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Love Dependency Disease v1c20

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Volume 1, Chapter 20: A date with her 2

TL: flarewk

"Hungry yet? How about having fast-food for lunch?"

Coming out of the movie theater, I pointed towards the fast-food restaurant just opposite, and the notice above the door entrance states 10yuan for 1 set meal. Being both economical and not that bad of a dining area, for shy people like me, it's the best choice available.

"Absolutely not! Eating fast-food and all is not romantic at all! Let's go [Elegance] to have some western!"

She pointed towards the top of a large building, and there's an advertisement just at the very summit of it.

Welcome to Elegance Western, please come to the rooftop to have your meal....

It looked to be extremely expensive, alright!? Even if you sold me off, could you afford to have a meal there!?

"Ma Qing Xue.... about this, I'm afraid it's a little too...."

"Don't worry, this is a reward given to you by President, it's her family-owned restaurant, so we can just dine over there!"

"Then what are you waiting for, let's go! My stomach is starving from hunger already!"

I extremely approve of this reward from Prez!

Once we've reached the roof, a waiter refinedly asked Ma Qing Xue onto our purpose of arrival.

"Good afternoon, may I ask if your here for dining or for a reservation?"

"We are friends of Sun Li Hua, I'm Ma Qing Xue, and he's Zhang Jian."

"Sure thing, Sun xiao jie had already prepared a good dining area for you two in advance, this way please."

The waiter brought us to inside a suite, the suite was decorated rather luxuriously, it wasn't very big, and by the windows stood a dining table made out of an unknown wood material and an authentic leather couch.

The environment is quite fantastic, only that it's not known how much it would have cost for all of these.....

"May I have your order, please."

"First let's have a set of your finest dish! Also bring over some of your finest drinks as well."

"Understood, please wait for a moment, your order would be served soon."

Ma Qing Xue straightaway ordered the best cuisine available, while I have no idea what's the best eats around here....

And it's really just a moment before the waiter served us the dishes.

"The main course is the highest quality steak originating from France with sauce foie gras as an accompaniment, while the dessert is lemon cheese pudding. Ma xiao jie's request of the finest drinks comes in two varieties, Zhang xian sheng please decide on one of them."

"This here is a '82 Lafite rothschild, and this is a Louis XIII cognac."

(TL: FYI, prices is about $6.5k and $2.5k respectively approx)

Why is it all liquor...... actually just some coke or orange juice would be fine already......

The problem is, in such a high-class restaurant ordering coke or something like that, I felt that it would be rather embarrassing.....

"Both, we'll take a bottle each!"

Ma Qing Xue unstintingly left both bottles behind, and the waiter gracefully left after helping us to uncork the liquor bottles.

"Well, may the two of you have a pleasant lunch here."

"Ma Qing Xue, you can't be serious on drinking it?"

"It's alright to drink just a little...."

"You aren't afraid that I'll do something wicked to you after your drunk?"

"I eagerly await!"

"I'm scared of committing a crime...."

Luckily, in my memory no matter if its red wine or cognac they doesn't get you drunk that easily, as I've just entered the police station yesterday, I'm not so eager to return to that place just on the second day.

"Mm~ this is reaaally nice~"

"That's right, no matter how much we eat it's still not enough!"

Me and Ma Qing Xue were like ravaging wolves who hadn't eaten for days, luckily we're in a suite, otherwise then it could be rather embarrassing to let others see our horrible eating manners.

"This..... tastes slightly different from grape juice...... it's a little bitter~ "

She didn't even pour the liquor into the wine glass, but just directly gulped it down into her throat, at any rate it's still a '82 lafite, won't it be too much of a waste this way!!

I also copied Ma Qing Xue's behavior and chugged a huge mouthful of cognac.

The taste is slightly sweetish, but there's quite a lot of alcohol content.....

Now when I've thought of it, I seemed to have mistaken something terribly, lafite and cognac aren't not easily to be not drunk, but it's actually very intoxicating!

We can't drink any more of these! If this goes on then how do we still carry on our date later in the afternoon....

But Ma Qing Xue had already gulped down half of the bottle already....

"Stop drinking it!"

"Ah? Why not.....although it's a little bitter, but there's a wonderful feeling....hic"

She hiccuped towards me, the scent of wine.....

"How was it, are you still alright? What number is this?"

I stretched three fingers towards her.

"This is....this is french fries!"

And she leapt forward to bite on it, not letting go with all her might regardless of how I kept trying to shake my hand off.

"Zhang Jian, you have the smell of french fries on your delicious.....I wanna eat again~ "

She let go of my fingers, and this time proceeded to bite on my face......

"It hurts....hey, let go....let go!"

"Aiyee? French fries have started, maybe it's Zhang Jian confusing on who is talking....."

A look of confusion appeared momentarily as she gave a lick onto my face.

"This's definitely right! It's french fries!"

"I'm going to eat you up~ french fries!"

She then proceeded to continually bit me a few times; as long as there's no clothing covered area at my upper body, it all eventually had bite-marks remaining on those areas.

Especially onto my face, that pinkish bite-marks are rather visible for all to see.

Being a male, I can't just hit a girl, so right now in this situation I could only let myself be bitten by her till she got satisfied.....

I'm so pitiful....

(TL: -loads shotgun-)

After half an hour had passed, she finally stopped her biting, and after a short moment of half-sleeping-half-awake lying onto the couch she then became sober instantly.

