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Love Dependency Disease v4c74

TL: Reminder, ANY form of suffixes used will be denoted with a  '  or  -  (e.g. Xiao' Ling or Jian-ge); and for more information about them, check the Glossary at the bottom of the page.

I slightly took longer to TL this chapter as i went back and forth proofreading it -3-. Dayum...

Volume 4, Chapter 74: Being Kidnapped

TL: flarewk

"It hurts....."

Slowly waking up from the darkness with my head still having that giddy sensation, I stretched my hand out to feel the back of my head, and there's a piece of obvious swell atop of it. Such gigantic bumps like that, I really had no idea how long it'll take for it to be gone.

Slightly rearranging my thoughts next, I should have been knocked unconscious by someone, and before I fainted......oh crap, Xiao' Ling, I'll need to hurry up and locate Xiao' Ling's father to explain the situation.....

Slowly lifting my body up, I suddenly realized that my legs couldn't move that naturally like usual; it's probably being tied up by something. And as I used my hands to touch it, it gave an icy cold feeling to the touch. It's metallic....probably iron I guess....

My legs were being restrained by iron chains.....

Then that means, after I've been knocked unconscious I wasn't being left at that spot, but was being kidnapped together with Xiao' Ling....but what kind of worth do I possess to be kidnapped at all!

"Anybody here?"

I gave off a little sound, but no one replied me.

"Any! Body! Here!"

I continued to raise my volume, and exerted my entire body's strength to roar out loudly, hopefully someone would be able to hear it.

"Luo pa cha na!"

A sound coming from an unknownst direction responded to me, but that wasn't chinese at all, so I completely couldn't understand the meaning of it, plus.....this kind of pronunciation doesn't seem to sound like english too; my midterm's english papers results weren't that bad, it's at least what I've studied all by myself, so it's still possible for me to distinguish it out roughly.....those people who kidnapped Xiao' Ling and me were from what country exactly......

"Jian-ge.....cough, cough..."

Just when I was engrossed in deep thought, Xiao' Ling's frail voice resounded from right behind me, she even coughed twice, and from Xiao' Ling's voice I can even tell that her condition right now wasn't that good, and it could even be said to be rather terrible.

"Xiao' are you right now?"

"Terrible, I'm really thirsty....are there any water?"

"Let me ask.....water! Are there any water!!"

I roared loudly towards outside, but, the same foreign sentence that I still didn't understand at all responded towards me.

"Luo pa cha na!"

"Ah kua! Ah kua!"

After Xiao' Ling heard that, she roared a foreign tongue towards outside as well, and in a short moment, a man with a very distinct western facial features walked in, and because the light here was rather dull, I couldn't see him quite clearly. His strong arm carried a flask of water, and after he casually flung it towards my feet he grumbled as he left us.

"Xiao' Ling.......they are?"

"Don't ask first, let me drink a few sips before saying."

I threw the flask of water towards Xiao' Ling, and she 'gu-lu-gu-lu' drank quite a few mouthfuls of it before stopping. After she had finished drinking she wiped her mouth, before flinging the flask of water back towards me.

"Jian-ge, you too drink a little as well....if I'm right, they should be italian people."

Xiao' Ling gave off a sigh, and also attempted to move her legs; the sound of metal chains rubbing against each other then resounded, so Xiao' Ling's also tied up huh......

"Then....what should we do, will we be......."

"They won't, they captured me only to threaten Lao bà, or to obtain some kind of benefit; as to them, killing us won't provide any sorts of benefits at all, but will only cause detriment."

So they won't want our lives huh.....that's good then, it's considered to be the only fortunate thing out of the entire misfortune.

"Let's just first calm down and think of a plan, my head's quite dizzy....ayy....I'll first sleep for a while then."

"Jian-ge....why do I feel that you're rather calm, so you had any plan in mind?"

"Calm? I'm just a little used to being imprisoned, that's all."

I alone had been imprisoned by Xiao' Yu for nearly half a month, not even having a person to talk to at all, can't I not be used to it? I just only thought that panicking in this kind of environment won't be of any use at all, so it's might as well that we rest our spirits to look for a way to escape.

"Can't believe that you could even get used to this......."

