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Love Dependency Disease v2c49

Volume 2, Chapter 49: Be my girlfriend, alright?

TL: flarewk

"What are you doing over here......I've been looking all over for you...."

"Waiting for someone....."

Looks like she hadn't completely recovered yet.


Ma Qing Xue stared at me with empty, hollowed gazes, and finally she slowly stretched out her hands towards me.

"You've come, Xiao Dan, let's go and play together."

The Xiao Dan addressing gave me a rather massive shock....and my memory started to jogged around widly.

"Ma Qing Xue! What.......did you me!"

"Have you brought the shells...."

"What shells........are you alright? Let's just go back first before talking about this....."

"Have you brought the shells......"

She smiled slightly as she repeated it again, which made me utterly bizarred.

"Xiao Dan, you said before, next time when we see each other again, you'll give me shells......."

"Stupid, in the river there's all!"

I subconsciously said out that sentence, I remember......that sentence I had said it somewhere before.......

As my memories hastily jogged around to the past, fragments of my memories slowly formed out to be a clear picture.....this scene, I knew it from before!

I came here before, I came to this bridge........when I was young.....I came here.....

My speeding memories uncontrollably zoomed past to 9 years ago, and that was like today as well, a blisteringly hot summer day.

"Son, this year's summer holidays your mummy had some busy things to settle somewhere else.......well......daddy because of work as well also needs to go other places too for an assignment for a period of time, so......."

"So what then, lao bà!"

" order to take care of you......I have to let you'll suffer a little, accompanying me outside as well....."

"Buy me a transformers action figure then I'll go!"

"Sure-sure-sure! As long as it's not too expensive will do......your dad is quite poor......"

"It's fine if you act poor in front of lao mà already, don't act poor as well in front of your son!"

The father's weak-point was being hurt by his son, and his face contorted painfully, with his expression becoming slightly furious.

"You this little thing, what rubbish are you talking about, be careful that I'll take your result slips and show to your mummy!"

"Lao bà! If you dared to do that, then I'll tell mom about your secret house savings as well, let's see who would suffer worse then!"

"Oh sure, you little unfilial brat, you actually dared to threaten me....I'll buy already......and I'll buy the best as well........"

"I love lao bà the most~"

"Get lost, go love your mummy......."

The young father lovingly stroked the young boy's head, and chuckled as he carried the young boy onto his back.

"Time to go~"

After the train's long-distance journeying, the father and his child arrived at a city that they had never went before, and as the father looked at a rather impressive large building not far from the train station, his expression was extremely excited.

"This would be the Sun Group's main branch already.....your dad would probably be a leader at one of the sub branches of this company one day~"

"What use is that......"
"I can buy more toys for you that way!"

"Lao bà, become the most impressive leader then."

"Don't let your mom know about this....."

"Don't worry, as long as I have a remote-control toy car, I won't have the time to speak in front of lao mà anyway......"

"You this bastard, you slaughtered me again!"

"Hehee, I've always wanted a remote-control toy car, and next time I'll definitely be a famous driver! Beep-beep-beep~"

"Gahaha, this dream is a little too tiny already, you must be like your lao bà, become an elite individual of society!"

"And afterwards at home being scolded by lao mà until your unable raise your head?"

The father's extremely pleased expression instantly wilted awkwardly..........

"Look here what's this? If you dared to expose me, be careful that I'll die along with you!"

"Lao bà, I'm just joking around.......don't take it seriously......."

The father dangled a school results slip right in front of his child, which made the young boy rather gloomy, why would this kind of father that bring his son's failing grades around with him exist........

Quite a number of days later.

"Good boy, today you'll must also stay inside the hotel and don't run around...tomorrow we'll be able to go back already."

"Ayy? Still must stay for one more day, I'm so bored! I stayed in this hotel for an entire week alreadyyy......."

"Please understand your pitiful daddy on'll be the last day, alright?"

"Sure-sure-sure, go go.......really...."

