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Love Dependency Disease v3c68

Volume 3, Chapter 68: Returning to Su Hua

TL: flarewk

Have Xiao Yu really changed back to normal already......I kept asking that myself yesterday repetitively, even now as well.

"Xiao Yu, I'll be going first, after graduation I'll definitely return here."

"Mm, have a safe trip gege, and remember to come back to play during the winter holidays okay~"

When I left the house door, Xiao Yu bade me farewell, and although from whatever perspective you looked, Xiao Yu seemed to be very normal, but I just had the feeling that something wasn't quite right.

In my memory, she wasn't that kind of person who would compromise so easily, and at the very least will pull on me not letting me go, or maybe just knocking me unconscious and imprisoning me for a few more days.

"Xiao Yu, are you thinking of any bad ideas at all......."

"Where did I, am I that kind of person, gege you're too much already; actually suspecting your meimei !"

"No, I don't mean it that way, my meaning is that you really would let me go just like that?"

"Yup, otherwise what else would I do, since we'll still see each other in the future as well, unless gege wants to go overseas with me, which I'm really welcoming onto it."

"Mm, it's nothing then, that's good."

So Xiao Yu finally had learnt to behave already huh, being a gege I'm really delighted now.

"Xiao Yu, goodbye, I'm always proud to have a meimei like you!"

I stroked her head one last time, and was just about to leave the house door when the hem of my shirt was being pulled by Xiao Yu.

"Not gonna give me a little farewell gift?"

Turning around, I noticed that she had already tiptoed, and placed her face forward in front of me, while using her fingers to point towards her cheeks.

"What age are you already, still wanting to do these......don't you feel embarrassed at all."

"Then gege's meaning is not gonna give, right?"

"Of course, you're already such a grown up, and it's not like as if we're still young, you....."

I was about to turn around and leave, when suddenly Xiao Yu leapt forward and bit me onto my cheeks, that's right, it's bit, not kiss.

"Hehee, that's my farewell gift, alright~"

Helplessly sighing, I took out my phone to substitute as a mirror and looked at the bite marks onto my face, with a depressed feeling within my heart, there's still last night's bite marks remaining on my arms too.

"Lao ge, good byee~!"

"Mm, bye bye!"

Closing the entrance doors of my home, Xiao Yu's events finally had a conclusive ending, and what's next when returning to Su Hua remained the malicious final exams waiting for me, it's really.....whenever I thought of that, I felt my chest rather tightened, breaths being shortened, my body entirety feeling really uncomfortable, it's like a pair of invisible huge hands tightly wrapping around my neck, which made me really breathless.

Hold on.....I suddenly realized that I really had this kind of feeling, and it's extremely realistic as well.....I actually really felt that my breathing had started not to be even already.

"Zhang childe......where's the Han clothing?"

A voice suddenly popped up within my brain, it's Yè Zǐ's, and Han clothing.....Han clothing......

I've left the Han clothing behind at that factory still......

"Miss , calm down.....I'll go look for it immediately...."

I mumbled to myself, hopefully she should be able to listen to it......

"Mm, quickly then, once I've attached onto a person for too long, I won't be able to come off....."

"I'll move right away, oh yeah, where have you been to all these while........"

"Sleeping of course, you thought that forming my physical appearance was easy huh, other than every year's 15th on the 7th month I'll be able to form my physical appearance once without any requirements, the rest of the time I only can form myself at night....and because my grave was at Ye Ming Island, so the constraints I received was slightly smaller."

"So it's like that huh......."

I've actually really forgot about this, that Han clothing was probably on the underground basement's bed still; and at that time when I saw it in the staircase, I just picked it up and casually placed it onto my bed, afterwhich things became too messy, which made me completely forgot about it.

Giving Prez and the rest of them a call, I was informed that they were waiting at the airport for me, and my mouth kept repeatedly apologizing as I asked them to wait slightly a little longer for me, just like that, I rushed towards the factory by myself.

I actually didn't know where the factory was at all, but luckily Yè Zǐ knew the way, and I spent one plus hour to finally reach the abandoned factory that Xiao Yu imprisoned me before.

Returning back to that underground basement, the Han clothing was indeed still on the bed. I folded the Han clothing and kept it properly while on the bed, and hadn't the chance to leave when the entrance doors suddenly closed, probably due to the wind blowing.

I don't know why, but right now I had half the mindset to laugh, and another half wanting to cry.....

I'm doomed, I've imprisoned myself.....

Taking out my phone and glancing towards it, there wasn't any signal at all.....

