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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c78

TL: This is an important announcement about this series, so read on.

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Vol 2, Chapter 78: Battle won, Effortlessly

TL: flarewk

The person who appeared right behind me was Bai Yu Hui. She wasn't wearing any spectacles, and had her ponytail unfurled out, resulting in a shoulder-length hair that's neither long nor short. Even though the atmosphere she gave didn't change a bit at all, perhaps it's due to the transformation of her appearance being rather large, hence resulted in the feeling that she's exuding changing from a composed one to a hushed kind, with an extra layer of mystery therein.

Because the way she had dressed up was completely different from as in the past, which was why I wasn't able to immediately recognize her out.........

No wait, though her appearance was indeed enormously different compared to the past when I met her in the library while not knowing about her name, but for this appearance, it wasn't my first time seeing it as well. Previously, I had brushed shoulders with her quite a few times at school, but why didn't I immediately react that it was her? Was it my memory that had a problem.........

Eh.........wait, right now's not the time to be conflicted about this sort of issue!

What did she call me just earlier?

Jun Cheng-dàren? !

Why must she be using such a respectful addressing towards me!

Even Li Li didn't use such honorifics!


I gaped open my mouth in shock, originally intending to ask clearly on what was happening.

But right in front of me, there's still a murderous ghoul squinting its eyes while intently paying heed to us. No matter how one sees it, it's not the time to be having a conversation, hence I shut my mouth up.

In order not to cause trouble to Bai Yu Hui, I initially wanted to stand up, but had my shoulders being pressed on by her instead.

Afterwards, she went right around to my front, boldly exposing her back towards Tong Jia Lin, it simply just like as if she was completely ignoring her, seemingly just not concerned about whether the other party would be carrying out assaults to her back.

Upon seeing my bare naked torso, Bai Yu Hui firstly had a red flush appearing on her face, afterwards unveiling out a slightly mad expression, while taking off the jacket she's wearing and saying towards me.

"She actually did such overboard acts to's all my fault, if I'm able to reach here earlier, you wouldn't be subjected to such sufferings already."


Umm, those scratches on me was actually all done by yours for Xue Qing and Tong Jia Lin, they only could be said to have remote-caused and indirectly sped up its effects.

Mm.........of course, it's still rather worth it to have these bit of scratches. If not, right now I should had already gotten one or two fingers sliced off, or perhaps would be lacking one or two eyeballs.........

But Bai Yu Hui instead seemingly felt that I should be completely unharmed, as she took off her jacket and covered it onto me, turning around afterwards and facing Tong Jia Lin while pulling tightly on her black-colored gloves, coolly saying.

"Please hold on a moment, I'll go dispose off this evil ghost in front of us right now."

A tone of extreme confidence.

She's going to face against a murderous ghoul all by herself, huh!

If her title was just like those group of astounding abnormalities in my class, it 'having a personality', I still might be hopeful about it.........

But her title was [Reincarnated type Childhood friend], it basically being incomprehensible, okay!

However, seeing those beans and peach kernels that she flung out earlier having its effects, it indicated that she understood clearly on how to face off against murderous ghouls.........

Mn? Then again, why would beans and peach kernels be effective.........weren't them tools used for exorcising ghosts.........ghosts, murderous ghouls.........Eehh, don't tell me.........

Just when I'm in the midst of thinking, Tong Jia Lin too had new movements, perhaps it was Bai Yu Hui's earlier proclamations that had caused her to be unhappy already, as she unveiled out a mocking smile while rebutting.

"Oho? Dispose? Young lady, aren't you a little too conceited?"

"I believe that the person who's unaware of the situation is you instead, let me make a guess on the ghost that's possessing your body.........Mm, a Hundred Eyed Ghost, am I right?"

After saying that sentence out, Tong Jia Lin's expression instantaneously transformed, losing out all of its chortling, as she looked at Bai Yu Hui with an unprecedented grim appearance, once again emanating out a terrifying killing aura.

"Also, it looks like you've already stolen quite a number of eyes too, it being well over 30, right? What, it can't be that you also wanted to turn into a ghost? Refusing to be in such a proper human state, desiring to be a ghost instead; as expected, you're really hopeless."

Words that were extremely vicious, plus its mocking effects being extremely effective too.

One can see that Tong Jia Lin's face had already turned into a color reminiscent of pigs livers from becoming enraged. Her entire body was slightly trembling, and her status gave off a blindingly red-colored glow, fully saturated with killing intentions!

Her having this sort of reaction indicated that Bai Yu Hui had entirely hit the mark about her.

But, a Hundred Eyed Ghost?

I remembered that it was a type of female ghost that had eyes on its entire body, with it seducing males alongside seizing the other party's eyes as her own.........ah!

Wasn't that the same as what Tong Jia Lin had done!

