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Love Dependency Disease v4c76

TL: Hey there, here's a famous chinese saying about lolis.

(If your chests aren't flat, how would you enable peace around the world?)

The pun here would be on the word 平, the first usage means 'flat', but the second 平 means 'peace'.
It's basically a play on words, to advocate lolis.

Next chapter, I'll intro the big breasted version..

Volume 4, Chapter 76: Let's escape!

TL: flarewk

"Xiao' Ling, be careful, don't make any noise at all!"

Opening the entrance of the warehouse a little, using the crack from the door, I peeked around repeatedly towards outside, and was sure then that there wasn't any guards outside; and at the only one spot that could view us here from the third floor of the small western mansion, there's only one person still sitting at the balcony, plus he's already fallen asleep.

It's extremely perfect, if there wasn't any mishaps at all, the escape plan would probably be successful.

Stealthily walking out of the warehouse, me and Xiao' Ling used the cover of the night to silent proceed forward in the darkness.

Just for today, I've planned extremely long already, hopefully there won't be any mishaps at all.....

"Jian-ge....there's someone there....."

Xiao' Ling suddenly used her fingers and pointed into a direction, quietly reminding me, and as I followed Xiao' Ling's fingers to look over, there's expectedly someone over there, and he's sitting on the grasspatch looking at the moon, while humming a melody, and occasionally taking few mouthfuls of the wine placed beside him.

That person's Lin Zhu, it's been so late already yet he still didn't sleep huh......

"Xiao' Ling, let's slightly change our route...."

Pulling her hands, we slowly distanced away from Lin Zhu, and at that moment my palms were already sweating, Xiao' Ling too was the same as me, her palms were nervous till it was full of sweat.

Ka chak!

I accidentally stepped onto a tree branch on the ground; although the tree branch being broken wasn't that loud at all, but it's blaringly obvious in this silent night surroundings.

Oh shit! Trouble!

"Qi yi!"

He immediately loudly roared towards our direction, and swiftly took out his phone and spoke a few sentences.

"Xiao' Ling, what did he say?"

"Jian-ge, we're doomed, he's calling their people to wake up and lock down their surroundings!"

"Must it be that way....he also didn't know that we've escaped already....."

"No! Jian-ge, hurry up and go! He've just asked his men to check the warehouse!"

"What? Quickly kneel down, we'll crawl forward and proceed, let's first slightly shift backwards there a little."

I didn't know that although Lin Zhu normally doesn't look like anything at all, but during a crucial period his wariness was still quite high, so I've underestimated their so-called mafia after all.

We slowly moved around in the surroundings, as we're quite afraid to accidentally touch anything else once more.

"Jian-ge, to be honest, I think that this can't go on any longer, once their people became more in numbers, we'll be surrounded, so how about we might as well break out in surprise?"

Without Xiao' Ling telling that to me, I'm already pondering on this problem too, although moving like this is safe, but it can't be helped that our movement speed would be drastically low, but right now if we stand up and make a break for it, there still might be a chance.

"Let's just do as what you said, Xiao' Ling, what are the weapons you had on hand?"

"I only have a few weights, there's high explosives and flash ones."

"Get ready the flash ones, and forget about the high explosive kinds, since they also didn't treat us badly too, plus it's not too good to injure people as well."

I made up my mind; actually, our imprisoned location to be precise was a manor, and in the manor there's a total of 3 blocks of buildings, the small western mansion, warehouse, and a barn.

Behind the manor was a stretch of pasture, and on the left side was a not really tall hill, and right in front of us was the highway, and beside the highway were few patches of cultivated farmlands, there's many crops being planted on top of it.

Right now, me and Xiao' Ling were within that farmlands.

Under the dark night sky, the shine from the torchlight were as glaringly obvious like the daylight's sun, and I slightly did a count, there's roughly ten plus light sources, which meant that there's already ten people who were searching for us.

Their mouth kept spouting foreign languages, and only Lin Zhu still spoke out chinese.

"You people can come out now, don't hide any more, we know that you're nearby."

It's extremely obvious that these kinds of words were deceitful, so how could we fall for that at all?

The highway were just in front of us, but it's very obvious, that this place had became their important lockdown area; right now the time should be almost dawn already, as the slightly lit sky told me about the time.

If I was to wait till daylight, when the surrounding vision became extremely broad, me and Xiao' Ling would basically be finished.

"Xiao' Ling, I'll count from three, let's stand up and run towards the forest, there might still be a chance for us to escape!"

Gently grabbing onto Xiao' Ling's hands, I gave her an encouraging smile; within the forest there's a lot of places that we could hide, although it wasn't the best place to go to, but it's way better than being caught!


Swiftly pushing our bodies up, we dashed towards the forest direction with all of our might, and at the same time, the shoutings in the surroundings were also directed towards us.

"Jian-ge, don't run in a straight line, we'll run curveways, they....have guns, and are aiming at us!"

While in the midst of running, Xiao' Ling still continuously translated their yells for me.

"Guns? Don't tell me that they forgot about what would happen to them if they shot us?"

It's probably no big deal for me, but the problem was if Xiao' Ling was to be shot, Xiao' Ling's Lao bà would definitely not let this matter rest, and aren't them afraid of vengeance?

"It's tranquilizer guns, it won' lethal...."

"Tch, this time we're really in trouble!"

Helplessly gritting my teeth, we had to run about slightly curved, and a series of wind breaking sounds resounded around our ears; that's probably those darts being shot out from those guns, if it's being hit it'll definitely be very painful.....

"Xiao' Ling, run ahead!"

Xiao' Ling's still a small girl, and her body condition definitely would be subpar to me and those foreigners; just when there's a little more distance before reaching the forest, Xiao' Ling's speed finally slowed, but those people chasing us from behind approached us closer and closer.

