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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy SS1

[TL Disclaimer: I don't recommend reading this in public]
[TL Disclaimer 2: A good ending alternate universe route, occurred after a certain timeline in vol 2]

Side story 1: The tale of siblings falling into depravity

TL: flarewk

Providing Xin Ran with 'assistance' had started from that day afterwards, and it became a fixed occurrence, something of like a regular treatment.

As the saying goes, if there's a first time, there will be a second, a third and so on.........right now, I'm unable to clearly recount how many times it was.

In order to help soothe Xin Ran's mood and vent out her lust, this had already turned out to be of like as if it's a secret private dating sort of thing. For siblings to be helping out in this sort of thing with each other, no matter how one looked at it, it would have crossed the line, but if I didn't help her, she would become 'even more terrible', hence under the crossroad of decisions, I still decided to aid her in venting out her sexual urges.

But in order to maintain the border differences between us brother and sisters, I still put restrictions into place.

Firstly, to never proactively touch me.
Secondly, to never proactively kiss me.
Thirdly, to never tell this matter to anyone else.

Actually, what's effective in restricting Xin Ran was merely the first two rules, as the third could basically be completely non-existent, as no matter if it was me or her, we wouldn't relate about this matter out to anyone else.

The true intention behind those restrictions was because, of me merely having absolute assertive dominancy during my 'assistance'. Xin Ran could only be like a rag doll as she tolerated me enacting out acts upon her, and only with restrictions up till this sort of level would then cause me to grudgingly hold on to myself, if not, I really didn't have the confidence that I would be completely enduring it.

It's already nearly 12am's almost the promised time.

I felt my throat becoming parched, with me subconsciously wanting to gulp in a few mouthfuls of water, yet being afraid at the same time to miss the timing of Xin Ran's arrival, hence could only anxiously swallow my saliva inwards as I waited.

Knock.........knock knock..........knock knock knock knock knock.........

1 time, 2 times, 5 times, it's undoubtedly that secret signal, Xin Ran had arrived.

I went over and had just opened the door, when I saw the figure Xin Ran, who was wearing a night gown, bolting into the room, the red blush on her face expressing out her shyness to its limits.

Seeing that she had walked in, I then properly closed my door and locked it, afterwards went on to pull down the curtains well, dimming the lights in the room to a low-lighted mode, setting up sound-absorbing equipment to not allow the sounds in the room being spread outwards, and finally, as the first step, sat onto the bed.

Xin Ran was standing in the middle of my room clutching her chest. Afterwards, she was like as if she had made up her mind as she stripped off her night gown, with a red blushing face as she spun a circle in front of me, displaying out her marvelous bare sensual body.

"How is it.........gege, is it pretty? The newly bought lingerie........."

"Xin Ran........."

As I didn't switch off the lights, her entirety was able to be discerned clearly by me.

Xin Ran was wearing a piece of white colored, semi-transparent seductive type of lingerie, with the cloth surface of the panties being very minimal. The back portion was like as if it's a bikini as it was deeply embedded within her butt cheeks, the front part which was covering her private part was semi-transparent, resulting in me being able to see a pinkish crack, and of course, her bra was semi-transparent, its tendery pink cherries half distinguishable, it extremely bewitching.

It's simply too beautiful, up to the point of being bedazzling.

Seeing onto this sort of scenery, my praising towards her and whatnot were all falsehoods, as it's best to just use my upcoming actions to express out my feelings.

I too took off my upper body's sleepwear, and my back leaned against the head portion of the bed, knees curled up retracting my calves, with my thighs spread open 30 degrees left and right sitting on the bed, afterwards stretching my hands out to Xin Ran, making an invitation.

Xin Ran placed her right hand on my palm, with me then pulling her over, letting her sit within my embrace. Her thighs were compressing against mine, but was spread wide open even further. Her entire back was plastered on my body, and of course, the strap of her bra had already been unhooked beforehand, currently being in a loosely unbound state.

It's in order to not let the bra strap be pressing onto me, which was why she unhooked it beforehand..........that's what she said, but in reality, it's probably in order to make it more convenient for me to grope her.

This posture was implemented after we had done it many times, and had discovered that it was the most convenient posture for groping, hence it was always maintained this way afterwards.

"Well then, I'm going to start, 'kay?"

"Mm. just do as how gege likes it........."

The Xin Ran at this moment wasn't just a normal state of being docile, it's of course due to the restrictions that I've set in place, and after a few times, she was like as if she had been affected to quite a certain amount, as she immersed herself within the shoes of an even more inferior character.

Xin Ran was different from Lan Hua, she's not that type who had especially much water, yet love liquids still had her panties soaked, leaving a section of oval-shaped puddle behind. Plus, the half-stripped bra on top had already been propped up by her erect nipples, thy small lotus had just only poked out its sharp corners.........

