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Love Dependency Disease v3c53

Volume 3, Chapter 53: Reached Zhang Jian's hometown

TL: flarewk

5.30 PM in the afternoon, inside Su Hua Secondary's Student Council room, a crowd of people were gathered there, exchanging information they respectively obtained.

"So according to you guys, Zhang Jian's hometown is at S province, right?"

Sun Li Hua had one of her hand propping up her head, while the other repeatedly rapping the desk; this was a habit of hers, whenever she was immersed in deep thought she would be subconsciously doing these actions.

"Probably.......but it just wasn't sure on which city he came from, Prez, were there any results from your side?"

Wang Yi replied as such.

"I've already tracked down information about that black vehicle; the driver said that after he drove it to the east outskirts of the main street, the both of them got off the car, also, that location where they alighted doesn't have any surveillance cameras at all."

"The driver furthermore said that Zhang Jian was probably drunk, as there's a strong stench of alcohol from him, which was why he didn't think much about it after he saw that girl supporting Zhang Jian up the car, and that includes when they both alighted as well........"

"But Zhang Jian didn't drink any alcohol that night...."

"I know, this is only a small ploy made by her, in order to avoid suspicion.....I checked the surrounding areas of transportation modes as well, and there wasn't any sign of them either.

"Then what kind of method did they use to leave this city?"

"I don't know........"

Sun Li Hua tiffed out her hands in a sign of exasperation.

"You guys just wait here then.....the photographs you've given me, should have it's results coming out soon; luckily our Sun Group have quite a few sub branches in S province, although operations were rather smaller in comparison, but being able to investigate those minor stuffs should be enough........"

"How long more will it take?"

Ma Qing Xue glanced towards Sun Li Hua, the worry in her tone unmistakable.

"Probably before 7 PM for the results of the investigation."

After Sun Li Hua replied, everyone then started to play with their phones, waiting for the results, and just like that 1 hour had passed since, when suddenly the notebook computer on the desktop suddenly rang out a notification sound.

Once they heard that sound, they put down their phones in unison, and looked towards Sun Li Hua.

"Let me see......Liu Xiong, those six photographs you gave me, amongst them,,,,,,one of them is Y province's City D, another is S province's City D, and the remaining photographs are all S province's capital, City C!"

"So Zhang Jian's?"

"If I'm otherwise mistaken, Zhang Jian's hometown should be in S province's City C indefinitely."

"Prez, how do we settle this, do we call for the police or......."

Wang Yi tried to seek some opinions from the Prez.

"It's not really possible for us to call for the police....let's not first talk about the time for it to be investigated, just crossing the province alone would be troubling already........."

After considering for a while, Sun Li Hua rejected Wang Yi's suggestion.

"I'm going to find him, Prez, please approve a period of sick leave for me, I'll return before the final semestral exams......."

Ma Qing Xue stood up from the sofa, after she obtained information about Zhang Jian possible whereabouts she was already extremely impatient onto rushing towards his hometown.


"Why not.....then just consider me as being absent then, it's fine even if you fire me as well....."

"When did I say that I wanted to fire you, Zhang Jian being one of the members of the Student Council, I naturally would have a reason to go look for him, but the prerequisite's that we must have done enough preparations beforehand."

"What preparations....wasn't it just to go look for him, of course it's the faster we move the better it is....."

Ma Qing Xue kept urging Sun Li Hua, but the Prez merely smiled as she shook her head in response.

"Ma Qing Xue, you may not know about this last time, so I'll tell you right now; that girl, is very likely to be Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend....Zhang Jian had told us before, his ex-girlfriend was a person that you cannot use common sense to think about, and the things that he did to you during those days back then, it was all for the sake of hiding from his order not to let you suffer from his girlfriend's persecution......"

"So that's the reason why he did all those to me back then huh....I knew it...he must be hiding something troubling from us too, and I didn't go on to ask him...."

Ma Qing Xue clenched her fists, her thinking becoming extremely displeased towards Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend.

