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Love Dependency Disease v3c61

Volume 3, Chapter 61: Battle at the Abandoned Factory 4

TL: flarewk

"That's all you've got?"

The Prez laughed mockingly loudly, as the long knife in her hands danced around repeatedly, although Xiao Yu looked to be in the disadvantage, but in reality she actually still was able to attack in between Prez's openings.

"That should be you instead, if that's all you've got then don't think of snatching away my belonging!"

A slash from Prez sliced into the empty air, and Xiao Yu seized the chance to leap forward, pointing the sharp cold gleaming blade of the knife edge towards Prez's face and stabbing forward.

"A trifle act!"

Prez tilted her head to the left slightly, and Xiao Yu's knife edge brushed past the Prez's cheeks, merely slicing off a few strands of hair; the Prez quickly retracted her long knife, and from a down-to-up motion, pierced it towards Xiao Yu's neck.

"Your movements are a mere joke!"

Just when the knife nearly sliced into Xiao Yu's neck, she did a squatting action, with her knife's blade inertia thrusting from Prez's shoulders slashing towards her stomach; however, this movement was being deflected back by Prez with her long knife, the blade-to-blade action actually sparked out fiery flickering, and was especially dazzlingly bright in the dark factory.

They were really intent on massacring each other........

"How about this?"

Prez used the long attack range motion of the long knife to her advantage as she jumped backwards slightly, before wielding the knife to do a tornado-slicing-spin forward.

"Not good enough."

Xiao Yu didn't even falter at all, and even actually seized this opportunity to lend the force of leaping high up from the wall, not only to dodge past Prez's attack, but also to aim at the Prez's head in midair, stabbing her knife downwards thereafter.

As for the wall that Xiao Yu had leaped out from earlier, had a very distinct slash line onto it, that was being sliced up by Prez, and if Xiao Yu was to be hit by that earlier......the results would be catastrophic.

"Now.......I'll like to see how you'll be able to dodge this in midair!"

Without saying a second word, Prez also pointed her knife's edge towards Xiao Yu, and if the both of them did not had any defensive precaution at all......Xiao Yu's chest would be pierced through by Prez, and Prez's head would have been stabbed by Xiao Yu's small knife.

"Who says I can't dodge in midair already?"

Xiao Yu's knife edge touched the tip of Prez's knife, and she used the immediate surge to somersault over, landing behind Prez's back.

"I'm just waiting for you to come down!"

Prez swiftly used the long knife to pass by her the nave of her arm and forcefully stabbed backwards; this series of movements were as smooth as a fish swimming through water, not having a single ounce of awkwardness at all; the Prez wasn't simple as well.....although the unrelapsed Prez had a rather weak battle power in comparison.......

"You really think that you'll be able to stab me like this?"

Xiao Yu chuckled behind Prez's back, and used the same way as how the Prez handled towards her earlier; a spin to dodge past Prez's blade, while the knife's edge on her right hand spun towards Prez's neck swiftly.

These two people.....just picking anyone of them would be able to kill me a few dozen times already........

I suddenly noticed that the corner of Prez's mouth went upwards in a smirking notion, as she suddenly pulled out from her waist a certain "rubbish" I saw before from Xiao Ling's......


It's the sound of a gunfire, and although from the sound of it, it didn't sound like the real deal, but Xiao Yu's knife was still being blew off by the Prez's shot.

"Right now......that knife's probably broken already, that's my birthday present that gege gave me, what a pity......"

Xiao Yu seemed not to notice the situation she's currently in, and still actually had the time to reminisce that $20 knife I've bought from a local hawker for just a hard-bargained price of $15.

"Surrender now, you've already lost."

Prez pointed the gun towards Xiao Yu's head.....and I'm a little afraid that this gun would accidentally misfire, no matter what deeds Xiao Yu had done, she's still my meimei after all........

"Not necessarily!"

Xiao Yu suddenly threw a huge pile of stuffs towards Prez, and in desperation Prez slashed forward madly several times, and when those stuffs had fallen to the ground, I realized that they were nails.