"It's already wet huh, your nipples are also erect."

"'s because.........I've been eager for it."

"You didn't finger yourself beforehand, right?"

"No! Absolutely not! Just for today, I have been properly restraining myself!"

"Alright, I believe you, there's no need to be that agitated..........I only wanted to let you have self restraint. If the number of times of you fingering yourself becoming too much already, it won't be good for the body."

"Although it's been tough for me to endure it, but whenever I remember that gege will help me..........I'm able to endure afterwards..........umm, it's wet because I thought that gege will be helping me tonight, so I'll subconsciously.........."

"Don't tell me that you're in a wet state for the entire day of today?"


It really was on the meimei is truly perverted..........

But since she had endured it for such a long period of time, she must be feeling quite terrible, so I'll help her to properly vent it off this time.

"I won't tease you anymore, well then, I'm really going to start this time."


I first used my index and middle finger to press down on her private area through her panties, massaging it about up and down.

"UuuU.........! MmM.........!"

Xin Ran slightly had her body arching backwards. Just a mere initial groping would have her lightly cumming already, and thus, the originally very tiny transparent panties was entirely soaked, and was plastered together with her private area, and just like that, the line of pink-colored crack had a layer of watery film being pasted on it.

Her body had became that sensitive already, perhaps this was all my fault?


After she came, and was loudly panting gasps of air, I said to her.

"Lift up your butt a little, I'll help you to strip off your panties."

"Uuu.........gege, you're going to directly touch today?"

"Mm, you don't like?"

"No.........I'm very happy........."

As she spoke, Xin Ran raised up her tiny abdomen and propped up her butt. I used my thumb to hook onto both sides of her panties stripping downwards, passing through her kneecaps, all the way till her lower calves. Xin Ran very cooperatively retracted a leg as she stripped off her panties from one side.

Afterwards, when she wanted to retract her other leg, I stopped her, hanging the panties up till the ankles of her leg and said.

"Don't let the panties fall off, if not, I'm going to punish you~."

"You're so bad, it's too difficult already.........."

Because when she climaxed, her body would subconsciously arch backwards, along with her both legs straightening up, and will naturally droop downwards feebly after cumming, hence placing the panties on her ankles and not letting it fall was an extremely difficult task.

She would be touching my body when she placed her body down, thus going against my restriction of not allowing her to actively make contact with me. Hence, without my orders, she didn't dare to haphazardly place down her butt, with the leg that had her drenched panties hanging on it not daring to be lowered either, resulting in the supporting area of her body becoming lesser, and maintaining this sort of posture would turn out to be extremely strenuous.

Which was why she could only arduously lift her body up, and maintain this type of seductive pose which seemingly invited others to peer at her pussy, and of course, the audience present was only me in any case.

Love juices trickled down from her private area towards her butt, and dripped from the crack of her butt cheeks, entering and dampening the pants of my nightwear.

Seeing her in that pitiful state, I then placed my hand on her tiny belly, and proceeded to dig about playing with her bellybutton.

Her slightly trembling body quivered even more as a result, and after having fun playing with her bellybutton, I went on groping en route upwards, tracing along the middle section of her abs, invading inside of her cleavage, afterwards covering up her round boobs in a single breath. The size of Xin Ran's breasts were just perfect. While being able to allow me to grab them with a single palm, it too carried a sort of being slightly overflowing and spilling out sort of feeling, it's sensation was extremely praiseworthy.

The bra was slightly getting in the way, hence it was simply torn off, though it looked to be even more erotic when she had it on in any case.

After groping and playing with her breasts for a while, Xin Ran started to bite her lips and give off agonized moans.


She was still agonizingly supporting herself, even her lips were quaking, and looking at that pitiful appearance of hers, I became even more ecstatic, and started to use my thumb and index finger to grope and play with both sides of her tendery pink nipples.

Xin Ran was already dangerously twitching about, using an expression of almost wanting to cry while looking at me. Seeing her being that pitiful, I decided to let her be released from it, and used my thumb and index finger to pinch her nipples and twist it forcibly.


And she came once more, love juices gushed out from her crotch flooding the bedding right in front of her. It spurted out extremely far just like peeing. She squirted, looks like this teasing which wasn't included in the plan brought an even more intense exhilaration to her compared to usual.

Just when her climaxing was almost about to end, I licked her earlobes and said.

"You can put down already~."


Actually, even if I didn't say that, Xin Ran too wasn't able to hold on any further. Her entirety after experiencing climax would be turning soggy, just like all of her energies were being drained out as she collapsed into my embrace.

Being able to endure for that long was already quite impressive.........I'll need to properly reward her.........

Just then, I noticed something that made me extremely astonished, and that was, even when Xin Ran had climaxed, she still straightly stood up one leg of hers..........!

That's right, that panties was of course still hung on her ankles, and didn't fall off due to her becoming powerless.

