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These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy v2c67.1

Vol 2, Ch 67.1: The [Stalker (intermediary)]'s tailing

TL: flarewk

[Stalker (intermediary)]'s tailing:

The first day of the Qing Ming consecutive holidays.

When I was resting at the cafe while having a conversation with Xiao' Ying and Xiao' Liang, as luck would have it, I saw onto him.

It's really extremely lucky of me.

I originally already thought that I wasn't able to see him for 3 days, and was very disappointed desu, but I didn't expect that I would actually be encountering onto him over at here.

Immediately spotting him from within the crowd.

However, Jun Cheng actually was walking together with another girl which wasn't Ji Lian Bing, and because I'm unable to resist my curiosity (jealousy), I thus hastily bade Xiao' Ying and Xiao' Liang farewell, following right behind them.

Jun Cheng along with that petite little girl beside him went on to visit many places and buy many items, appearing to be very intimate.

That person was Jiang Xue Qing, right? When did they got to know each other? Were they friends? Or were they a couple instead?

No.........Jun Cheng definitely wouldn't be that kind of scumbag who would go out with two people at the same time.

Since he already had Ji Lian Bing, that sort of distinctly-renowned girlfriend, he by right wouldn't be drawing upon other girls the very least, before he breaks up, he definitely wouldn't have any sort of ambiguous relationship with other girls.

Then, they were only normal friends?

Uuu........they felt to be even more closer compared to normal friends, to be actually holding hands throughout, plus Jun Cheng also helped that woman onto picking out her clothes as well..........

Then again, saying for it to be a couple's relationship seemed to be a little strange as well, as when Jun Cheng was getting along with her, rather than saying that they were a couple, it's more like a father who was taking care of his daughter..........perhaps it might be a familial relationship instead?

Looks like the relationship between the both of them would need to be further investigated..........

But then, there's actually some matters of Jun Cheng which I wasn't aware about, was it me who didn't adequately understand the matters about Jun Cheng?

I distinctly felt to be a little resentful..........

Afterwards, upon seeing that they were walking out of the departmental building upon finishing purchasing their items, I wanted to follow right behind them, when Jun Cheng surveyed around his surroundings alertly.

I hastily crouched, hiding at the back of a bird-shaped statue, with myself then being not discovered by him.

Uuu, Jun Cheng was still just as sharp as usual. When I was stalking him last time, I was also nearly discovered by him.

Jun Cheng was very sensitive towards gazes, plus he's able to rely on looking above a person's head to ascertain onto that person's position, hence I must always pay caution that the top of my head mustn't be exposed out.

Perhaps he's able to see onto 'a certain something', as when he too stared at 'the top of my head' previously, he quickly left from my sides thereafter, just like as if he knew that I'm about to confess to him..........

Mm, it should roughly be enough already, Jun Cheng should have gone away.

Time to continue following behind him.

Afterwards, Jun Cheng returned back to the departmental building to buy a phone as well as some snacks, and walked into an alleyway together with Jiang Xue Qing.

After they went inside, I then followed suit behind them..........

"Huh..........they disappeared..........?"

But after I went in, I found out that it's actually a dead alley instead!

Where had they gone to already? It can't be that they had jumped over the wall and continued onwards, right? Impossible, if they had leapt over the wall, it's not possible for me to not hear onto any movements being made at all. Then, where have they been to already..........

Don't tell me that they went into the rumored 'Black Street'?

Plus that was an urban legend that I've just heard from Xiao' Ying as well, the so-called 'Black Street' was a 'Black technological street that interlinking with the entire city', I think it was being interpreted as such.

(TL: the 'black technology' here was referring to 'top-tier advanced technology'; i preserved it to allow you to see the pattern of its naming)

It's said, that those people who had unknowingly walked into that street wasn't aware that they had went into a place which acted like a space-time continuum tunnel, and when they had walked out, appearing onto the other side of the city with their location being miles away from their entry point, it then dawned upon them, that they had just traversed through Black Street.

Xiao' Ying said, that 'Black Street' was a rather famous one among all of the numerous kinds of urban legends already, and that it's a urban mystery that's very likely for it to be a real occurrence.

