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LDD Side Story 3: My meimei, Zhang Yu

TL: flarewk

"Gege, Xiao Yu have always loved youu~"

Today's meimei was the same as usual, every morning after I woke up from bed she would always greeted me lke this, and the me right now had already been so used to it already.

"Sure-sure-sure, Xiao Yu's such a good child, I'll go out today to play with next door's Li jiejie, so be good and stay at home and remember to not run about!"

From this year onwards Xiao Yu had formally become a middle school student, while I, also become a middle school year three student, about to enter the pedestal of high school.

(TL: It's correct here, I have no idea why he's year 2 in Su Hua though, maybe the standards of SuHua is higher?)

"Gege, can you please not go out? Just accompany Xiao Yu at home pleaseeee......."

Meimei pulled the corner of my shirt, and looked at me with a lingering expression.

"Xiao Yu....since your gege would also come back every night as usual, it's just going outside to play for a while only, so must it until be like that....."

"But.......Xiao Yu doesn't want gege to leave.........."

"Xiao Yu be good........don't be naughty, you're already a middle school student, it's time to learn to be independent."

"I don't waaant......I just want to be with gege together......."

"I really have no choice against you huh......."

Looking at meimei in front of me who's spoiling cutely up to me, my heart melted, and I gave her forehead a kiss.

"So now can I go out and play already......"

"Mm.....gege, please come back early!"

Finally solving the problem of my clingy meimei, I happily ran out to play with the next door's Li jiejie, but......the second day later...

"Xiao Jian.....let's not see each other next time again.....our family decided recently to move houses....."

"Ayy......why, Li jiejie.......when did I ever made you angry already?"

I looked at the gentle virtuous neighbor jiejie in front of me, and was very unreluctant, as I liked to play together with her, and she also always took care of me often too, always making many delicious foods for me, and within my heart I even thought of wanting to marry Li jiejie as my wife when I grow up.

"Sorry.......Xiao Jian....."

Li jiejie stroked my head gently, to express her apologetic sincerity, and left this city afterwards..........

One month later.

"Xiao I'm going to go out and play with a classmate of mine, since mom and dad aren't at home, so you must properly take care of the house."

"Is it a female classmate!"


"Gege....I feel a little unwell today, can you please stay at home and take care of me?"

"You don't look unwell at all! You're clearly very healthy!"

"I don't care, I don't care, anyway I'm just not feeling well, I just want gege to accompany me at home!"

"Alright-alright-alright......I'll accompany you, all right? Xiao Yu, please don't cry already, it won't be pretty at all, and gege doesn't like a child who likes to cry all the time."

I had no choice against my sister's whims, so I gave a call to my female classmate who had already made a promise to me, and probably had some positive feelings towards me; saying that I had something on today, and after requesting it to be on another day, I accompanied my meimei at home for an entire boring day.

Monday, when it's time for school, that female student had transferred schools already, I wonder why.........

Three weeks later.

"Umm......Zhang Jian, tomorrow can you accompany me to go out and play together?"

Afterschool, an unfamiliar girl blushingly invited me to go out with her on the weekend, and I remembered that she's should be the class flower of the ninth or tenth grade class, and being a male guy like I am, how could I refuse her at all? And so, after I agreed to her request, she looked to be extremely delighted as well.

Saturday, I waited an entire afternoon at the theme park to no sign of her figure at ll, all the way until after I've attended school on Monday, I heard that she transferred schools because her family had some unexpected happenings in it.

But why though..........strange....

Two weeks later.

"Gege, gege, do you like me?"

It's the weekends, and I'm at home boredly playing video games, while my meimei came to annoy me once more, and to handle this sort of clingy meimei I usually just try to dismiss her away.

"Mm, I like Xiao Yu the most.."

"Xiao Yu also like gege the most too~"

"Mm, then Xiao'll go ahead and play by yourself, gege now is rather busy you know!"

"Gege, do you love Xiao Yu?"


"How much love?"

"The number one love in the world."

The video game progressed into a rather difficult stage, and I focused my entire concentration into this game. To whatever meimei was saying, I merely just repeatedly brushed her off with a half-hearted reply.

"Gege, when Xiao Yu grows up she'll marry you!"

"Mm, when gege grows up too he'll marry Xiao Yu."

"I love gege the most~!!"

Meimei suddenly rushed forward and hugged me tightly, and this made me felt rather uncomfortable on focusing onto playing my video game.

"Xiao Yu, move away for awhile, it's the last part already......I'll play with you a little while later."

"No~way~ I just want to hug gege."

"Alright then, whatever, but don't move around anyhow!"

I knew my meimei was a rather stubborn person by heart, and so didn't really try to persuade her as well. I just readjusted my posture and carried on fully concentrating on playing the video game.

After a period of time later, in a certain day, I noticed that meimei started to become a little strange, she gradually changed into other than listening to my words, no matter what other people says she'll never pay heed to them, including mom and dad, and and dad entrusted me to educate my meimei.