She in order to obey my orders, even if she had climaxed into unconsciousness, still didn't put down that leg of hers!

Xin Ran slightly raised up her head, using her moistened eyes to gaze at me, and feebly said.

"Gege.........huff.........I.........tried my best already........."

Woah........! This was simply too, extremely incredible already, wasn't it!

"'s really incredible! Seeing how Xin Ran has put so much effort into it, gege will give you a special reward then."

Though I have always been avoiding about that matter, but seeing how Xin Ran had put so much effort today, I'll let it slip just this once.
I went on kissing her lips from top to bottom, not making any further provocations afterwards, directly stretching my tongue inside of her mouth, located her tongue then roughly trashing against it, snatching away all her saliva, gulping them.

It's just so perfect that I'm a little thirsty, so I'll use you to attain some watery content then.

While assaulting her lips, my hand didn't laze around either; a hand grabbing her boobs groping squeezing playing about, while the other explored towards her private area, but didn't enter however, merely using the tips of my fingers to rub the pinkish meat of her pussy entrance up and down.

Just like this would also cause her to be hysterically excited, as she strived hard to respond towards my tongue, complimenting my fingers as she squirmed her waist up and down about, allowing her pussy to plaster even closer to my finger, while at the same time, the hem of her butt too grinded against my penis.

So disobedient of her, was she aiming for the loopholes in the restrictions? That way, while I was groping her she would cooperatively move about as well, hence it wouldn't be considered as her actively caressing me.

Seeing through that tiny ruse of Xin Ran's, I then prepared myself to give her some punishment. I carried her body while straightening up my back, kissing her in an up-to-downwards stance, and Xin Ran in order to respond to me could only continue to raise her head upwards, raising it up all the way to her limits, with her snowy-white neck stretching upwards till a pencil-like straightness state before stopping.

Under this posture however, Xin Ran became very discomforted, as her mouth was sealed by me in reverse, and due to the angle, her nose was clogged up with nasal liquid, so now she must currently be choked till her nasal cavity was hurting painfully, and was probably already not able to breathe properly.

But I did that intentionally, in order to punish her, deciding to let her experience a short term sensation of suffocation.

Hence, even if I knew that Xin Ran, due to the head raising posture right now, wasn't able to breathe, I didn't stop my actions.

Gradually, the oxygen in her mouth were drained dry. Xin Ran who was unable to breath finally became so discomforted that she twisted about, her thoracic cavity due to lack of air kept puffing up and down repeatedly, her hand too tightly clenching the bedding, her legs messily sprawled about, and the panties that was hanging on her ankles had already been flung off to unbeknownst where already.

I continued on with my hands gestures, using a hand to pull on both sides of her nipples at the same time. To be specific, I was using my left thumb and index finger to pinch on her left nipple, afterwards stretching it to the other side, then using my index and middle finger to pinch on her nipple on the right side, three fingers together kneading and pulling, providing her with boosted stimulation. While at the bottom region, I flipped up her clit and kneaded it, her bloodshot clit was extremely easy to locate, I found it just by flipping open the lips of her pussy.

Simultaneously playing around with the three most sensitive protrusions on her body, while providing her with a suffocating french kiss at the same time.

I knew that she would already be orgasming when I did up to this sort of level, plus, she's still continuing on with her climax, as the love juices that were squirted onto my hands had already drenched it entirely.

The suffocating french kiss persisted on.

All the way till Xin Ran's expression became trance-like and was almost about to lose her consciousness, with me then releasing her.

The instance that I released her, Xin Ran's body instinctively twitched, and afterwards, my hand once again was being 'cleansed'.

But this time, what spouted out wasn't love juices, but came from a tiny hole even more higher up, her pee.

An absolute exhilarated Xin Ran leaked out pee whilst in the midst of her experiencing the blissful sensation of drifting towards heaven, but her pride refused to allow her to conduct out such acts of peeing, hence she wanted to hold it back, resulting in the pee interruptingly squirting out and dampening my palm.

But these was merely the innate reaction of her body, as Xin Ran's consciousness had long already flown to unbeknownst where, she maintaining a head-raised posture, eyeballs half flipping upwards, tongue drooling outwards, freely allowing her saliva to leak out dripping on her chest.

Such a look of disgrace, that's really quite a terrible appearance huh.

There's no choice, I could only kiss her once again, but this time, it's in order to pump air into her.

After a few tries, Xin Ran finally was able to breathe normally, and after vigorously panting a few mouthfuls, she uncaringly flipped her body over and tightly hugged onto me, rubbing her body against mine while murmuring about.

"Huff.........huff.........gege.........aah.........aaahh.........gege................I love you.........gege..........haaa..........hug me..........Xin Ran love you.........gege.........."

