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Love Dependency Disease v3c54

Volume 3, Chapter 54: Found his home!

TL: flarewk

"It's been a long time that I've eaten my hometown's food, it's so nostalgic."

They sat in a restaurant, and amongst them, Liu Xiong was extremely touched as he ate a serving of Mapo tofu.

"This stir fried szechwan chicken's taste is really excellent, I've never eaten such delicious food back from my hometown either."

Amelia licked her chopsticks, and seemed to still reminisce in the flavor of it.

"Amelia, you should stop already, it should be enough by now....leave some for us too!"

Wang Yi infuriatingly pointed at her, but Amelia ignored him.

"Just order another set for yourself then......"

Amelia simply just gathered all the dishes to right in front of her, and enjoyed eating them alone.

"Eat quickly, there's still stuff to do after we've finished eating."

After Sun Li Hua footed the bill, the company of people then proceeded to a nearby emphasized high school.

"You are?"

They reached the entrance of the high school when the security stopped them.

"We are here to check on a student's personal particulars; we belong to the Student Council of K high school.....after that student transferred to our school, we suspect that there's falsified information in his personal particulars, so we've specially arrived to investigate onto this matter."

Sun Li Hua replied as she took out a paper detailing proof of identification from her clothes pocket, and after the security took a glance at it they were allowed to enter.

" come we became K high school's student council members already......."

"The Vice Principal of K high school is a good friend of one of my  sub-company's vice general manager, so it was a simple task to obtain this proof of identification, a pity that this proof of identification can only be issued once, if not I'll be able to let my company's men investigate these....sigh."

Sun Li Hua and the rest went to this high school's student council area, and after a conversing with the Student Council President, the other party agreed to the request, but there wasn't anyone called Zhang Jian in the student records.

"Thanks for all the troubles, since there wasn't any, we'll first make a move."

Sun Li Hua went to another high school after thanking the other party, but the result still remained the same, that high school also didn't have any information with regards to Zhang Jian.

And so for the entire afternoon, Sun Li Hua and the rest investigated four emphasized high schools; the sky were almost getting dark, with the remaining time only allowing them to investigate just one more school.

"Good evening, we are the Student Council from K high school; because there's a student in our school suspected of falsifying his personal particulars, hence we came here to investigate, may we?"

Entering the Student Council room of the fifth school, just when that school's Student Council President was about to check the school's records, a girl standing right beside the President stopped him.

"No need to check, President Yang, Zhang Jian didn't study at our school before."

"Vice President, how do you know that?"

"Me and Zhang Jian were junior school classmates before......."

The moment that school's Vice President finished that sentence, Sun Li Hua and the rest felt a flickering of hope in their hearts, this minimally meant that Zhang Jian definitely lived in this city, at least, he was always, before high school!

"This tongxue, good evening, may I know how to address you?"

Sun Li Hua greeted the other party, hoping to retrieve more information from her.

"My name's Zhao Yue, it's fine if you guys call me by my name, but according to what I know about Zhang Jian, he wouldn't be the type who would falsify information about his own particulars, furthermore I remember he scored quite some good grades in the midterm exams last time...." 

(TL: normally it would be common courteousy to add a -tongxue suffix behind, but she just asked them to address her normally)

"Were you in the same class as Zhang Jian last time?"

"Mm, I was the class monitor during the times I was in the same junior high as Zhang Jian."

"Zhao Yue, which junior high school did the both of you studied in previously?"

"J affiliated Secondary school"

"Thank you!"

They've finally received a rather important bit of news, although most schools would punctually delete off their student's data within a certain period of time, and it's quite plausible that it was already gone by now, but as long as Zhang Jian studied there before, there would most definitely be some sort of trace or clue to locate him.

The next day, they arrived at J affiliated secondary school early in the morning.

"Good morning, we belong to the Student Council of K high school, and we need to check a particular student record from the past, is it possible to do so?"

Reaching the Student Council area of the junior school, due to all of them being mere middle school students, they were slightly startled by Sun Li Hua's intimidating presence.

"Unn.....jiejie please hold on a moment........around when did that person graduate from our school?"