"Xiao Yu, recently you're too naughty already, gege really don't like a Xiao Yu who doesn't behave like a good child!"

" you hate Xiao Yu already?"

"Mm, this is all because that Xiao Yu doesn't behave like a good child!"

"Gege....please don't hate Xiao Yu, alright? Xiao Yu cannot not have gege........."

"Then just behave and listen to what mom and dad says, and don't be a naughty girl!"

"So it's them huh.....those people who let gege hate Xiao Yu......."

"Oy, Xiao Yu, how could you use 'those people' to address mom and dad? Gege is going to be angry already!"

(TL: in china, respecting elders is extremely important)

"Gege......please don't be angry already, alright? Xiao Yu will give you a please forgive Xiao Yu......."

"As long as Xiao Yu behaves, why would gege would be mad towards Xiao Yu at time don't ever make mom and dad mad again, alright?"

"If gege gives Xiao Yu a kiss, then Xiao Yu won't be naughty already!"


Embracing my cute little meimei into my arms, I gently planted a kiss onto my meimei's cheeks, and after she was being kissed by me she became extremely excited, jumping up and down around the house; what a cheeky little sister I had.

After a period of time later.

Meimei's attitude of loving to act spoiled cutely against me seemed to become even more and more severe, but, I didn't notice about the change in my meimei's mentality, until one day, when my mom and dad went out for some work, and only left me and my meimei at home to take care of the house.

At night, meimei snuck into my blanket with me as usual, almost every other day she'll do that, which was why after I've awoke from her movements I didn't say anything, but just planned onto going back to sleep.

"Gege, are you awake? ...............Xiao Yu cannot hold back her feelings for gege already......"

"Really want to be with gege forever together......"

"Really hoped that gege would only belong to only Xiao Yu........"

" beloved gege......"

"Xiao Yu want to consummate together with gege.....Xiao Yu want to have gege's child......"

Meimei gently whispered words into my ears, and the contents of what she was saying immediately made all my sleepiness vanish, and right now I suddenly realized.....the love that my meimei had towards me, was not the kin-ship kind between a normal brother and sister already.

She thought that I had really fallen asleep, and she snuck her head into the blanket, and started to strip off my pants........

"Xiao Yu, stop! What are you doing!"

I flipped open the blanket covers, and pushed away my meimei; on her face, there was an abnormal expression of red blushness on it. 

"'ve awakened....together with Xiao Yu, let's do some comfortable things alright......let Xiao Yu have gege's child......gege.....gege......gege......gege!"

"Are you crazy, I'm your family! What were you thinking? Xiao Yu....I'll go contact mom and dad immediately, I think you'll need to go to the hospital for a checkup."

"No! I really loved gege......I love everything about gege....worn shoes....clothes....pants....underwear....socks......and also the air that gege breathes before....gege's eyes.....nose....ears....body hair....body fluids....innards....everything and everything, Xiao Yu most absolutely love it all!"

Meimei once again pressed down onto me, and with a dazed expression on her face she used her tongue to start licking my chest.

"What were you thinking! I'm your brother! No matter if it's from the law's aspect or from morality stance, it's impossible between us!"

Once again I pushed away my meimei, and this time the strength is slightly large, and meimei was being pushed onto the floor.

Tonight, was a night with a full moon, and under the moonlight, the silvery glow shone onto my meimei's face, and she suddenly gave me an extremely sweet smile.

"Then, from today onwards, you're no longer my gege, and Xiao Yu will no longer be gege's meimei."

"Right now, I'm........your girlfriend, Zhang Jian's girlfriend, Zhang Yu!"

The moonlight faded, and under the pitch-black night sky, meimei made a declaration towards me, and this was the start of my nightmare.

-SS 3 end-

(2384 words to tl)

TL: if the brother accepts the sister, it would 100% be like a doujin plot already.  >:3

cannot not = double not is a yes, it's like that as both 'no' cancels each other out.

Xiao- = this is a suffix, it is inserted in front of a name. In this context, it's being referred to as the target being a "younger" person, and it signifies affection as well.

gege = this can be a suffix, or just being called as it is. In this context it's referred to as elder brother (rather cutely as well as affection involved)

meimei = this can be a suffix, or just being called as it is. In this context it's referred to as younger sister (affection towards blood-kin)

jiejie = this can be a suffix, or just being called as it is. In this context it's referred to as elder sister (respect/ closeness)

flower = it basically meant madonna, the most pristine beautiful girl in a class is termed as flower in chinese


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  4. (TL: It's correct here, I have no idea why he's year 2 in Su Hua though, maybe the standards of SuHua is higher?)
    In SuHua, he is a 2nd year high schooler not middle, It's clear since he is 17y.o

    1. I checked back to various chapters of LDD, e.g. Ch1, Ch10, and Sport Meet Arcs to do a guesstimate.

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