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Love Dependency Disease v4c75

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Volume 4, Chapter 75: Preparing to escape

TL: flarewk

"Today's dinner is pasta, how much ketchup do you want?"

It's dinnertime, and we were still in a state of restrained escort as we went to have our dinner.

This kind of sourish-feeling, but very delicious taste of food unexpectedly suited my appetite, which made me unable to resist eating a lot in a moment.

" need to have a stroll after dinner, you can....request it."

Is this really a restraining escort at all....even allowing a stroll after mealtimes....but this may be a chance for us.

"I wish to go out to walk for awhile."

"At most....return before 10 o'clock at night."

The foreigner who communicated with us in chinese was Lin Zhu, and he conveyed a few words to his men, so it won't be that simple indeed, he's probably calling his men to follow me and Xiao' Ling.

And reality is indeed harsh, for after me and Xiao' Ling went out, there's a person following behind us respectively, with their hands holding a gun pointed at us. That really made me not daring even to walk a little too quick, for fear of them becoming slightly too agitated, then accidentally misfiring and whatnot......

Being pointed at with a gun while strolling evidently wasn't rather fun at all, so after we casually explored outside a little, remembering a few landscapes in the surroundings, I asked Xiao' Ling to request onto heading back.

"Want to eat supper?"

After returning back, he sat in front of the small western mansion while eating pizza, and he even passed me a piece as well, but I didn't accept it. This Lin Zhu, from no matter how I looked doesn't seem to be a bad guy after all, he had a rather vibrant-looking handsome face, and if it was the first time that I've met him, I definitely would have thought that of him as a good guy.......

"No need for that....umm, may I ask about this, what's your aim onto kidnapping us? And when will this continue on until you will let us go?"

Although I knew the outcome already, but I still wanted to try listening onto the exact reason too.

"Her father, stopped us....delivering, we want him to compromise...also, we also want to be friends with her father, and if it's possible, we don't......want to use this method too."

No wonder they were treating us rather well, so they was thinking of leaving a backend behind all this huh....

"Whenever he.....lets us deliver people can leave then too."

After he finished saying, he called for men to rush me and Xiao' Ling back towards the warehouse, and of course, the chains were fully on as well.

After they had left, me and Xiao' Ling then quietly discussed on our escape plan.

"Jian-ge, what do you think about this: we'll wait for a while, and when it's dawn we'll shout for people to come in to bring us to the toilet, the moment they open up these door I'll use the flash weights, and we'll seize the chance to escape afterwards."

"No, they have guns....also, don't forget that, I took a glance around today, there's at least a few dozen people stationed guarding around here, we'll need to think of a more reliable way, since there's only 1 chance."

If we were to be caught after escaping, they'll definitely be more wary of us, and another escape attempt would just be as difficult as ascending towards the heavens.

"Jian-ge, actually I have a type of chemical reagent with me by chance, it can corrode metal, making it become easier to be broken; so how about we use this to unlock those chains and escape thereafter while under circumstances that we won't alert anyone at all?"

She even actually had this sort of good stuff....I won't look down on Xiao' Ling's level of chemistry next time anymore!

"How long does that chemical reagent take to corrode off these metal chains?"

"Half an hour to an hour's time."

"Let's first not be rash tonight, and stay here for a few more days to observe the situation, I'll need to observe their break timings and the surrounding landscapes more, as these will immensely help us out on our escaping."

"Wanting to make it completely risk-free huh.....I didn't know that Jian-ge is that kind of cautious person at all."

"About this's a habit already, I guess...."

Being one of the 12 veterans of legend, after the fierce battles I had every day with the network police, can't I be cautious by now already? You must know, that in my days I was one of the important wanted subjects by the network police, if I was to even show the slightest bit of lax I'll be thrown into jail by then already.

"Xiao' Ling, tonight you and me will go to the toilet in different intervals, remember to notice the surroundings more on the way there, including whether if there're any secret signals at all, how many people doing surveillance, how many people in all, and the aggregate route pathing and so on; you must take note of all of these!"

