of times, with my tears even pouring out, dampening the corner of my eyes.

It's simply as terrible akin to like finishing running a 1 kilometer long-distance race within a single breath..........

Huff, I remember that there were vending machines at the subway station, right. I'd better go buy a bottle of water..........

Wobbling about, I was like a zombie as I walked to the entrance of the subway station passageway, and located onto two vendor machines aligned horizontally with each other.

The worker who was pushing onto a trolley had just perfectly stocked up beverages for the vending machines, but hadn't left yet, and was seemingly conversing with someone.

I walked to right in front of the first vending machine, and with one hand on its glass panels supporting myself, I arched my back while tiredly scouring my pockets for my wallet.

After searching for half a day, I still couldn't locate onto my wallet.

Ahh.........right, I remembered. My wallet was placed in my jacket, and it was being taken away by Xiang Yue Xun.........

My phone's out of battery already, and thus I couldn't use Alip*y to pay for it.........haaa, what misfortune..........

I'm really that thirsty to the point of feeling nauseous, but I didn't have any cash within my pockets, what should I do..........if not, how about scouring the bottom of the vending machine to see if there were any coins left behind?

But the process of etching up ones backside onto scouring the vending machine within the public eyesight wasn't really that elegant at all........Mm, although I'm indeed rather poor at the moment, but it's not till the state where I'll be like some spiky haired dude onto doing that sort of thing..........

(TL: I'm not sure which anime it refers to, maybe the MC of To Aru Majitsu?)

If not, how about asking the worker right beside me for a bottle of water? If he's a good guy, who knows that he may even provide me with a bottle of water out of sympathy...........

"Umm, uncl-........."

However, just when I was about to beg for sustenance, I realized that the worker who stocked up beverages had already walked away.

I slumped my head down disappointingly, with my shoulders leaning on the glass panels. I even felt like wanting to cry already.

Aaaahh, damn it..........what the hell was all of this! I only wanted to go home! If I had knew about this, I wouldn't go look for stalkers and whatnot, and should have just candidly proceeded directly to home.

"*ze*, *ze*.........*gulp*........."

(TL: *ze* should be referring to that sound you make when you try to collect your saliva within your mouth using your tongue)

Even my saliva weren't that much already. My mouth was blisteringly scorching, it felt extremely terrible.

I really wanted to drink some water..........

"Here, please have some water."

Just like as if my mind was being read, there's a bottle of water just so coincidentally being stretched outwards right in front of my eyes.

"Oohhh, thanks!"

I instinctively grabbed the mineral water that's handed right in front of me and drank it. Even the bottle cap had already been opened for me, what kindness..........

*Gulp gulp*, I drank half a bottle in a single mouthful, but I still had my cheeks puffed up as I chugged the water right into my mouth.

And was about to just drain up this bottle of mineral water.

But then, because my survival needs had been satisfied, my thoughts once again begun working in gear, and I started to think, 'Who was it that was so kindhearted onto handing water over to me?', and subconsciously used the gaze by the corner of my eyes to locate onto that 'kind person' who had provided me water.

With the outcome that it was, Lan Hua.

Ah ? ! Ah ? ! Ah ? ? AH! !

Lan Hua ! ! !

" *Pu! ! ! * "

The water that's chugged right into my mouth hadn't yet gone down my throat was being wholly sprayed out.

It's different from the usual spraying out of water when hearing upon unexpected words, as it's because I'm really surprised, which caused the water from my mouth to be all choked out. Plus, it's just so coincidental that right now, what's inside of my mouth was entirely water, with the result that all of it was being sprayed onto Lan Hua who was right in front of me.

She even had her chin slightly raised up, mouth opened, just like as if she had long expected onto my reaction, as she unmovingly received onto the water that I sprayed out.

Was she a pervert!

I hastily lowered my head, vomiting out the remainder of the water onto the floor, vigorously coughing afterwards.

"Cough cough cough, cough cough cough........."

"Here, napkin."

Once again timely stretching out a napkin right before my eyes.

But this time I didn't receive it, using my sleeves onto messily wiping my mouth instead, afterwards lifting my head up to look at Lan Hua astonishedly while crying out.

"Y-, you you you! Why are you over here!"

Where exactly did she come from? I completely didn't notice onto her figure just earlier, but now, she suddenly appeared right by my sides, a fluttery profile akin to an assassin who's able to sneak around.

Don't be like that appearing out of nowhere! It could really scare someone to death!

Speaking of which, how could she still locate me? Plus, it seemed like she had long knew that I would be coming here, it's simply too frightening already!

