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Love Dependency Disease v1c11

Volume 1, Chapter 11: Being Pushed down by the Student Council Prez

TL: flarewk

After being made aware of the President's sly plan I had no plans to stay any further, and just as I was about to leave, I noticed that the President's face seemed to be not right.

"What's wrong, are you not feeling well?"

Showing the most basic level of care from being a student, I've asked a sentence.

"No, I'm very fine, now please hurry up and leave!"

"Oh.... well sure, I'm going then!"

Since she doesn't need my help, I wouldn't want to force it on her to do so too.

I had just walked out of the Student Council room when I realized that I had forgotten my stuff in there, and had no choice but to return.

"President, that few books that you're holding would be meaningless to you, so why not just pass it back to me~"

"Quickly take it and go.... then hurry and get lost, you perverted human trash bastard insect!"


I suddenly got shocked by her actions, it's rather hard to believe that the dignified and courteous President would be saying such hurtful words.

But deep within my heart seemed to have some kind of slight excitement boiling.....

(TL: He's an M, no doubt)

Taking away the collection that had belonged to me, I've just turned around and pushed open the door when I was being pounced by something soft.

It's the President, she suddenly pounced onto me, and her expression from the initial elegant and poise manner, had gradually evolved into an eventual maliciousness, and had finally became an expression right now that you would use to describe a girl clouded in extreme infatuation.

This kind of expression changing is even faster than the weather changes, I've suddenly became extremely frightened, for human beings are creatures that you can never predict their upcoming actions.

"I'm very interested in you~ would you like to marry me~?"

I've suddenly been proposed to, what exactly is going on around here, is her brain malfunctioning?

The Prez then squashed me onto the floor firmly, her mouth panting gasps of air nonstop, and her expression becoming more and more dangerous by the second, just like that after fixedly staring at me for a while she then actually started to lick my neck.....

To me right now, this is actually too stimulating already, for I instantly had goosebumps forming on my spine.

"Aahh~ it's too delicious already~ why is it soo delicious, I reaaally want to lick every inch of your bodyy~"

Placing her finger into her mouth, her foolish laughter that resembled a lunatic instantly made me enlightened on what's going on.

I'll say that the Prez has a 9 out of 10 chance of being inflicted with an extreme and severe condition of LDD!

Also, it had already been so severe to the point of being deeply embedded into her bones!

Looks like I'm finished! The virginity that I've maintained for 17 years will be lost today..

"Ah~ Uuu~"

She suddenly bit my ear, as if  she was gently chewing on a soft gum, and her tongue even went into my earhole, which made me itchy to the point of being unbearable.


I loudly yelled towards the spacious empty corridor, if there's someone around this level of volume would definitely be heard clearly.

As the sound resonated, a girl wearing glasses stepped out from the gaming room, the title pinned onto her chest revealing her identity.

"Vice President dà ren~ help!!"

She pushed up her spectacles, and did a hand gesture of Keep Quiet! to me and returned back to the gaming room.

The Vice President just like that simply walked away.....

Don't tell me that the Student Council had planned this from the very beginning to want to take away my purity!?

I'm going to call Mr. Policeman for this!

Resisting the shame, I tried to forcefully shove away the President but to find that my strength had totally no effect at all.

Noticing that I wanted to shove her off, the Prez then suddenly bit a lot harder on my ears, by the way it's really painful right now!!!!

"Hehehehehe, next is.........."

The Prez then used the back of her hands to wipe the saliva that were leaking from the edge of her mouth, and actually began to start untying my belt.

It's really game over for me now!

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I went back to save my game file, I'm really sorry for being late~"

After coming out from the gaming room, The Vice President relaxedly bowed to me as an gesture of apology .

"You can do any kinds of apology you want later, just save me first!!"

"All right."

"Prez, open your mouth~ time for medicine!"

She took out two bottles of medication from her pocket, and dashed forward immediately to straightaway force open the President's mouth to pour the entire contents of the medicine within.

Finally, the President collapsed weakly onto the floor, and I who was frightened out of my wits was then shuddering in fear my the doorside.

"Tongxue, I'm really sorry for this happening, Prez she had a form of intermittent disassociative identity disorder, although her other personality is a little problematic, she won't be until to that extent that she would do something like this to you..... strange..."

(TL: it basically means two different personalities in a person's body)

Can you guys please cure her before you let her come to school, alright?

If it's really a Disassociative Identity Disorder, that means her second personality must definitely be a victim of LDD then.

Right now the President is like a ticking time bomb to me, she's a person inflicted with intermittent LDD!!

"I would like to request of you not to say any of this to anyone today, and I promise that this will never happen again next time, so consider this as a compensation."

 The Vice President then handed me a small bag.

I felt the stuff inside that small bag, and instantly had an ecstatic joy upon my face, what's inside is definitely money!

I have food to eat already! My three meals daily are assured already!

"Even if this was to happen a thousand times again I won't have any complaints!"

After having a dirty contract of agreement with the Vice President, I don't plan to have my assault experience being told to the police any longer.

"Since it has come to an agreement, then may you please leave right now."

The Vice President then pushed up the spectacles on her face and shooed me away.

Once I've reached downstairs, I noticed that the dirty agreement's compensation amount is enough for me to renew my identification, which made me inwardly thankful towards the President for her actions.

"Hai~ Zhang Jian, the Student Council.....they didn't do anything much to you, did they?"

I would recognize this voice anywhere, it's Wang Yi that bastard who betrayed me.

"You've betrayed me!!"

"Wait, listen to my explanation, I also had no choice on this...the Student Council President said that if I don't confess on you then she'll modify the school rules, if it's wearing skirts or shorts she'll change it to be compulsory on wearing safety pants all the time! Would you be willing to see that kind of bland and boring world, Librarian Keeper?"