"Reporting, Sir, your subordinate understood!"

"Remember not to stare as well, be careful not to show any suspicious signs too."

"I know, don't you know whose daughter I am!"

It's precisely because of that which was why I said it out! Hopefully nothing would go wrong anyway.....

Not too long after 12 AM midnight, I requested for a trip to the toilet, and noticed that in this small western mansion, other than those people here in the day, there were a couple of fresh new faces as well, plus from the second floor occasionally resounded few moans of happiness....

Within this group of people, I didn't see anyone from the daytime in it, which meant that there should be two different groups of people watching over us separately, this made our escape attempt even more difficult than before.

After I've finished using the toilet, along the way being escorted back to the warehouse, a woman suddenly stopped us, and she 'ji li gua la' spoke some foreign sentences towards us, and after she noticed that I didn't respond at all she went upstairs to bring that translator Lin Zhu over, and Lin Zhu's condition didn't look to be rather good, he's still in a state of blurry sleepiness.

"Uh....she said she took a liking to you, and wants to play some games on the bed with you, and she asked whether you wanted or not?"

"I'm speechless....."

Playing wut!!! Are you ** kidding me, not sleeping at all during the dead of night, and only knowing how to play a few unclean games.....

I glanced towards that woman; her body figure to be honest is extremely good, and it's the kind that I really liked, a pity though, being a righteous gentleman that I am, I'll never agree to this sort of thing.

"Umm....I don't think it's good to do these sort of things, so I'm not playing!"

Lin Zhu translated my words for her to listen, and she immediately became extremely crestfallen as she shook her heads, and walked away by herself thereafter.


That person who was escorting me suddenly touched my backside, and blinked towards me with a meaningful eye, even licking his lips as well.....

"Cough, cough....if you don't like women at all....he can accompany you to play....."

Lin Zhu seemed to have misunderstood something... don't tell me that in Italy, rejecting women in these sort of situations would mean that I have a liking for men instead.....

I'm not gay at all!!

" need for that, I'm tired, I'll first go and sleep then."

Italy is quite purity and flower were being exposed in the midst of danger, I'll need to hurry up and escape.....

I don't know why, but after returning to the warehouse I had some some mysterious feeling of safeness......

Early dawn at about 3 am plus, Xiao' Ling requested to go to the toilet, and after she was brought by someone to the toilet thereafter, upon returning later she started to report the situation to me.

"Sir, the enemy personnel liked to meaninglessly wander around the surroundings at night; there are a few drinking wine on the third floor balcony, plus a few more hiding behind the trees doing naughty things, may I ask how do we deal with them?"

 "Tch.....what a bunch of idlers, can't they just quietly go to sleep in the middle of the night!"

"About's their culture probably, italians liked to enjoy their lifestyle, if we're here for a trip then it'll be great...."

"'ll go ahead and sleep first then, I'll go once more in a short moment."

When the sky was slightly being lit up, which I estimate would be dawnish hours, I went to the toilet once more, and this time, it's evidently much more quieter than earlier, the person who led me to the toilet was also yawning, but a pity was that at this time, a large portion of those people from daytime had already awakened; to put it in another words, if we really had wanted to escape, we'll need to grasp the timing well, probably slightly earlier than dawn, which means around 5 plus early in the morning would be the most ideal time to start moving out.

I decided to observe for a few more days, to see if this timing would have anything occurring at all, and could also casually explore a few more rounds in the surroundings, allowing us to first plot well our escape route.

As time slowly went by, from all the way that we've awakened it's been five days already, and during these five days I carefully observed their break timings, including the rotation of shifts too, and finally I've spotted an ideal timing that's quite safe.

Around 4 to 5 o'clock at dawn, this timing period was the most safest already, as those people moving around at night would start to be snoozing about by now, and those people from the day that had already awakened wouldn't be too many too.