"Xiao' Ling, can you speed up a little, we're almost entering the forests already......"

Looking at the vigorously panting Xiao' Ling, my heart's extremely anxious right now, and just at this moment, a person who was chasing rather close to us pointed a tranquilizer gun towards Xiao' Ling and fired it off.

"Be careful!"

Under desperation, I didn't have the time to think about it too much, and my body purely moved by itself, as I used my body to shield Xiao' Ling, and my back erupted a paralyzing sensation, so the feeling of tranqulizer darts hitting onto someone would be this kind of feeling huh.....


"I'm fine, the tranquilizer needs a period of time to veil out it's effects, and I have a way to extend this period!"

In this moment, I could only use my old veteran mode already, even though the gap between the usage from last time still wasn't that long too....hopefully it won't cause any damage towards my body at all....

"Light speed Mast**bation! Double Mast**bation!"

In short seconds, I completed the explosive output of adrenaline from my kidneys, and as the large dosage of adrenaline thronged into my aching muscles, once again re-bolstering me with power, I just simply grabbed Xiao' Ling, flying towards the forest while carrying her by myself.

The me right now, Wang Yi can't even chase up to me, what's more about these people? They could only eat my dust right behind me!

"Xiao' Ling, throw the weight out now!"

I didn't turn around, but only dashed towards the dark forest unrelentingly, and the strong glare of light that instantly appeared in front of me made my eyes slightly hurt a little; Xiao' Ling's weights indeed had great effects, as even my back facing towards it I still felt a little discomforted....

Perhaps the flash weight had frightened them, for they repeatedly grasped the tranquilizer gun and wildly shot at my direction, under this situation I was unluckily struck by a few more shots.

Over dosage of tranquilizers would be the previous time that I've utilized this mode my body became extremely feeble thereafter, and if I wanted to preserve my life, the only choice remaining was to go back with them.....aren't there any other choices at all.....

"Xiao' Ling, that time you and Amelia made that what Tenth-Perfection Remedy Soup, do you still have that pharmaceutical chemical with you?"

That's right, it's that thing, that thing should be able to preserve my life!

"Just a little..."

"Quickly give me....."

"Umm....Jian-ge...that thing's inside my skirt...right now I can't feel it at all, unless you put me down...."

The situation right now doesn't allow me to put down Xiao' Ling at all, and Xiao' Ling also seemed to realize about that point too, as she lifted up her skirt for ease of me to easier locate it.

"It's roughly at the right leg's slightly inward location....don't anyhow grope me! If not I'll give Jian-ge eat a serving of high explosive weights!"

Xiao' Ling didn't ask me for the reason on wanting the pharmaceutical chemicals, but still was being so cooperative, which made me slightly surprised...but since now the situation was a little urgent, I didn't care too much about that already; if it's being ** shot once then it'll still be fine, the problem is that I've been shot a few times! If I didn't have my adrenaline to resist it's effects at all, I'll be poisoned due to excessive levels of tranquilizer shots; a slightly bad way to put it is, it may even harm onto my life as well.


Gently stretching my hands into Xiao' Ling's skirt, my heart suddenly flared up an abnormal feeling of excitement....I forcefully shook my head, and drove off this strange feeling away from my head, and slowly searched for the pharmaceutical chemicals.


Xiao' Ling suddenly made a strange sound, was it because my hands were too cold already? Right now I didn't care about that already, I continued to dig in within Xiao' Ling's skirts, and finally, I felt onto something that were bulging, and just when I was about to take that thing out, my legs suddenly slipped, and my hands uncontrollably forcefully slid downwards.


At this moment, Xiao' Ling tightly hugged me, maybe it's because she's terrified from falling which subconsciously caused her to do so, because her mouth also at the same time panted out strange moaning sounds.

"Just now I've managed to feel it, one more time!"

Once again I shifted my hands upwards a little, I must quickly grab that thing in order to recover my vitality, and right now whatever that I was seeing already had multiple illusions surrounding it, that's probably not far from fainting soon.

"Jian....-ge....don't, don't shakee....."

"Xiao' Ling, endure it, right now we're escaping, shaking about is normal!"

The shakings whilst running made me really unkempt onto feeling that item, as my hand often slid towards other places, and Xiao' Ling's skin felt especially smooth to the touch, and if this goes on I'll definitely awaken some sort of unfathomable fetish....

Her skirt was specially made, as there's still inner pockets within her skirt, and after groping about for so long I've finally held that thing within my hands.

"Found it!"

After taking out that item I realized my hands were rather damp, so Xiao' Ling had sweated a lot already's really been hard onto her.

"Xiao' Ling, listen carefully, in a moment I'll probably faint, but before that, I'll do my best to run to beneath a ditch, you must remember to hide yourself well, before I've awakened don't act rashly....."

Chugging down the entire pharmaceutical chemicals in one shot, I've recovered back aplenty, but my both legs that were gradually becoming heavier made me feel that the situation right now still's rather grim, so I mustn't yet let down my guard.

Behind me temporarily had no one who could chase up to me, which made me rather reassured, and if I didn't remember it wrongly, just in front there's a ground ditch, and not far from it there's a smaller ground ditch, that place was being covered with thick dense shrubbery, it's an absolutely good point for hiding!

"I've reached...Xiao' Ling...remember....don't move around anyhow! Be extremely careful!"

Jumping into that ground ditch, the moment I've landed onto the ground, I finally was unable to hold it back and longer and just passed out.

-ch 76 end-

(3089 words to tl)

old veteran = an experienced person in the study of XXX.

Tenth-Perfection Remedy Soup = mentioned in vol 3, ch 62.

-ge = a suffix, it meant 'elder brother' , and it's short-cutted to show affection


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