"As expected of my good ol' son, when I return I'm going to buy the best remote-control toy car available, and let you be the best driver ever!"

The father happily stroked the young boy's head in relief, but who knows that the boy had already another thought within his head just then.

One hour later.....

"Hehee, lao bà should have already gone long ago, it's time to go out and play yaay~"

The boy laid on the windowsill and unveiled a devilish grin, as he secretly ran out of the hotel.

"Lao bà is too dumb already, so this are adults huh.....gahahaha"

The young boy who escaped from the hotel excitedly ran around the streets, to him, it's like a brand new fresh adventure, which made his inner-self wildly exhilarated.

Who knows, in just a short half an hour later.......

"It's not hot......I'll go back to the hotel to get some air con....."

The young boy who had just a three-minute passion decided after a bout of serious thinking that he'd better head back to enjoy the refreshing breeze of air con.

On the way back, just beside a small bridge, he saw a young girl about to jump over the bridge's railings.

He who was extremely bored to the limits also followed the girl and jump over the railings.......

"Are you going to swim as well? I'll come along too."

"N-no, no.....there's a little cat that dropped into the it please....."

The young girl looked at the boy with an extremely pitiful eye gaze, hoping that he would help to save the little cat, but the young boy lost interest after hearing that it's not about swimming.

"Not swimming huh.........boring, good bye......."

The boy who was about to jump across the railings backwards was stopped by the girl.

"You can't......please save the little kitty, it's very looked very painful in the water....."

On the water, there's indeed a little kitten struggling, and the girl looked at the kitten anxiously, but the boy only felt that it's an annoyance.

"If you wanna save it then go ahead mom asked me to go home for lunch.......I'll go ahead first."

The boy once again prepared to flip over the railings, but was blocked once again by the young girl....

"If you don't save the little kitty then you cannot leave!"

Pu Tong! Sounded like something had fell into the water.

The young girl pulled the boy with slightly too much force, and the boy who had lost his balance then fell into the river.......he actually knew how to swim, but due to it being so sudden, it can't be helped that he ended up panicking wildly in the river.

"Thank're such a kind person, hurry up and save the little kitty then!"

The boy currently, had his inner thoughts crumbling; he was being drowned by the water, and was in a state of panic, he can't even let out a word of grimace, and can only struggle helplessly in the water.

As his position in the water when he fell was coincidentally near to the kitten, the kitten then casually crawled up the young boy's shoulders.

"Hey, there's a child who fell into the water......."

A person walking by suddenly exclaimed in shock.


"Under the bridge!"

"You guys hurry up and carry that girl away from the railings, I'll go save that boy!"

A middle-aged man whose face was entirely bearded jumped into the waters, and his professional swimming skills made everyone present at scene applause in admiration.

The boy was being saved.

"Cough, cough........mister, thanks a lot......"


The boy thanked the middle-aged man, and the cat that was saved along as well meowed.

"No need for thanks, where's your house, I'll send you back home."

"It's alright for that mister, I'm able to go back by myself........"

"Ai~yoh, this child is quite the manly little fella~......."

The middle-aged man chuckled as he patted the boy's shoulders, he had rather admired the young boy in front of him, as he thought that the reason why he was in the waters was due to his actions of wanting to save this little kitten right on his shoulders.

"Mister, what's your name, next time I'll definitely repay you...."

"It's alright, it's just a rather simple task."

"I can't, my daddy taught me before, I must be appreciative and repay back those people who helped me!"

"Hahaha.....your dad does indeed have a fine son, it's a pity that I had a daughter, if I'm able to have a son like you then it'll be a blessing."

"Thanks mister for the praise~"

"Mm, not bad, your such a polite kid."

"Mister what's your name........"

"My name is Xia Qin, if you had any troubles next time then this mister can help you too~"

(TL: Hmm. Xia surname, why does this sound so vaguely familiar?)

"Wah! Uncle Xia is such a kind person!"