In the darkness, although I can't see Xiao' Ling's face clearly, but I can tell from her tone that she's extremely agonized, and thinking carefully, it's quite true too. Forget about me, Xiao' Ling's still rather small, and being locked up in an unknown place yet still being able to retain her sanity like this would be rather impressive already.

"Don't worry, wasn't I still around here?"

What I can only do right now, is to reassure Xiao' Ling already.

"It's all my fault......I didn't listen to Lao bà's and Jian-ge's advice, letting even Jian-ge to be....I'm sorry." 

Xiao' Ling remorsefully blamed herself as she apologized towards me, I didn't think that she would apologize, so this could be considered to be a form of maturity then.

"No, it's my fault, blame me for not looking well after you."

It's best to let me carry the burden of this mistake, since Xiao' Ling's still rather small, it's really out of me to let her be burdened with this, and even if I know that it's clearly her fault....I still prefer that slightly cheekier Xiao' Ling a little, as that's the kind of atmosphere that a girl of her age would have.

"Thanks....Jian-ge, you're so gentle......"

"I've always been gentle!"

I vainly laughed that out, as it would be better to slightly liven up the atmosphere.

"Umm.....Jian-ge, I'm a little cold.....can you please hug me?"

Xiao' Ling dragged those metal chains as she walked towards me, but the chain's distance limited her movements; she could only stop at a point not far from me.

"I'm still rather hot right now though....."

Dragging the metal chains on my leg, I approached Xiao' Ling, and embraced her rather childish body into my arms. Her body temperature's slightly a little low, it's probably a fever....

Just like that hugging her for a little while, me and Xiao' Ling then laid onto the floor, and I started to analyze together with Xiao' Ling on our current situation.

Firstly I discussed about the date's issue with Xiao' Ling, I wasn't sure how long it had been after I've been knocked unconscious, and Xiao' Ling wasn't clear on that either, she only awakened after my loud ruckus earlier on roaring whether there was anybody here or not.

Right now at where we were being held at, it's probably a warehouse, and on the rooftop of the warehouse there's a window, while the four corners of the walls only had one ventilator, it was being sealed up by metal grills.

After me and Xiao' Ling had woken up, the time roughly was night hours, and the reason for the dull lighting was due to that too, and when I wanted water earlier, that guy outside was using italian words asking me to be quiet, which showed that he was sleeping, and that means, it's late night hours currently.

It's rather quiet outside of here, there's only the tiny negligible sounds of insects chirping; it wasn't that sort of rather distinct shrilling from the city, which means that it should be the suburbs right here.

The next day, morning.

I feel that the person who imprisoned us, is really very inhumane, can't they learn from Xiao' Yu at all, there's not a bed here at all, and forget about the bed, at least there should be a toilet provided right!

After waking up in the morning, I've been enduring it till I was panicking, I can't possibly just resolve it that anyhow around here right, it doesn't really matter for me, but the problem would be Xiao' Ling....if it's a girl, these kind of things they normally would be rather embarrassed to do so.

When it's daylight, the light became rather filling, and so I surveilled around this warehouse once again.

It's a warehouse that were stockpiled with grains stuff and farmer tools, and the scattered surroundings piled up beans and a few other kinds of vegetables, while the other end of the metal chain that tied us up were securely held onto a rack; that's a rack made out of metal, and just wanting to destroy it using brute force was basically quite impossible.

Standing up and glancing the distance from the ventilation point, this place was as what I've imagined; we're in a unknownst-where kind of countryside currently.

"Jian-ge.....umm, can you please turn around your body....and cover your ears..."

After Xiao' Ling had awakened her face was reddish, and she embarrassingly glanced at me, so in this situation right now, she couldn't care less any more huh....


Turning around, I faced towards the huge doors of the warehouse, and at this moment, the doors were coincidentally being opened, and a bunch of foreigners walked inside. I turned back to glance at Xiao' Ling, luckily, she only just squatted, and haven't started to resolve it yet.

"Breakfast time, come and have breakfast."

(TL: It's purposely worded to make it sound not very fluent)

One of the foreigners was speaking in a not really fluent chinese tongue, and made other people unlock those chains that held me and Xiao' Ling's feet; afterwhich they escorted us to a small western mansion. On the table, there's some fresh fragrant bread and hot milk being laid out.

