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Love Dependency Disease v1c29

TL: the title for this is rather debatable, as the meaning originally meant for the island is "an omen that's creepy, supernatural", so in the end I picked Mystery.

And this is my 3rd chapt of the day! Finally i can rest >:3

edit: Mystery Island is renamed to Nightcrow Island

Volume 1, Chapter 29: Onwards, Nightcrow Island!

TL: flarewk

"Well, Prez, what kind of transportation do we use to go there? Bus? Taxi? Or subway?

"Zhang Jian, aren't you underestimating a little too much about me, Sun Li Hua already?"

The Prez's mouth curled up slightly in a smile, she simply made a phone call, and after a few minutes later, an extra long private limousine arrived at our location.

"Get on, everyone, think of it as a public bus, don't be too reserved about it."

The Prez sat onto the co-driver seat ordinarily, and ordered the chauffeur to move after everyone had boarded the limousine.

The interior of the limo was luxuriously decorated, and there's even an ice fridge plus some snacks too; the Prez had really thought out of everything.

"Li hua da xiaojie, our destination is to Sun Group's private island, correct?

Wasn't it mentioned before that it's a private beach? How come it became a private island instead! The Prez's family is powerful indeed.

"That's right."

"Then, may I ask if we are to drive to Sun Group to use the helicopter to reach there, or to drive towards the airport to use your private plane?"

(TL: note, he spoke formally)

"To the airport, first make contact with the airport personnel, I want to immediately take off upon reaching the airport."


While the limo was cruising along, Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling still used a rather unorthodox method to continue competing with one another.

Ma Qing Xue grabbed onto my left arm, while Xiao Ling sat onto my thighs, and I don't know what came over Amelia, for she then came to join in the commotion by clutching onto my right arm.

Just like that, I'm being squashed in the middle, which made me extremely uncomfortable to the point of dying.

"Can you guys move a little? There's a lot of space around here, why must you guys squeeze at my area."

"Heard that, Xiao Ling meimei, Zhang Jian said that you're an annoyance; you're squashing him."

"Ehh? Wasn't Jian ge talking about Ma jiejie? You're gripping Jian ge's hands until it agonized him."

"Zhang Jian~~ based on the special relationship between the both of us, you wouldn't be speaking about me, right~?"

"F-forget's nothing...."

To prevent an argument from occuring, I had no choice but to hold it in and keep silent.

After we had reached the airport, both of my hands and feet had already become extremely numb.

"Zhang Jian? Quickly come out!"

The crowd had already gotten off the limo, and only I remained inside it, but I really want to get off as well.

"Please hold on for awhile, my legs are a little numb......"

"Zhang Jian, you're too much of an amateur already, aren't you~"

Amelia shamelessly laughed as she stood near to me; but didn't you think who caused this to happen in the first place, right now the most numbing area is my right hand, I have no idea why Amelia's strength is really very strong.

"Forget it, I'll help you out!"

Amelia went into the car once more, and carried me out of the car using the princess-carry style.

I was actually being princess-carried by a girl........

"Quickly put me down!"

"Quickly put Zhang Jian down!"

"Quickly put Jian ge down!"

Me, Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling at the same time blurted out our extreme displeasure onto this.

"Zhang Jian, don't tell me that you're shy?"

"I'm not really shy, but I find it a little awkward....."

"Hehee, whichever target that the Men Huntress locks on to had always been princess-carried away!"

"All right, Amelia, enough with this, my legs aren't really that numb too, so put me down....I'll slowly walk myself."

"Being princess-carried by such a beautiful girl as myself is not a common thing, though~ Are you really sure~?"

"I can also princess-carry Zhang Jian too!"

Ma Qing Xue, are you really sure that you can even lift me up?!

"When I grow up I'll princess-carry Jian ge every day!"

When did I mention that I loved to be princess-carried?!

"All right, everyone stop; my private plane is ready for take-off, let's board the plane, everybody."

Under her normal state the Prez is a really good person, and would always help to resolve my troubles, but once she relapses.....she would be my biggest trouble!

The Prez's private plane is a mini-commercial plane, having a cool-looking exterior, yet had the inside being extravagant as usual.

"Oh right, Prez, may I ask a question. Our destination's private island is which island?"

"Nightcrow Island, but right now it should be called as Li Hua Island instead."

Normally when an island is being purchased by a private buyer, they had a opportunity to rename it, and looks like the Prez had renamed the island to under her name.

Sitting on the comfortable sofa of the plane, I used my phone to check some information about Li Hua Island, as I wanted to know about the scenery around the island in advance.

Normally in a plane, you would have to switch off your mobile phones, but since this is the Prez's private plane plus it runs on a remote air-line, so it won't be affected by electromagnetic waves interference, and being able to use my phone to while away the boring time is an immense relief to me.

After futilely searching around in the search engine for information about Li Hua Island.....I've decided to use the island's previous name to see if there's any results.

Thereafter, the results that came up from the net gave me a little fright.

There were only a few instances of information regarding Nightcrow Island, but it all revolved around the same topic; previous natives of Nightcrow Island kept saying that there is something called "Ye Zi" in it.....and it seemed dangerous too......

(TL: Ye Zi translates to "something of the night")

I continued to search more information in the net regarding "Ye Zi" to no avail.

What's the so called "Ye Zi" from Nightcrow Island? It seemed like a rather bad omen, that island probably had some kind of problem with it!

"Prez! Forget it, don't go to Nightcrow Island anymore.....oh wait, I mean Li Hua Island, there's something unpleasant living on that island!"