"Gahahaha! You this little kid had such a sweet mouth...."

The middle-aged man suddenly had the urge to just snatch away this sensible young boy to be his very own's son.

"I still had something on, so I'll be going first, take care, manly little fella!"

"Mm, good bye, Hero uncle!"

After the middle-aged man had left, the young girl ran down towards the river shore, and straightaway hugged the boy without saying a second word.

"Thank you for saving the little kitty~"

The young boy suddenly became a little embarrassed.....this cute little girl actually made the boy had his heart skip a beat, but the still youthful child had no idea what's the meaning of love yet.

"Cough, cough....shouldn't you give the heroic Me a little reward?"

The boy place both on his hands onto his waist, and imposingly did what he thought was a very handsome pose.

"Unn~ umm~"

The young girl chuckled as she gave the boy a kiss.

" did you do....."

"Mummy said, this is a way to express yourself loving someone, hehee~"

The young girl's happy smile, made the boy even more embarrassed......

"Don't suddenly just kiss me like that.......really......"

"Eehh? You hate it...? Sorry........."

The girl's mood immediately turned depressingly sad.

"It's not that meaning......what I mean is umm....."

"Then that means you liked it?"

"No, what I mean is......"

"Sob~ sob~ sob....."

The girl did a posture of wanting to cry.

"I like it, I like it, alright, don't cry already."

The boy can only helplessly choose to compromise with her.

"Can you please play with me for awhile......."

"No way, I want to go back and enjoy the air con........"


Within the young girl's big cuddly eyes, welled large droplets of tears.

"Sure-sure-sure, let's play! I'll play anything......"

The boy suddenly realized that he's completely helpless against the young girl's tears.

"Well then, let's first play house*!"

"Can you change to another one......"

The girl's tears started to appear once more....

"Alright-alright, well, what should I play?"

"I'll be the husband, and you be the wife!"   (girl)

"I'm then the husband, and your then the wife!"    (boy)

"No way, I'm then the husband, and you'll be the wife!"   (girl)

"It's wrong already, the husband should be me!"   (boy)

"It's me!"    (girl)

The girl steadfastly persisted, and being left with no choice the boy had to just play the part of being a wife.

Just like that, the boy was bullied around by the girl the entire afternoon, and he was bullied till he had become meek entirely.

(TL: like father like son)

"The sky is about to be dark, I'm going back already, see you next time then~"

"Ehhh.....I don't want~ please play with me some more........."

The girl was very unreluctant on letting the boy leave, and she pulled onto the boy's clothes.

"Next time let's play together then, but, next time I must be one playing the husband role!"

"Mm, alright........oh right, how do I address you....."

"Just call me Xiao Dan!"

The boy said out his nickname.

"Mm, you can call me Xiao Qing, or Xiao Xue."

"Then it'll be Xiao Qing then, rather than winter I'll prefer summer."

(TL: Xue = 'winter' ; Qing = 'sunny day')

"Well, see you then, Xiao Dan."

Under the sunset, the girl waved towards the boy in farewell.

"Xiao Qing, see you next time~"

"Next time when you'll see me again can you give me a shell from the river?"

The girl looked at the boy's gradually distant figure, and loudly roared towards him.

The boy nearly fell down upon hearing those words, he's extremely confused on how this kind of person lacking common sense would live till today; he turned around, and did a playful face towards the young girl.

"Stupid, there's no shells in the river!"

And the fragments of memories stopped at here.........

Ma Qing Xue still had her hands stretched out, waiting for the shell, which made me unable to decide whether to laugh or to cry out in exasperation.

"Xiao Qing, you this stupid fool, that's my third time telling you this already, there's no shells in the river!"

"Is it......what a pity, then Xiao Dan can you give me shells next time alright?"

"Mm, I'll give you the most beautiful shell ever."

I laughed as I gripped her hands, and tightly embraced her into my arms, not letting her go despite after a long time.

