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Love Dependency Disease v3c56

Volume 3, Chapter 56: Dilapidated plant

TL: flarewk


Behind Ma Qing Xue, were the rest of the crowd catching up to her one at a time; they surveyed the floor surroundings thoroughly, but even after entering the room later they still didn't notice Sun Li Hua at all.

At the door entrance, Sun Li Hua's phone laid onto the floor.

"I'll go downstairs to check the security surveillance footage first, you guys be careful......."

Wang Yi was about to step forward but was held back by Amelia.

"How low is your IQ exactly, right now you still want to take action by yourself?"


"We'll go together, everyone stay closer a little.....try not to stay too far.

Ma Qing Xue turned around and calmly suggested.

After they had safely went downstairs, they explained the situation to the security and managed to retrieve the surveillance footage, but was told that during the time of Sun Li Hua's disappearance, it was just nice that the surveillance was out of order for five minutes.

"It definitely must be the work of that girl, right now I'll go look for her at Zhang shu's, if I don't let her eat one or two weights then my surname isn't Xia!"

"Calm down.....don't act rashly....right now since Prez isn't around, 
it's even more crucial that we calmly face this situation. Let's head back and rest first, we'll continue this again tomorrow during the day."

When Sun Li Hua wasn't around, Ma Qing Xue's personality will have a little bit of change, everyone knew about this point. Their Prez is a person who's deserving of their trust, but that doesn't mean that without Sun Li Hua around, they would wholly be useless.

"The leader of the Student Council and the leader of the Five Human Trashes were lost....this sure is a rather insurmountable mission......"

Wang Yi gave off a lament, he didn't look too optimistic about the current state next time.

"We'll take a step at a time, and feel the rocks while crossing the river*, that girl shouldn't have done anything horrific to Prez, since all of you know as well about Prez's background. If anything untoward happened to Prez, she'll definitely won't have an easy time afterwards.....she's a very careful person, so she shouldn't make such a low-level mistake like this.


Although the crowd was extremely worried for Sun Li Hua, they still accepted Ma Qing Xue's arrangements, and decided to first have a proper rest.

"We'll sleep in shifts, not all should be sleeping at the same time, at least one person must be awake for surveillance....."

Amelia told everyone her suggestion, but in Ma Qing Xue's opinion, it wasn't necessary.

"Relax, the hotel security is still rather safe, as long as we lock the windows and the doors properly, she won't be able to enter, and other than the windows and door of this room, there's no other way of entering already."

"Alright least there's no need to squeeze together with the stinky boys."

Amelia's expression looked to be a little relieved.

"What you meant by stinky boys, when we were at Li Hua Island, didn't you actively request to sleep together with Zhang Jian?"

"I like to sleep with him, what does it have to do with you all......."

"W.....Wasn't it clear that I also liked to sleep with Zhang Jian as well!"

After being rebuked by Amelia for a long time, Wang Yi choked for nearly half a day before finally choking that kind of sentence out.

"Pfft......I'm not laughing."

Amelia clutched her mouth, and exerted her utmost in order to hide her so-called "not laughing".

"Amelia, look at the situation right now, can't you just say one or two lesser words."

"Tch.....wasn't it for that the atmosphere being too tense, I wouldn't......."

"Sure-sure-sure, I know, but it's better if you stop that, as even the Prez was missing already......."

"Use the Prez's phone to call her company, they should have some means to locate their Prez."

Amelia picked up Sun Li Hua's phone from the ground. before realizing that the phone was locked, hence they couldn't go into the dial page.

"Looks like we'll need to take a trip to Prez's familial sub-companies already, as her phone was locked......"

Ma Qing Xue glanced towards the phone on Amelia's hands, and helplessly gave off a sigh.

"No need for that, I'm able to crack it."

Amelia flipped Sun Li Hua's phone backwards and forwards observantly, and had a feeling of confidence thereafter.

"Luckily Prez booked a hotel room with a computer in it, if there's a computer around, this'll be done by tomorrow morning."

She and Zhang Jian belonged to the 12 legendary veterans, and was also the most powerful duo amongst them, so naturally their IT skills wouldn't be lacking at all; cracking a phone's pass-code was merely a small task to her, but the crux of the issue here that it needed time only.

