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Ch 4(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 4(new)

TL: flarewk

The moment Asaka nee-chan saw me approaching, she bit onto her bread as she pressed onto the power button of the remote control.

"Hiroto, what resources were you just talking about?"

"Asaka nee-chan, just earlier the television reported a death of someone, what's that person called??"

"I'm really sorry Hiroto....I didn't pay attention to it earlier."

When I heard onto that name, it sounded really familiar but I couldn't just wrap my head onto it, and so I dashed to Asaka nee-chan's side, snatched the remote control from her and pressed it's power button towards the television.

"Welcome back to see the rest of the weather report, it's expected that tomorrow's Futuristic White City would be having a heavy storm........"

I mumbled in front of the television: "So the news had been over huh?"

Asaka nee-chan walked to in front of me and stretched out her left hand as she stroked onto my forehead: "Hiroto, what's wrong? Are you not feeling well?"

"I'm fine, it's just a little fatigue, I'll go ahead and sleep first, Asaka nee-chan you too go sleep early as well."

I swiped away Asaka nee-chan's hands as I walked towards my own room, unaware that behind my disappearing figure, Asaka nee-chan tightly gripped both her legs as she lustfully licked her left finger.

After I entered the room I casually locked the door as well, lying on the bed thereafter to think of whom that guy mentioned on the news earlier was.

"Why must I be so concerned about this guy on the news, was it because I felt the name to be so familiarish? Was it Hireno Okimbo.....? Hirano.......Okibo? Oh right it's Hirano Okibo, today earlier he even traded me money for the love-bento too, but it shouldn't be him, it must have been a repeat name."

Just like that, I managed to comfort myself down, when suddenly I had the sensation that someone was looking at me! Goosebumps immediately formed onto the surface layer of my skin, and I followed that feeling and gazed into the direction of it, that pinkish toy penguin plushie.

Holding it into my hands and playing with it, I chuckled when I saw the penguin eyes: "I must have been too sensitive already from that guy's name huh? Even I felt that the toy plushie would already be looking at me. I think it's best for me to sleep in slightly earlier."

Hugging the plushie within my arms, I gradually fell into deep slumber.

The next day.

I was being awakened by the alarm set on my phone, and after rubbing my eyes and looking to outside of the windows, I noticed that today's weather seemed to be a slight gloomy. I thereafter placed the toy plushie back onto the computer table and walked out of the room.

I noticed that Asaka nee-chan wasn't in the kitchen preparing breakfast as usual, and there's a note on the dining table as well.

(Hiroto, I have some matters to settle at the Student Council this morning, so I went off a bit earlier....just use the microwave to heat up some bread to eat for breakfast ♡)

Slightly gloomily finishing my bread, I did a facial wash-up afterwards, and grabbed my backpack preparing to leave the house.

I pushed open the doors to look around the street scenery: "Whaat, it actually rained! Now I remember that the weather forecast yesterday mentioned that it would be raining today."

And so I took an umbrella with me as I exited the house, and when I arrived at school, I greeted Yamazaki who was using his phone to look at doujinshi: "Morning Yamazaki."

Yamazaki plunged his phone into his pocket and greeted me warmly as well: "Oh, morning Hiroto."

"I've lost all my loli resources already sob sob sobb......."

Yamazaki had a shocked expression as he exclaimed: "How come they were gone matter, tonight I'll send you the most latest ones."

"I'm just waiting for you to say these!! .......Oh right, have you seen the news yesterday?"

"Why would I watch the news, even if I was to watch it would be to look at heh heh heh."

Looking at the perversed smile on Yamazaki's face, I knew then that I shouldn't even ask him about this sort of things at all, and so I returned back to my seat and quietly read a book while waiting for the lesson to begin.

It's time for class, and the teacher walked in with heavy steps; the usual-monotone faced teacher suddenly unveiled out an expression of agony: "Students, I have a piece of unfortunate news to tell all of you, yesterday Hirano-san was murdered, the murderer actually even ruthlessly cut off his guts, and the police will definitely bring this person to justice, so on that point, everyone please watch out for your own safety after-school on the way home........."

Seeing many good friends of Hirano-san's in the classroom having sad expressions on their faces, I laid onto the table with mixed feelings.

(A human's life is sure fragile, I'm not sure that when I die, there would be someone who would feel sad for me...I don't think that there would be any such person...)

The teacher reclined his mood and stood onto the pedestal and began the class lesson, and just like that another boring day once again passed, all the way till the last period of lesson I blanked out while listening; looking at the gradually heavier rain outside the windows I suddenly thought of whether Asaka nee-chan would bring umbrellas or not to school, and as I thought more onto it, the more I felt that she didn't.

After school had ended, I went to Asaka nee-chan's classroom, and noticed that the class only had Asaka nee-chan alone left sitting on her seat; she kept shaking that beautiful slender legs of hers as her eyebrows frowned while writing some unknown words onto something.

I suddenly wanted to give her a scare, and carefully creeped up to beside Asaka nee-chan before suddenly yelling in surprise: "Asaka nee-chan!"

The scream thereaftere didn't appear as expected, as Asaka nee-chan mildly closed up the book in her hands as she said: "Hiroto, scaring your nee-chan like that is not a good idea alright~"

"It failed, Asaka nee-chan, have you forgotten to bring your umbrella again?"

The Asaka nee-chan who had an aloof cold expression earlier got startled momentarily before stroking her own head in embarrassment, saying: "Uu hehe, so Hiroto has come to give me umbrella right?"

I sighed: "Yeah, but I only have one umbrella with me."

"Hiroto is the best ♡"

Asaka nee-chan embraced me into her arms hugging me, tucking her entire face into my chests and rubbing her face around it vigorously.

I stretched out my hands and stroked Asaka nee-chan's hair, looking as her eyes as I said: "Let's go home then."


Strolling on the streets together with Asaka nee-chan with an open umbrella; the umbrella was rather small, and of course couldn't fit two people under it, and being the knightly me I naturally leaned the umbrella closer towards Asaka nee-chan~

Asaka nee-chan gazed at the surroundings ahead and said: "So Hiroto had already grown up.....his height right now is already taller than his nee-chan, last time he used to everyday run behind my back, and say that he'll marry nee-chan when he grows up."

"Cough cough, that was when I wasn't sensible yet when I was god, why the rain suddenly become so much heavier out of a sudden, Asaka nee-chan let's hurry up and run home."

Just when I was talking the rain suddenly turned into a downpour, and after I had finished talking I dragged Asaka nee-chan's hands and wildly ran under the rain.

Opening the door after we've reached home, me and Asaka nee-chan were entirely drenched; so I hastily took a piece of towel from the bathroom area and passed it to Asaka nee-chan: "Hurry up and wipe yourself dry and be careful not to catch a cold, take a bath right after this."

"Thanks Hiroto, you too take a bath right after as well."

I watched Asaka nee-chan as she dried her hair with the towel, and after she had finished, I suddenly realized that Asaka nee-chan's white-colored school uniform had already become half-transparent; with the soaked wet uniform pasted onto her exquisite figure. Being able to completely see the inner contents within, I had momentarily become dazed from looking at it.

Asaka nee-chan seeing me in that state stuck out her tongue playfully as she lustfully said: "Hiroto, do you feel like eating~?"

-ch 4(new) end-

(1855 words to tl)

doujinshi = XXX


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