"Xiao Dan.....your hugging is a little too tight......"

"I'm Zhang Jian right now, and you're Ma Qing Xue, do you still remember the words we said last time, the next time, it's time for me to play the husband role!"

"Xiao Dan......Zhang Jian........."

There's still a blurred haze within her eyes, she seemed to feel that the name Zhang Jian to be rather stranger-ish.

"I'm very sorry that I've harmed you, Xiao Qing, I promise next time that I'll never harm you again...."

"Zhang Jian.......I remember this name........who is he......Xiao Dan....please tell me......"

At this very moment, the typhoon had stopped, and the night sky after the typhoon had vanished had absolutely no clouds around, and the moon seemed especially beautiful.

"He's an incurable bastard, and also a wimpy piece of trash too."

"I won't allow you to scold him like that! Even if it's Xiao Dan....I won't allow you to say his bad words!"

"I'm just saying the truth as it is........."

"You don't even understand him at all! Who do you think you are to scold him like that!"

When did I change until I did even not understand myself at all?

"No, he's a bastard!"

"No he's not!"

"Yes he is!"

"I don't care, anyway he's not!"

Just like how little children would bicker against each other, Ma Qing Xue even did out a posture of wanting to beat me up, which made my inner self really not sure of wanting to laugh, or to cry in exasperation.

"Aaah! It's so maddening! I'm so jealous of that Zhang Jian, even though he treated you like that already........didn't you hate him at all......"

Ma Qing Xue merely shook her head as she smiled gently.

"Is're such a........person........without.....common sense......"

My voice suddenly was choked a little, and the corner of my eyes bizzarely even became a little wet, what happened to me exactly.......was it because of my injury.........

I must be right, it must be my really painful right arm must be too painful already........painful till it made me.........drip out tears subconsciously.

"Xiao Dan.....what happened to you......."

"I can't accept this at all! Who the hell is that Zhang Jian, a person who's not even worthy to be a piece of human trash, why must you be so good towards him!"

"Because.......I really, really love him the most."

Ma Qing Xue unveiled a smile, it made the entire night scenery lost all of it's vibrancy; I'm really very relieved, relieved that I didn't choose to run away this time, and relieved that I chose the correct path, and what's most relieving was that right now she's by my side, and I'm by her side as well.

"Oh right, Ma Qing Xue, today's your birthday, right, I'm going to give you a birthday present."

Right now, it's already past 12, as the clock-tower not too far from us made me knew about the time.

"Is it a shell?"


I used my entire body's strength to tightly hug her, and afterwards, under her expression of shock, I gently pressed my lips against her's.

The world at this moment seemingly brightened up, and not far from the river shore, suddenly flared out colorful bright fireworks, and the fireworks in the sky exploded dazzlingly, the colorful vibrant lights made me momentarily suspect that, was this all just a dream, as a loud yell resounded into my ears.

"The fireworks shop had caught fire already!"

Why must it be this time, out of all the times for it to catch fire.....

"I wish you a happy birthday, and afterwards, can you be my girlfriend please?

She slightly paused in confusion, and her pupils reflected the bright vibrant colors in the night sky, which was as fiery and sparkling as it came, and her empty hollowed eyes gradually shone back to it's dazzlingly cheerful brightness.

"Mm, Xiao Dan....."

"No, I mean.......Zhang Jian!!!"

And our lips which had split apart for only just a short while ago, ended closing up once more.

And at the same time, the distant fireworks gleamed even more stunningly brighter.

-vol 2, ch 49 end-

(4155 words to tl)

TL: gimmi maybe 4-5 hours before the next chapt will be up, I wanna take a short rest from all the tling...

house = a little children game in which they act to be certain family members

lao bà / lao mà = affectionate ways to call, old man (dad), or old lady (mom)

Xiao- = this is a suffix, it's placed before a name; and it's used to refer to someone rather affectionately (as close as family), and to acknowledge that the other party is a small person.


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