So it's because she had been possessed by a Hundred Eyed Ghost already, which was why she would transform into a eye collecting murderous ghost!

"Legend has it, that the best way to deal with you is to use the ashes of joss sticks.........however, I'm not adequately prepared this time, so I'll change to using buddhist prayer beads then. Plus, if it's facing against you, it's probably enough to be using prayer beads as well."

As she spoke, Bai Yu Hui took out a string of prayer beads from her waist pouch and held it in her hands.

Is that really alright? !

Why do I still feel that it's not dependable at all..........
Tong Jia Lin burst out into laughter instead, displaying out a hideous expression, as she swiftly walked over to our area.

"You seemed to understand 'us' well, young lady.........this is the first time that not only I feel like gorging out your eyes, but to also thoroughly sever off your dead body as well~"

Wasn't this completely pissing off the other party already!

Even if you wanted to mock her, there should also be limits to it.........

However, perhaps this might be Bai Yu Hui's motive, as it's been said that when a person is too overly incensed, their vision would turn narrow, and under many kinds of situation, they would carry out impetuous acts without even thinking it through. Perhaps Bai Yu Hui was hoping that Tong Jia Lin would turn infuriatingly aggravated, exposing out her weak point due to negligence.

And looking at it currently, the effects were extremely great.

Tong Jia Lin slowly walked towards our side, but just when she's about to enter a range in which she could be reached, she suddenly halted her footsteps, lowering her head while placing a hand supporting on her forehead.........

And when she lifted up her head once more, that hideous look had already returned to its normal appearance.

"Really, isn't it said that there shouldn't be anyone here? Why would trouble one by one appear right in front of me, as well as the both of them being so infuriating.........ah, don't be angry, don't be angry, you'll grow wrinkles when you're angry~"

Eh.........? Suddenly not becoming mad anymore? No, this was, she endured it, huh?

That woman Tong Jia Lin, she was actually able to endure out more than what I've expected.........

"From the looks of things, the target this time is inside the region of where I'm searching, right? Little boy?"

Tch, it's been exposed, huh!

"Oh~ looking at that expression, I've guessed it right~ Very shocking, right? Perhaps it would be the so called woman's sixth sense, hoho~ the big prize this time will be taken by me~"

"Fat chance!"

I won't let you locate Xue Qing!

"That's right, so what even if you know about it? Anyway, you're destined to lose here."

Bai Yu Hui continued my speech, saying it out with extreme confidence.

Just like as if it's already assured that it would be her win.

"Little be giving off such bold proclamations, you're slightly too conceited already! Let big jiejie here teach you on how to retract yourself!"

Unable to endure any more; there's no need to be holding back any longer!

Tong Jia Lin who had finally completely burst out was like earlier when she's chasing after me, dashing over akin to swift malicious ghosts, utilizing an unprecedented bizarre speed hurtling over to kill Bai Yu Hui.

I'm already thoroughly frightened just looking at it right beside, but Bai Yu Hui had a look of complete indifference instead, still unmovingly standing at her original position waiting for the other party's attack.

Afterwards, just at that moment when she's about to get struck; while using the prayer beads in her hands to shield her front, her other hand held onto a piece of wooden branch as she jabbed towards the other party's chest.

Tong Jia Lin's reaction was still very quick, as after she noticed onto that piece of wooden branch, she lifted up her legs and kicked Bai Yu Hui flying without second thoughts.

Looks like that obscure looking tree branch was also an item that suppressed Tong Jia Lin.

What followed closely next was something no one had expected; Bai Yu Hui had indeed been kicked flying, but the prayer beads wasn't in her hands!

Where were they?

In the air!

Unbeknownst when, the prayer beads had been flung up over Tong Jia Lin's head by Bai Yu Hi, plus it was already dismantled!

Beads and beads of prayer beads were like angels on the skies scattering down flowery petals as they rained. Tong Jia Lin was unable to avoid it, and could only use both hands to shield her head region to avoid being struck by the prayer beads as much as possible.

But Bai Yu Hui didn't let go of this opportunity for the other party becoming immovable, and after she steadied herself and regained back her balance, she immediately dashed over to Tong Jia Lin, plucking out various small beans flinging towards her. After the prayer beads had finished raining, there wasn't even a time to be having a breather, for the beans closely followed afterwards, with Tong Jia Lin still being unable to move.

And by this time, Bai Yu Hui had already arrived right in front of her eyes, simply drawing out a piece of paper talisman and pasted it on the other party's head!

Her actions were accomplished within a single breath, which overwhelmingly made one's eyes unable to take it all in!


To see that there's a pile of black-colored air emanating out from Tong Jia Lin's body, with a black shadow suddenly jumping out from within her silhouette, giving out a shriek of ferocious cry, dissipating off in the air along with the black pile of gas.

