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Love Dependency Disease v2c47

Volume 2, Chapter 47: Cutting off ties of confusion

TL: flarewk

I gave Amelia a call, lying that Ma Qing Xue accidentally fell onto her head when she was walking, and to let Amelia to look after her, with Amelia just agreeing to it without saying anything else.

Afterwards, what I need to do, is to hide from my girlfriend during these few days left, today's the 26th, my birthday, and the time left to next month was 4 days remaining.

"Huh....this is........"

A pretty-looking wallet had fallen near the door entrance, it probably should be Ma Qing Xue's.....

I opened up the wallet and took a look, inside contained a few small change, her student identification card, personal identification card, and also......a photograph.

It was that wedding photo that we took last time, and it was the one where she was kissing my forehead.

I took out her personal identification card, and glanced towards it casually....her was actually at the end of this month, on the 30th!

Sorry, Ma Qing Xue, I can't celebrate your birthday already, I may be able to celebrate it a day late, and also may not be able to celebrate it ever.

The crux, would be about these few days remaining, whether my girlfriend will be able to find me or not.

"Prez, are there still no news at all?"

"Nothing, if there is I'll straightaway inform you......"

27th, I spent my day without any abnormalities, and there wasn't any news on my girlfriend.

"Xiao Ling, are there any news at all, it's fine even if it's just a little!"

"Sorry, Jian ge, there wasn't any at all, it's like she had vanished from the human world."

28th. I spent my entire day living in fear, and there still wasn't any news of my girlfriend yet.

Where had she been to already....could she have reached City C by now......should I indicate to her that I have changed my location already......

All kinds of thoughts filled up my brain.

What did my girlfriend depend on to find me exactly......from a normal person's perspective way of thinking, I couldn't understand it at all....don't tell me that there's some sort of tracking device onto me? That's not right....if there was, she would have found me long ago already, but then how would it be possible can't be that would be some kind of mark onto me......

Ma....rk.....Ma Qing Xue seemed to have always known where I was too.....and I suddenly recalled about a certain something.

"Purish loving affection.......dark linger adoration.........purplish love feeling......"

Yè Zǐ's words once again resounded within my ears.

"Thanks, Yè Zǐ!"

I turned around, looking at the Han clothing, which were being blown by the wind breeze as it hung onto the wall.

I hurriedly ran towards the school, and managed to find Liu Xiong.

"Liu Xiong, tell me everything you know, about what you mentioned to me last time with regards to markings!"

Right now, it's just so happens that it's lunch time.

"Markings, can also be interpreted as lingering affection as well; was there anytime when you noticed that, when you really wanted a certain thing, or someone, you'll roughly know where it would be?"


I really had this kind of feelings before....

"This was what commonly known as the sixth sense, when you're really focused and intensed towards a certain thing, you'll be able to form a baffling sort of feeling towards it, I call this sort of feelings as markings, and I depend on these markings to stalk people!"

Can't you not use such an impressive ability of yours onto these kinds of things!

"Then let me ask you, are there any markings on me?"


"How many?"

"Two, and they are rather blurry....only that one of them is slightly clearer......."

Right now Ma Qing Xue is in the state of forgetting about me, but it's also possible that she may remember a little about me too, this sort of temporal memory loss, at most it'll take a few days to be fully recovered, I'm just afraid that the clearer one would be my girlfriend.

"Could you see the difference between them?"

"I'm sorry, I can't."

"Thanks a lot then, also, what's the furthest that you can sense for your markings?"

"Half a city"

I think...I knew how my girlfriend would be able to find me already, she only need to locate my approximate position, then she'll depend on her feelings to sift cities by cities just like that.

Lingering affection, it's such a wondrous thing, Yè Zǐ was formed by a collective body of lingering affection, and my girlfriend too, she also depended on lingering affection to track me down.

Of course, there's me as well, who could depend on lingering affection to locate nearly-extinct books from the market.

According to Liu Xiong's words, the chance of my girlfriend locating me is extremely high, oh right....Nightcrow Island....., if she wasn't using a traditional method to search for me, I could possibly escape onto Nightcrow Island.

