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Love Dependency Disease v3c58

Volume 3, Chapter 58: Battle at the Abandoned Factory

TL: flarewk

Eight o' clock at night. The street lights had just been lit up, bathing the entire city in a dream-like trance of neon lights, and busy vehicles kept riveting around numerous streets in a fashion. Amongst them, within a black limousine, Sun Li Hua and the rest were sitting inside discussing a few matters.

"Factory C was a brick factory in the past, it's land territorial extremely spacious, and it's map position was the most remote among the three factories. There are almost no residents in it's surroundings, as well as it being very rarely accessed by people; looks like Zhang Yu picked a rather good place."

"Prez, since Zhang Jian's sister is that powerful......will we really be able to deal with her?"

"Rest assured, Wang Yi, Zhang Yu's prowess is only meted to a single person, if I didn't have my company's help on this, to be frank, I won't be up to her either; but we are not the same person, and I won't be that foolish to want to compete with her for an ultimatum, our motive is just to simply save Zhang Jian."

"That's true, we have numbers on our side!"

Sun Li Hua and Wang Yi conversed, while phone ringing sounds suddenly emanated from Sun Li Hua's bag.

"Hello, Secretary, what's the matter?"

"Sun xiaojie.....after the target moved around Factory A, she had started to go to Factory B already."

"Mm....I got it, increase the manpower, send people to all three factories, call as many backup as possible!"

Zhang Yu's whereabouts exceeded Sun Li Hua's expectations, she actually didn't go to Factory C.....or was it that, Zhang Jian was actually at Factory B?

"Still trying to confuse us, huh....."

Sun Li Hua murmured to herself.

"Prez, what happened?"

"No........nothing, let's first hurry up to the surroundings of Factory C......if Zhang Jian really wasn't at Factory C then it'll be troublesome......"

"Relax, I have a way!"

"I can feel as well."

Liu Xiong and Ma Qing Xue spoke at the same time.

"You guys? What kind of way......"

"Prez, have you forgotten who I am, I have markings on Zhang Jian himself, as long as the distance is near enough, I'm able to find him!"

"Prez, being Zhang Jian's girlfriend, I'm able to roughly sense where he is....of course, the prerequisite must be that the distance is not too far."


Sun Li Hua slightly had an ease of heart, if they had been to Factory C and realized that something was amiss, they need not search it thoroughly, and they could quickly proceed to another abandoned factory for the search.

As time went on little by little, the limo turned a sudden bend and drove into a small muddy path; with the limo shaking stealthily on the broken path filled with bumps and hollows.

From the window, the moonlight from the night sky didn't seem to be rather bright at all, and the end of the small road had many blurry huge black shadows, looking akin to unknownst ferocious beasts, which gave an intimidating pressure onto their hearts.

The limo stopped at a distance not far from the black shadow, and when they disembarked from the vehicle they were able to see it a little clearer; that shadowy figures belonged to an abandoned factory.

"Don't use the torchlight, bring this along inside."

After alighting from the limo, Sun Li Hua took out a few items from the trunk that looked like binoculars and passed it around to the crowd.

"This is?"
"Night vision googles, it also have thermal imaging functions as well......Ma Qing Xue, Liu Xiong, right now are you able to know whether Zhang Jian's at Factory C?"

"Hold on......"

Liu Xiong had a face of extreme concentration, while Ma Qing Xue beside him had her head lowered, exerting her utmost thinking about Zhang Jian.

"Got it! It's here! That's right! It's here, Zhang Jian is nearby this place!"

Ma Qing Xue lifted her head, and excitedly jumped about on spot quite a few times, she managed to locate Zhang Jian, although it's all intuition-based.

"Is it, well then please be careful.....Ma Qing Xue, can you more accurately pinpoint where he is?"

"I........can only know where approximately, we still need to search slowly factory by factory."

Under the cover of darkness, they walked into the abandoned factory, the factory which didn't have any source of light inside seemed to be rather terrifying; the overgrown wild grass and low-heighted shrubs seemed like hideous ghostly figures, almost as if that from the dark corners there would be something jumping out anytime.

"Can you guys see clearly?"

"Can, we can see clearly, the effects of this night vision googles is excellent."

"The button on the top left hand corner enables thermal imaging, but a pity is that it cannot bypass walls, if not it'll be much easier if we were to switch it on and do a sweep of the area to locate Zhang Jian."

