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Love Dependency Disease v3c50

Volume 3, Chapter 50: 

TL: flarewk

The next day, both me and Ma Qing Xue caught a fever, and right now we were lying on the hospital sickbed, as Prez and Amelia took care of us.

My memories still hung onto that sweet moment, but.....the unlucky part was that I actually fainted at that time as well.

"Open your mouth, it's time for medicine!"

"I can do it myself......."

Amelia sat on the sickbed and fed me porridge, while Ma Qing Xue who was aside glared fiercely towards Amelia.

"Amelia! Didn't you heard that, Zhang Jian said he could do it by himself!"

Ma Qing Xue pouted her cheeks angrily as she grumbled with a sour mood.

"Shut up, be a good girl and eat this up!"


Her mouth was being stuffed with a spoonful of porridge by Prez.

"Zhang Jian, you see, even Ma Qing Xue behaved and accepted the kind notion already, how about you~"

"It's not that, I can really do it myse-....."

A spoonful of food was stuffed into my mouth........

"Hot......! I'm dying I'm dying I'm dying!"

The boiling hot porridge entered into my mouth, and scalded me into blistering agony....

"Then let me help to blow it~?"

"No way!"     (Qingxue)

Ma Qing Xue scrambled her body, and it's clearly visible that she really intend to dash towards my side, but was simply suppressed by Prez.

"Why not?"     (Amelia)

"I don't care, anyway it's just a no!"     (Qingxue)

"A special period, calls for a special treatment, fufu~"   (Amelia)

After Amelia and Ma Qing Xue had finished bickering, Amelia continued to gently blow the porridge.

"Here, aaaa~"      (Amelia)

"Don't you dare eat it!"       (Qingxue)

"Eat it!"     (Amelia)

Ma Qing Xue and Amelia glared at me ferociously, so should I eat or not eat at all........

"Humph it's not up to you for this, Vice Prez, come here and help open up Zhang Jian's mouth, let's come and stuff up this duck~"

"Don't, I'll eat!"

I had the feeling that Ma Qing Xue's jealously suddenly started to spike up tremendously.....was it because that I had confessed to her.....

"Wuuuuuuu!!!! Sob......unn~~"

Ma Qing Xue who was in one side made a rather strange noise after Prez had used her hands to cover up her mouth.

"Ma Qing Xue, if you'll make any more noise, then I'll dispose off Zhang Jian!"

Amelia used her hands and grabbed onto my neck, using which to threaten her.

By the way, if you wanted to threaten her then don't harm me, what did I do wrong already?

As expected, Ma Qing Xue retreated back sullenly, only that her eye glances towards Amelia was a little frightening......

"Alright, if the both of you wanted to recover quickly, then you guys should better go and rest up properly!"

"Sure, I'll rest immediately!"

After I had finished the porridge, I just laid onto the sickbed, and pretended that I've already fallen asleep, in order to prevent Ma Qing Xue still quarrelling around with them.

After roughly half an hour later, Ma Qing Xue seemed to have also slept; and after Prez and Amelia discussed a few words with each other softly, they promptly left.

"Zhang Jian......Zhang Jian....have you slept yet?"

I didn't respond at all, by the way you should go and rest properly yourself.

"So he've slept already huh......"

I can hear the sounds of her getting up from the sickbed, what's she planning on now.......

"Although the hospital's bed is a little squishy, but it should be enough for two people to sleep together......"

Can't you just let me properly rest.......god dammit!

The next instance, the door suddenly opened up abruptly.

"This was unexpected......looks like the rope that I brought along to tie Zhang Jian up would be needing to be actually used on another person already......"

Wha? They actually wanted to tie me up? Don't I have any human rights here?

And so Ma Qing Xue very unluckily became my scapegoat.......

"Prez, the rope still had a long strand remaining, it should be enough to tie Zhang Jian up already, right?"

"Alright, then just tie the both of them up."

Who exactly did I piss off already?

I didn't dare to speak, and just continued my sleeping act.

"Now, I can just relax my mind; Ma Qing Xue wouldn't anyhow run around, and Zhang Jian can't do bad things already."

Do bad things? What kind of bad things that I could can't be that in their mindset I'm that wickedly bad?