Then, had Jun Cheng went into that Black Street already?

I walked into the alley and felt the walls..........perhaps this place would be one of the entrances leading towards Black Street, it's just that I had no idea on how I'll be able to go on in.

Uuu..........don't tell me that it'll be up to here already?

It's so resenting.........!

Regarding matters about Jun Cheng that I'm still not clear about, plus those matters that I'm not aware of, he actually still had secrets hiding from me.........!

Towards this matter, I felt an incomparable sensation of resentfulness!

If I'm to go home like this right now, I would just feel that to have lost to that Jiang Xue Qing woman already!

Ultimately, I didn't leave, and repeatedly wandered around the nearby surroundings aimlessly instead.

Even though that I just felt Jun Cheng to be right nearby here, I simply can't reach towards the place where he's at.

What should I do in order to go in that street..........I really want to see Jun Cheng once more..........

Leaning by the railings, I swayed my legs about listlessly...........

Should I be going back already..........right now, it's already way past dinnertime, and waiting further on would be meaningless.

Plus, if Jun Cheng was to really go inside Black Street, according to the contents of those urban legends, he would be reappearing at another corner of the city...........the chances of him once again walking out from this alleyway was so slim that it could be even negligible.


Sighing while leaving the railings, I prepared to just nonchalantly search for a dinery to resolve my dinner before returning home afterwards.

But I didn't expect that when I went forward 3 to 4 steps, just about to turn around and leave, there's suddenly a person who dashed over, knocking me down.

"Uuu, it hurts.........."

Uuu.........who was it! Actually being so careless, and speaking of which, wasn't that a dead alleyway? Why would there be someone appearing out from there!

Mn........? Coming out from that dead alleyway?

"Ah, my bad, I'm really sorry for bumping onto you.........."

The person who bumped onto me unveiled out an apologetic smile as he stretched out his hands towards me, but the most crucial point was with that familiar voice.

Ittttttttttt'ssssssssssssss.........Jun Cheng!

I've been discovered! I've been discovered! I've been discovered! 

What should I do! What should I do! What should I do! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa, why would Jun Cheng suddenly be poking out from a dead alleyway with no one inside it!

"Mm? Lan Hua-tongxue? It's such a coincidence, I didn't expect that I will actually be meeting you here."

"Kya! Kyaa! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I was given an extremely, extremely, extremely huge shock!

I felt that my pee was almost leaking out a little already!

Why would the person who had bumped onto me be Jun Cheng!

I'm about to die already! I'm about to die already! I'm about to die already! 

It can't be that Jun Cheng was already aware of me stalking him? Perhaps he had already known that the person that night wasn't his younger sister, but me instead!

No, no wait, I shouldn't have left behind any traces at all? I did properly wipe it off, ah, it can't be because I've used the toothbrush and cup already..........Uuu.........!

"Umm, everyone, stop rubbernecking already! It's merely just my girlfriend pouting against me!"

Gi, rl, fr, ie, nd?

"Um, just now, g-, g-, girlfriend, are you saying about me? !"

"Ah, sorry, you must feel rather troubled by me saying out those kinds of words, huh. I merely don't want passerbys to misunderstand and blow the matter up..........."

Jun Cheng said that I'm his girlfriend~! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Even though I knew that it's not true, but I'm so happy! I'm so happy! So happy!

Plus he even stretched his hands out wanting to lift me up, he's such a gentleman~

Phew, don't be nervous, don't be impulsive, Lan Hua.

This is a rare opportunity to be having contact with Jun Cheng, mm? You must grab ahold of this opportunity properly.

"Um, um, ummm, ttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhankkkkk yyyyyouuu........."

I've ruined it.

As expected, I wasn't able to maintain my tone onto being calm no matter what.

I originally thought that I could be like a dignified lady, fluidly giving out my thanks towards him, but when I touched onto his hands, the outcome was that I didn't cared about anything else already.


Jun Cheng's hands are in my palms..........his hands right now are being grabbed within my palms~

Aaaa, this pair of hands, I really want to hug this pair of hands within my embrace. Previously, I saw that Ji Lian Bing woman to actually be shamelessly placing Jun Cheng's fingers right into her mouth..........I'm so envious!