Sun Li hua conversed with the rest, and repeatedly shouted Zhang Jian's name in the pitch-black factory, right now it's too clear on Zhang Yu's situation, and according to Sun Li Hua's expectations, the fastest that she would take to rush towards Factory C would be half an hour more, and if they would be able to locate before her arrival then the task would be way more simpler.

"Zhang Jian! Are you around here! I'm Ma Qing Xue, we're here to save you!"

After searching through the last and final factory, they still hadn't locate Zhang Jian, which made people suspect whether Zhang Jian really was here in the first place.

"Ma Qing Xue, your senses can't have gone wrong, can't it?"

Amelia had her eyebrows frowned, and seemed to be a little demotivated.

"No.......I can very clearly feel that, Zhang Jian he's definitely in here!"

"Me too, I've finally sensed Zhang Jian, he's around that direction, the third factory near to the left of the entrance."

"Liu Xiong? How did you know as such so clearly?"

"I........although I wasn't as fast as Ma Qing Xue, but if you could just give me a bit of time I'll be able to find the more precise location, don't forget, I'm the Master of Stalkers, the professional kind!"

"But we had already searched that factory once already, and he wasn't there......"

"That's because we didn't search carefully, let's go and search it again!"

Within every single factory, they searched extremely detailedly on every possible location that could hide a person, but it was unexpected that there's still some spots that were undiscovered by them.

According to Liu Xiong's saying, they proceeded into a factory that looked to be way bigger than the others, and in this factory piled a lot of bricks and sediments, it considering to be the most spacious factory amongst all. They searched within it thoroughly once again, but still to no avail.

"Was it exactly here or not!"

A frustrated Amelia then stamped on her current spot a few times, and it was this stamping that made Jiang Tian engrossed within deep thoughts.

"I got it, there's an underground room in here, just now when Amelia was stamping, it sounded differently from stamping onto a grounded floor, let's look for an underground entrance!"

Jiang Tian's words surprised everyone, and they quickly surrounded the area where Amelia had stamped to look for an entrance that could bring them towards underground.

"God says, he'll bring us wind*!"

Wang Yi mysteriously gave off an ghastly yell at the huge door entrance, and suddenly a strong gust of wind actually blew inside the factory. Wherever the wind blew, it made varying 'hushuu' wind sounds, as Jiang Tian scrunched up his ears to carefully listen, he's distinguishing the different air flow.

"Over there!"

Jiang Tian pointed towards a corner of the wall, at there, it was being blocked extremely securely by a pile of bricks, and after they had proceeded forwards to move a little of the bricks away, a staircase that spiraled to downstairs appeared before their eyes.

" Zhang Jian's right below here huh? .........I'll first go down to have a look...."

"Ma Qing Xue, watch out!"


Ma Qing Xue who was looking at the staircase and was preparing to head downstairs when she was suddenly shoved aside forcefully by Sun Li Hua; at where she was standing just earlier, had many bricks that were already cracked into pieces from the impact.

"So you've still finally caught up to us, huh........"

Bitterly laughing, Sun Li Hua looked onto a quadrangular platform atop of them, a shadowy figure stood there, if it was to be seen through the night vision googles, it would be very clear that the black figure was Zhang Yu.

"It's really unexpected, that you guys were even able to find this, since it's already like that......then don't blame me for being ruthless, anyway when gege wakes up next time he would already been overseas by then......."

"Zhang Yu, do you really think that we are that easy to be dealt with?"

"I wasn't that serious last time, because I was thinking of gege's request last time, but......since you guys forced me till this very step, then don't blame me, I've prepared for this for so can I just let you guys destroy the very chance of me and gege being together!"

Zhang Yu leaped down from the quadrangular platform, the place where she landed coincidentally had a pile of sand, hence from that height it won't really cause her any sort of injury at all.

"Switch on thermal imaging!!"

Sun Li Hua loudly yelled, and was the first to move; she took out a long knife from her bag.

Wang Yi right now was the closest to Zhang Yu, hence she immediately dashed towards him first without saying a second word.

"Calm down, calm down! Xiao Yu meimei, please calm down!!!!"

""Xiao Yu meimei" is not for you to be called!"

Wang Yi attempted to run away in sheer panic, but his heart region was still being poked at by Zhang Yu's knife.