After lying in the hospital for an entire day, after going through a phase of intensive care treatment I finally recovered from the fever at around 7 PM at night, and the injury on my arm had already patched up, although there's a scar on it, which slightly affected the look of it.

"Prez.....come here for a moment, I have something to tell you........"

After exiting the huge doors of the hospital, I secretly pulled the Prez to a corner.

"Say it then, what do you want."

"Today is Ma Qing Xue's birthday, so I wanted to invite everyone to my house for a celebrate for her......"

"You don't even need to say this, I knew it long's better to just go to my house, and let's celebrate both your's and her birthdays together, it must be rather pitiful during your birthday right? This time I'm going to patch it up for you!"


Once again I'm touched by Prez's gestures, such a good person like Prez, where do I even get to find in this world.....of course, the pre-requisite is that she wouldn't relapse.....

8 'o clock at night, at Prez home, the Student Council members and Five Human Trashes had long gathered here and been waiting for us.

Right now there's still four more hours left.....there's four more hours left to the 1st of next month.

I'm a person who's really afraid of trouble, so if she would be able to locate me before this, then it's for the better, and I hope that she would keep to her promise then.......

"Ma Qing Xue, happy birthday!"

"Thanks everyone~"

A scrumptious feast was being laid on the table, and on it had my most favorite steak, and in the middle of the table was an extremely beautiful birthday cake.

"Ma Qing Xue, make a wish then."

After she blew out the candles, everyone gave her a suggestion.

"Alright, then I wish to be wit....."

"Wait...! Don't say it out, if you say it out then it'll be ineffective already!"

"Is it? Well sure......."

I stopped the words that Ma Qing Xue wanted to say, as I don't want other people to know our current relationship for now..........

"By the way, why do I feel that you two's relationship are slightly different from usual....."

Amelia did a posture of wanting to interrogate me, as both of her hands clutched her chin, as she looked at me slyly......

"Mm, we are a couple already, and yesterday Zhang Jian even confessed to me! Also, we also ki......."

"Everyone don't mind her.....the special antipyretic medicine that the hospital prescribed have a side effect of making people dreaming out illusions......umm........don't mind much about it......"

I hastily covered up Ma Qing Xue's mouth, and she sat just beside me; looking at her face it was like she had an uncontrollable urge to just tell the whole wide world about our current relationship.

"Ki- what?"

"Ki- nothing at all......"

"Ki- what?"

"Ki- Kicked.........yesterday me and Ma Qing Xue were practising taekwando I guess....."

(TL: I subbed the original text of "ki-" with something similar in order to make it flow naturally)

"Ohh? I'm a black belt, Zhang Jian, so how about we exchange some moves?"

Amelia laughed as she moved about her body......

I had the feeling that Amelia was aiming at me all along.......when did I piss her off exactly?

"No need for was just playing around only......playing around..."

"It couldn't's just.....playing around only're still lying to me......."

Ma Qing Xue sat aside depressingly, and her eye expressions started to develop signs of dark and sinisterness.

"No!! It's not just playing around! I'm being serious!"

"Seriously practising taekwando?"

"Why not! Who says that we can't practice taekwando in midst of the typhoon night!!"

"But, think about it, does it fit into common sense at all?"

Both of Amelia's hands hugged her chest, as she gently smiled.

"I even danced the disco with a spirit in front of her grave too!"

"It'll take a ghost to appear before I'll believe you!"

What I said was the truth....and there's indeed a ghost too.....why no one is willing to believe me..

"Ma Qing Xue, right now you and Zhang Jian are in what kind of relationship!"

"In a fierce couple relationship~"

The joyous mood instantly sunk, and I had the premonition that something bad was about to happen........

"Librarian Keeper, if you still have anything to say, then speak it right now."

"That's right, if you still have any last words, go on, we'll help you to accomplish it."

"Accept divine judgement!"

Wang Yi, Liu Xiong, Jiang Tian, Secretary, Misc Task Manager all of these crowd of male body surrounded me, and warmly greeted me with torturous words.

"Come-come-come, choose between #93 gas-oil or #97 gas-oil, my personal reccomendation is #97, because the fire it burns off is especially beautiful, it's most suitable to judge an heresy individual like you already."