When I had regained my senses, sounds of chainsaw engine rumbling suddenly resounded within my ears, that wasn't being held by Ma Qing Xue, but Xiao Yu instead.........the level of danger probably would be increased exponentially by ten times!

I didn't think that, they both would really fight against each other, and......were fighting so voraciously too.

A pity that Prez's fake gun seemed only to be able to shoot out 1 round of bullet, either that or she didn't had the luxury to reload it; so does that mean this fake gun is the kind that can only fire 1 bullet at a time........

They then traded blows many times between each other, but there still wasn't a clear outcome of the match. Prez looked to be more fatigued compared to Xiao Yu, it was unexpected that Prez wouldn't be able to hold up first in the battle.

The reason of why Prez not being able to hold on was probably because she was almost about to return back to her previous state already; the period of Prez relapsing normally wouldn't be very long.

Xiao Yu seized this chance to attack Prez aggressively, and Prez's condition quickly turned into a state that she could only barely deflect the attacks off.

"This is the final blow!"

For ease of movement, Xiao Yu actively threw off the chainsaw she was wielding, and plucked out another knife from her waist, and immediately slashed towards Prez's heart region.

"You've thought of me to be too simple already!"

Prez ignored Xiao Yu's assault, as she grabbed her knife and directly slice downwards onto Xiao Yu, while Xiao Yu's knife edge after stabbing onto Prez's body stopped piercing inwards; looks like Prez's probably wearing some sort of protective body armor.

Suddenly, an object which flickered with a bout of electricity flew towards Xiao Yu and successfully hit her, I recognized that item, it's a taser, and I suffered from it's hands a couple of times matter how powerful Xiao Yu was, she's still a human after all, and after being struck by the taser, her dodging movements were stunned momentarily.....and if Prez's knife goes downwards like this she'll definitely slice onto her.

"Prez! Don't! Stop!!!"

My body had already moved by itself, I used the remaining of whatever strength was left inside my body and flew forwards to Xiao Yu's direction; no matter what you could say about Xiao Yu, she's still my meimei, no matter how naughty she was, being her gege, I naturally wouldn't hope to see her being injured at all, and of course, same goes for the Prez too, I don't wish to see anyone being injured.

The Prez's movements frighteningly hesitated by my deafening roar, luckily right now I wasn't too far from them; after I dashed into their middle, I used a rusted metal bed legging to block Prez's knife slashing downwards.

However....behind my waist suddenly remunerated a feeling of agonizing's as if my skin was being torn apart......


I immediately lost the strength to stand, and my entirety collapsed onto the ground......I subconsciously stretched my hands out to touch my waist; there's a slightly warm and moist feeling, it's a little sticky as well, and after pulling my hand from my back to the front of my eyes, I noticed that my hand was frighteningly soaked with fresh red blood.

Within the air scattered the scent of raunchy blood, as the surroundings suddenly quietened down; no one spoke, everyone seemed to be frozen, and I who was originally run overdry from too much adrenaline secretion didn't even had the energy to whimper at all, and can only use my hand to clutch the wound, while lying on the floor panting unmovingly.

"Huh....I.....what did I do exactly.....why.....gege!"

Finally, someone broke the silent atmosphere, and my ears couldn't hear the voice that clearly, but it seemed to be Xiao Yu's......

"Zhang Jian!"

They simultaneously screamed out my name as well, I couldn't already differentiate that those voices belonged to who or even what gender already, I can only see all of them dashing towards me, and right now I really, really feel like eyes seemed to be filled with lead, and the over-fatigueness started to blunt off all the agonizing pain that I was feeling already.......

"Xiao good.....return home, Prez....don't trouble too hard onto Xiao Yu....she didn't mean it....she's actually a good child....."

The ending that I've hoped to see was that of Xiao Yu and Prez both being unable to conflict against each other, and afterwhich Xiao Yu having no choice but to comply reluctantly; this way would be the best outcome for me.....but it turns out that events would expectedly not lean towards a person's most desired outcome after all.