And so, they spent a night in worry, and the next morning after they had awakened; other than Xia Ling who didn't had any heart at all, the rest weren't in good condition.

"Ma Qing Xue...I've already cracked the pass-code, and I've thought about it yesterday, it's certainly more important to look for Prez first, because, at the very least Zhang Jian won't be in grave danger."

"I'm also thinking like that as well, so let's hurry up and give Prez's family a call onto this."

They searched the call history, and found a contact with a addressee name of 'Secretary'; in Ma Qing Xue's memory, if there's something on for Sun Li Hua, she would normally give the Secretary a call.

The call was just made for barely three seconds when it was picked up.

"Sun xiaojie, good morning, may I ask if there's any instructions from you?"

"Is this the...Secretary? I'm Sun Li Hua's friend......Sun Li hua went missing......."

"Hold on, please don't hang up this call......."

Roughly three minutes later, the phone once again rang out the Secretary's voice.

"Sun xiaojie right now is at an intersection point of City C and S county, rest assured, I'll send someone to look for her."

"Secretary, please tell us the exact location as well, we want to go look for her too!"

"I'll send the exact position in a message to you all the way, judging from your tones, all of you didn't seem to be together with Sun xiaojie? Did you all know why Sun xiaojie would run towards there by herself?"

"Sorry....Sun Li Hua's probably kidnapped by someone........."

"Oh....kidnapping, did they want any ransom, and have they contacted you already?"

(TL: she sure is taking it in her stride.)

"Not that kind of kidnapping....but it's....anyway I won't be able to explain it clearly in such a short period of time, I'll hang up first, we'll go look for her immediately!"

After they had hung up the call, in a short moment, the Prez's detailed location were sent to the phone through an SMS.

"Should we call for the police first?"

"Although she kidnapped the Prez, but she's still Zhang Jian's sister; if we call for the police it won't be an easy matter to handle then, so it's better off that we go look for her our-selves... in any case, the Prez's company's people will also come along as well."

"Say, how do you guys think that they knew about Prez's location?"

"On Prez had many electronic devices, AI bracelet, AI watch....even that necklace was also made out of AI, but as for what kind of effects it possesses I had no clue, but basically they could be used to track her position......"

Ma Qing Xue's predicted answer was basically in line with what happened in reality.

They barred down two taxis at the roadside, and once boarded, Ma Qing Xue separately showed the address to both drivers to see.

"Why do you guys want to go there, there's no one there at all....only a cement plant that had been dilapidated for a few years already."

"Sir, please don't bother about that now, we have something urgent to do, so please hurry up and drive....."

(TL: they were being very respectful to the driver since they were asking for a favor, hence that kind of addressing)

"Hey, I'd say....can it be that you guys are those whatnot types from the Let me tell you this, in life, there's no gap that you won't be able to cross, your lives........."

"Sir, let me tell you the truth then, we have a friend who wanted to commit suicide....and we're rushing over to save her!"

"Ai~ yah! You should have said that earlier, hurry on board, I'll definitely streak towards there within 10 minutes, saving a life takes precedence after all."

"Um....I think it's better that you drive slower a little, in case the other sir won't be able to catch up......."

"He? He's my old rival, he won't catch up with me? We were racing nearby when we've coincidentally met you guys blocking us, if not, I'll probably have won already!"

"Go ahead and brag then, it's rather evident that I was curved inside from that bend earlier, and originally I was almost about to overtake you!"

The other sir (driver) had an expression of displeasure on his face.

"I give a hoot about that, a person life is at stake here, I'll take a move first!"

"Let's see who'll be able to reach there first then, young lady, quickly board the car!"

After Ma Qing Xue boarded the car, the moment she'd just closed the doors the sound of the engines roared, bpth cars started at the same time, and immediately sped up to the point where a speeding fine would be absolutely necessary.

"Uncle, please drive slower a little, it's shaky in here!"

Xia Ling who was sitting at the back rows of the taxi was being shaken violently about by the car movements till she nearly fell off the seats.

"Little girl, put on your safety belts, it's about to go even faster!"