"What I've pasted on you is a 'ghost exorcising talisman'. The Hundred Eyed Ghost that's possessing you has been exorcised by me, and as such, the power that the ghost had lent you is now gone........."

Without the power of a ghost, that would mean.........

"The current you is merely just a normal woman, and judging at this appearance of yours, I'm guessing that it's inconvenient to be even moving around at you still want to carry on fighting?"

Speaking of which, Tong Jia Lin's appearance indeed wasn't suitable to be making any large movements at all. It should be said that wearing such tall high-heeled shoes, don't even mention about running, it's already quite excruciating on wanting to walk slightly fast. Being able to carry out such swift actions earlier with her speed still being that quick, it's all because of the power of ghosts, huh?

As expected, Tong Jia Lin instantly became so terrified that her face turned ghastly white, as she tightly bit onto her lips unveiling out an appearance of despair.

Afterwards, she immediately piled up a ingratiating smile on her face, saying towards Bai Yu Hui.

"Oh my, I'm really thankful to this young meimei~ Umm, jiejie just now was being captivated by ghosts........young meimei, forgive jiejie just this once, okay? Actually, those actions done by me earlier are all orders given by the ghost possessing me earlier! Yep! I was being controlled! If I don't follow according to what she said, I'll be eaten up, and all of that just now wasn't my intentions at all!"

A load of bulls**t.

(TL: the cn pun ↑ states: "a load of ghostsh*t", you get the drift)

Wouldn't her conscience hurt from saying as such?

Just to ensure her safety, she's unhesistant in selling out her comrades, huh.........

"..........Whether you are being controlled or not, I have no interest to know about it."

Bai Yu Hui remain unmoved, as she calmly spoke.

"But the effects of the 'ghost exorcising talisman' merely drives away the ghost from your body temporarily, and will not destroy the contract made between you and the ghost."

Her bogus smile froze on her face.

Tong Jia Lin had utterly solidified into a rock.

"There should be telepathy between you and that ghost that you're worshipping, as such, those words you said earlier by right should have also been heard by that ghost.........and ghosts downright detests betrayals........."

Bai Yu Hui used a sympathetic gaze to look at the utterly broken Tong Jia Lin, saying out a fatal discourse.

"Good luck to you."

Though she's saying out good luck, but the true meaning contained within those discourse was actually 'You're dead'.

While Tong Jia Lin powerlessly crumpled down onto her backside, messily sprawling out her limbs on the ground, with a dazed look while crying and dumbly laughing, with a yellow-colored liquid leaking out from beneath her.........

She had completely fallen into despair.

Because her life had already begun its final countdown.........that ghost wouldn't be letting her off.

Not causing any sort of injury towards the other party, not even using a decent looking weapon at all, Bai Yu Hui had obtained a complete victory!

Merely using some tactics, afterwards causing the other side to be wavered through words; thus thoroughly defeating a murderous ghoul!


That's a little too impressive already.........

So impressive, Bai Yu Hui.........

I still didn't dare to believe the scene that I'm seeing right in front of my eyes, while Bai Yu Hui had already turned around, smiling towards me as she made an extol.

"What do you think? Jun Cheng-dàren, do you have a changed opinion towards me now?"

It's not only just a changed opinion.........

I even wanted to kneel down, hugging your legs while crying out 'Coach, I want to learn exorcising ghosts!' already!

Still even calling me Jun Cheng-dàren, I should then be calling you Bigwig Yu Hui instead!

-ch 78 end-

(3368 words to tl)

Battle won, Effortlessly (兵不血刃) = It's a idiom that's used to describe winning a situation flawlessly easily (sometimes winning even before the battle had begun), without any or much effort being placed into it at all.

"You" term used by Yu Hui to our MC = A level of detail that you can't see it out in the translation... she used a "您", which is the polite respectful form of '你' (you). She will always use this form to address our MC, so it's good to know about this tiny bit of detail to the story.

Tong Jia Lin instantly became so terrified till her face turned ghastly white (童佳琳顿时吓得花容失色脸色变得铁青) = Hey there, just to note, for that sentence, it repeated the usage of 'face turned ghostly white' twice (underlined to show ya), so I omitted one to make the sentence flow easier for yer understanding.

As she made an extol (向我请功道) = Why do I get the nagging feeling that she's currently like this........have I watched too much 霍元甲?

-dàren (大人) = used to address someone very respectfully, like that person is the 'master' of whom you serve. 

The most accurate english term for it would be 'Lord' :3, while the most accurate jp representation would be '-sama'.

jiejie (姐姐) = used by that woman to refer to herself as being a young woman. It means 'elder sister'.

meimei (妹妹) = used by that woman to refer to the other party (gratuitously) as a young cute girl. It means 'younger sister'.


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