As for the GPS that Prez gave me, I've returned it to her long ago.

What should I do right now.....

I'm afraid that the only way would be to pluck out another bed legging to continue digging a hole, my life's really miserable...... and suddenly, I remembered about Yè Zǐ.

"Yè Zǐ.....can you help me to open the doors awhile?"

"It's very tiring to form my physical appearance......."

"But......if this goes on then I'll be in deep trouble!"

"All right, all right, I just needed a bit more energy to form my physical appearance, so I'll just suck yours......"


(TL: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).........(⌐□_□)....)

"It's quite simple, don't say anymore, first take off your clothes....."

"What, still needing to take off my clothes, no way, I, Zhang Jian is absolutely not that kind of person, I'd rather conscientiously go dig a hole!"

In all the ghost stories that I've seen before, the so-called spirit sucking energy would be those kinds of things already, right....... especially for female spirits, I definitely won't allow it to happen!

"Where have you been thinking about, I've attached onto your body, but since your clothes had been shone on by the sun, I can't come out as a result, so if you don't take off your clothes, how would I be able to come out!!"

"Can I just take off my upper shirt only?"

"No way, any portion that was being shone on by the sun must be removed entirely, or you could wait till after the sun had set too."

"Damn it, then there's no choice then, you're not allowed to peek, alright!"

I shyly removed off my upper shirt, but Yè Zǐ's voice once again resounded within my brain.

"Do I need to? I've completely and thoroughly saw everything of your body already."

"Did you know, at this modern times that's already an punishable offence, what you're doing is peeping!"

I didn't realize that I've already been entirely seen by Yè Zǐ........eyy, my purity is at stake here.

"And afterwards? How are you going to punish me, noon execution*? Hanging? Corpse splitting by five horses*? I'm not afraid~"

Oh right, I've forgotten that Yè Zǐ had already what was she still afraid of right now......

"Punishment by sun exposure!"

"Then you'll just accompany me here and become a gathering of lingering affection like me together then."

"It's my loss...... I need to take this off as well?"

After taking off my jeans I pointed towards my boxers, and since I'm being seen already, I'm no longer shy any more.

"Zhang childe......that isn't necessary already, also, this behavior of yours, in my times it's already punishable by lighting up a human lantern."

Because the underground basement didn't have any light source at all, I couldn't see a thing, so after I had took off my clothes, my body became quite lighter immediately, Yè Zǐ must have went outside already........

Ka chak.

That's the sound of the doors being unlocked, I can exit already....

"Zhang childe, don't put on your clothes that quickly yet, wait for me to attach onto you before wearing....."

"Umm....don't tell me we're going to hug again?"

"That's right."

"Wasn't it a little too.....too much of that......"

"Don't say anymore, I'm really tired, quickly let me attach onto you, and remember to wash the Han clothing clean......"

Yè Zǐ ignored my grimacing, and just directly gave me an extremely fervor hug...right now she's in that kinda physical appearance thingy form, and although there wasn't any body warmth at all, but the soft squishy sensation still made me uncontrollably develop a certain kind of reaction that a male would have.

No! I must calm down!

Using the old method, I kept thinking of myself in a situation of being dragged away by muscular men, and my reaction indeed quickly vanished.


What disastrous daily lives I had, hopefully in a while later aboard the plane there won't be any sky disasters too.....

"Pui!! This crow's mouth of mine....."

I quickly gave myself a few slaps on the face, what if it was to be true at any certain point at all!

Hurriedly rushing back to the airport, me and everyone afterwards peacefully returned back to the city where Su Hua was at, and luckily, my crow's mouth wasn't working at all....

"Everyone just first head back and have a rest today, don't forget to normally attend classes tomorrow!"

Prez reminded everyone after disembarking from the plane, and at this moment, I suddenly noticed that Wang Yi wasn't in our midst.

"Prez, where's Wang Yi?"

"Oh him, he's still lying at your hometown's hospital intensive care ward, rest assured, the surgery's very successful, and there wasn't any life's danger at all."

"Oh, that's good."

I had thought that Wang Yi had fallen from the plane already, and if it's this kind of minor injuries then it should be fine, since Wang Yi's constitute is rather good. Even if he was to be slashed a couple of times, being sliced a few times by the chainsaw, and being shot at a few times, afterwhich being bombed a couple of times by some weights, and then being forced to drink a couple hundred grams of sulfuric acid, he would still be perfectly fine.

"All right, I'll first go back to rest, oh yeah, Prez, when's the exact date of the final exams?"