Xia Ling immediately hugged Amelia tightly, and Amelia also grabbed the seat belts on her fiercely, and Ma Qing Xue who was sitting in the front passenger seat stretched out her legs trying to support her body, as her face turned deathly white.

In the other car was Wang Yi, Jiang Tian and Liu Xiong, and they probably had a hard time as well.....Ma Qing Xue thought.

"After we go past the mountainous road in front we'll then reach our destination, and also, it's time for me to unlock my car's limits, since there's no surveillance along these stretch of roads, no speed meters, no people, and less flow of vehicles."

The driver of the taxi carrying Ma Qing Xue and the rest suddenly pressed a button on top of his steering wheel, and instantaneously, the car gave off horrific roar sounds, this car had clearly been modified before.......

"This wasn't even a taxi at all!"

After Xia Ling gave off a yell of terror, the taxi launched forward.

P Cement Plant, it was being halted five years ago because of productivity issues. Since the plant was built on a rather remote mountainous roadside, it wasn't being torn down as a result, and a result, a dilapidated plant ended up being left there just like that.

At this moment, six people were standing nearest to one of the plant's huge entrance doors.

"I'm almost dead......"

After Xia Ling had disembarked from the car her eyes kept floating about, and she fell onto the ground spinning about repetitively.

"Xia Ling, you might as well rest at the door entrance then, we'll go in first to search."

"Alright....let me....let me sit for legs still feel a little weak."

Compared to Xia Ling's reaction, Amelia and Ma Qing Xue still were considered to be normal, but they boys were still excitedly thinking of when they would be able to have such a ride again.

"Come on in then, everyone be extremely careful, it's possible that Zhang Yu was inside as well."

Ma Qing Xue raised her spirits up to the extreme, and after they entered the dilapidated plant, other than a few machines that had long rusted and some other useless objects, there seemed to be nothing else within the spacious plant.


They loudly yelled inside the plant, but there's no reaction at all, thus they went to another plant, and just like that they searched the plant one-by-one.


There still wasn't any signs too, and there were only two plants still unsearched yet. Inside their hearts, they were hoping that Sun Li Hua would be within one of them.


"Hurry up and go away!"

Entering the second last plant, this time they heard a response, it's Sun Li Hua's voice, but it's unclear why she yelled at the rest asking them to quickly leave.

Searching for the voice from where it came from, Sun Li Hua was tied onto a chair; although there wasn't any injuries on her, her condition looked to be rather bad in retrospect.

"She's here, plus she also knew that it's not me but you....Ma Qing Xue, her target was you all along! So....hurry up, just go away!"

Earlier at Zhang Jian's house, when Zhang Yu asked who was Ma Qing Xue she had already ruled out Amelia, and this time she also ruled out Sun Li Hua as this time, for who's Ma Qing Xue exactly, it's probable that Zhang Yu was already extremely clear on that.

"Don't be afraid, we have a lot of people right here, and your company's men should be reaching here soon."

Ma Qing Xue ignored Sun Li Hua's warning, and walked to her side helping her to untie the ropes.

"I talked to her earlier.....she wasn't that easy to deal with as what we've thought.....hurry up and go....when she's not around right now."

After Sun Li Hua was untied, she stood up and patted off the dust on her, and afterwhich she immediately dragged Ma Qing Xue running towards outside of the plant, and just at this moment, a shadowy figure appeared at the door entrance of the plant.

"Ma Qing Xue, good day, it's the first time we've met..... no, it should be the second time we've met already, and so, if it's possible, good bye."

-ch 56 end-

(3133 words to tl)

feel the rocks while crossing the river = it's a saying, the meaning is to 'tread carefully', just like how what the words inherently meant.

-shu = a suffix, it meant 'uncle'

Five Human Trashes = five people were given that 'titles' from Su Hua Private Secondary School due to their "despicably bad actions"

Li Hua Island = a private island owned by Prez. (It's featured in Vol 1, Ye Zi arc.)

12 legendary veterans = see side story 1 for more info~!

-xiaojie = a suffix, it meant 'young lady'. It is normally tagged behind a name to ackl the fact that the person is of a respectful origin (or wealthy family). It is the equivalence of -sama in jp


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