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Love Dependency Disease v1c32

Volume 1, Chapter 32: Assaulted at Night?

TL: flarewk

"Amelia, have a little something to eat....."

I gave the kebab that I've personally barbecued to her.

"Thanks.....but I don't have any appetite."

"When I asked you to eat, just eat!"

I directly shoved the barbecued meat into Amelia's mouth, preventing her from finding any further excuse.

"What's this...cough, tastes so gross!"

"I barbecued it! If you want something delicious then go make your own!"

"Zhang Jian, I find you to be a little too much sometimes......."

I saw Amelia had a distasteful expression on her face, am I about to be beaten up already?

"But, I don't dislike this point of yours."

She suddenly chuckled, and slowly chewed onto the gross barbecued meat that I've made. I suddenly became a little guilty, for I knew about the stuff that I've personally barbecued.

"Amelia, if it's gross then stop eating it; go ask Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling to help you barbecue some. their skills are quite good."

"It's alright, just yours will do. Although it tastes rather gross, I'm not really very sure why but after eating it, it somehow made me feel much more better already."

"Then go have some more then."

"I want you to barbecue for me!"

"Do it yourself......."

"If you don't barbecue for me, then I won't eat!"

"Alright, alright, alright! I'll barbecue."

It can't be that Amelia's tongue had been destroyed by my blackly-looking barbecued meat?

"Here, don't complain about it being's you who asked me to barbecue it."

"It's on a normal scale of being grossly-tasting, it still can be eaten."

"Slowly eat then.....don't worry about that thing earlier, we'll be able to head home the morning after tomorrow."

"Me, being the Lord of Drifting would be fearful of what exactly? Relax!"

Amelia patted my shoulders, and her face displayed a rather begrudging smile....even though anyone will be able to see through that she's just acting tough.

"It's better if you sleep together with Prez and the rest for tonight."

I left Amelia after giving her a suggestion, and accompanied the rest to tidy up the mess.

After finished tidying up the area, we returned back to the villa; the time right now is 8 o'clock at night, the sea breeze is no longer warm, but had a cooling refreshness to it, it felt rather relaxing when it blew onto us.

"Zhang Jian, wanna play a game?"

"What game?"

"Landlord Battle, there are a total of 11 of us, so we'll split into three groups; Misc Task Manager and the Secretary being judges, to prevent anyone from cheating, and the winners from the three groups will form a group; the final winner can ask anyone of us any one condition, interested?"

(TL: Landlord Battle is a chinese variation of poker, the aim is to get rid of all your cards)

"Sure, since I'm bored'll be amazed at my card skills!"

Just like that, we started playing, and if I was to win again, I want to dine once more at that western restaurant of Prez's!

Me, Prez and Amelia were in the first team; Ma Qing Xue, Vice Prez and Jiang Tian were in the second; Xiao Ling, Wang Yi and Liu Xiong were the third.

"Well then, the first ever Li Hua Cup Landlord Battle Championships begins right now!"

(TL: pun on all the world cup championship matches, I highlighted the words to allow u to see the distinct meanings of the lengthy sentence)

I'm the landlord; and from the start, me and Prez battled against each other ferociously. while Amelia wasn't of any use at all, and after fighting for around six rounds, the cards left in my hands remained 4, while the Prez had 6 cards, and as for Amelia...she still had 14 cards left...., it's my undisputed victory.


The Prez came out with a combination, she still had two cards remaining.


"Damm it!"

I took out a double boom* and destroyed Prez's combination; my hand remained two cards, a fiver and a seven.

And if I'm guessing this correctly Prez should have a three or six in her hands, as long as Amelia is able to let me pass this round, it'll be my victory for the match.


"Any cards to put down......?"

The Prez shook her head disappointedly.


I can't get pass Amelia's card, looks like I'll have to wait till next round.



(TL: they meant they can't put down any cards from Amelia's 'five')

Me and the Prez had just small cards left, how could we dare to put down onto a card that only had two values larger than it.

TL: For a single card play of this game; Big King(Colorful Joker)>Small King(B/W Joker)>2>A>K>Q>J>10>9>8....>3; if I throw down 3, next player must throw down 4 and above. 

Nope, I have no idea what happens if you don't have a big enough card, But just know that for this game, Big King>Small King>2, 2 is the third biggest card.



"You cheated!"

Amelia actually had this kind of combination, she threw out all her cards at one shot; looks like she had been waiting for this moment, hence she didn't use out her cards at all.....what deep motives she had!

At the same time, the results from the other groups came out, the winner of the second group was Ma Qing Xue, and the third group was Xiao Ling's win, so the ultimate final battle would be between these three.

"Zhang Jian is mine!!"

"Ma jiejie, I'll advise you to give up on it!!"

"I want Zhang Jian too~"

All three of them actually had their sights onto me.....Amelia shouldn't request anything too overboard onto me, but the problem is Ma Qing Xue and Xiao Ling, if it were them who won..........

"Let's begin.......for fairness sake, each of you will shuffle the decks once."

The Prez suddenly added in another rule.

"I'll shuffle first then....."

Xiao Ling held the deck, and went about shuffling it normally; although other people may not be able to notice this, but I very distinctly saw her actually doing a little something onto the cards, she used her fingers and pressed tiny little imprints onto the card's back.

"Here, Ma jiejie, it's your turn to shuffle."

Ma Qing Xue received the deck, and.......continued the cheating, she used her fingers to very slightly bend the squarish edges of the cards......

"Amelia, it's your turn."

