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Love Dependency Disease v3c60

Volume 3, Chapter 60: Battle at the Abandoned Factory 3

TL: flarewk

They didn't ask why, but upon they heard my words they straightaway turned and ran, it's probably because they saw the fear etched onto my face.

This was my first ever time that I saw meimei in this state, I had no idea what she would do exactly, but what she had just said earlier, gave me chills from the bottom of my feet all the way till the top of my head.
"Won't let these 'obstacles' run away........those 'bad obstacles' that snatched away gege all must be purged!"

Xiao Yu had already stopped thinking of them as human beings huh.......

"Xiao Yu, stop!"

I seized the chance that meimei hadn' moved, and exerted my utmost strength into hugging her really tightly, at least if it's like that then her actions would be delayed.

"Gege, if only you're able to hug me like this usually as well......"

Xiao Yu stroked my face gently, afterwhich she forcefully pressed onto a certain point of my neck, which made me instantly giddied.....I nearly forgot, her knowledge of the human anatomy structure is unrivaled to some old chinese acupuncturists....

Gently placing the weak me onto the floor, she then dashed over to Ma Qing Xue and the rest.

"The first shall be you!"

They ran in separate directions, and Xiao Yu's first target was Ma Qing Xue.....the damning thing was that I couldn't even speak a word right now, my head really hurts very terribly, exactly which acupuncture point did Xiao Yu strike onto me earlier......

Ma Qing Xue who was being caught up by her had no choice but to helplessly retaliate a few blows against her, Xiao Yu was holding onto a small knife, and Ma Qing Xue's wielding a chainsaw....she was actually being suppressed so badly......

"Ma Qing Xue, run towards our direction!"

Prez saw the current situation a little, although if this goes on some would be able to successfully escape, but those who didn't would have a very horrific ending.

My body gradually recovered a little bit of strength, and I felt that I could start to speak already, but for me to completely recover my movements I think it still might take a while more.

"Xiao Yu! Stop whatever you're doing, stop! Didn't you hear me, stop!"

My words were like a breeze against her ears as she ignored me, looks like she had hardened her resolve to do foolish things.

"If you dared to touch them, then I don't have a sister like you any longer!"

After I've said this out, Xiao Yu's footsteps expectedly hesitated for a moment, she then turned around and smiled very dazzlingly towards me.

"That's excellent, next time I'm not gege's meimei any longer....we're not siblings any more!"

Xiao Yu looked like she had completely become another person right now, and after she ignored me after finished saying that; she sped up her footsteps, and stabbed the sharp edge of the knife towards Ma Qing Xue's fingers that were holding onto the chainsaw. If Ma Qing Xue was to continue holding the chainsaw like this, her fingers would definitely be injured badly.

Ka Tang!

As I had expected, Ma Qing Xue had no choice but to throw away her chainsaw, although she didn't have the chainsaw anymore to retaliate against Xiao Yu, but at the same time she didn't have the weight of the chainsaw onto her, which enabled her to run quicker a little.

"Xiao Yu, if you still think of me as a gege then come back right now!"

"No, you're not my gege, you're my everything, you belong to me!"

I realized that her in this state right now wouldn't listen to whatever I say, so the situation that I was most worried about had happened already huh.....

Being a brother, I actually can't control my own sister......

I gritted my teeth as I pushed up my body with my might, stood up once more, and unsteadily paced towards meimei.

What made me truly surprised was that Ma Qing Xue, Amelia, and Prez these trio could actually barely hold up against Xiao Yu, and what's even scarier was that Xiao Yu still looked to be rather at ease too.

"Wang Yi, go and help them out, what the heck are you looking at!"

Liu Xiong and Jiang Tian were probably useless, and only Wang Yi could go harass Xiao Yu a little already....

"Wasn't her your sister? You won't hit me right?"

"Didn't you heard her, she already admitted that she wasn't my meimei any more!"

I'm very infuriated right now, extremely infuriated, in the past I used to be terrified of meimei...and now that I've finally mustered up the courage to rebel against her, but still had the disadvantage against her, my so-called rebel within Xiao Yu's eyes were probably just a joke.....she didn't even care about what I thought of at all.

From what she said earlier I've heard it extremely clearly, she only treated me as an "object", a something.