She didn't even care about restrictions and whatnot already, right now, she had completely lost away her senses, and was utterly dominated by her lusts of making love.

With the result that we hadn't even proceeded towards the main act of today, when I had already made her climax more than three times already. If it's the usual, it should have already ended by this timing.

But looks like it'll still be continued on for today.

The warning lights in my heart had already lit up a red signal. I knew that if this goes on it'll definitely become unstoppable, but there's no holding back for an arrow which was pulled back on the string of the bow, as even if today were to be done overboard, it's impossible for me to stop myself any longer.

Whether if it's me, or Xin Ran, what we wanted weren't 'up till this point'.

There's nothing needed to be said any more. With same thoughts held within our minds, we once more conducted an intense kiss, wrapping our tongues around each other, repeatedly exchanging our body fluid again and again.

Up till now, because the number of times of me hugging her from the front weren't much at all, I subconsciously cherished her even more so, forcefully hugging her tightly, hugging tightly, and once again hugging tightly, causing our bodies to be closely glued together, not leaving even a strand of gap in between.

Tightly hugging on her waist with a hand, while the other was covering on that plump rounded butt cheeks of hers, this hand was used to catch the pee liquids and love juices that spurted out from Xin Ran earlier, and currently, the lewd water that had both liquids mixed together was being used as a lotion as it was wiped on the cheeks of her butt, causing her butt to appear even more moist, with it full of an obscene atmosphere. 

Of course, I couldn't be unfairly treating just one side well, and both sides of the ass meat were being evenly smeared with the lewd water from Xin Ran herself. This was preparations made beforehand for the things that I'm about to do later.

After completing my smearing, while enjoying the massage that Xin Ran provided me using her body, I stretched out my hands and started to play with the most important, most mysterious, and most alluring body part of a girl.

This time, it's not going to be just rubbing at the entrance, but will be going in even more deeper.

Slightly carrying Xin Ran upwards, this time it's Xin Ran's turn to kiss me from upwards to downwards, but she daren't not be that naughty as me, merely exerting out her best on stretching her tongue to ingratiate me. However, she wasn't satisfied with just kissing my lips any longer, as she licked everywhere around my face just like a little dog, her body too squirming about within my embrace; so flirtatious that it was unseeming of her.


While my hand was able to reverse itself to caress her pussy, my palms crossed past her crotch, covering up her pussy in a reverse manner, with the tips of my fingers touching on her clit.

Teasing her clitoris in a direction contrast to usual, it seemed to have brought her a different sort of stimulation, for she once again unresistingly had a bout of orgasm.

Oh myyy, if this goes on, she'll be played by me to the point of collapse, but it's still way, way off from the end, hmm? As a qualified meimei (toy), you must persevere all the way till the end, my adorable Xin Ran.

This time, I tried my best to use my palms to receive the love juices that she secreted out, afterwards smearing it on her butt, with the excess portion painting on her back. It's interesting as well to be looking at her lewd liquids trickling from the uppermost portion of her back down to her waist.

After playing with her clit for a while, I started to pinch her clitoris and rub it. Xin Ran's clit wasn't thick, hence the effects of that wasn't that especially good, but I'm just merely doing it as an act prior to my insertion.

Ah, don't be mistaken, what's about to be inserted wasn't my penis, but my fingers~.

Using my index and nameless finger to pry up her pussy, I used my longest finger, the middle finger to stick inside her hole.

There wasn't any obstruction at all, the entire finger smoothly went in her vagina. Xin Ran gave off a moan of pleasure, afterwards started once again to lick my lips in a maniacal stupor.

"Aaa........! Mnh.........aahh........."

What's next were a series of robotic-like stabbing and retracting actions already, and of course, it's not enough to be satisfying Xin Ran with just a finger, so I must gradually increase the number of fingers, up till it reached the third.

And this must be done step by step as well. Firstly, I would need to use the finger that was inserted to go touch the surroundings of her vaginal passage, encircling round the peeing region, that part was Xin Ran's G spot.

And of course for which spot it was, I had already long understood it to the nth degree, but I didn't went on to directly touch it, merely exercising about its surrounding, occasionally touching it once or twice to provide stimulation, to delay her climaxing.

Eventually stimulating it swiftly and uninterruptedly, and by this time, Xin Ran's vaginal passage would slowly expand out its interior space, while secreting out even more sticky juices at the same time, and during this moment, I'll need to use even more fingers to lubricate her pussy already, as such would then be able to provide Xin Ran with an even more intense sensation of ecstasy.

I inserted three fingers, rubbed against Xin Ran's clit, while simultaneously stimulating her G spot and the region in-between her cervix, as that portion too would be able to cause women to feel even more exhilarated.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.........! UuuU..................! Mnm..........mhh! Haaa.........haaaa.........."

The orgasm this time seemed to be especially intense. I patted her bare back, allowing her to properly sink within the residual effects of the orgasm.