"Hello, Prez right? I have an extremely important item that I forgot on Li Hua Island, can you send me over right now? I'm begging you! Prez!"

I wanted to initiate what I thought of right away, since there's a chance that my girlfriend could find me as every second passed by; today, is the 29th, there's still one more day left, I must absolutely not be found, if not, how could I repay back Ma Qing Xue!

"My private plane is under maintainace now, and I can only hook you up with the company's helicopter, is it really that urgent?"

"Mm! It's extremely urgent!"

"Hold on......"

At the other end of the phone, I can hear the Prez calling yet another number.

"Zhang Jian, the helicopter was being used at the moment, and it's estimated that it will be available at around 8 plus tonight, is that okay?"

"Sure, in any case just make it as soon as possible!"

At home, I couldn't calm down at all, and anxiously waited for night's arrival, and what made me relived was that at 6.30 PM, the Prez came over in a limo to come fetch me.

"Right now I'll bring you to our company, and the helicopter will be coming back soon, you'll better explain your reason on going next time, just for your sake, I'm even being scolded by my dad........"

"I'm really sorry, Prez's kind graciousness I'll always remember within my heart!"
On the way to the Prez's company, through the limo window I'm able to see the winds outside was a little strong, and the sky was slightly gloomy, and being affected by the weather somehow my mood became slightly rash.

"Prez, this weather......."

"Didn't you know? There's a typhoon tonight, but it would be a while before it hits, so the taking off would still be safe."

"That's good then......"

As long as we could take off fine then it's alright.

While en route, my phone rang.

"Hello, Amelia huh? Yes?"

"Where are you?"

"Prez's company, wh......"

Du~du~du~ my conversation wasn't even complete when sounds of the phone cutting off resounded in my ears.

What's Amelia trying to do.....playing a joke on me?

Prez's family company is the province's most well-renowned Sun Group, and as we rode on the luxurious limo. we slowly arrived underneath an extremely massive building.

"Go up the lift then, all the way to the rooftop to go to Li Hua Island."

Just as I was about to step into the lift, Amelia's voice came from behind me.

"Zhang Jian! Wait...!"

Amelia ran until she was panting heavily, and was stopped by the security at the building entrance. At this moment, the sky had already completely darkened, and strong gusts of wind accompanied droplets of rain as they fell towards us.

"Amelia, if there's anything quickly spit it out!"

Any moment later, the typhoon would become larger already.

Under the gesture of Prez, the security let Amelia into the compound.

"Ma Qing Xue wasn't at your here?"

This sentence, immediately painted my heart with haziness.

"No....what happened."

"Ma Qing Xue, she.....she's missing!"

"What, then you didn't go on to look for her? Then why didn't you say so earlier when you called me!"

"Before she disappeared, she kept calling out your name.....and kept screaming that she had a headache, asking me to help her get some medication, but who knew....when I came back with the medicine, she had already disappeared."

"Have you called her phone already........"

"She didn't bring along her phone, it's still placed in her home."

"Zhang Jian, hurry up and think of a plan, her mental condition's really disastrous....let's first call for the police......"

"Amelia, don't panic first.......and listen to me, right now I have an extremely important thing to do, I need to hide from a certain person...that person is very dangerous, I need to leave right, must go and look for her......"

"Why didn't you go look for her!"

"Didn't I said it already, I need to hide from someone....."

'Zhang Jian! Are you really going to leave her in the lurch at such an critical timing?"

"It's not that I don't care about that at all! It's only......."

"You are! Do you know what's Ma Qing Xue like these few days?"


"She was always laughing foolishly towards a photo album......and will ask me a while later who's Zhang Jian, and when I tried to explain to her, she'll scream she had a headache, and after a moment she'll ask me yourself knew what you had done to her!"

"I'll definitely compensate her next time! Even if you want me to die in front of her I'll do it as well....but right now.....sorry, I can't........"

"What's impossible about it already! Are you still a man at all! Hiding from someone? What's the use hiding here and there, what would that person do towards you? Kill you?"