Lan Hua innocuously propped her finger on her cheeks, as she innately said.

"Because I thought that Jun Cheng-tongxue who was running away without restraint earlier may feel thirsty, so I came to the vending machine first to camp-..........Mn, to wait here."

Just now, you wanted to say camping for the prey to arrive*, right!

No wait, why were you able to be so precise onto obtaining the psychological activities of my mind! It's simply just the same as Xue Li-xiaojie already alright!

"Wh-, what do you exactly want from me? Why do you keep following me!"

In my nervousness, I crushed the mineral bottle with my hand, with the water spouting out from within, causing her clothes to be soaked for the second time.

This time, her entirety was really fully drenched already.

"So I've been drenched by Jun Cheng-tongxue already........*mnh*........

(TL: mnh is some sort of pleasured moaning sound)

Lan Hua's cheeks were slightly dyed in red, she placed her hands behind her back, with her face slightly lowered as she shyly said.

Don't think that by acting cute I'll be accepting all of those reasons already!

Moe-ness depends on the situation at hand too, alright!

Since you had already left such a terrible impression upon me previously, it can't be that right now you're still hoping to rely on acting cute in order to gain over my impression?! Don't joke around already, I'm not that kind of person who's so shallow!

Although it's indeed rather moe and pleasing to the eyes in any case, but I won't think ever think that you're cute anyway!

"Jun Cheng-tongxue? There's some water on your neck not yet wiped clean........"

Lan Hua went forward a step, her hand holding onto an outstretched napkin, seemingly wanting to help wipe my neck.

I immediately retreated four to five steps in return, lifting my wrists up to guard my neck while anxiously yelling out.

"Wait, wait! Wait! You're not allowed to go near me!"

Afterwards, she stopped there, not approaching me anymore, merely holding onto her napkin, with a face of forsaken expression.

Eehh.........strange, why did she suddenly become so well-behaved already?

I didn't expect that she would become that well-behaved. My expression once again became bizarre, and I unresistingly said to her.

"Umm, you'd better wipe're completely drenched already."

Lan Hua whose face was being sprayed at with water by me + showered in a body of water, right now, her looks was simply just like as if she was being drenched by the rain.

Her hair was plastered on her face, messily unkempt, and her drenched shirt was in an extremely inappropriate fashion as it closely stuck onto her body. Because it's white-colored, a faint pinkish colored bra was able to be gleaned, prominently reflecting out her perfect breast curvature in return. Notwithstanding that the expression on her face had become a little dismal too, just like a little kitty which was being abandoned, her pitifully standing over there.

A pitiful-looking drenched bishoujo...........

It caused one to unfetteringly feel heartbroken, wanting to just embrace her within their arms to just properly display sympathy for her.

"No, I can't wipe them, it's punishment that Jun Cheng-tongxue have towards me.........I don't have the right to wipe them off."

Ah? Punishment? Eeeh, umm, that's merely just an accident..........

But Lan Hua didn't deem it as such; she slightly lifted up her head, eyes carrying gazes of determination, as she solemnly stated out the words that's deep from within her heart.

"I, just now, did something very terrible to Jun Cheng-tongxue, and only woke up from that delusion just now..........that's why, I was waiting here, in order to apologize to you!"

Saying up till that part, she did a 90 degrees bow, and loudly cried out words of apology towards me.

"I'm really very sorry! Please forgive me! Jun Cheng-tongxue!"


What kind of scenario was it that's being played out now?

Director, can you please hand over the script to let me have a look?

-ch 62 end-

(3298 words to tl)

Sudden changes, Swift developments (急转,直下) = Although the idiom meaning is what I've translated it out to be in the title (which do explains this chapter), but am I the only one who also understood the title to be as "A sudden bend (tracks), immediate alighting from the station"? No?

Shirai Kuroko (白井黑子) = a girl from To Aru Majitsu no Index, who have strong feelings of romantic love towards a girl of a same sex

Yuri (百合) = girl + girl (lesbian)

After searching for half a day = please note it's a metaphor in this instance, it doesn't really mean it's really 12 hours... (CN uses alot metaphors)

Alipay = a form of china cashless payment. It's available in NFC form

Camping for the prey to arrive (守株待兔) = The original translation of the idiom was 'waiting for the easy prey - a rabbit, under a tree'. (There's an interesting backstory to it, go read it!) But to fit in w/ the context of the story, i tweaked the meaning to contextually fit the passage~

Bishoujo = extremely pretty girl

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'student'

-xiaojie (小姐) = honorific to address a female politely. Think of it as the standard 'Miss' here.


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