"Tch.....wearing bullet-proof vest guys sure come in fully prepared......."

Realizing that her single fatal knife strike didn't actually cause any injury on Wang Yi made Zhang Yu slightly vexed, but shortly afterwards she laughed loudly.

"Do you really think that these would be able to stop me? Your necks, eyes, nose, ears, hands and leg's nerves all doesn't have any bullet-proof coverings at all!"

After she had finished sneering she dashed forward to assault Amelia, and although Amelia was trained before in the military, but she had only traded a few blows with Zhang Yu before quickly being placed under a disadvantage.

"Amelia, don't give up, I'll help you."

Sun Li Hua held onto a long knife that was nearly a sheer meter long and slashed towards Zhang Yu's neck; of course, she was using the back of the knife, she wasn't as crazy as Zhang Yu, who wanted to kill someone without negotiating a second word.

(TL: one-meter-long knife, what are you kiddin' me, it's already a katana!!!)

After Zhang Yu noticed that Sun Li Hua had stepped forward to attack her, she kicked away Amelia off with a foot, and turned to deal with Sun Li Hua instead, and amongst this crowd of people, only the females had battle power, the boys were rather useless in contrast other than just spectating and cheering them on.

"Eat my weights!"

"Stupid Xia Ling, don't!"

Amelia screamed towards Xia Ling to stop, if Xia Ling was to really throw it out then it'll be end-game......they were currently using night vision googles, and if it was to really be flashed by the flash-bomb, their eyes would really had gone blind.


And just like that, another useless spectator that provided no benefit at all other than throwing weights appeared.


A sound of an engine rumbled, Wang Yi and the rest were very familiar onto this sound, as they've heard it many times before, it was the pulling of a chainsaw.

Once Ma Qing Xue had activated it she joined in the fray as well.

"Prez, hack her! Slash her! Yeah, just slash it like that! Use the ultimate technique <Nine swords of isolation>!

"Amelia, whack her, that's right, hit her face, punch her guts! Use the ultimate technique <Defense breaker punch>!"

"Ma Qing Xue, saw her, slice off the legs! Do a spin! Use the ultimate technique <Deathly storm blow>!"

Wang Yi cheered for them in a corner, and after a few rounds of exchanging blows, Zhang Yu still actually held the upper hand.

"Where did you wanted them to hit just now~?"

After they had separated from each other momentarily, Zhang Yu smiled and looked towards Wang Yi, the blade in her hands gleaming, which made Wang Yi drip out cold sweat profusely.

"I'm just kidding around, please ma'am, don't mind me......"

"My tolerance level is particularly low, alright~!"

"Don't!! Heroine, we can talk nicely over this!"

Wang Yi gave off a shudder as he hastily ran off, and at that speed it's impossible for Zhang Yu to catch up with him......she started to be a little impressed with that kind of scrawny rat, his ability to escape in the face of danger is indeed uncomparable to none.

At the moment, the crowd of people didn't notice one thing; the wind that blew around when Wang Yi escaped, blew a piece of purplish Han clothing from Xia Ling's bag into the entrance of the staircase.

-ch 58 end-

(3139 words to tl)

TL: Alright, time to close down my blog and forever leave this part in climax. -evil dancin'-

God says, he'll bring us wind! = sounds familiar? It's a parody of the actual phrase, God says he'll bring us light from the bible... I think.

Xiao Yu meimei = This is an extremely affectionate way to call Zhang Yu; which pissed her off in contrast, lol.

Xiao- : a suffix placed in front of a name to ackl someone younger than you, and to respond to that person endearingly somewhat. This meant 'small'.
Yu : short form of her name, Zhang Yu.
-meimei : a suffix placed behind a name. This meant 'younger sister', and is also a moot point to note that it's a cute way (and preferred way) to address a young girl, as it amplifies the feeling to her that she's youthful.

Nine swords of isolation / defense breaker punch / Deathly storm blow  = all snark references to famous china martial techniques; No, I am not going to explain every one of them in detail -3-.

please ma'am = I subbed in ma'am here to imply that Wang Yi was speaking real respectfully as he was doing so in original text. (normally I would have just ignored it and just add a please, but in this context it's meant to be a funny joke)

-xiaojie = 'young lady' suffix

Master of stalkers = title belonging to Liu Xiong, one of the Five Human Trashes of Su Hua.


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