(TL: Pun here is referring to FFF inquisition)

"Don't burn me, let's talk over this nicely.....Wang Yi, have you forgotten, my most beloved person is always forever you!!!"

For the sake of my own safety, I had no choice but to change to gay mode.

"Zhang on girl clothings then....if you really love me......"

That bastard Wang Yi actually got too engrossed into this already.......

What to do.......what to do.......someone come and save me.......


This sound suddenly appeared, and if I didn't hear it wrongly, this abrupt sound would be the noises of a chainsaw being activated for usage.

"Wang Yi, can you just stand there without moving and let me slice you into meat paste?"

On Ma Qing Xue's face, was a smiling expression that had absolutely no feelings into it at all, and within the empty hollowed pupils one can sense a strong sensation of killing aura.

"N-no please, this heroine please spare me."

My impression of Wang Yi was a man who's always like the wind, and so.......he ran off along with a gust of cool wind breezing by.

 "Next, Zhang Jian, just now you're just joking around right........."


"Who do you love?"



"I love you!"

"Not bad."

After Ma Qing Xue placed down the chainsaw, she chuckled happily as she sat in a corner to continue eating the birthday cake.

But, after Wang Yi had left, the rest of the male body continued to surround me.

"Let's carry on discussing about methods on burning Zhang Jian, how about we just explode him up?"

"Mm, this idea is not bad, I approve!"

"You guys better not force me......."

"So what if we force you......."

"I think I started to like you guys already.....before I die how about I confess to you all?"

They glanced at Ma Qing Xue nearby, and looked towards the chainsaw lying onto the floor, before gulping hesitantly.

"Hahaha, Zhang Jian, do you think that for grilling meat, it's better to use wood filings or charcoal......."

"Use #97 instead, it's quite pretty when it burns......isn't it?"

"It's such a waste.....I still think that charcoal is still better a little......"

And so, it looks like I had successfully escaped once again......

After half an hour, Wang Yi returned back, and on his body were purplish bruises everywhere, to which I had no idea what happened to him.

"Prez.....your house's tibetan mastiff is really impressive.....especially this one, right now it still doesn't want to let go!"

Wang Yi turned around, and on his backside hung a dog.......

"My house's anti-burglary is rather good, didn't I say before entering earlier not to run around anyhow?"


Wang Yi can only helplessly shrug.

Prez gave the dog a pat on the head, and let the dog return back to the courtyard once again.

After continuing to play for a while longer in Prez's house; due to the time being even later and later, everyone gradually went back already, and that goes the same for me and Ma Qing Xue, and after I bade farewell to her at a road junction, it left me alone walking on a pitch black small path.

I reminisced about recent events, and my heart felt especially warmed up with all sorts of feelings, those especially of Ma Qing Xue's; so we've met since childhood.....maybe this was fate......

In front of me was a bend, and after the turn I just had to walk a little bit further to reach my home, but once I've just turned past the bend, a series of footsteps sounds resounded suddenly from behind me, and finally stopped not far from me.

Just when I was about to turn around to see what happened, a voice rang out.


It was a melodiously clear and sweet voice, but in my ears it's nothing short of sounding like the devil's roar; and my body unconsciously started to tremble just a little......

This voice, it's too familiar until I couldn't be any more familiar with it, so she's here, it's her who came here already......

The person who claimed to be my girlfriend, and at the same time also my sister as well.

Her name, is Zhang Yu.

-ch 50 end-

(3063 words to tl)

TL: I'll try to rush out ch2 by tonight, >:3

TL edit: I thought the secretary was a gal, but no, rowdyhorse was right, he's a guy! ~.~

Stuff up a duck = It's a term, and it meant exactly what it is. Wait, you've never heard of what a stuffed duck is? Go google it!

antipyretic = (chiefly of a drug) used to prevent or reduce fever

Ki- = the original chinese word for kissing is 接- (jie), which meant "join together" and the whole joke doesn't work well from there. Luckily my brain is able to think up of a suitable enough pun that matches the original pun~

Five Human Trashes = five people from Su Hua Middle School who were nicknamed as the most worst, despicable people in school because of what they do.

dark and sinister state = usually you would see this in anime/ manga often, a jealous girl would have a black aura enveloping her

Librarian Keeper = title of Zhang Jian~ he had a library of resources thus that title.


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