"NO! It's fine if she kills me, but what I'm scared is that she would harm Ma Qing Xue, harm you! Harm everyone around me! I transferred to this very city just from hiding from her last time!"

"Your meaning's that you did all these just because of us?"
"That's now can you finally understand what I'm saying, well then I'll count on you for Ma Qing Xue already....I still have a helicopter to board......"

"It's laughable!"

Amelia's eye gaze, carried a look of ridicule and scornfulness towards me.

"Amelia....what's so laughable about it; you'd think that I enjoy harming her? Every time when I harmed onto her, my heart was hurting even more!"

"Ho's too pitiably funny already!"

"Amelia, what do you know about me too, I did all these just to protect you I in the wrong then? As long as I survive past this month, then I'll be safe....and when that time comes....."

Amelia didn't continue to argue with me any further.....she should have agreed with my views....time to hurry up and enter the helicopter.....

"Coward! Wimp! Idiot! So all of these was just to prevent yourself from being discovered, and you still spoke all these kinds of fancy words, what for our sakes and all.....we haven't despaired yet to be needing your fake concern!"

"You don't even understand that person who's looking for me at all! She's like a total lunatic......."

"What you're doing right now is to just run away! Just to not harm Ma Qing Xue, so you'll go harm Ma Qing Xue, what kind of ridiculous bull shit logic is that! I have never heard of it at all, and what I just knew is that you're a completely worthless piece of human trash!"

"Aahh! That's right, and so what, just for Ma Qing Xue's sake, so what if I'm to be a human trash, it's because I love her, so I......"

"Just because you love her, then you'll go harm her, ha ridiculously funny, it's so ridiculously funny! Zhang Jian, I've never thought that you'll actually be such a coward!"

The shrill sounds of laughter, made me very discomforted......

"Enough! If there's anything just wait until I'm back before talking about it......."

"Zhang Jian, if you are to leave right now, then don't ever appear in front of me ever again, if not, each time I see you I'll beat the crap out of you!"

"What's your relationship with Ma Qing Xue in the first place, why do you need to care for so much too......"

"We're just normal friends, but, I can feel what her feelings are, the person she loved would be such a cowardly little piece of wimpy human trash like you!"

"All right, I'll promise that next time I'll try not to appear in front of you, so I'll count on you for Ma Qing Xue then........"

Amelia's right....I'm indeed a human trash.....but still, all of these was for her sake!

"Tell me one last thing, your purpose of hiding from that person is for your sake, or for Ma Qing Xue's."

My footsteps which was about to go into the lift paused momentarily.

"Of course it's for Ma Qing Xue!"

I unhesitatingly said it out, as only I, knew my girlfriend's threat the clearest.

"Then, the person whom you're hiding from, what kind of harm would that person do towards Ma Qing Xue?"

"She'll probably beat Ma Qing Xue up....may also stab her too...or even murder her outright......"

"Then just go and protect her then! All of us will help you, right now you're not just only by yourself!"

Not just only by myself right now huh......

"Did you know, the harm that you're inflicting onto Ma Qing Xue's spirit right now, is worse than that person of yours inflicting physical pain onto Ma Qing Xue by a thousand times, or ten thousand times even!"

Thousand times......ten thousand times hand suddenly subconsciously gripped into a fist shape.....

"Do you really think that just by hiding past this month, you could really bade farewell to that person? Even if it is, you'll always be afraid of her! Always! What your doing is that your afraid, and running away, and still deluding yourself into thinking that you're an moron who had saved all of us."

"Can you live up to Ma Qing Xue like that!!!"

Just the moment before the lift doors were about to close, I retreated out from the lift.

"Don't run away anymore......"

Amelia's words made me fall into deep thought, that's right....I'm afraid......and fearing....I'm always living under the shadow of my girlfriend's, and even if I was to temporarily escape from her for now, my fear of her wouldn't lessen at all, but become deeper, way deeper.

I've never thought of rebelling at all.....maybe because I never had something that was important for me to start rebelling against in the first place.