"Weren't we eating lunch together? How come I was suddenly lying onto the couch...."

Isn't this sobering process a little too effective already, it can't be that the drunkenness earlier was being feigned by Ma Qing Xue?

"You were a little drunk just now! And you even bit me!"

I pointed towards my face, as well as the bite-marks on my arms.

"Uuu...sorry, sorry~ I didn't mean for it, it must be very painful, right....let me lick them, my mum says that licking an injury will make the pain go away immediately!"

My god, you still want to do it again?

"N-no need......since I didn't bleed nor had my skin tear, it should be fine after waiting for a short while."

"Haah, even though after some licking it'll be faster......"

After I've rejected her offer, she seemed to be rather disappointed.

"Let's go, to play at the theme park!"

I stroked my slightly swollen face as I attempted to attain a goal for today, the theme park.

"The first ride must definitely be the roller coaster!"

"The first ride must definitely be the ferris wheel!"

"No way, the roller coaster must be the last!"

"Noo~ let's take the ferris wheel last!"

Right from the start, our objectives had already spilt apart, wouldn't it normally start off from the most gentle ride onwards?

"Alright, I'll follow you then!"

We sat onto the roller coaster; to be frank, I'm still rather afraid of this, due to my dark memories from the past.....

My girlfriend.....her most favourite ride is the roller coaster, and the only time that I've ever been with her to the theme park to play, she brought me to the coasters for an entire day, roughly about one hundred and twenty plus rides....

Just thinking back about it made my stomach rather queasy, and my heart began to ache badly as well.

"What happened to you, are you alright....... don't worryy~ you can hug me tightly!"

Seeing that I had a discomforted look, just like comforting little children, Ma Qing Xue stroked my head gently before hugging me tightly.

"I'll protect you~"

Didn't you just ask me to hug you tightly? How come it turned out to be you initiating the hug then!

"Don't....don't be like that...I've only remembered a little of the past only..."

"But I'm scaaared~"

She started to hug even tighter....

"Damn it! Burn! Burn! Burrn!"

I seemed to have heard two male guys at the back rows cursing me....

"Everyone please grab the handles well, the coaster rides are about to begin!"

As the theme park worker gave the signal, the roller coaster began to slowly start moving.

Just as the roller coaster reached the tracks summit, I knew then, that my torment is about to begin.


Ma Qing Xue screamed loudly, as she exerted her entire body's strength to hug my neck tightly...this strength had already made me unable to breathe....

After sitting on the coasters, having my neck being strangled throughout along with the duo combination of breathlessness and nonstop heartbeat jumping, I felt that I've about to float towards heaven already...

"Zhang Jian! What happened to you..."

After getting off the coasters, I seemed to be a little dazed as I held onto Ma Qing Xue's hands and led her any case, I'll have to find a place to rest first.

"Zhang Jian! You're pulling the wrong person!"

I'd say, no wonder Ma Qing Xue's hands had become a little rugged, and after my consciousness became slightly more clearer, I realized that I was actually holding hands with a bearded uncle....

"Are you alright?"

"I'm's just a little too overwhelming...."

"If your fine then it's alright then, let's go to the ghost house next!"

"Can't you let me rest for awhile!"

Just like that I was being forcibly dragged by Ma Qing Xue towards the ghost house....

The development next is exactly what I had expected, she acted that she was extremely scared, nearly snapping my waist into half by those hugs of hers.

The me right now, had my consciousness blurred, waist and back aching badly, and some soreness on my face.. I really don't know whether I'll have enough lives after playing around some more at the theme park..

"Let's go to the carousel, I want jingjing*......

"Who is Jingjing!!"

"It's a kitten I own at home...."

But, what I didn't expect is that this carousel is different from a normal carousel at other theme parks...

(TL: there's a ongoing joke here, "I want jingjing" refers to "I want some peace and quiet", but Qingxue interpreted it as a girl's name; which led to our MC being too exasperated to explain, thus lying about it being his cat at home, (he doesn't have any btw))

[The absolute hell of carousels! Do you dare to try it?]

That's the name of this ride....

"You two are the first batch of visitors to this ride in recent months, so we'll do our best to give you the most thrilling ride ever!"

"Can I give up on this....."

"Sorry, the ride have already begun, the doctors are also already on standby, so please relax and enjoy!"

"Also, we've helped you to contact the crematorium in advance!"

What kind of theme park ride is it that you would need to have doctors on standby! And what's more is with that last added sentence, why must you first notify the crematorium!

"Zhang Jian, this is a ride that you've chosen by yourself, even I didn't dare to try this too~ but since your accompanying me, I'm not afraid~ "

"But I'm afraid!!"

The ride started; just at the very start it had a terrifying spinning speed, and the resultant loss of central of gravity made me feel that I'm almost about to be flung out of the rides anytime, except that the safety belt tightly held me down onto my seat..... I feel that I'm almost about to puke out all my innards at any time....

"This is just the beginning!"

Under the signal of the theme park workers, I gradually descended into the pits of hell.

-ch 20 end-

(2744 words to tl)


-xiao jie = an appendix behind a name, this means "miss", usually this is used to call someone with respect

-xian sheng = an appendix behind a name, this means "mr", usually this is used to call someone with respect

mum* = actually, I wanted to sub in 'ma' (chinese character妈) in it, but it would make the sentence weird so I just followed my instinct and used the eng word.


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