"Another point is that.......Zhang Jian gave me her photograph before, and after my process of identification, both the photograph and the recording were the same person."

"The last point is, she had the ability to make our infamous locale underground mafia fighters in a short period of time, all of them, lose out their consciousness!"

Sun Li Hua especially stressed onto the last few segments of her dialogue, because it critically explained how dangerous Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend was.

"So, Ma Qing Xue.....just wait till tomorrow, when I'm done with the preparations I'll accompany along with you together."


Sun Li Hua stopping her wasn't due to any other reason, but was only due to concern for her which was why she didn't let her leave in the first place, and once Ma Qing Xue knew about this fact she silently thanked Sun Li Hua within her heart.

"Alright, then I'll come early to school tomorrow then, and Ma Qing Xue you too as well, that's all. Dismissed!"

Sun Li Hua already gave the notice that the rest of the people were able to leave, but they didn't look to have any intentions of doing so at all.

"Prez, could you apply a period of sick leave for me as well, recently I've been diagnosed with a strange disease, so I needed to go to S province for some recuperation.

Laughing, Wang Yi made out a joke.

"Prez, I really wan to go back to my hometown to see my grandpa, can you please apply a period of leave for me......"

Liu Xiong also laughed along with Wang Yi as he said.

"I'll die if I don't go to S province for a holiday!"

Amelia straightaway said out a sentence that Sun Li Hua was unable to reject wholly.

"Five Human Trashes, exists with a single body and mindset, so how could I miss out on this as well?"

Jiang Tian couldn't find any suitable excuse, but his motives had already been clearly expressed for all to witness.

"Thanks everyone......."

Ma Qing Xue bowed deeply to all of them.

"What thanks, all of these are for Zhang Jian's crossdressing!"

They replied in harmonious unison, and if this was to be heard by Zhang Jian himself, he would had probably wanted me to beat them up to death then.

"Being members of the Student Council as well, we also want too......."

"It's better that you guys not go, so behave and just stay in the school to settle the Student Council matters."


Just like that, Misc. Task Manager and Vice Prez was ruthlessly abandoned by Sun Li Hua.

"Right now, that means that I, Ma Qing Xue, Amelia, Wang Yi, Jiang Tian and Liu Xiong all wanted to go to S province to look for Zhang Jian, right? If there's any objections you may say it now."

They shook their heads at the same time, to express they didn't have any objections at all, but there's still a voice of objection that suddenly resounded out.

"I have an objection!"

The huge doors of the Student Council room was being pushed open, and a little girl that looked to be cute and well-behaved stepped into the room.

"I've heard everything you'd said just earlier, and that bastard Jian ge, how come he went missing already? He's not a little doggy too.....luckily I've just returned today as well....if not I'll miss the perfect opportunity to get my revenge on that lady; a few of my family's uncles were extremely pissed off with her as well!"

They knew this little girl, she's Xia Ling, and was that underground mafia's big boss's daughter that Prez had spoke about.

"If something crops up at there it won't be my responsibility then~"

"Do I? Can she be even more impressive than the weights in my hands?"

Xia Ling took out something that looked very alike to a hand-grenade from her pants pockets and played with it.

"It will definitely cause friendly-fire as well.......this stuff......"

"Don't worry, it's just a flash bomb."

"I really don't know where you guys manage to get those stuffs at all...."

"I picked it up from the floor when I went to the toilet."

"All right...."

Sun Li Hua didn't continue to squabble around with Xia Ling, and left promptly after instructing the Vice Prez about certain matters to note of.

"Oh right, Ma Qing Xue, come here."

After Sun Li Hua had left, the Vice Prez beckoned Ma Qing Xue over to her side.

"This here are medicines for Prez, and if Prez relapses just directly pour it into her mouth......"

"Mm, two bottles at once?"

The medicine that the Vice Prez gave, was two bottles, hence Ma Qing Xue was asking her.

"That white colored bottle is the medicine that will resolve the Prez's relapse, while the red colored bottle will let the Prez relapse immediately; I somehow felt that it could be of use somehow."