The world in front of me suddenly extinguished, and the surroundings became cloaked in silence as well.

When I woke up once again, I was lying on a freshly white bed, and I knew, I was probably lying on a hospital bed by now....recently I've been really unlucky, it's actually twice that I've came to hospital already, and I haven't even fully heal the old injury onto my arms when it was being torn apart by that splintered rain shelter fragment, when I received another new one in return.

I touched the injury onto my back, and my darned luck that it's actually at the position of my kidney, right now I can only pray that my kidney wasn't being stabbed to bits.....being an old veteran and having one less kidney and whatnot, just thinking of it really sounds rather pitiful.

When my brain became clearer a little I glanced around my surroundings, Ma Qing Xue was sprawled on the bedside sleeping, and both of her hands were tightly gripping my other hand.

At this moment, Prez coincidentally walked in from the doorside, and the moment I saw her mouth about to open, I did a 'shhh' action to her, indicating to speak softly.

"Zhang Jian, you've awakened, is your body alright?"

Prez sat onto the other side of the bed and whispered to me softly, I did it this way in order not to wake up Ma Qing Xue only.

"It should be alright, oh right Prez, my kidney...."

"Rest assured, both are fine, luckily the wound wasn't that deep, and you've only incurred loss of too much blood from an open wound."

"Mm, as long as my kidney is fine then it's alright!"

The huge stone in my heart had finally been lifted, I was worried that my kidney would have problems.

"Then isn't my body extremely feeble right now? Since I've had loss of too much blood twice already......"

"It's not that feeble too, someone transfused blood to you......."

"Who, my dad?"

"Your sister."

"Xiao Yu? Where's she right now."

"After she transfused blood to you she left....she didn't talk to us during that time at all."

"If she would really be that well-behaved then it'll be excellent already, Prez, you weren't joking around with me right.......what exactly happened to Xiao Yu right now?"

I sure as heck don't believe that Xiao Yu would just walk away that quietly, she must still be plotting something devious.

"Anyway she's just like that, belief lies with you, by the way how did you lived by during this period of time, I see that you're quite filthy entirely, it's exactly like a person digging for coal."

"I've been imprisoned in a small room, there wasn't even any place for me to shower as well, of course I'll be the way why am I suddenly so clean right now....don't tell me......"

Someone must have definitely helped to wash my body....I've been seen naked!

"It's Jiang Tian and the rest who helped to wash you, you should thank them sincerely."


I breathed in a deep breath of cold air, ohmygod, it's Jiang Tian! I quickly concentrated my focus to feel my buttocks immediately; luckily, my buttocks wasn't aching at flower still wasn't plucked yet.

"I was told that earlier Wang Yi and Jiang Tian were fighting each other over an internal scuffle, but luckily Liu Xiong was much stronger than the both of them, and was able to hold them off; from what Liu Xiong said, both of them were fighting over the order of some kind of flower plucking, afterwhich they fought each other over a disagreement, like mad dogs biting onto each other, even Liu Xiong couldn't suppress them at that state.

"Prez, can you help me to beat Jiang Tian and Wang Yi to death?"

That two bastards, luckily Liu Xiong was still around, if not it'll be my third time bleeding profusely....afterwards I'll better find a chance to thank Liu Xiong properly.

"Go and beat those two yourself, oh right, Zhang Jian, can it be that your sister have some kind of obsession disorder, I know of an excellent psychologist, and I'm receiving treatment from there right now......"

"No, no need....I'll think of a plan...."

What obsession disorder, it's clearly love dependency disease, and Prez definitely wasn't suffering from any sort of intermittent dissociative identity disorder at all, but intermittent love dependency they could cure a disease that they didn't even know what specific kind it was in the first place.........

"Huh? There's a SMS."

The screen on my phone suddenly lit up, and I glanced onto it, it's sent by Xiao Yu.

-ch 61 end-

(3143 words to tl)

gege = 'elder brother'

meimei = 'younger sister'

flower = a snarky reference to an*l ; because the chrysanthemum flower looked like it....


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