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Ch 7(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 7(new)

TL: flarewk

Inattentively listening to the teacher's nagging upon preaching the same question over and over again, I looked outside the gloomy sky and pondered about my life, when my phone from inside my pocket received a vibrating message notification. The teacher usually didn't notice if I was to play my phone at my current seat, so I unhesitatingly plucked out my phone from pocket, and I noticed that the sender was from Asaka nee-chan, and there was only a few words in the message when I opened it.

(Save me Hiroto, Earl's Restaurant 302.)

I instantly panicked and became on tenterhooks restlessly, my hands which was holding onto my phone started to tremble, and I disbelievingly looked at the contents of the message several times.

(Asaka nee-chan have encountered onto some kind of danger? Or was it just a prank? What if it's real, and she wanted me to save her? Earl's Restaurant 302...)

I quickly stashed my phone inside my pockets as I stood up and yelled out loud to the teacher still lecturing in class: "Sensei, I want to apply for leave!"

The students in class who were in the midst of paying attention as well as the teacher became startled due to this, and the teacher pushed up the spectacles on her nose saying: "Hiroto-san, right now it's in the midst of a lesson, even if you wanted to apply for leave, you'll have to wait till after the lesson had ended."

As all the people's gazes landed onto me in class, I felt that my forehead already had a bead of sweat dripping down onto my face: "I'm really sorry, Sensei, but a really important thing had cropped up at home, it's really, really urgent.........."

Seeing that my expression doesn't seem to be lying, the teacher kept silent for a short moment before saying: "Since it's a really urgent business to settle at home, then I'll give you this one and only chance then, next time this won't happen again, understood?"

"Thanks Sensei, thank you Sensei!"

(TL: Note that Hiroto didn't explicitly mention his sis was in trouble, I think he wanted to preserve his sister's reputation)

I couldn't help inwardly thanking my luck for having such an open-minded teacher, and swiftly dashed towards Earl's Restaurant after leaving the school gates; the manner of me running wildly and panting exorbitantly attracted the attentions of passerbys. Luckily, Earl's Restaurant wasn't that far away from my school, as walking to there would just take 10 plus minutes, and because I ran there with all of my might, in mere short 5, 6 minutes I already reached my destination.

Both of my hands clutched onto my knees as I lowered my head trying to catch my breath frantically: "Finally reached............"

I lifted up my head to see "Earl's Restaurant" these words onto the sign above, and walked inside.

Because it was in the morning, hence the hotel was quietly deserted, and the hotel attendant walked over and politely bowed to me: "Good day, may I enquire if you're to stay overnight here?"

"No, I'm just here to find someone, just go ahead and continue with whatever your doing."

Leaving the attendant behind, I ran into the lift and pressed onto the lift button for '3xx' rooms, and the lift slowly chugged upwards. I was extremely flustered, and my inner heart kept repetitively coaxed the lift to move quicker.

(Darn lift, be faster, hurry up, be faster a little.)

Reaching the third floor, the door of the lift had only barely opened halfway when I squeezed out of the gap outside, and my eyes constantly searched the surrounding doorplates.

"Found it."

As I saw a room with the doorplate carved with '302' , I stretched out my hands to push open the door, it actually wasn't locked at all, and the moment I opened the door I heard Asaka nee-chan's voice.

"Bastard, let go of me."

I hastily rushed into the room to see a man wrestling around with Asaka nee-chan on the bed.

(Why Hiroto haven't come yet, don't tell me he doesn't love me? No way, no way, I must persevere for a little while longer, I must not let this trash touch me since I belong to Hiroto after all, aah............Hiroto came!!!)

Seeing an ashtray lying on the table, I quickly grabbed it and wrenched it onto the back of that man's head.

Perhaps it's because I was too frantic already, for I used too much force and as a result, that man who was being struck heavily by me at the back of his head just fainted into unconsciousness.