"Two years prior."

"Let me see, it's very likely that it's already deleted by now, since we normally only keep student records for a year."

The little Student Council President who looked slightly handsome-ish then checked his computer records for a moment, and after a while his eyebrows frowned.

"'s gone already.....but I can still help you to ask the teacher, it's possible that his previous homeroom teacher still remembers a little about this."

"Thanks, little President."

(TL: this wasn't derogatory in any way, it's just a cute elder sister talking to a small junior that kind)

"No need, no need, being able to help jiejie is my pleasure......."

He a little shyly scratched his hair, and dared not look at Sun Li Hua; at this moment any person would be able to tell that he had a little interest in the dignified and beautiful Prez, but Sun Li Hua herself merely smiled bitterly without replying.

He then made a call afterwards, and after waiting for a moment, a results came in.

"You guys can go to the opposite building's second floor office to look for Zhou laoshi, he's the ex-homeroom teacher of Zhang Jian's."

"Mm, then see you next time......."

"Umm.....I will work hard to get into K high school.......and......umm....."

"I'll first wish you in scoring a good grade then...."

The crowd of people helplessly smiled along with Sun Li Hua, even if he was to get into K high school, he won't be able to see Prez at all.....unless he's willing to traverse to another province to get into Su Hua.

"Good evening fellow teachers, may I ask whom is Zhou laoshi?"


A middle aged man who looked to be full of vigor waved towards Sun Li Hua.

Because the staff room was a little compact, all of them did not enter into it, with the exception of only Sun Li Hua and Ma Qing Xue.

"You guys wanted to ask some matters about Zhang Jian, right? Whatever it is about him, that brat used to be rather naughty last time, and if he had done anything bad, it's probably not his true intentions to do so, so please forgive him on that."

"Zhou laoshi, it's not like that.....actually it's that we lost his personal particulars that he had submitted to the school, and he himself applied leave ten days ago, afterwhich we were completely unable to contact him at all, and so.......we were hoping to contact his parents."

"Oh, it's like that huh.....I've already forgotten his parent's numbers....but if it's his house, I've once paid a visit before...I think it should be at Sky Moon small district, and as for what building or what floor.....I can't recall already, but on the balcony of his house there's quite a number of morning glories, so you guys can use that as a start to look for him."

"We are really thankful to you for this, Zhao laoshi, we'll take our leave first."

Leaving J affiliated secondary school, the crowd once again proceeded to Sky Moon small district, and after searching an entire round in the small district they didn't locate anyone keeping morning glories on the balcony at all, but, they noticed that there was a family that had a bit of flowery plants hung on the balcony, and that should be it already.

They proceeded upstairs and knocked onto that family's door, with a middle aged slightly chubby uncle opening the door.

"Comin' comin', so whazzap' for y'all looking for me?"

The moment that man opened his mouth, it was an extremely thick accent of local dialect, which made Sun Li Hua and the rest momentarily stunned, and a little speechless on how to respond.

"Bout' that brah', lemme ask yer' something, do you remember about a Zhang Jian?"

Liu Xiong stood forward, and communicated with that uncle with the same local dialect.

"Zhang Jian? Nah freakin' idea, it's probably the previous family, see? The previous residents were named Zhang."

"Any freakin' idea where they had moved to?"

"Freakin' idea be darned, their phone numbers totally not around with me, I just purchased this second-hand flat through a intermediary, but I freakin' know the previous owner's name, it's Zhang Ou."

"Darned thanks, big brah, thanks for the trouble........."

(TL: I tried my best to make it sound american dialecty, was I successful? :P)

Liu Xiong smiled as he thanked the other party, and told the rest on what he found out using normal dialogue.

"Zhang Ou huh......give me a moment, I'll go ask a certain something."

Sun Li Hua suddenly seemed to remember something as she dialed a certain number.

"Hello, Secretary Wang? Among one of our three sub-companies in S province, wasn't there a General Manager called Zhang Ou?"

"That's right, I didn't know that Sun xiaojie still actually remembered about these?"

"After all he's a leader of one of our sub-companies, so I must definitely know about him.

