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[Jeopardy] Is that Xin ran and Ke ling? 😱

just noticed the updated cover art at Jeopardy novelpage

I think I'm a Xin ran fan now..🤠
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RE:Yandere ch24

Chapter 24: The second death experience

TL: flarewk

Very quickly, it was already the following day's lunchtime, as Yan Yebo a little unbelievably looked at Linze.

Because Linze today actually hadn't slept in class at all, and it seemed that the teachers were all a little surprised.

「You brat, finally you're willing to bring the task of sleeping back home huh.」

Turning his chair around, Yan Yebo who was seated right in front of Linze said towards him.

As such Linze could only smile bitterly. To be frank, it's not that he didn't want to sleep today, but it's really because that he's unable to sleep.

Since unbeknownst to him why, he still felt a little terrified within his mind today.

Rationally, his relationship with Xu Yanyan should already be extremely harmonized, plus according to Linze's call confirmation yesterday, Xu Yanyan too safely took a cab back home.

Everything of everything were proceeding very smoothly, hence Linze felt that today should definitively…

RE:Yandere ch23

Chapter 23: Delicious dishes

TL: flarewk

Linze currently was sitting on his bed, and had the doors of his room tightly closed.

Cleaning up his room and whatnot, in reality it was merely just Linze's excuse.

An excuse used to conceal his weakness.

Linze used his hands to press onto the kneecaps of his legs, but he had no idea why his legs after calming down would still actually be slightly trembling.

These slight tremblings were shakings that Linze wasn't able to wield control of, especially when after seeing Xu Yanyan in the kitchen asking him where he had placed the kitchen utensils.

That sort of fear reached its peak even more then.

Having an icy cold object piercing through his abdomen, his both hands filled full with a warm sensation. Currently, these appeared in Linze's imagination once again.

Even though Linze told himself not to be afraid, his subconscious still wield dominance over his body.

「It's too embarrassing already.」

Linze currently was trying his best as he used h…

RE:Yandere ch22

Chapter 22: Making dinner

TL: flarewk

After using the keys to open up the doors of his home, Linze casually yet instinctively pressed onto the switch located beside the porch, with the house immediately due to the lights being turned on, becoming illuminated as a result.

Currently, the entire house appeared to be in a slight mess. To be honest, Linze indeed hadn't tidied up the house during these few days.

Although it wasn't Linze intentions on finding an excuse for himself, it actually was primarily due to Xu Yanyan, as Linze evidently didn't have the mood to tidy up the house during these few days.

If it's the norm, though he didn't have any cleaning ocd, Linze felt that no matter how heavy his school load was, forget about the dust, he at least wouldn't tolerate having a number of trash be scattered around the hallway.

Letting people see the home which he lived in being extremely messy, Linze suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

「Sorry, it's because during these…

RE:Yandere ch21

Chapter 21: Grocery shopping chance occurrence

TL: flarewk

Seeing Xu Yanyan coming out from the school gates, Linze immediately walked towards her.

At the same time, Xu Yanyan too discovered Linze approaching.

 「Big brother Linze.」

Xu Yanyan greeted Linze.

「Speaking of which, did you know I've met two of your classmates just now, they seemed to be two fellas who aren't bad at all.」

Linze said towards Xu Yanyan.

「Mm? So Big brother Linze saw my classmates huh, who were they.」

Xu Yanyan upon hearing Linze speaking as thus seemingly appeared to be a little strange.

「Yuanshen and Huang Huiju, you should know them, right.」

Hearing Linze say out those names, Xu Yanyan seemed to start trying her best to remember about it.

Seeing that attitude of hers, Linze knew that Xu Yanyan probably wasn't familiar with the both of them, and of course, there's a possibility that she's not familiar with a person amongst them.

Plus, it can be that though Xu Yanyan and the other party were students of…

RE:Yandere ch20

Chapter 20: Change of plans

TL: flarewk

Through Linze's patient explaining, and facing against numerous evidences, the two middle-schoolers surrounding Linze very quickly realized that Linze was indeed Linling's elder brother.

「Really very sorry about it.」

The two middle-schoolers apologized towards Linze.

「Forget it, as Linling's elder brother, I didn't have any intentions of blaming you guys at all. To be frank, I instead have a great impression on you two, knowing that Linling have such schoolmates like the both of you, I'm much more relieved already.」

Linze said towards the both of them.

Hearing Linze to be in such praise of them like that, they both seemed to be a little shy.

「Speaking of which, what are your names, if you guys don't mind, let's be acquainted with each other.」

Linze continued saying towards them.

「Sure of course, my name is Yuanshen.」

That handsome middle-schooler who made the ball kick towards Linze earlier introduced himself.

「As for my name, it…