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Love Dependency Disease v1c9

Volume 1, Chapter 9: Being Requested to Sleep Together

TL: flarewk

"What happens next, depending on Jian ge's answer, I'll consider whether to let Jian ge be evaporated from this world or to have his body sink beneath the ocean."

Xiao Ling stepped out from the bathroom; with her hair still slightly moist and her body partially dried, the thinnish clothes tightly sticking onto her skin, which made me able to distinguish out a rather lascivious figure underneath. I started to unconsciously think of some rather perverted thoughts due to it.

"Jian ge? Looks like you thought that the options that I've given you are still rather light, right? Well then, lighting up a lantern or being a living human stick, choose one!!"

She looked at me who's currently engrossed in a rather unhealthy thinking, and seemingly became a little angry, thus taking out the [Qing Dynasty Top Ten Torture methods] for me to choose.

"Xiao Ling, I'll use my own personality to testify, this is actually a huge misunderstanding, I'll never ever have any strange interest towards you, I promise!"

"Really? I'll first won't talk about what Jian ge was doing just earlier, but right now aren't you just belittling my figure?"

"I'm not belittling you, but being an adult, it means that I will never have any kind of forbidden feelings towards a child!"

"Waah~ I'm so sadd, even though Jian ge have done this and that to me, right now he's using this innocence tactic to try to push away his responsibilities..... As expected, I should give a call to bàbà to settle this issue!"

"No it's not! I actually want to...."

I haven't finished my explanation when Xiao Ling stared at me with an extremely fierce glare, causing me to freeze up from being intimidated. Looks like she really hates anyone from mentioning about the fact that she's a child.

"Jian~ ge~ you actually reaaally love my this kind of girl's loli body figure, right~?"

"No, how is that possible....."


She took out her phone, and wagged it in front of me.

"I love lolis the most!"

"Flat chested is justice!"

"Small tongxues are the absolute best!"

Having no choice, I had to make statements of what a real lolicon would say.

"Whatever you've said just now, I think I've accidentally recorded all of it down~"

This child is exactly like a devil! The me last time who thought that she was an angel is an extremely big idiot!

"But, since Jian ge had admitted the fact that he have unhealthy thoughts about my body, and it's due to the reason being that he loves me, I'll then graciously take a step back and forgive you this time!"

Eh? Just like that to easily forgive me? As expected, a woman's heart is like finding a needle within an ocean.

"Many thanks to Xia Ling da xiao jie for your extreme kind-heartedness!"

Finally I've escaped from nearly dying, it's not an easy task for me....

"Ahh~ I'm starting to feel a little tired after bathing, Jian ge~ sleep with me right now~"

She gave off a yawn, and dragged me into her bedroom, which still has the same simple decor as yesterday, and there's a rather intriguing odor emanating from within the room.

"Well then today, let me tell you an interesting story..... it was a long long time ago, there's........"

She suddenly pinched my waist, and gave me a look of disdain.

"I didn't ask Jian ge to tell me such a childish story, I thought I've just told you earlier that it's for Jian ge to sleep with me, right?"

Finished saying that, she then turned over to her side while lying on he bed,and this gigantic queen's bed, had now enough space for two people to sleep on it.

"Xiao.....Xiao Ling, wouldn't this, for us, seem to be slightly a little stimulating already....."

I wiped the cold sweat that had accumulated on my forehead. Doing this kind of action is surely a criminal act.

"Jian ge, what are you exactly thinking about? You're just only a hugging pillow only!"

Looks like I've thought too much into this, but even then I still think it's not such a good idea after all.......

"If you won't do it..... my bàbà tomorrow will give his sincere thanks to Jian ge for all of your care today, all right?"

"I'll do it! I'll do it all right! Whatever already!"

I suddenly felt that Xiao Ling and my identity had been swapped around by this point, she's then the evil elder brother from the neighboring house, while I'm just a helpless little girl who's defenseless against his acts.

"That's a good boy~"

Suppressing the inner shame within my heart and the unexpected appearance of wild excitment, I snuck into her blanket, and I was even being treated by her as a little dog as she stroked my head gently


Me being a hugging pillow, I was being tightly hugged by her, and immediately a feeling of softness instantly filled out all my thoughts within my brain.

"Amitabha.... Prajnaparamita.....Lust is emptiness, Emptiness is lust...."

(TL: Buddhist chant, Sutra name, and an chant saying to have void thoughts)

I chanted the sutra, and tried to push away all unhealthy thoughts that accumulated within my mind, and the effects are rather instantaneous.

Being an old veteran driver who had read countless numbers of literature, controlling my lust is like an extreme cakewalk to me.

Not long after, I've finally purged all impurities within me!

Just then, evenly breathing sounds floated into my ears.

Had finally slept already? I gently moved away her body, as expected of a little child, she could sleep so soundly.....

Quietly leaving her house, I've once again returned back to my accommodation.

Today, similar to yesterday, have had too many things occurring that could very likely land me into jail time.

There's a proverb that says, if you often walk along the river, you'll definitely get your feet wet.

Even if I was to starve tomorrow, I'll definitely won't fall into Xiao Ling's palms anymore!

After experiencing an entire's day of hardship and fatigue, I easily fell into sleep.

"Good morning, my dear children~"

First thing to do upon waking up in the morning, is of course to greet my beloved collection, for this signals the start of my every day.

Looking at the clock on the wall, it's 7.30 AM, which is a perfect time that I could slowly stroll towards school and yet not be late at the same time.