Being able to go in that deeply as such, and even swallow my third finger, her hymen and whatnot had of course been gone since long ago.........that's right, long ago while at our previous instance of 'assistance', I had used my tongue to pierce through her hymen, and even licked and swallowed her entire virginity redness inside of my mouth.

It's said to be an accident, but in reality, me and Xin Ran both had that set of thoughts in mind.

From the mere hugging at the very start up till now..........through the process of lowering the bar again and again, me and Xin Ran weren't able to turn back any longer.

And speaking of restrictions and whatnot, they were all merely falsehoods, as after doing up till this point, discussing about the relationship of siblings were simply too self-deceiving already.

The me right now who was so delightfully playing with her wasn't her elder brother any longer, and she who was played by me till she had became a coquettish object wasn't my younger sister any more, we were merely a pair of animals in heat.

Right, we weren't siblings any longer.........

A burst of uncontainable fury erupted out within my heart. I sped up my fingers stabbing and retracting her pussy, and in an nearly brutal state, buried my head in her breasts as I bit her nipples.

"Ahh!'s too intense already.........aaahh.........!"

Ignoring her cries of mercy, I pulled out my fingers, and afterwards stabbed my meat rod which had long already been stiff to the limits right into Xin Ran's pussy.

"UuUU.........! Aaa! Aaaaa! It! Gege.........!"

Brutally, forcefully, completely ignoring her feelings, just like I'm treating her as an onahole as I barbarically used her, repeatedly slamming against her womb, afterwards pumping all of my semen right into it.

Xin Ran abruptly gaped her eyes up wide, her tongue drooling, her body propped up as if she had wanted to snap her back, and rubbing her breasts against my face; she had already fallen into a playtoy dominated under my crotch.

Watery sounds as well as the noises of flesh smacking against each other reverberated within the room, and a moment later thus heralded moans which signalled its end.

"Mmm..........mmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

But how could it be enough just only once; completely not giving her any chance to rest at all, not even providing her with comfort as well, I simply once more moved my stiffened meat rod as I repeated gestures of pounding.

Pounding, pounding, pounding, ejaculation, pounding, pounding, pounding, ejaculation..........all of it were pumped inside of her, never once thought about using contraceptives and whatnot, or it should be said that right now, I wanted to make her, make An Xin Ran, make my meimei pregnant.

In the end, I pumped her pussy with so much semen till it was spilling from being overfilled, and used her boobs as well as her armpits to rub off a few shots, shooting my semen outside and fully covering her upper frontal body before stopping.

Xin Ran was like a doll which had been played broken as she died lying on the bed, weakly raising up her head and used a gaze saturated full of love to look at me, her face still carrying a lewd yet blissful smile; she evidently had already been overly satisfied.

But I didn't go comfort her, and was like as if I had seen a toy that I was sick of playing as I cast her a cold gaze while standing aside.


Xin Ran looking at me suddenly awoke over her stupor, she hastily propped herself up strenuously and crawled over. Her pussy which was entirely filled up dripped out milky-white colored semen.

While using her hands to receive upon these dripping semen, she strained herself to crawl towards my sides, stretching out her tongue to lick my meat rod.

Her very own lewd liquids which was mixed within the semen that was leaking from her pussy was too received by her hands and passed to her lips, and it's like as if she was drinking the world's most delicious beverage as she sent it entirely into her mouth.

After licking the semen off my meat rod cleanly, Xin Ran opened her mouth and swallowed its mushroom cap, afterwards begun to suck up and down on it, using her tongue to stimulate my slit, swapping between sucking and blowing methods to stimulate my meat rod.

It made me unresistingly clutch her hair as I blew off two loads into her mouth.

The semen that she was unable to swallow in a single mouthful dripped out from her nose, and after swallowing multiple times, she then drank up all of the sticky semen.

Afterwards, she was like as if she's showing off and trying to please me as she opened up her mouth, performing the act of semen swallowing right before my eyes as she said.

"Gege's semen is the most delicious thing ever~"

It's not considered to be a kiss, and was neither considered to be touching too, blowjobs weren't actions that went against the rules..........she probably was thinking as such.

However, I unsympathetically kicked her away.

Not only Xin Ran who was kicked off the bed by me wasn't mad at all, she even used a pitiful expression to look at me, not sure herself on what mistake she had made.

I feigned an angry look as I spoke.

"You went against the rules that I set just now, right. Plus, your panties had been flung aside too."

"Uuu, that's.........."

Seeing my stern expression, Xin Ran too became panicked, she feebly stood up wanting to explain but wasn't able to say out anything at all.

"Such a disobedient meimei, I don't even want to have such a wilful meimei."

"N-, no.........I'm only just........."

Xin Ran who was entirely bare naked stood over there in a state of anxiety, having a look of despair: just a gaze of mine was enough to make her entirety tremble.