"It's something called "Ye Zi", right? Speaking of which, I'll have to thank it for allowing me to purchase this island at an extremely cheap price, hmm~"

"Prez, sometimes cheap things shouldn't be just greedied about....."

"Don't worry, "Ye Zi" should be something that Sun Group had fabricated to assist me, this kind of happenings is rather common~!"

A tactic to drive down the negotiation? I'm hoping that's the case here.....

"All right......."

Although my mouth said it like that, but a bad omen kept persisting within my heart.

As the plane continued to fly, under everyone's eagerness we've finally reached Nightcrow Island, and if I knew in advance that there would be something fishy about this island I would have let Xiao Ling come fully ammo-ed.

"How is it, the scenery and the island development is not bad, right?"

After everyone had left the plane, the Prez folded her arms, and proudly showed off the island to everyone.

Actually the scenery of Nightcrow Island is still rather pretty, the other undeveloped areas are the original flora and fauna, and underneath the airport is the beach already, with the light bluish seawater nonstop crashing against the silvery white beach sands, the breeze that came upon us brought along a slight scent of salt, and not too far from the beach stood a rather handsome villa.

Living in this scenic place far from the city life must be really an enjoyable experience!

"Alright~ start headcount, Zhang Jian, Ma Qing Xue, Xia Ling, Vice Prez, Misc Task manager, Secretary, Liu Xiong, Jiang Tian, Amelia, Wang Yi."


"Mm, since everyone is here already, let's first head to the villa then, remember not to anyhow run off, I'll give each of you a GPS tracker, it'll be easy to locate if you guys get lost, and lastly, this is quite important, don't run to the previous native islanders village behind there, as the houses are old and rugged, which have the danger of it collapsing anytime. Got it?"

The Prez pointed to a small path that's covered with many overgrown tall grasses just behind the airport, and just from looking at that path gave me a rather uncomfortable feeling.

"Well then everyone~ the plan this time is to enjoy for two days, as the day after tomorrow we'll need to head back. And so, everyone please go ahead and have lots of fun here!"


Everyone joyfully barked in unison, as they raced towards the villa.

"Zhang Jian, still not going yet?"

"Same for you Prez, aren't you going to go too?"

"I just like the feeling of being last to reach the place only~"

The Prez chuckled, and followed them towards the villa.

"Well, I should go too~"

I murmured to myself, and just as I turned around I felt a peculiar feeling.

"Who is it!?"

I looked towards that dilapidated small path, as the peculiar feeling seemed to have come from there.....just like someone who kept staring at me incessantly....

"Just a wrong feeling?"

I tried to comfort myself with that sentence, as long as I don't approach the previous' natives region then it should be fine already....

"Where's my room.....forget it, I'll just randomly pick an empty room.."

I walked to the second floor of the villa, and casually opened a room without the notice 'OCCUPIED' on it.


A bag was thrown onto my face, it's the Vice Prez.....she's in the midst of changing her clothes.

She actually didn't know about hanging notices on the door.

I found another room that didn't have any notice hanging onto the door, and the moment I opened I nearly died.

The Prez was inside, and she threw a knife towards me......likewise, she's in the midst of changing too.

"Don't you know how to knock!"

That was close......., luckily I closed the door rather quickly, so I didn't have any injury unto me.

There's still three rooms that didn't have the 'OCCUPIED' sign onto it......if I knock onto the door first then nothing untoward should be happening already, I guess.

"Is there anyone inside~"

I knocked onto one of the door.

"It's Zhang Jian, huh...Why? Feeling lonely? Wanna play together~"

This voice, it's that fella Jiang Tian, looks like he haven't given up on my flower?

(TL: a word subbed for an*l)

"Heh heh....I've gotten the wrong door....then, see you!"

Continuing to walk towards the next door, I had the distinct feeling that these are like landmines......

"Is there anyone in here~"

I knocked onto the door a few response....

Looks like there's nobody in here! Great!

I opened the door, and the instance I stepped into the room I was being pounced on by a figure with pale golden long hair.

"Yosh~ Zhang Jian, want to experience the feeling of being hunted by me~?"

It's Amelia.......being a male guy I was actually in the same room alone with the Men Huntress.......

Is my most precious thing about to be stolen away?

I shut my eyes, as I prepared to tank the incoming shame......

And, nothing happened at all.....

"Have you felt it? On this island, there's something strange in it!"

Amelia stared intently at me as I opened up my eyes, as her expression looked to be rather serious.

-ch 29 end-

(2738 words to tl)

Jiang Tian: He's a gay, who spoke casually to Zj when he knocked onto the door. Thus that sentence...

-da xiaojie = it's an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "young lady" , or ojou-sama 

-meimei = it's an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "little girl" in this context

-jiejie = it's an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "elder sis" in this context

-ge = it's a cute, short form of an appendix placed behind a name, it meant "elder brother" in this context

Men Huntress = another title for the apparently flirtatious Aihua Amelia


  1. The start of the 'deserted island' arc before the end of volume 1~

  2. I wonder if this 'Ye Zi' thing a new yandere waifu~ (・ε・`)

  3. Considering its him that sensed that Ye Zi it might be a victim of LDD since he has such cognitive senses about it .

    Btw how does ' Ominous Island ' sound ? mystery is a rather abstract thing not really associated with horror , and it sounds like a concept out of a children's book , ominous sounds way better imo .

    1. Interesting, thanks, I'll check on that tomorrow as I'm tired out from all the days work so I'll sleep like a log (like zj) now....

  4. Ohh is there another veteran driver here


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