"Alright, I got it."

What happened when Su Li Hua relapses, Ma Qing Xue remembered it very distinctly, as she had experienced it before, so it's quite plausible that this medicine would become an ultimatum when the need arises.

The next day, at the airport.

"Before we set off, I would like to remind everyone, we are not going for a holiday, so you guys must listen to my commands properly, understood?"

"Yes Prez!"

"Then let's set off, hopefully that Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend would be an easy one to handle......."

Boarding Sun Li Hua's private jet, the crowd took off towards S province's City C.

"There's so many mountains below well as many county towns in-between these mountains, so this is S province huh......."

Amelia sat near the windows, as she looked at the scenery outside below of the plane.

"S province is an area with a basin depression, it's originally a mountainous region, look at that city right in front of you, it had a large flat land didn't it? That's City C."

Liu Xiong continued from Amelia's words, and casually conversed with her.

Dozens of minutes later, they reached their destination as the plane started to descend.

"Let's go to the hotel and refresh ourselves up first, we'll begin the investigation of the city in the afternoon!"

Among all of them, most of the people didn't carry any sort of luggage with them at all, the only exception being Xia Ling who carried a large backpack.

"Xia Ling, before entering the plane I had wanted to ask you this already, but those stuffs that you've brought along what were they exactly?"

Sun Li Hua patted Xia Ling's backpack; this backpack looked to be extremely heavy at first glance.

"It's just a few rubbish stuffs, like baseball bats, weights, telescopes, and fireworks."

"Why do you bring these stuffs along? It's not as if we come here to play too......."

"I felt safer when I brought these along, heh heh."

Suddenly remembering about the weights that Xia Ling mentioned, she dared not look down on the rest of the stuff that Xia Ling brought along as well.........

"Sun jie, let me tell you this, my daddy told me before that there's nothing in the world that couldn't be resolved through weights, and if there was any, then it'll be time to use fireworks."

When Xia Ling mentioned about the term 'fireworks', her face unveiled out a devilish smile, which made Sun Li Hua a little uncomfortable.

"Hopefully it's only required to use those weights to settle our issue then......"

Reaching the hotel, Xia Ling secretly unpacked those possessions behind their backs, and due to curiosity, the crowd secretly peeked a few glances at them, and noticed quite a few black-colored metallic objects that emanated out a rather dangerous-looking aura.

"Xia Ling...........these's better if we forget about using them, if you really need to bring those, just carry two flash bombs around with you should be adequate."

"Isn't that obvious, these stuffs were my precious treasures, I won't plan to use them easily too......huh? What's this thing........"

Xia Ling replied Sun Li Hua, and suddenly confusedly took out a piece of purplish Han clothing from her backpack.

"Did I bring this along too.....forget it.....since it's nothing as well, it's probably accidentally placed in when I was packing these stuffs."

After everything was sorted out, Sun Li Hua gathered everyone together and begun explaining the schedule for the afternoon.

"Firstly, it's a possibility that Zhang Jian's ex-girlfriend knew about us, so for everyone's safety we must all move out together, and never to separate; so right now we'll head to a few schools at the city side to begin our investigation."

"Won't the progress then be too slow already? I've just went onto the internet and researched about City C; it has a total of 70 plus high schools, and furthermore, it's not confirmed that Zhang Jian belonged to City C too... if you include the surrounding cities near it, I really don't know how long it would take for us to investigate on like this!"

"Ma Qing Xue, about this I've already notified my company's men to help investigate as well, the main high schools that we will be going are the few city-emphasized high schools, those kinds which were rather inconvenient for my company's men to investigate, and that includes other cities as well, we'll just have to investigate the more emphasized high schools only."

"So right now we'll first?"

"Let's have some food before we carry on, everyone's probably hungry by now......."

-ch 53 done-

(3141 words to tl)

Sun Group = a multitude of companies belonging to the Prez's (Sun Li Hua) family

-jie = a short suffix, it's placed behind a person's name to call him or her endearingly; the meaning of this is 'elder sister'


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