Xiao' Ling told me before in one of our conversations of a saying from the Italians, as long as there's ample rest during the day, one would be able to sleep more soundly at night.

Finishing our delectable dinner; tonight's dinner still was steak, and I can see that they too have special feelings towards steak like me; also, they were also especially friendly towards abductees like me and Xiao' Ling; during this period of time our experienced treatment were like VIP guests, and if it's possible, I would still really want to be friends with them.

But, standing onto the big picture, I found out from Xiao' Ling that those things that they were merching were modern weapons, and if those things were to be sold to those small-time gangster organizations in china, the resulting danger could be said to be tremendous; so, I had no choice but to oppose them.

"You people....tomorrow....what do you want to eat...."

After dinner, Lin Zhu asked us about the arrangements for tomorrow's meal, but it's very likely that tomorrow we wouldn't be eating here anymore, that's right, the plan for initiating our escape will be today.

"It's fine if it's same as today."

"Got it."

According to the usual rules, we obediently went back to the warehouse by ourselves, and conscientiously placed those metal leg chains onto ourselves, acting a manner of being well-behaved; this way it'll be able to lower their wariness they had against us.

Also, when I was at the toilet, I placed some of my collection in the bushes and the corners of it, and this time I've sacrificed my entire collection out, I dare to guarantee that, the moment they've seen it they definitely wouldn't be able to resist the temptation.

Xiao' Ling went a trip to the toilet at around dawnish 3 o'clock. and when she returned she reported to situation to me.

"Jian-ge, the people standing guard are quite less, also....the second floor were full of naughty sounds, what did you do exactly?"

'Heh heh, a strike by an old veteran, there won't be any survivors left unscathed!"

In my opinion, those few guards that remained were definitely gays! Otherwise how could these people alone resist the temptation from my collections?

"Xiao' Ling, take that chemical reagent out, it's time for it to shine!"

"Alright, Jian-ge be careful a little, don't let it touch onto your skin."

After she finished saying, Xiao' Ling took out a black colored small bottle from underneath her skirt, and gently dripped about a few times at the metal chain's link area, and after covering it thoroughly by using a tree branch, she passed over the bottle and branch to me.

"Xiao' Ling, this skirt of yours is exactly like the 4th dimensional skirt, I feel that anything could be taken out of it!"

Giving her a joke, I too carefully dripped a few drops of the bottle's liquid at the linkage area of the metal chains.

"But of course, Jian-ge, don't think that I looked small, but those things that I took out are all way bigger than yours!"

What things were bigger than mine exactly......

"Only knowing how to talk nonsense, you're a girl, so don't say such things!"

Using that method to deal with Xiao' Yu against Xiao' Ling. her forehead was being flicked by my finger with a small bump resulting thereafter.

"It hurts! Jian-ge, you've pissed me off now, drink up everything in the bottle down then I'll forgive you!"

"Alright! Xiao' Ling, be quiet a little, and don't talk anymore, when the metal chains are loose later then we'll begin moving out!"

Half an hour's time, it's not considered long, but also not short either, every period of time interval I attempted to break off the chain, and finally, as the metal chains were being broken off, the plan for escaping finally drew back it's curtains.

-ch 75 end-

(3134 words to tl)

Lin Zhu's speaking = notice that it's slightly unpolished, as he's not that fluent in reflect that, the translations I did for him was deliberately that way too.

12 veterans of legend = to find out more, see the backstory here!

wut!!! = now you WOULD know that I wouldn't purposely put a word like this without reason, it is deliberate to reflect the chinese exasperation context of 'what' in the original text, all right? I don't do translations blindly, I go by context....

4th dimensional skirt = reference to doraemon~

flower = a reference to the chrysanthemum flower, which looked like an*l...
don't believe me? spread yo a*s and check in da mirror!

old veteran = it means a very experienced person, in the world of XXX that is.


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