The sensation of sucking onto these fingers must be quite good, right? If I'm to use the top portion of my mouth along with the bottom portion of my mouth to suck onto the fingers of his left and right hands, I think that it would be even more marvelous already..........fufufu...........

Ahh, saliva, I can't have them dripping out.

If it was being seen by Jun Cheng, I would be treated as a pervert.

I'm not a pervert at all, this is just a display of my love. Approaching and touching onto the person that I liked, my body would definitely be having a similar reaction as well, right? Yep, this is merely the most ever normal of physiological appearances.


Umm, it's just, the secretions of hormones and whatnot..........the more it dripped, the more it showed that I liked Jun Cheng even more.

This is the proof of my love, hmm? It's a liquid that dripped out due to love, fufufu..........

"Lan Hua-tongxue."

Huh? Whose voice was that? Even though it should by right be a very familiar voice, why does it sound to be so unfamiliar instead?

"Lan Hua-tongxue?"

Ah, it's Jun Cheng calling out to me. Really, how can I be daydreaming? This time, I must properly respond to him.

Mm, it's alright, I've already finished my mental preparations!

This time, I absolutely won't be stammering like just now already!

"Ah? Ahh...........AHHHH! Um, um, um...........I actually, n-, n-, no, this, is, um, that, because the hand is suddenly stretched, it's my first time touching it, so, I can't resist, ah, there's sweat on my palms...........kyaaaaaaa! I, I, I..........."

I've ruined it again.

Why would I be so nervous till that state? The instance my eyes made contact with him, my tongue kept repeatedly knotting itself up, lips trembling as well, with my words being incoherently said out as a result.

If I'm even unable to make a casual conversation, how am I able to go confess to him?

Get ahold of yourself, Lan Hua! Get ahold of yourself..........

Uuu, my condition today seems to be a little not right? So wet..........

Huh? The sky's spinning around..........

Isn't this causing trouble to Jun Cheng right now? Really.........get ahold of yourself, Lan Hua!

"It's fine, this doesn't really matter at all. Plus if it's to be said, it's me who have bumped onto you first, so you simply don't need to be apologizing towards me at all, heh heh."

Facing against this appearance of mine however, Jun Cheng was ever still so gentle, as he placed his hands pressing onto my shoulders while comforting me.

"I'll be first heading off then, Lan Hua-tongxue. The time now is quite late as well, it's better that you hurry on home too, hahaha."

He stood up, waving his hands farewell to me and swiftly walked into the subway station.

"Ah, please wait..........."

I prayed within my heart, Jun Cheng..........don't go...........

"A moment........."

However, he still left in the end.

Uuu..........don't just go off like that.........I really want, really want, really want to stay by your sides..........

Those warm hands had left my sides.

A cold wind blew past, causing the bottom of my skirt to feel chilly, along with my body turning cold.

I don't want.........!

Immediately standing up, I stared at the pathway where Jun Cheng had left, silently becoming determined.

Follow him. Follow him. Follow him. 

Follow him. Follow him. Follow him. Follow him. Follow him. Follow him. Chase after him. Chase after him. Chase after him.

Follow right behind him, look at him, gaze at him, stare at him.

Observe his every single action and gestures, record down his hobbies and interests, memorize all of his movements.

Be acquainted with everything about him.

That's right, only at this point of time, would Jun Cheng then be belonging to me.

These unsuppressive impulses made me only able to stare at his figure or follow behind his back, thinking up of ways to approach him, hug him, caress this very moment, Jun Cheng is only mine alone, only belonging to me.

He's mine..........!

Nobody is able to snatch him away from me!

While I'm looking at him, he only belonged to me.

Jun Cheng, who only belonged to just me alone! to hug him, leaving my scent onto his body~

-ch 67.1 end-

(3203 words to tl)

Xiao' (小) = prefix used to indicate a level of closeness towards targets. In this case, she was referring to her two best friends, Gao Ying Nai (f) and Luo Ying Liang (m). (the tsun couple >:3)

-tongxue (同学) = honorific for 'student'


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