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Love Dependency Disease v2c46

Volume 2, Chapter 46: Even deeper disorder 3

TL: flarewk

"Yo, Zhang Jian, we heard that you're sick?"

"Mm, I had a little fever, so I rested at home for a few days."

When I returned to school, a few students who usually weren't on good relations with me at all came to gave me a simple greeting.

"You'd better take care of your body more then, you must have mast**bated too much already, resulting in you frail body."

"Do you believe that I can make all of your bodies more frail than mine right now?"

"We don't believe at all!"

The replied me in unimplied unison; looks like if I don't show a little of my prowess, they won't behave like how good children does.

Now do you still believe me or not, that this would make your bodies frail!"

I took out a small little booklet from my clothes pocket and showed it to them. Being an old veteran, it's widely known that we've always carried our collection along with us.

"Please let our bodies be frail! We choose death!"

"Don't even think about it, I don't want to be strung and beaten up by Prez again."

If Prez found out that I was once again spreading resources in school, the end result would probably be even more worse than being strung and beaten up.

"Zhang Jian, good morning.."

"Ah, good morning....."

Ma Qing Xue looked to be perfectly normal as she greeted me, it's only that stillness within her gaze that made my heart ache excruciatingly.

"Everyone please sit down, the results for the mid terms had already come out, I'll only announce the top three in our class and the top three in the whole cohort."

"First place in our class, Zhang Jian, second place, Ma Qing Xue, third place, Wu Qian Ling."

Wu Qian Ling, if I remember it correctly, she was that girl who liked Ma Qing Xue way over the border of same gender relationship, or commonly known as lesbian.

Also, she's a rather dangerous lesbian as well.

"Entire school cohort's first place, Sun Li Hua, entire school cohort's second place, Zhang Jian, entire school cohort's third place, Wang Yi."

What? Wang Yi....he actually could get third place.....I shouldn't have told him so much at that time, but to just let him barely pass the exam will do.

"Right now, let's invite Zhang Jian tongxue up here to express his feelings about this."

The homeroom teacher had her face emanating with joy, and looked to be extremely happy, looks like she definitely must have benefited some kind of an award from this.

"For me to be able to obtain this kind of results, it didn't stray far away from the school's traditional virtues, the students oft help towards me, and most importantly, our respected homeroom teacher's guidance onto me; and so, we must........"

After wasting half the lesson's time on the pedestal bullshitting about, under the extremely pleased gaze of the homeroom teacher, I can finally once again return back to my own seat.

"Zhang Jian tongxue had said it absolutely right, and extremely insightful, we must all learn from Zhang Jian tongxue's spirit, and develop......."

The teacher bullshitted for another half a lesson's time, nearly praising me till as if I had soared to the heavens already.

"Yo, Zhang Jian, you came to school today?"

After lesson when I went to the Student Council's canteen to have my lunch, I was being discovered by Prez.

"Mm.....since I'm considered a student, the way, how come there wasn't any news these few days at all?"

"I don't know either, it's like she had vanished in City G, and I don't have any trace of her whereabouts at all. Why not try calling Xia Ling a little while later to ask her as well, to check if she has the same result as I do."

For me, this was bad news.

"However, don't worry about it, if she was to come to City C, we would definitely be able to spot her, as City C is me and Xia Ling's main fortress."


My words were being interrupted by Prez.

"Don't thank me, who knows that next time I may require your help as well, so just quietly accept this will do."

"Prez, you're really a nice person."

"Wasn't that obvious in the first place?"

Afterwards, I checked with Xiao Ling about fresh updates to still with fruitless results, information about my girlfriend had been cut off, but, the coincidental thing here was that Xiao Ling also made the same kind of reply like the Prez, as long as my girlfriend was to enter City C, she would absolutely know as well.

Hopefully the truth would be like that then.

Six o' clock in the evening, Su Hua's after-school timing.

"Zhang Jian, let's go back together......."

"Back to where?"

"Your home of course."
"Sure, anything."

On the route back home, the both of us were silent, not saying anything at all.

The smell coming out from the kitchen already made me salivate badly, and there was a birthday cake laid on top of the table. The cream decorated on the cake wasn't very even, the fruit placement weren't nice looking either, and the workmanship looked to be slightly bad, but this should be a cake that Ma Qing Xue made all by herself.

Just from this cake alone, I'm able to feel the feelings she had for me.

In truth, whether Ma Qing Xue have or doesn't have love dependency disease it all didn't matter to me already, as I truly loved her from the bottom of my heart, and if my girlfriend didn't exist at all in the first place, I would have long ago chased after Ma Qing Xue already.

"Zhang Jian, light the candles up then.."


17 candles, representing that today I officially had stepped into the gates of being 17 years old, and there's just one more year left, before I'll turn into an adult.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you......"

Although I rarely hear Ma Qing Xue's singing, still I often think that she would easily become a famous singer.

I had harmed her so much previously already, and yet she still went on to celebrate my birthday, even though I had no inkling on when's her birthday at all; her bigheartedness made the guilt in my heart even wider and wider already.

"Thanks, for celebrating my birthday....but, those words I said previously....."

"Did you said anything previously?"

As expected......under the effects of hypochondriac disorder, those words were chosen to be forgotten by her already huh.

"No, it's nothing. Thank you, and I love you too, really, I really love.....from the second day of my transfer onwards, you had been always considering everything for me, I'm such an idiot, I had been treating you like that already......"