"How many more days are there till the holidays?"

"Around 1 week plus roughly......"

"Then you'd better seize the time well and revise then~ if you failed then be careful that your holidays assignment would be increased, and of course, normally it would be increased in a multiplier of ten, it's not much, so you don't need to worry about it."

"Just kill me already."

I've already lost hope in this world, ten times the amount of holidays assignment.... and this wasn't much at all? You might as well let me die already!

"Just simply pass the exams then, you're at the very least the midterm exam's cohort's number 2, so why are you that inconfident about yourself?"

"Although it's like that, but.....that method last time....."

"It's impossible to cheat during the finals......good luck to you all."

After Prez had finished saying, she heartlessly left us behind. Not only me alone, but others had a bitter look on their faces too, other than Ma Qing Xue who looked considerable rather normal, the most frightened of all was Amelia.

Her eyes had already lost all vitality, and gave off a feeling of sullen atmosphere around her.

"It's's's hopeless.......any form of revision won't save me......"

"Zhang Jian! I can only depend on you right now, if it succeeds, then you can take anything from my collection, and even if you want me as your reward I won't batter a single eyebrow too!"

"Why would I want you for......"

"You can use me to vent your XX"

She seemed to have been on clutching on her last hope of straws, as she loudly screamed.

"Don't say anymore already, I'll do my best, I don't want any reward, so just be quiet a little......"

The surrounding passerbys had an expression of disgust as they looked at us..... even though I'm not that kind of person.

"Jian ge, I can help you to pass the exams, but I must vent my XX onto your body!"

Xiao Ling "innocently" chuckled, and the surroundings erupted again in a midst of squabble.

"Don't even think of it! Even if I was to do ten times the amount of holiday assignments, I would've never compromise towards that!"

"Jian ge do you really hate me that much? Even though......even though we had done everything already....."

"Oi, I didn't do anything at all!"

Quickly, I need someone to take in the firepower, where's Wang Yi....

Eh, oh yeah, he's still at the hospital, and looks like before Wang Yi recovers I'll need to take it easier a little.

"Zhang Jian, no matter if it's you using me to vent your XX, or if your hoping that I use you to vent my XX, I have no problems with any of them at all."

I don't know what's Ma Qing Xue thinking about as well, normally when encountering onto this kind of topics she would step forward to express her stance onto it, but venting what and whatnot is expectedly too........

Ayy, so now the entire world had lost all of it's moralities.

"Nonono, I have a lot of problems with that......"

I'm begging you guys to change this conversation already alright!!

"Just like that then, don't ask anymore, look at Liu Xiong and Jiang Tian, they've already lost their consciousness; hopefully after the finals are over I'll still be able to see everyone still alive."

The correct way is to now hurry up back and rest, because the following week afterwards, will definitely be high-amplitude level of studying, and if I still continued to daydream about in class, I'll definitely will die a horrific death later.

-vol 3, ch 68 end-

(3170 words to tl)

Ye Ming Island = She was referring to the old name of the island, which was named under her father, called Ye Ming.

15th of the 7th month = This refers to the date of the Hungry Ghosts festival of the chinese, where it is believed that the gates of hell would open for the entire month afterwards, allowing ghosts to visit their relatives or haunt around earth. I burn incense paper during that festival to my grandparents.....

noon execution = a traditional method by the chinese to behead a criminal, in a public trial, when the time hit's noon, his time is up for the defense and he will be beheaded.

Corpse splitting by five horses = a traditional method by the chinese to kill someone painfully, by tying a person, his head, and four limbs onto five horses spread out at a different clock angles, after which the executioner whips the horse, making them run away in fright, thereby tearing up the person apart.

Lightning up a human lantern = a traditional punishment, combining cruxification and fiery immolation.

crow's mouth = subtly meaning unlucky mouth. It's meaning was that you said something unlucky and it would really occur. Crows are believed to be unlucky animals due to their black color and their inaugural appearance whenever something bad happens. (Plus their ominous-like sounds too)

Xiao- = a honorific suffix placed in front of a name. The closest way to think about it would be the "-chan" used in japanese. It is used to refer to someone rather affectionately, and is usually used when the subject is younger than you. It literally means "small"

gege/ lao ge = 'elder brother' , the second one is an informal way of calling it. Literally means 'older bro'

meimei = 'younger sister'

-childe = a honorific suffix placed behind a name, this is a traditional way to ackl someone of being a respectable 'young master'

-ge = a suffix placed behind a name, this means 'elder brother', and is used to affectionately refer to someone as so.


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