It's time for Amelia to shuffle, she didn't do anything, except a little mischievously leaving a few more imprints behind the cards, as well as bending the squarish edges slightly more than before.

This round will definitely be very thrilling. as well as loads of deceiving and scheming plots.

They played rather safely, each of them matching each other up evenly, and they thought through for quite a considerable amount of time every time it was their turn.

(TL: I wanna burn the MC more and more)




Ma Qing Xue still had two cards left in her hands, she looked to be rather excited, don't tell me........

"Anyone wants an eighter! If nobody wants........"



Xiao Ling and Amelia smirked towards Ma Qing Xue.

"Damm it! Seven"

So Ma Qing Xue didn't have a complementing card, she was actually planning to trick the others into dropping their combinations!



The battle is about to end; Ma Qing Xue had 1 card left, Xiao Ling 2 cards, Amelia 2 cards.



"Looks like it's my win then."

Xiao Ling smiled widely as she revealed her last card.

"I still haven't said that I don't want!"

Amelia leisurely placed out two cards of "2" .

"What! Didn't you had a "Fiver" and a "Six"?

"Five is in my hands......Xiao Ling, wasn't you holding a six?"

Ma Qing Xue revealed her final card too.

Then it dawned onto them that they had been set up by Amelia.

"Not counted, a rematch!"

"That's right, majority wins, so me and Xiao Ling agrees that this match doesn't count!"

"If it's like what you two said, and since that there's only 1 winner and two losers, so would it not be counted for every match then?"

The Prez rejected their requests.

"Winner, Amelia! Now find someone to say out your request, but only if it's within the other party's abilities."

"Sure, well then...............Zhang Jian, sleep with me!"


At this moment, I can't use any words to describe the feeling in my heart completely.

"No way!"

"Only this request you must not agree to it!"

Xiao Ling and Ma Qing Xue looked to be a little riled up.......

"Alright, well then, I'll first tie the both of them up and throw them into a room while drugging them to let them have a good night's sleep; Amelia, if you need any tools just let me know!"

The Prez is as concerning as ever.........although it's all unnecessary concern.

My two reinforcements had been finished!

"Zhang Jian, our entire male body wishes you to not close the curtains!"

That bastard Wang Yi is thinking of something devious again......

Entering into the room, the first thing that I did was to lock the windows properly, and shutting the curtains securely.

"Why do you want to find me with this request?"

Don't tell me Amelia is really interested in my purity that I've maintained for 17 years?

"Didn't you said it earlier? If I'm scared, to find someone to sleep together with."

"Then why did you ask for me!!"

"Because I'm more familiar with you~ and can get along well too. If I have to really find someone to sleep with, I would love to sleep with you."

"Amelia.......did you china, your this sentence is almost equals to a confession already....."

"Hahaha, well so what about that, I indeed do like you very much~"

So Amelia's way of thinking is like how foreigners open mindset is, huh.......

"It's not that kind of like between friends, it's that couple kind of relationship, which also means...."

"I got it, I got it, I got it. Let's sleep first, I'm a little tired tonight."

Slightly annoyed, Amelia cut off my lecture, and went on to switch off the lights.

I grabbed a floor bedding from the neighboring room, planning to sleep on the floor.

Sleeping with Amelia together and whatnot, my most precious thing will most definitely be taken away from me.

Deep into the night, although I didn't know exactly what time it was, Amelia crawled into my blankets; which woke me up as a result.

"Zhang Jian......that feeling...."


I did a hand gesture of Keep Quiet!, and shook my head, signalling her to stay silent right now.

"Ye Zi" must definitely be near us right now, or perhaps in this room at this very moment too.

I tucked in the blanket slightly tighter and closed my eyes, even if that feeling got even more stronger I still don't plan to open up my eyes.

And Amelia, she hid her head inside the blankets while tightly hugging my body, trembling.......

"Ye Zi" probably is something that shouldn't exist in this world at all; these kinds of thoughts began to float within my mind.

It's not suitable to stay on Nightcrow Island any longer, if we're able to last through safely tonight, we'll go tomorrow!

As minutes and seconds slowly trickled by, a huge wade of sweat accumulated onto my back, the feeling of "Ye Zi" kept surrounding my sides; don't even talk about opening my eyes, I don't even dare to move a muscle too....breathing is the only action I still had remaining.

Time, still slowly fluttered by.....

"Wake up! What a refreshing morning, right~? How wild did you two went on last night exactly, look, even the bedsheets were full of sweat."

I had no idea when I fell asleep, and when I woke up, the Prez was squatting beside me expressing what she had thought about us.

"We didn't do anything!"

"Do you think I'll believe that? What's wrong with just graciously admitting it, Zhang Jian, don't be a man who doesn't dare to admit what he does!"


I didn't do anything in the first place, alright.....

"Tidy up the area before coming down to have some breakfast."

After the Prez had finished saying, she shut the door and left the room.

-ch 32 end-

(2773 words to tl)

TL: About the poker game, I did just the minimum research about the title, origin, and basic rules; but about the card combinations, advanced gameplay and all, i'm not going to check that!! -rages-

wanna = informal use of the word want to, this shows the bonding btwn the classmates

Boom! (speaken by Zj during poker game) = originally a chinese slang, it's said when someone destroy an opponent's cards; so Zj is probably referring to when he had a combination that is able to destroy the Prez's cards. No, I don't want to read through the entire manual of chinese poker to just tl this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  4. You had an opportunity to translate it as "I directly shoved my* meat into Amelia"s mouth" and you blew it

  5. You had an opportunity to translate it as "I directly shoved my* meat into Amelia"s mouth" and you blew it


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