"Hehe.......because I think that to love a person, you must accept him, understand him, and me too, I knew from the start that you're not a bad person."

Her complexion, that poker face that had already maintained for a few days already, had the edge of the mouth lip's slightly raised up a little.

"Is it? Thank you for understanding me."

"Then......since I loved you, and you loved me too.......we can be together already, right?"


In her eye expression, a glimmer of color appeared.

"And that means, we're a couple already, and could tell Prez and the others that we were dating already, and we're truly a couple already, right?"


"We can eat together everyday, play together, go out together during holidays already, right!"


"After a few years later, we can also marry each other....forever together, right!"


My tone became more and more shaky, it's not because of being touched, but it's because of what I'm about to say next.

This sort of unclear relationship, it's time to end it once and for all.

"Is this all for real? It's not a joke right.........can you pinch my face please....."

Seeing that I had no response at all, Ma Qing Xue pinched her own face, she pinched quite forcefully, and pinched till her face had already became sore with redness.

"Looks like it's's really.......great news.......don't you think so, Zhang Jian?"

Just now, every word of mine, I really meant it from the bottom of my heart, I wasn't lying to her. Because the lying part, wasn't being said yet.

"Yeah, it's all real, I'm just joking around with you!"

" W...what joking around......"

"About what I've said before, since I seen your serious-like face, so I followed along with the flow only, so how was it, it was very touching earlier, right? How's my acting, how about giving me a review on it?"

The wide grin that I pretended out on my face, had my conscience berating beneath it, and my heart was like about to split apart, and the excruciating pain was so unreal at that moment.

"I would give ten points.......Zhang Jian, please don't joke about this already, I hate this kind of joke, alright?"

"Then that would be a headache already, because I am reaally~ joking around with you, and you actually asked me not to continue doing that and so on........."

"Don' that any more, I'm going to get angry, time I won't cook for you already....."

"Alright, I won't joke about any more, since I'm rather happy to have had a free cook and all, and also, sometimes I can even.........."

Both of my hands, dishonestly waggled in front of her in a groping stance.......I had a kind of feeling that this situation right now is a sort of deja vu.

"Come-come-come, since there's no one right now, let's first do some comfortable things together then~"

Just as my right hand was about to touch onto her, she did an action that exceeded my expectations.

"Don't touch me!"

Piak! a sound appeared, and my hand was being slapped back by her, so finally.....she started to hate me already huh.......that's won't be able to be harmed by my girlfriend already.

"It's all bluffing, right! You're just lying to me, right! Please really don't continue this joke already.......I'm really scared...........really..."

Tears welled in Ma Qing Xue's eyes, and blood too bled out from within my heart as well.

"Tell me this, even if it's lying to me, do you really love me, or do you hate me......."

"I really love you, and I don't hate you at all; of course, it's all, just, a, lie!"

"That's right! You're just lying to love don't hate me........right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right?right!!

She kept repeating her murmuring sounds, and slightly had a bit of hoarse tone in it, which proved that she had accepted this fact already.

"What's wrong with me, I can change them, please tell me, what did I do wrong already, and which part made you hate me? Was it my face? I can go for a plastic surgery tomorrow.....or was it something about my figure that displeased you, or was it my personality.....I won't disturb you again next time, I'll come over when you call me here, alright?"

"I don't get it.........why did you exactly........."

Her sobbing voice, made her had difficulties in talking even.

"I had a girlfriend, didn't I tell that to you right from the start already........"

"Your meaning was that it's always me who had been one-sided about this?"

"It's something like that, and of course, if you still wants to continue on this relationship one-sidedly, I wouldn't mind either."

"'m such a fool........actually done so many stupidly laughable things...hehe....haha....."

She laughed out bafflingly.....and tears still hung on the corner of her eyes.

After saying finish these, I initially thought that she would then distance herself away from me, but who knows, she abruptly stared at me with confused eyes out of a sudden for a very long time.

What's she planning to do now.....

"Can I ask, who are you? How come I'm here.....strange.....what happened already........"

"You seemed to be Zhang remember that you're somehow my can't remember anything already....strange...."

Selective Amnesia huh.......looks like she had already forgot about me, it's good this way too.

"You've entered the wrong house already, I'm just a classmate who's in the same class as yours."

"Oh, so it's just a classmate, actually tonight I wanted to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday, do you know where he lives?"

"No idea, by the way who's your boyfriend....."

"He's....who was he again...huh? How come I can't remember his name already...."

"Just now you tripped near the door entrance, and knocked onto your head, it's probably a temporary memory loss, after a few days it'll be fine......"

"Oh, so it's like that... I've really troubled onto you, tongxue, I'll first head back to rest then, somehow my head feels a little pain too, heh heh."

"Alright, be careful on your way home."

Right now, Ma Qing Xue's memories aren't stable at all, so I'll give Amelia a call in a short moment to help look after her for a few days then.

-ch 46 end-

(3123 words to tl)

TL: I'm aware that I had some grammarian mistakes during the last sentence @ the previous chapt, bear with me on that one. (It's edited already)

If there's any mistakes I've made, feel free to point it out, your the reader after all, and your opinion does matter!


old veteran = a pun, this meant "people who are very experienced in XXX stuffs"

resources = this refers to the stuff that he distributes, which is XXX stuffs.

-tongxue = it can be a suffix or just referred to it simply as such towards someone. It meant "student"


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