"Forget it, just go. I won't do these kind of things to you anymore next time."

"! I don't want!!!"

After giving off a agonizing heartfelt wail, what followed next was a collapse into tears as well as apologies.

"Sobsob.........gege.........I'm sorry..........gege..........I won't make that mistake ever please don't abandon me..........sobsob..........I'm begging you..........gege..........gege..........gege.........."

Xin Ran cried, her tears dripped out in such amounts as if that they didn't cost anything at all, her body was quivering extremely severely, plus she even peed out.

That's right, on top, Xin Ran was crying in frail prettiness, while her wavering consciousness didn't have the time to be bothered about the opening switch for the peeing entrance below.

The amount this time was different from that leaked pee earlier, it was spurting out uncontrollably. Perhaps she had drank lots of water before looking for me, hence the amount of pee was rather impressive as such.

Lewd water which had pee, love juices and semen mixed within flowed out from her pussy, leaving behind a small puddle on the floor.

When a person undergoes extreme surges of emotions or when they had an overly large amount of shock, they would leak themselves uncontrollably, this was a natural reaction.

But there's only pee; no poop were present. Looks like Xin Ran's intestines and anus were rather clean, huh. 

But to actually be so scared till the state of crumpling on-scene, was the matter of becoming abandoned by me would cause her to be that terrified..........

She wasn't able to live without me already.

A once superior attitude, cold eyed Xin Ran towards me, because she had her secret of night assault being shattered by moi, had her attitude towards me becoming gentler, up till now where she had even already completely turned into a female dog which I was rearing.

"Lick up all of those perverted water that dripped out from your pussy onto the floor cleanly, and I'll forgive you."

Hearing me saying as such, without even a single nuance of hesitation, Xin Ran immediately crouched on the ground, and was like a female dog as she had her tongue stretched out licking that pile of lewd liquids on the floor, using her breasts to wipe and rub against the floor, licking and consuming it; she had completely fallen into a lowly female pig.

"I don't want to see your face, turn around, show your pussy to me."

Xin Ran obediently turned around, spacing her legs up wide afterwards, and spread her tendery pink pussy open up till its limits. From this angle of mine, I'm able to have her vaginal passage, all the way till her twitching womb entrance, be entirely exposed.

Although Xin Ran earlier had already received and ate up quite an amount of semen which had dripped out, her pussy which was pumped full by me still retained huge amounts of semen. As Xin Ran maintained a crouching lying posture, while intentionally using her hands to spread her own pussy up, the semen in her vaginal passage once again flowed out.

I ruthlessly used my palm to smack her bubble butt, and roared towards her.

"You'd better lift up your butt! The precious semen that gege have bestowed onto you are already all leaking out!"

"Uuu.........! Uuuuu!"

Xin Ran hastily raised up her butt, propping it up sky-high. Her pussy which kept twitching open and close once again made large amounts of semen drip out.

It's absolutely truly beautiful.

That pussy which maintained its tendery pinkish color no matter how many times I played with it, as well as her anus that originally had it duties of excreting feces. Every time I looked at it, it would always be that alluring.

I uncontrollably went forward and licked her anus, and noticed that the lewd water which was smeared on her butt cheeks earlier had a portion already dried out. What an oversight.

Originally, I wanted to simply open up Xin Ran's butt hole, but looking at that descended expression of hers, I unresistingly wanted to bully her.

Right now, I'll carry on with my task of opening it up then.

Feeling her butt hole having a foreign object invading within, Xin Ran understood on what I'm trying to do in an instant, as she gave off a shriek.

"Kya~ gege.........! There.........dirty!"

"What's dirty about it, in any case, you have been properly washing it, right."

"Uuu, although it's like that, but........."

"While I'm hugging you earlier, I smelled a scent of fragrance, so it looks like you've washed it rather carefully today, hmm? And why is it that you'll be washing the insides of it to be that clean?"


I continued licking it for a while, afterwards used my fingers to concentrate the lewd water, consisting of love juices and pee mixed therein, painted on Xin Ran's butt, and what closely followed next was that I smeared it on her anus. Because I had anticipated that I would be pumping Xin Ran's pussy chock full earlier on, I had retained her love juices outside beforehand, as I didn't intend on using my semen to oil up her anus at all.

"Aahh.........aahh~ aaaahhh........."

After the first lubrication, I attempted poking in a finger.

Xin Ran frowned her eyebrows as she gave off a lewd moan, her anus too tightly compressing, firmly locking in my finger.

"Don't be nervous, relax. Xin Ran, just let loose of your head and enjoy."


She extremely obediently listened to my commands, relaxing herself, and so the anus hole once again opened up for me.