Asaka nee-chan upon seeing that I've arrived had her eyes sore with redness, and immediately pounced into my arms and wailed out pitifully.

Seeing Asaka nee-chan who was crying in my embrace, I heartachingly stroked her hair and comforted her: "It's alright, don't be scared, the bad guy had been knocked out by me, Asaka nee-chan, you have me right here........."

(Hiroto came here to save me as expected, so he loves me, and what he said really made me touched, I'll definitely treat Hiroto well in the future.)

Asaka nee-chan stopped crying in my arms as she stretched out her hands saying to me: "Hiroto look, I'm still clean, he didn't touch my body at all, but only kept pulling onto my sleeves, Hiroto please don't despise me.........."

Seeing Asaka nee-chan in that state I chuckled: "Fufu, why would I despise Asaka nee-chan at all, you're the best nee-chan I can ever have in this world, it can't be that I have smacked that bad guy out to death, could it?"

Not noticing that Asaka nee-chan's face was entirely red all the way till her ears, I flipped that bad guy over and exclaimed in surprise: "It's Suzuki! But luckily he's still breathing."

Asaka nee-chan pulled my sleeves as she said to me: "Hiroto, let's go, I don't even want to look at him."

"Mm, alright let's go."

Following Asaka nee-chan out of the room, we've just barely walked for a few steps when suddenly Asaka nee-chan "Aah!" fell onto the floor, and I asked Asaka nee-chan who was sitting onto the floor: "Asaka nee-chan, what's wrong."

"I've accidentally twisted my ankle.......Hiroto, carry me and let's go."

Seeing Asaka nee-chan who gasped in cold breaths  as she massaged her ankle, I sighed, imitating the teacher as I said: "Since you've twisted your ankle, then I'll just let you only this once, there won't be a next time, understood?"

"Umu umu, Hiroto is the best."

One of my hand carried Asaka nee-chan's upper body, while the other carried her bent legs; and stood up to walk towards the lift.

(TL: if your confused on what the author meant, it's princess-carrying)

While in the lift, I thought to myself: Asaka nee-chan is sure surprisingly light, even I who don't exercise often can carry her up too.

Realizing that Asaka nee-chan kept staring fixedly onto my face, my face started to turn boiling hot.

I carried Asaka nee-chan out of the hotel.

"Such a young age and hugging each other in the streets, what a world that we're living in right now."

"Princess-carrying, so romantic~"

My ears resounded numerous similar-like whispering of fellow passerbys as they saw me carrying Asaka nee-chan.

A little sick of what these people were saying, I placed down Asaka nee-chan, and stretched out my hands to flag a cab; me and Asaka nee-chan boarding it afterwards.

The cab driver looked to be an oji-san around 40 plus years old, and when he saw me and Asaka nee-chan sitting at the back rows, he told me: "Young man, your girlfriend sure is pretty."

"We are..........."

"Thanks oji-san, for the praise~"

I was just about to explain to him when Asaka nee-chan interrupted my words, and as I looked at her with a bizarre expression on my face, Asaka nee-chan only secretly stretched out her tongue mischievously towards me.

The cab halted at my house door entrance, and after paying the driver his fare, both me and Asaka nee-chan alighted; I arm-supported Asaka nee-chan inside the house before asking her: "Why didn't you explain to him just now that we're just siblings?"

-ch 7(new) end-

(1796 words to tl)

TL: So for today, my schedule was to be WY(new) ch 6,7,8, and since 9 wasn't released yet, I'll continue to tl another chapt of LDD.😱

The teacher's gender wasn't specified in this chapt at all, but there wasn't a word that could use to describe a gender neutral teacher so I had no choice but to use a 'her' in the meanwhile. This is based on the basis of old WY chapters of the teacher being a female.

Asaka "Aah!" fell onto the floor = the author used squat here, but come on, how do you squat when your ankle is twisted, it shd be sat on the ground. So I've made a correction here.

sensei = 'teacher' in japanese

oji-san = 'uncle' in japanesey


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