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Love Dependency Disease v1c28

Volume 1 Chapter 28: To the Beach

TL: flarewk

"That's it then....I'm tired, so I'll head back first, alright?" I yawned widely, for my eyes were like filled with lead to the point of almost being unable to open it.

"All right, what time do we go tomorrow?"

"8 o'clock in the morning, just knock onto my door at around 7.30 plus will do, oh right...Xiao Ling, just now those stuffs that you mentioned were fakes, right? They were toys, right...?"

"Mufufufu~ if Jian ge says so then it'll be so~"

I had a feeling that it might be the real deal.....but it's not really possible as those stuffs at the back were military-grade weaponry, so Xiao Ling must definitely be bluffing me....yup, it must be!

Once again returning back to my comfortable bed, the moment I've laid down the phone started to ring.

"Hello, who is this?"

I took a look at the caller ID, but it's a unknown number that I didn't recognize.

"It's me.....Ma Qing Xue...."

I really had no idea how she managed to obtain my new mobile phone number.

"Oh, if there's anything then quickly say it then, I'm going to sleep.."

"I....I can't sleep, so I want to find someone to talk to..."

"Aren't we going to the beach tomorrow? It's quite late already, so hurry up and sleep as well."

"But I really can't sleep, so what should I do right now!"

Ma Qing Xue's voice actually had a little bit of wailing in it. Huh...if you're unable to sleep, would you really be that depressed?

"Take some.....sleeping pills?"

"I don't want to take some pills! Why not, you sing a lullaby to me~?"

"Me? My singing is completely out of tune, it's better to just forget about it....."

"Eehhh!! Even if your singing is completely out of tune it's alright; if I can't hear a lullaby....then I can't fall asleep, then if I can't fall asleep then I won't wake up tomorrow....if I can't wake up tomorrow then I'll miss the chance for our honeymoon....if I miss the chance for our honeymoon.....then it's the end of our marriage....then divorce!!"

"I don't want it!!!!!!"

I have no idea what she was fantasizing about earlier, but she suddenly screamed into the phone loudly, which frightened me onto nearly rolling off the bed and onto the floor.

"Sure-sure-sure, sing, I'll sing already alright?"

"Wait, wait, don't sing first...."

"What do you still want....."

"Recording! Alright you can sing now~"

I took in a deep breath, and let go my world-obliterating-level of melody.

"Sleep now~ sleep now~ my dearest darling....."

What a shameful feeling.....singing completely out of tune, even to my own ears, I wasn't even singing a lullaby at all, but more like a soul-reaping kind of horrific song! I would be rather shocked if Ma Qing Xue would fall asleep from that!

"Huuu~ shuuuu~ huuuu~ shuuuu"

As I continued singing on, I heard evenly breathing sounds from the phone, Ma Qing Xue actually fell asleep?

Don't tell me that her soul had really been reaped away? She could even fall asleep by this kind of song!

"Anyway, good night."

I hung up the phone, and ended this short piece of lullaby; it's finally time for me to rest.

So heavy.........

My body felt like it was being squashed by something.....

I managed to force open my eyes, it's already morning; even if there's a case of ghost-bed-haunting*, it couldn't have lasted all the way till right now, in the early morning*.

As my consciousness became clearer and clearer, my brain functions started to function normally; and I can clearly feel that the thing squashing onto me, is something seemingly warm, and rather soft.....

My hand stretched towards that thing, and I groped it. As I felt that sensation, mm~ it seemed like a human's skin......

Human's skin?

I rapidly tore away my blanket covering me, and lying onto my chest was Xiao Ling, curled up and sleeping.....

The edge of her mouth still had some crystalline traces of saliva, and it dripped into a puddle, wettening my pajamas.

What's even more worse is, this person is actually only wearing a set of strawberries!

It's an early morning right now, and according to what I know, every healthy male comrade right now, will have an uncontrollable natural human body reaction.

I'm doomed, I'm already a criminal, I think it's better for me to surrender myself.....

"Jian ge~ good morninggaaaahhhhh, actually I wanted to wake you up...but I ended up being tired too, so I went back to sleep again~ teehee~"

"How did you manage to come in!!"

"Fēi yán zǒu bì shù!"

(TL: "The art of flying onto the eaves, and jumping onto the walls!" I preserved the chinese characters as it sounded 'cuter' for Xiao Ling to say that than the english context)

I glanced towards the balcony of the bedroom, and the windows are indeed open....

"Let's not talk about this first, Jian ge can you not use your elbow to poke my stomach? It hurts a little....."

My elbow? But I didn't use my elbow to poke her at all!

Don't tell me it's.........

I'm about to be sentenced to a death penalty!!

"Cough, cough...Xiao Ling, hurry up and put on your clothes, it's time to get going!"

I hurriedly coaxed her, praying to myself to quickly rid out of this awkward situation as I stretched out both of my hands to try shoo Xiao Ling off the bed.

"Ohh~ ohhh~ Jian ge's both hands were exposed out already, but there's still something poking onto my stomach, Jian ge were you hiding anything inside the bed at all~?"

Damm it......even though she knew about it.

"What does a small child know? Hurry up and go to the living room and wait for me, I'll be done in a moment."

"It doesn't mean that a small child wouldn't not know about everything, right~? At the very least....."

Xiao Ling used her elbow to nudge my waist, as her eyes glanced sideways as she smirked wickedly.

Afterwards, she picked up her clothes that were anyhow strewn onto the beside, and ran off towards the living room.