I chose a form of cowardly method in order to protect I really protecting them like this?

According to my views, I thought that what I was doing was not in the wrong at all....I'm a good guy who's willing to sacrifice myself to help others, I protected Ma QIng Xue.....and willingly endured the scoldings from others.....what kind of despondent character I's exactly like a clown.

I'm a human mouth kept clamoring on the kind of way that I've chosen in order to protect her.....but it ended up being just a mere excuse I've used in order to hide my wimpiness.

My girlfriend.......the shadow within my heart, had always never been able to be shook away, so what's the purpose of me escaping from her in the first place....

It's for the sake of escaping her control....ahh....that's right, it's escaping.....

Next month, would I really had escaped successfully from at all....

From the start she would be just playing around with me.......would she keep her promises?

She won't........I had only been trying to force myself to accept the "promise" I had with her that had no binding control over it at all.

Since escaping won't be able to settle the issue....then what should I do....

Rebel....that's right....I must rebel.....

Not just saying it plainly from my mouth.....but to really, rebel against her......

Why must I just follow to order from my girlfriend, and what's the purpose of me just obeying her as well.....

I've been so used to just accomodating her.....not daring to rebel.....letting her do whatever she wants....afraid to lose all the friends that I had......

But if this was to carry's just only that the cycle would be restarted anew.

I must break this cycle.....that's right.....I must rebel.

For the sake of my future.........

For everyone........

For Ma Qing Xue......

The locks within my inner heart had been slightly opened, and amidst the dark clouded heart, shone a ray of sunlight within.

Inside my brain, suddenly replayed the last words that my girlfriend had told me last time.

"Even if we were to die, we must be together forever......."

If I'm going to die anyway I'll die.........but not together with you.

"I'll always love you~"

It's a pity, I don't have such a deep love towards you.....

"I won't let you run away......"

I won't ever run away already......

"I won't hand you over to anyone else......."

"You're mine."

"You can only be with me together."

My life, belongs to only me, and not yours!!!!

Ka cha......!

My inner heart suddenly rang out a sound of something being broken, and sunlight rushed into my heart.

"Zhang Jian, the typhoon is becoming stronger and stronger already.....if you still don't board the helicopter within half an hour, you can't take off anymore."

Powerful gales of wind mixed together with fierce drizzling, made the outer world looked to be just a blur, and the dark cloudiness made the bright city lights look a way lot dimmer.

But, it's calm and tranquil within my inner heart.


I forcefully used my fist to punch onto my chest, and the corners of my mouth immediately leaked out a trace of fresh blood.....

"Zhang Jian.....what are you doing....."

"I'm killing the past me, the me right now, will face her directly."


As I spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, I also spat out my wimpiness at the same time.

Xiao Yu, come on then, my life wasn't just about a simple promise made with you, being able to be controlled by entirely you.

"Zhang Jian......then about the helicopter..?"

"Sorry, Prez, the trip this time is cancelled, there's way more important things waiting for me to be done."

I burst into brief laughter; it was a smile that had never came out for a long time already, ever since my girlfriend clutched onto me.

"The 12 veterans of legend, Forbidden Book Lord, will begin his driving right now!"

"All of the otakus in this city, give me your support for this!"

As my voice resounded throughout, it's fated to be a sleepless night for tonight.

-ch 47 end-

(4285 words to tl)

TL: That's what I've been saying all along, why would the MC so dumbly believe what a yandere would say? What's the concept of yandere in the first bloody place? To use whatever means in order to protect something that a yandere treasures, yes?  -jesus face palms-

mark = it's some form of invisible-like scent(?) or imprint(?) left onto a person

Liu Xiong = a person who had the title of Master of Stalkers. He is so proficient in stalking that he is able to discern whether there's a mark on someone or not.

12 veterans of legend = see side story 1 for details

Forbidden Book Lord = title of Zj, given to him by the 11 other veterans of legend

driving = pun on old veteran; a car driver is what an old veteran is, and driving is a pun from being a car driver.

otakus = person who likes ACGN, anime/comic/game/novel


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