I didn't hurry myself on increasing the amount of fingers, merely using my index finger on continuing exploring deeper, and extremely smoothly stuck my entire finger inside. Her anus which swallowed my finger kept opening and closing, as if that she was saying to me 'I still want'.

And I of course couldn't not satisfy that of her already, but right now I must first let her be slightly used to it.

I begun to gradually insert and retract my index finger, plucking it out after a few tries, obtaining some lewd liquids from her butt before insertion once more.

When I felt that it's still not enough, I used my tongue to go lick her anus, and this time, my tongue was able to entirely stretch inside Xin Ran's butt hole already.

Currently, Xin Ran was feeling so comfortable that she had forgotten to continue on licking that puddle of lewd liquids on the floor. She had her tongue drooling out as she plastered her face in that puddle of lewd liquids, her eyeballs flipped upwards as she foolishly chuckled.

"Ahh, mmm..........aah~ hee hee.........."

Looks like her first anus experience provided Xin Ran with quite an amount of impact, huh.

Seeing that appearance of hers, I'm unable to resist slapping her ass as I teased her.

"You actually are already yearning for me to stab your anus since long ago, isn't it, Xin Ran."


"Look at your anus, sucking my hand so tightly. Xin Ran, you're really such a natural-born little pervert."

Saying out obscene words to stimulate her mental state of mind, destroying her sense of moral values..........but in truth there's no need for that, as looking at that appearance of hers, would there still be a bottom line and whatnot..........her morals had long already been burnt to ashes and dissipated off from her shriek moanings.

"Yes.........I'm a pervert! I'm a little pervert that only belongs to gege~ aahh~ gege! Again, Xin Ran still wants~ little pervert still wants gege's love!"

She started to spout nonsense already huh. But a Xin Ran who said out such words was extremely adorable as well, there's saturated lewdness spilling out from her cuteness within.

Then again, I too was planning to provide her with love in any case.

Her anus was adequately expanded already, it by right should be able to permit my meat rod right inside.

Well then, this then would be today's grand finale, hmm?

I aimed my meat rod pointing towards that tendery pink anus, and slowly poked it inwards.

Even though I had expanded it way lots beforehand, but it still was extremely difficult for this meat rod's size of mine to be sticking inside Xin Ran's butt hole.

Merely just poking in its mushroom cap, made Xin Ran cry out agonizingly.

" big.........."

"Don't be nervous, Xin Ran, don't tell me that you're not able to accept gege's love any more?"

"Gege.........gege's love.........of course.........of course I can.........aahh, big meat rod, Xin Ran's body is able to eat it up.........haa, it's okay for the mouth, okay for the pussy, and also okay for the anus.........!"

I groped the meat of Xin Ran's butt as I praised her.

"So obedient~ just try harder for a moment then."

"Mm! Mmm~ ~ ~"

Under the cooperation of Xin Ran's efforts on expanding up her anus, the sensation of being impeded when entering gradually faded; my huge meat rod had successfully been entirely buried within Xin Ran's butt.

I didn't immediately start pounding, merely patting Xin Ran's butt, smiling while asking.

"How's it feel? Xin Ran?"

" full! It's filling me up, gege! Xin Ran has been entirely filled up!"

Looks like Xin Ran was already a little used to it. However, I didn't start pounding, merely hugging her within my embrace once again, playing with her sensitive areas like her nipples and clit to let her maintain a state of excitement.

While enjoying my grope of love, Xin Ran confusedly asked.

"Ahh, gege, you're not punishing Xin Ran already? Aaahh.........gege, you won't be, aaahh~ abandoning Xin Ran already right........."

"Mm, gege just now is just playing around with you. Xin Ran being so cute and so pervy, and is even willing to let gege do Xin Ran however he wants, so how can gege be willing to abandon Xin Ran?" 

Xin Ran still had an expression of unease, and said while moaning at the same time.

"But, aah~ but, Xin Ran mmm..........haven't finish drinking gege's aahh~ semen.........even, even, aaahh.........made mistakes too........."

With feelings of unease affecting her body, Xin Ran's anus immediately became even more tighter, contracting firmly as if she had wanted to snap my meat rod.

Oh~ this tight, so wonderful.........

"That's not a problem at all, no matter what mistake Xin Ran makes, gege will always forgive you. Unless, that Xin Ran doesn't like gege anymore, and want to leave gege already?"

"No! It's not it..........Xin Ran, Xin Ran cannot not have gege anymore.........aah..........Xin Ran loves gege the most, already..........haaa..........forever, forever always want to be together with gege..........!"

Just like that, she's not able to live without me, and I too am not able to live without her..........that wasn't an issue of status and whatnot any longer, we were mutually dependent on each other to live on.

Feeling Xin Ran's love, I begun to pound my meat rod, and Xin Ran's fleshy passage which was chocked full of folds too cooperatively wriggled, causing the both of us to reach absolute peakness.