A short while later, I entered into the living room, and Xiao Ling had already put on her clothes, she was also carrying an extremely huge bag that doesn't fit her size at all, and I'm not even sure what's inside that bag in the first place.

"Xiao Ling~ look at you carrying such a huge bag, it must be tiring, right? How about I help you carry it?"

"Mm, thanks Jian ge~ Jian ge is such a gentle and kind person~"

Kind person, huh? Heh heh heh, my plan worked!

I wanted to see what she's actually brought along!

"Sudden inspection! What's this?"

I took out something that looked like a pistol, it's rather heavy....maybe it's the real deal.

"I've accidentally placed some rubbish inside the bag....."

"And this?"

I took out a double-barreled hunting rifle.

"Base, base-ball bat?"

Don't ask me that kind of question!

"And what's these?"

I took out a few hand grenades and timed bombs.


To damm with those weights!

"And this!"

I took out a rocket launcher.

"This looks like a watch some stars together?"

It's more like you intending to destroy those stars!

"And this, this, this!"

I took out the missile launcher, tank-drop indicator and electromagnetic beam gun target indicator as being previously said by Xiao Ling.

"It's an....ocean of fireworks, it's so beautiful to see fireworks at the ocean!"

Are you really sure that a mushroom shaped cloud of fireworks is really that beautiful?

"All of the above things; they are not allowed to be brought along!"

"Humph, don't bring then don't bring then, Jian ge is such a petty person!"

"Let's go let's go, it's not we won't make it in time to meet up with the rest."

At around 8.10 later, I still was about 10 plus minutes late as I finally reached the park, hopefully the Prez and all of them won't be too mad about it.

"You finally came, and this is? I remembered that during the sports meet last time we've met before, Zhang Jian, introduce her to us."

"Sure, she's my neighbor Xia Ling, how do i put it....she took care of me a lot, so I've brought her along."

"Heh heh, took should be taking care of each other, right!"

The male body present at the scene all snickered.

What do you guys know at all!

"Xiao Ling meimei, hello~"

Ma Qing Xue greeted Xiao Ling.

"Ahh, it's Ma jiejie~ hello, hello~"

Their relationship with each other doesn't look that bad, I was afraid that they would explode the moment they saw each other.

"Zhang Jian~ thanks for the lullaby you sang to me last night, it gave me such a nice sleep~"

Are you sure that's a lullaby, and not a 'rest-in-peace' melody?

"Mm, I should also thank Jian ge too~ sleeping in Jian ge's arms is really comfortable~ it gave me such a nice sleep too~"

I somehow smelt a nearly undetectable trace of gunpowder whiff in their conversation.

"Xiao Ling meimei, you're indeed still a little child~ still needing to hug someone before you could sleep."

Ma Qing Xue emphasized the two words, 'little child' rather heavily.

"Ma jiejie too is like a child that never grew up~ still needing someone to sing to you before sleeping."

Likewise, Xiao Ling emphasized the word 'child' rather heavily.

"Xiao Ling meimei, you're such a cute little child~"

"Don't be humble already, Ma jiejie~ you're an even more cuter child compared to me!"

I could almost see the sparks of electricity coursing through the air as it came out from the both of their eyes and repetitively clashed with each other.

"All right, enough playing around, stop for awhile."

"President, this will be settled in a moment."

"This da jiejie, after a moment it'll be fine."

They continued to glare at each other with eyes of killing intent.

The Prez attempted to ease the conflict between them, but to no avail.

Looks like what happened that day, only Wang Yi knew himself.

"Wang Yi, that night......that night when they chased after you, what happened exactly then?"

"Which night?"

Wang Yi had a look of confusion on his face, but it should have been a vivid memory for him, it can't be that his head was acting up?

"It's that night when the sports meet ended!"

"Sports meet.......ended.......what happened........I remembered that I was being....."

His pupils suddenly expanded widely, as a comical yet terrifying expression of horror appeared onto his face.

"No........please, please! Don't.......don'!!!"

Wang Yi suddenly became broken.....I'm sorry, Wang Yi, next time I'll definitely repay you.

What happened that night must be something really terrifyingly horrible!

"Yaho~ I'm sorry for being late~ Amelia have arrived!"

As all of my attention was placed onto Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling earlier, I really didn't notice that Amelia hadn't arrive yet.

"Eeeh? What a cute little meimei~~~here, a hug hug, let jiejie kiss you!"

Amelia straightaway hugged Xiao Ling, and fiercely kissed onto her cheeks a couple of times.

"Stop! Are you a wild dog! Don't lick! Quickly stop!"

Even I couldn't escape from Amelia's grip, would Xiao Ling be an exception otherwise?


"Uuuu......let go! I can't breathe anymore!"

Amelia pressed Xiao Ling within her breasts and tightly hugged her as she used her face to repeatedly rub her head....Xiao Ling looked to be rather pitiful, I really wished that I could help take her place into accepting this pain right now!

(TL: ..........)

But, I slightly became relieved for the excursion this time, as I finally found someone who could restrain Xiao Ling.

As expected of my best comrade, Amelia, good job!

-ch 28 end-

(2765 words to tl)

ghost-bed-haunting: 鬼压床, this is known more commonly as sleep paralysis in western regions. But the chinese traditionally believe that sleep paralysis actually were caused by a ghost deliberately lying onto you, preventing you from waking up, hence the short idiom here. In general, normally ghosts would be gone by the time when the sun rises. (hence the text context)

meimei = this is an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "little sister"

jiejie = this is an appendix placed behind a name, it meant ''elder sister''

da jiejie = it meant "elder sister" (not appendix). This way of saying it is rather cute.


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