"Right now he's on a work assignment, and will probably return back to S province today, xiaojie had something for him?

"Mm, just a little, give me his contact information."

"No need for that, I'll directly transfer this call over."

The sound of a phone redirection ensued, and after waiting for a short moment, it was picked up once again.

"Hello, who is this........"

"Manager Zhang, I'm Sun Li Hua, I'm Sun Li Hua, I'm looking for you because of a little something, when will you arrive back in S province?"

"Oh, Sun xiaojie........good evening, good evening....I'm just about to board the plane, and will reach my home in about 5 plus in the evening....please, come to the company and have a seat there."

"No need, I'll directly go to your home after you've returned, give me your home's address first then."

"Alright, my home's address is........."

Sun Li Hua hung up the phone, and her expression looked to be a little ecstatic.

"Tell all of you a piece of good news, I've located where Zhang Jian home was already, his dad's coincidentally even one of our sub-companies general manager as well."


"Later around five plus in the evening, we'll go to Zhang Jian's home, and afterwards, we'll see if his dad have any information about Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend or not..."

And the time after their purposeful wasting went on very quickly, at around five thirty in the evening, they reached Zhang Jian's home.

"Ai~ yeoh......umm.... Sun come you wanted to visit my humble place of residence...."

Zhang Jian's dad Zhang Ou was a man who looked to be rather young, his looks were supposed to be middle-age but ended up looking as if he had just reached thirty years old, and his face structure looked to be very similiar to Zhang Jian.

"Zhang shu, right now I still remember when I was young, whenver you've went to our main company to have a meeting, you'll always accompany me to play around, while the rest always ignored me......"

"Ahaha about this, you're at the very least our big boss's daughter, so everyone was afraid that they'll make you trip or something......"

"Is it.....but let's talk about the important stuffs first then, you have a son, he's called Zhang Jian, right."

"Mm....Sun xiaojie how did you know about my son......."

"He's in the same school as me, and is one of the Student Council members, not long ago....he vanished...."

"Ah!!! Th.....Then was there any leads at all...."

Zhang Ou was shocked by Sun Li Hua's words till he immediately stood up, and looked at her in bewilderment.

"Take a look at this......."

Sun Li Hua took out the footage of Zhang Jian being assaulted and a photograph that Zhang Jian had once passed to her; when Zhang Ou saw these stuffs, his face expression looked to be a little unnatural.

"Zhang shu, you knew this girl?"

Ma Qing Xue sensed that Zhang Jian's dad possibly knew something about this, hence she quickly urged him on anxiously.

"'s better if you guys take a look at this photograph......."

Zhang Ou took out a family photo placed in the cabinet and passed it to Sun Li Hua, and on the photo, was Zhang Jian when he was younger, Zhang Ou himself, a very beautiful middle-aged young lady, and a little girl; that little girl in the photo was tightly hugging Zhang Jian.

That little girl, was that same person that Zhang Jian had asked Sun Li Hua, Xia Ling to keep a watch on, and was also the ex-girlfriend they all were looking for in their minds.

"Zhang shu.....she is?"

"My daughter, Zhang Jian's sister, Zhang Yu."

-ch 54 done-

(3073 words to tl)

Remember in the last chapter or somewhere in Vol 2? During Zhang Jian's childhood memory arc, his dad mentioned that his dream would be to be a Vice GM of Sun Group one day.....he made it! (To an even higher position, a GM)

tongxue = 'classmate', it's a generalized term to address someone who is a student(stranger relationship)

jiejie = 'elder sister', it's a generalized term to address someone who's like an elder sister, (a side note is that it can be a compliment as well, as you think of that person to be very youthful and so on.)

-laoshi = 'teacher', this can be a suffix to place behind a name to acknowledge the fact that the person is a teacher.

-xiaojie = 'young lady' , this can be a suffix to be placed behind a name to ack the fact that the person is of a respectable origin. (same to japanese suffix -sama)

-shu = 'uncle', this can be a suffix to be placed behind a name to ack the fact that the person is an uncle, and it's usually called as such to intentionally refer to a person slightly more affectionate compared to both parties being strangers


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