"Go ahead, you can add some oats inside the milk too."

After he'd finished saying that, he really passed over a packet of oats to us.

"Um...I want to go to the toilet..."

"Me too...."

Me and Xiao' Ling made the request at the same time, and after that person who spoke chinese glanced towards us briefly, he talked to the rest of the people using a foreign tongue, and in a moment, a male and female escort respectively brought me and Xiao' Ling away.

"Finish......toilet, wash......hands clean, blue......colored bottle wash hands, disinfect properly."

Before we went off, he even specially reminded us as well, by the way were we really being kidnapped at all....

Finishing our breakfast, he locked us inside he warehouse once again, and of course, with the metal chains tying us up too.

"Want to go toi....let, say something, there is people here can call me Lin Zhu, my.....chinese name..."

After he had closed the doors, me and Xiao' Ling evidently hadn't regained back our senses, and just spent our morning in gloom, all the way till lunch, when we were being escorted off to have lunch.

"How you want your steak to be, any foie gras needed, any salad needed, and drink? Red wine or whiskey."

What's the matter with these kind of heavenly treatment to us.....and why about regarding foods your chinese would then be rather fluent!

"Well-done; I want salad; don't want any foie gras; I want to drink orange juice!"

Xiao' Ling gave off her opinion, and that person who spoke chinese then looked at me.

"Same....I'll drink coke...."

"Please wait for a short while, there's no orange juice or coke here, I go ask people to buy."

Under the confused gazes of me and Xiao' Ling, he then gave a few set of instructions to a person, and when the orange juice and coke were being bought back it's been over half an hour plus already.

"Sorry, this place is a little far from the city, let us begin the meal right now then."

The orange juice and coke were those kinds that were being placed in a bottled glass, and it tastes a little different from those coke that I've drank before last time.

This made me but to really had a question develop in me, previously I had always been thinking that we were in a countryside area in our province, or perhaps some nearby certain provinces, but right now it looks like.....

"Can I ask about this, where is this place....."

"Italy, Veneto."


Me and Xiao' Ling were actually at Italy! So we've been kidnapped to overseas....what kind of method would this be in order to take away someone overseas unknowingly, didn't the customs even check about this at all!

Right now I'm completely in a state of crying but without tears coming out; anyone who had been taken overseas mysteriously like that would also be in this state as well.

Even if Xiao' Ling were to be able to escape, returning back to our country would be a problem, as we didn't have any passport or visa at all, right now we're illegal immigrants, considered to be smuggled in....

But, there's a point that I have to say, that this steak, it's way more delicious than what's being served at Prez's western restaurant, since it's the real deal after all.....

After we've finished our lunch, we were being imprisoned in the warehouse once again, and at this moment Xiao' Ling's eyebrows were tightly knitted, looking to be deeply engrossed in some kind of problem.

"Jian-ge, I came with Lao bà to Italy before, hence I could understand italian.... plus, right now we're very likely to be in Belluno, it has a small density population, which is suitable to hide people here. We've got to think of a way to head to Venice and look for an acquaintance of my Lao bà's, he should be able to help us return back to our country, or to help contact Lao bà."

"And now?"

"We'll continue this tonight, their wariness of us are very low, probably because they thought that we were children, so they looked down onto us; I want to let them taste the feeling of underestimating onto the both of us!"

Xiao' Ling swept away all her feebleness that she was displaying earlier, and looked to be slightly more energetic, and suddenly she mysteriously just flipped her skirt up towards me.

"Xiao' Ling.....what are you doing!"

"There's good stuff on me, they still left a few for me huh."

Within Xiao' Ling's skirt was a few weights being hidden there. Those bunch of people's wariness were indeed rather low, as they didn't even carefully search onto a person, but that made me rather delighted, as if it's like that then we'll have the opportunity to escape already.

-ch 74 end-

(3274 words to tl)

weights = it subtly means bombs (could be flash bombs/ grenades, idk)

-ge = a suffix, it's a short-form of 'elder brother' referred affectionately

Xiao' = a suffix placed in front of a name, it's an endearingly way to address someone. Usually used when the person is younger than you. (literally translates to 'small')

Lao bà = informal way to address 'father'.


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