Indeed, one have to admit that these two conditions she've threatened is rather ruthless.

"Sighh... I understand that you're thinking of the big picture on that, by the way about Experimental High school, did Prez tell you anything about that already?"

"Of course, all of us have received the notification."

"When shall we take action, and what plan is it?"

"Don't worry about it temporarily, let's wait for Master of Stalkers to finish gathering up intel before we discuss of a master-plan."

"Sure, if there's anything just let me know anytime!"

After bading farewell to Demon Skirt Flipper, I returned back to my classroom.

In the classroom. The timing I've arrived was just nice that the application of roles for the sports meet is currently ongoing.

"My fellow tongxues, everyone is allowed to participate in three different fields, please complete the form and wait for the class monitor to collect those forms.

Teacher's voice reached my ears just in the nick of time.

"Oh right, just now I've received a notification from the Student Council, that other than the student council members being in charge of the sports meet, there are 5 other representatives, being Second year First class' Wang Yi, Third year Forth class' Liu Xiong, First year First class' Aihua Amelia, Second year Second class' Jiang Tian as well as our class' Zhang Jian."

"If anyone have any queries about the sports meet or have any sort of arrangements that they want to make, they can find these people or the Student Council themselves."

The female teacher wearing glasses seemed to be rather surprised, as we five are part of the sport meet's representatives.

It's probably part of the plan for convenience sake that the President arranged such positions for us.

"Why is it the Five Human Trashes?"

As expected, someone actually asked it out.....

"The President called me over to the Student Council room earlier to discuss about this earlier too, what the President intentions is that for us to work together, to toil under the same sweat of our youthful lives, in order to forge a closer bond between us and the students of the school."

I nonsensically spouted out whatever came to my mind, to prevent them from suspecting that I made some form of a dirty agreement with the Student Council.

After all, a representative's authority during the sports meet is still rather influential, and we needed that in order to proceed with our mission.

"Umm, Representative! Here~ here~ I have a question that needed to be consulted, when after lesson ends can I trouble you for a little while!"

Ma Qing Xue's hands immediately shot up into the air, and booked whatever free time I had available after lesson; her voice tone was extremely determined, which made me rather uneasy to just reject her without reason.

And the lesson went past in a blink of an eye, afterwards it's lunch time.

Using the stack of dirty money I had tucked securely into my trousers, I sat within the school canteen and ordered a special beef set meal.

This is exactly what a luxurious life is meant to be, please allow me to once again thank you deeply, President!

But just when I was about to take a bite, the special beef set meal was being knocked over by Ma Qing Xue.....

"Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean for it to happen, let me compensate you for it, if you don't mind I have a set of lunch box here for you, is it alright?"

You still dared to say that it wasn't on purpose! Can't you act a little more realistic!?

"No, no it's alright, I'll just order another set then....."

I've just finished saying these words when Ma Qing Xue sat down right beside me, not moving away.....looks like my next order of special beef set meal will also be knocked down too.........

Can't you be a little more frugal onto food!?

"Umm forget it then, I'll not order already, if you have a lunchbox then I'll just eat it....."

"Mm, let's go to the school balcony and eat, there's a lot of people here....."

Unabling to argue against her I then meekly followed her to the school balcony.

After finding a place to sit down, we then opened our lunch box covers, the ingredients looked to be rather pristine, but the problem is what is up with that heart-shaped ketchup drawing on top of the rice!?

The ketchup that had been heated up by steam after a period of time looked rather frightening, alright!?

"Here, ahhh~~"

She used a chopstick to grab a piece of roasted pork and hung it in front of me; if this goes on not only our relationship would solidly be close, I'll need to think of a plan to destroy it...

"I'm used to eating my—"

I haven't finished my sentence when she seized the chance to quickly jab in the meat inside my opened mouth, feeding me.

Having no choice but then to obediently take a scoopful of rice to accompany the meat, I chewed onto the food.

The taste is rather not bad as well, compared to Xiao Ling's cooking both of them have their field of advantages.

But suddenly I've realized that I had a talent for eating free food.....

"Don't you think that us right now looked like a couple in other people's eyes~ "

She blushed, as she whispered to me softly.

Can you stop being that cute already! I won't be able to take it!

"Can you let me taste this roasted pork of yours?"

"Our ingredients are the same, right...."

"No it isn't, no it isn't, this portion of yours is cooked by using beans, while mine is being cooked by using carrots!"

What a deep motive! I've underestimated her too much already.

"Then just use your own chopsticks to take one and taste it already."

"My hands seemed to have cramped up, can you help to feed me for a moment? Pleaaaseeee~"

How could the youths nowadays have hand cramps whenever they feel like it.....

"Just one piece, alright!?"


An enjoyable lunch period passed just like that.

Being influenced by the atmosphere, I've later came to realize that me and Ma Qing Xue's relationship had became even closer ultimately.

What do I need to do in order to have her stay away from me!

-ch 11 end-

(3001 words to tl)

TL thoughts: I remember when someone gave me free lunchbox to eat daily too T-T it was really delicious, the food and the hard work behind it too, I'm really touched that time, thanks joyce!!😭

P/N: thanks to Kartikeye Chandramouli for the correction on DID!

TL footnotes:

LDD = love dependency disease

dà ren = same as -sama, used to call someone in a tone of authoritative respect.

tongxue = student

hai = hi

Librarian Keeper = a title for Zj, being one of the Five Human Trashes

Master of Stalkers = a title, belonging to one of the Five Human Trashes

Demon Skirt Flipper = a title, belonging to one of the Five Human Trashes


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