Just as I had just walked out of the small district's entrance, a pair of hands grabbed the hem of my shirt, this somehow gave me a rather familiar sense of déjà vu.

"Good...good morning, Zhang Jian, I've just only walked past here, I didn't know that I could meet you over here, what a coincidence~"


Ma Qing Xue, your acting skills are a little too sub-par already...... I've just only stepped out of the small district to have bumped into you, if it's you, would you have believed that?

"Umm.....umm....have you eaten breakfast already, this is a cake that I've made, if you don't mind then have a taste..."

After she had finished saying hat, not even caring about my reply next, she took out a rather good-looking cake from her diagonally-carried handbag, and to be frank, so far I've only eaten twice in the previous day, what's more that I'd only munched on steamed buns in the afternoon, while I traded in my life to be able to eat a meal at night; this made my nose wrinkle a little.


After accepting the cake I uncourteously ate on it, the cake was made extremely well, be it on the sweetness or it's softness it's all top tiered, but why...... why is it strawberry flavored!

I hate strawberry!!

"Oh yeah.... actually I didn't had any breakfast as well, can you leave some for me as well?"

She had a serious expression on her face as she asked whilst looking at the cake that I've bitten, don't tell me that this was her true motives?

" it is..."

I passed the cake to her; without the slightest look of distaste she immediately ate it blissfully, especially at the few areas in which I've bitten on, she even purposely left just a tiny little bit and placed it into her bag.

Why does such a cute girl exist in this world!!

Just like that, I maintained a cold expression of poker face, as she kept chatting nonstop towards my ears as we walked and eventually reached the school.

"Yosh! Librarian Keeper~ Good morning~"

The voice suddenly just appeared when I was immediately being hugged tightly, this kind of hugging in where I'm unable to move a single inch thereafter straightaway told me who was the hugger.

It's Aihua Amelia, self proclaimed Men Huntress. Similar to me, she's one of the Su Hua's Five Human Trashes, that mixed blood female student.

" and Zhang Jian are in what kind of a relationship!"

Ma Qing Xue suddenly became anxious, I'd have to say, what is exactly your relationship with me too......?

"Oh? Our relationship between each other, huh. It's in this school, the one and only, a boy-girl relationship who's able to understand each other completely!"

Oi, don't anyhow spout out nonsense! It's fine if you understand about me, but I don't understand you at all!"


Ma Qing Xue gaped widely, and stepped back quite a few distance with an expression of extreme unbelievably surprise.

"Don't listen to her nonsensical talk, it's just only being of a same rank, the Five Human Trashes!"

"But doesn't that mean, it's only a relationship that the Five Human Trashes could only understand between each another? So good.. I've decided! I'm going to be Su Hua's Sixth Human Trash!"

Ma Qing Xue seemed to have made an extremely astonishing proclamation.


"No, no, no. No matter how hard you try you'll never become a human trash....... because look at you, do you really know what is the meaning of a human trash?"

I had no choice but to break her self thought marvelous idea, what's so good about being a human trash?

"But why......"

If other students were to find out that one of Su Hua's Three Great Beauties, Ma Qing Xue becoming the Sixth Human Trash just for my sake, I think I would probably be beaten to death.

Even if the male students doesn't take any action at all, I had quite enough from the females already.

Especially the female student last evening that were already planning on stabbing me....

"If you don't get it, I can always teach you~ Welcome aboard, this way, two of Su Hua's Three Great Beauties will be human trashes already~~"

Aihua Amelia's words, seemed to have a rather heavy and important message within, after a moment of going through with it, I re-appraised her once again.

She clearly had a skin whiter than most asians, along with golden hairs and azure blue eyes, a tall slender figure, plus with an oriental's face. all of these combined together which made her looked rather pleasing to the eye.

It's quite possible that this is her, although it isn't confirmed by the author yet....

Indeed, she's definitely worthy of the word "mei nu", but.... it's a pity, she's a human trash.

(TL: mei nu stands for extremely pretty girl / bishoujo)

"If you don't go, be careful of being late~ Wise Sage's Enlightenment~"

Another voice appeared from besides me, this time it's the Demon Skirt Flipper, and as he walked past, a strong gust of wind blew over.

Last time, I was unprepared, but this time...

Old veteran's secret technique, <Unforgetting Memory>!

Using my extremely good eyesight as the strong wind blew for just a short interval, I recorded down the world of flowers and greenery and saved it into the hard disk that's stored in my brain.

Ma Qing Xue was wearing shorts, so she didn't had the danger of being upskirted, but since it's the starting of summer season now, most other girls had already donned on their skirts.

Like this mixed blood mei nu standing beside me.

How do i put it, a rope? It's rather audacious, to be honest.

-ch 9 end-

(2725 words to tl)

TL Thoughts: ....... 4 AM and i'm doing this. I must be crazy...

TL Footnotes:

lighting up a lantern: being tied up onto a stick, then being made to stand up vertically, and then you get lit up on fire, burning till death.

living human stick: How does one peel a carrot? Now imagine that carrot to be a human being. Eww..

Qing Dynasty: an ancient period in china when there is still an emperor reigning the entire country

loli = child-like

tongxue = student

lolicon = someone who likes small children.

da xiao jie = roughly same meaning as ojou-sama, it means "young missy", usually that missy would be from a somewhat respectful and influential family

Librarian Keeper / Wise Sage's Enlightenment = title of Zhang Jian's.

Men Huntress = another title of one of the Five Human Trashes.

Demon Skirt Flipper = another title of one of the Five Human Trashes.


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