The laughable thing was that within my heart, there's still a tiny bit of hope that she would return back to that cute little meimei who loved to spoil about cutely, a little naughty, and love to cuddle up as well; as expected, can it be that day's events that caused it..........

That event, wasn't my fault......I only just wanted to protect her, but I didn't realize that it would have resulted into today....from that day onwards, Xiao Yu had a huge change of personality, and back then I also thought it was due to that event's aftereffects, not realizing that Xiao Yu's feelings for me had gradually went over the borderline even more and more as time went on. Maybe the me back then had a little bit of problem with my head,....I also loved my meimei as well.....well over the love of sibling's relationship......

And so, I didn't reject Xiao Yu's affection of love.....all the way until I've truly realized the truth, but everything was too late already....and because of that, which was why I had the attitude to reject Ma Qing Xue fiercely in the first place......

"So was it.....still my fault in the first place....."

I laughed mockingly towards myself, right now it doesn't matter who's fault it was, but what's important is that I must first stop Xiao Yu, and I absolutely must not allow my friends to be hurt.

Since it had come to this, it's time to use that technique already!

"Old veteran's secret technique, Light-speed Mast**bation!"

If my body had been paralyzed, then I'll counter with by secreting a huge dose of adrenaline in my body.

"Second secret technique, Double Mast**bation!"

Right now, both of my hands were like a turbine engine repetitively circulating around my gut region, and mini cyclones were even formed in my surroundings as a result; I can clearly feel that, the adrenaline inside my body started to spike up tremendously, and if this secretion process continues to go on I'll definitely run out of juice, right now, the pent-up amount stored within my body had already all been used up, and what's being secreted now were all freshly new.

"Ultimate technique, Real Unparalleled Old Veteran!"

My body's capacitative ability to withstand all the produced adrenaline had already reached it's absolute limits, my heart was practically jumping about at an over-accelerated rate, my breathing was faster than usual by a couple of times, and after the strong pumping process from my heart to the rest of my body largely increased the oxygen output that were being delivered to my brain as well, causing my thinking to accelerate; right now I felt that my body had power coursing within.

(TL: sounded like...luffy's gear second.......)

But this technique cannot be used too often, as it's burden onto the body is too great, but once it's being used, it's when I'm being absolutely serious.

(TL: definitely G 2nd)

Even Xiao Yu had become serious already, so can't I start becoming serious for now?

My body felt way, way lighter than usual, and my speed instantaneously caught up with Xiao Yu.

"Zhang Jian, you ate steriods? Or was it chicken blood injection into yourself? Or did you suddenly become young again?"

Wang Yi was gaping widely in absolute bewilderment, earlier he clearly saw a feeble oldly figure that was about to fall anytime, but right now I had drastically turned into a ferocious predator.

"Zhang Jian, you've used that technique?"

"That's right!"

"Well then it's time for me to use it too!"

Amelia saw clearly what technique I had used at a glance, because she also knew how to use it too.

"Use....use what?"

Wang Yi looked at me and Amelia, from his expression it looked like he wanted to learn our techniques too.

"Zhang Jian, help buy me some time!"


I chased up to Xiao Yu, and swapped positions with Amelia. Xiao Yu had already seemed to lost her reasoning, and she didn't hold back against me at all; luckily right now I'm in this state, if it's the usual me I'll definitely be stabbed a couple of times already.

(TL: The pun in here is that, everyone wanted to stab the MC a couple of times ever since became a riajuu)

"Prez, stay back a little, be careful not to be injured, Ma Qing Xue, retreat now, swap Amelia in!"

The three of us formed into a triangular shape, and tried to suppress the already crazy Xiao Yu together.

By this point, I had no choice but to be convinced, that recently those stuffs that keep happening by my side, those abnormally-peaceful days, were too much already.......

After Amelia had finished mast**bating, her entire persona had a rather indescribable aura about her. Her face originally looked delicately white and smooth, since she's a mixed-blood, and was a white-race by default; but now her face was quite reddish, and on her cheeks, moonlight gleamed onto the tears dripping off it, I had just glanced towards her, and my face actually became embarrassingly shy already.......