"I love me...........come love meeeeeee!!!"

"Huhuh.........remember to play with your nipples yourself~"

I who was hugging Xin Ran, started on my final assault.

My meat rod invaded her anus, while using my right hand's thumb to squeeze on her clit, with other four fingers digging inside her pussy, stimulating those most sensitive regions in her vaginal passage. My right hand pressed on her lower abdomen, complimenting my other hand as I pressed down on her hymen with forces conjoined both outside and inside.

"Aaahh..........aaaaaaaahh~ gege~ gege!! Love you..........I love you so you to death~~~"

Whilst in the midst of befuddlement, Xin Ran still hadn't forgotten the orders that I issued to her; she used her hands to pinch and rub her nipples, and as such, it equates to having stimulated all of the sensitive spots on Xin Ran's body at the same time.

I licked her neck, and bit her earlobes as I embarked on the final round of surging.

"I can't..........I can't anymore, aaaahh~, I'm going crazy..........I'm going crazy! Xin Ran is dying already! Aaah~ gege.........gegge..........Xin Ran is going to die already..........aaah.........I love you, gege~ aaah~ gege, I love you aaaa.........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Xin Ran had became so pleasured till she had gone crazy.

I too was unable to endure it any longer, while she reached the absolute peak of her climax, I unloaded my heaviest load of semen entirely in her ass.

While at the same time, Xin Ran peed out once again. The sounds of pee gushed out with a 'hua la la' sound, her tiny belly convulsing, round breasts bouncing about, entire body twitching up and down, evidently having a series of orgasms, being unable to stop experiencing sensations of absolute exhilaration.


Xin Ran after climaxing had her upper body dripping tears, mucus and saliva, while her lower body were leaking love juices, semen and pee. Her entire body was even drenched with sweat to boot.

She had completely turned into a brain-dead meimei.

Hugging Xin Ran and enjoying the residual effects for quite a while, I took out my meat rod, afterwards carrying up Xin Ran back to the bed and spoke.

"Well then, it's time to sleep.........."

"Then I want gege's big meat rod to be stuck inside me while sleeping~"

Xin Ran who had a bizarre switch being turned on used a bitch-in-heat sort of expression to cutely spoil about with me as she said.

"But are we still able to sleep like that.........."

"Then let's not sleep anymore, Xin Ran wants to have sex with gege, wants to bear gege's child, bear lots and lots of children~"

Xin Ran's eyes were filled up with lovestruck expressions. While using her body to cuddle up against mine, she stretched out her tongue to lick my face.

"I want gege's big meat rod, semen ish sooo delicious, I want to filled up~ gege, come love me, come love me again~ come forever love mweee~"

As she spoke, she even used her fingers to dig out semen from inside of her butt hole, licking and eating it just like consuming a snack.

Ah crap, had I broken her already..........

Not only had the age of her mental state deteriorated, her actions became exactly like as of a sex slave as well..........looks like it was too overly stimulative huh..........

Well then, causing my meimei to turn out to be in this sort of manner, I being her gege would have to take the entire responsibility then..........

"Sure, let's have sex, Xin Ran. Gege will always love you..........always, always love you.........."


But this time, I want to have Xin Ran putting on that bewitching lingerie while doing it.

Actually, I've been wanting to do that right from the start, but it would cause Xin Ran to feel a little discomforted while having lingerie on, hence I had her strip it off.

Speaking of which, when I saw her wearing that look of bewitching lingerie and walking inside of the room right from the beginning, judging from that aspect of my meat rod becoming unprecedentedly hard as such..........

The one who's incurably hopeless were actually both sides huh..........

The tale of siblings falling into depravity.

-SS 1 end-

(10391 words to tl)

About this chapter = The raws of this aren't available in SF, due to CN censorship laws. If you want the raws of this, you can get it through the author's channel, or through my discord (pinned at jeopardy's channel).

This is a derivative good ending Xin Ran route, and differs from the main story... (think alternate universe)

Thy small lotus had just only poked out its sharp corners (小荷才露尖尖角) = This is a reference to a poem made by the poet 杨万里, to describe the vivid energetic environment. The usage of this poem in the story hints at two things...

1) the phrase's meaning itself: I'm guessing it should be referring to Xin Ran's breasts having been "released" from the stranglehold of her bra

2) the next continuation of that phrase: ", but a dragonfly perched atop it since long ago": ......... Now, the 'perched' word is ambiguous here, it can also mean 'stood erect', >_>, so you should prolly know what stood erect atop her released boobies

Onahole (自慰套) = a cup-like object except that this contours to the length and girth of one's........ahem. Its purpose is to imitate an artificial pussy. Hence, since it's an object, a person tends to treat it way more roughly; compared than the real deal.....unless she wants it hardcore

gege (哥哥) = 'big brother'

meimei (妹妹) = 'younger sister'


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