I've finally understood why Amelia is being called as the Men Huntress, as expected, she's one of the duo leaders like me from the 12 veterans of legend; her lustful appearance towards males are indeed extremely captivatingly powerful.

"Well then I'll first go rest for a while, you guys be careful...."

Ma Qing Xue looked towards us worriedly, the Xiao Yu right now is extremely strange, she wasn't saying anyting at all, but only kept attempting to use her knife to assault our weak points.

Currently, my dream was distancing itself away from me further and further more.....wanting to have a normal love relationship, being a normal high school student....would it still be possible right now?

"Prez, open up, time for medicine!"

Ma Qing Xue seized the chance when Prez wasn't paying attention and quickly took out a red-colored medicinal bottle and stuffed all it's pills inside her mouth, and afterwards hoisted up Prez's head slightly, 'gulp~' , all the pills were being swallowed by Prez.

"Ma Qing Xue....cough, cough.....what did you do exactly!"

"Nothing, it's just a little grape candy!"

After Ma Qing Xue had finished saying, she quickly looked for a place to hide, afterwhich she waved towards me, Amelia and everyone over, indicating us to look for a place to hide as well.

Why must we hide at all......wouldn't the Prez be in grave danger this way....don't tell me......

I suddenly had a thought that occurred in my mind, and suddenly I realized that Xiao Yu had also stopped, she didn't care about us, but looked towards Prez.

Prez had her head lowered, her eye gaze couldn't be clearly seen, but her rapid intake of breathing sounds distinctly told me what's about to happen.

She's going to relapse......

Me and Amelia glanced towards each other, and without saying a second word we immediately fled; right now I only hated my parents for not giving birth to me with another pair of legs, as the relapsed Prez attacks anyone on sight at will!

"Zhang Jian~ Don't think that you could run away~"

I've just paced my legs open widely, when Prez grabbed onto my shirt collar, what's worse in this situation is...the aftereffects of my body started to appear.

"Let go of my belonging!"

Xiao Yu fiercely stabbed towards the hand that the Prez was using to grab my shirt collar, but was easily deflected off by Prez.

"No, he's my belonging!"

On Prez's face, unveiled a dangerous smiling look which looked exactly the same as Xiao Yu's.....I'm extremely terrified right now....I'm actually being squished in the middle between these two people, this would be the endgame for me already!

"Jian ge is then my belonging!"

Xiao Ling suddenly roared out of nowhere.



Prez and Xiao Yu looked towards Xiao Ling at the same time, and those eye gazes that were saturated with resoluting intimidation made Xiao Ling shudder instantly.

"Heh heh....I'm in the wrong, he's yours.....yours....."

Xiao Ling unconvincingly laughed a little, and quickly found a place to hide from them.

At this moment, the moon had fully risen in the night sky; the pure white glow passed through the windows, which fully lit up the factory, the time right now should be perfectly 12 AM midnight.

"If you can beat me, then he's yours!"

"You must be joking, gege, Zhang Jian, he's always mine in the first place!"

Under the moonlight, they both stared towards each other, the icy frigidness exploding from their eye gazes clearly visible.

"Shall we start?"

Prez threw me to a corner casually like a person throwing rubbish away, and invited Xiao Yu to a battle.

"Let's start!"

Xiao Yu didn't reject her, but smiled even more happier as a result.

"Who's scared of who!"

The next moment, they dashed towards each other simultaneously.


A loud crackling sound resounded around the abandoned factory, this was the sound of weapons clashing against each other.

I only had a single thought right now, and that's to go back to that underground basement downstairs and stay there for a little while longer.

-ch 60 end-

(3112 words to tl)

run out of juice = I really need to explain this? It refers to the stamina of that being totally exhausted.

Chicken blood injection = a form of youthful regaining technique, you literally do that, and side effects include a red faced persona, panting rapidly, hyperactive and so on

ultimate/ secret techniques = all perverted puns and jokes mixed with wuxia techniques

P/N: I cleaned up certain sentences to make it clearer.

meimei = 'younger sister'

gege = 'elder brother'

old veteran = a very experienced person, in this context it refers to experienced in perverted stuffs like p*rn

Men Huntress = a title belonging to Amelia known throughout Su Hua Secondary.

12 veterans of legend = see sidestory 1 for backstory~!


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