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Love Dependency Disease v2c43

Volume 2, chapter 43: The start of disorder 3

TL: flarewk

The next day, I didn't go to school at all, so I randomly made up an excuse to rest at home. I was afraid to see Ma Qing Xue, and the me right now have no idea how to face her at all.

If Ma Qing Xue doesn't distance herself away from me, then I'll have to only actively distance myself away from her. This was a solution that isn't really a solution by itself.

Just like that, I'll hide in my house till the end of the month then......

My eyes fixedly stared towards the entrance of the small district, if there's anything unusual I'll be able to be ready for it.

In the afternoon, while eating instant noodles my eyes remained fixed still towards the entrance; even though there are four big entrances into this small district....and I can only see one of them, I still went on the precaution-is-always-good mentality, and continued to monitor, as during these moments, an extra instance of being careful would mean extra hope for me to be able to run away whenever danger approaches.

"Why did she come here......?"

At the entrance of the small district, Ma Qing Xue was carrying a paper bag, and was proceeding towards the building of where I was living in.

How does she know which unit I was living in, I've never once told her about that before....although it wasn't surprising that she knew that I lived in this small district, but from her posture it's rather clear that not only she knew which building that I lived in within the district, it's also possible that she had knowledge on which floor and which unit I am in as well.

A few minutes later, knockings on the door ensued expectedly, but I don't plan to open the door for her, so I'll just pretend that I'm not at home then.

Knock, knock, knock.

After knocking sounds continued for a few more times it then abruptly stopped, Ma Qing Xue probably must have left already.

But reality once again, proved that my guesses were way off the mark.

Sounds of a key inserting inside my doorknob appeared; I hadn't even had time to think about what to do next, and in my haste I quickly opened the seatings of the sofa and hid underneath it; below this sofa's seatings was a storage cabinet, and it's just nice that a person could fit in there.

The door was opened.

She actually had the keys to my's so unbelievably unbelievable.....

Will Ma Qing Xue slowly become the same as my girlfriend........deep within my heart, formed a fear towards Ma Qing Xue as well.

Why must I have this damning body condition, among all the kinds of people that it could attract, why must it be love dependency disease!

The phobia towards love dependency disease etched permanently into my heart, my feelings towards Ma Qing Xue had started to become distorted already.

I became afraid of her.....just like how I was afraid of my girlfriend....only that the amount of fear is different only....

"Zhang Jian, are you at home? Zhang Jian!"

She shouted out a few times in the house; I opened the seatings slightly, and revealed a tiny crack for me to observe the situation with ease. Ma Qing Xue checked every room again once more, and when she noticed that I wasn't at home she then sighed, and then took the dirty clothes that I had casually placed onto the bed and hugged it while using her nose to sniff at it.

"It's a little dirty already, what strong sweaty smell it has, I should go and wash it.....No! If I washed it then there won't be his scent any more.......what should I doo~"

"Oh right, I should have just washed it, when he comes back later he'll definitely praise me!"

Usually I'm a lazy person, so normally I'll stack a pile of dirty clothes before throwing it all into the washing machine to wash them, but Ma Qing Xue, she used her hands to wash them, luckily it's summer right now......if not she'll injure her hands while doing so.....

I who had already begun to fear her, have no idea why I still worries on this kind of minor stuffs; actually it's all my fault that Ma Qing Xue had become like this in the first place.....if, I was to be even more ruthless earlier, this sort of things wouldn't happen right now.

All of these, it's all my girlfriend too....I refused her, all because of a certain's definitely impossible between I and her.

But it's different for Ma Qing Xue, she liked me, and I liked her too......what's supposed to be a wonderful love relationship, ended up into like this because of my cowardly decision.

But still, even then, I'm really doing all of these because of their own sakes! It's impossible between me and my girlfriend, so, I must leave, because I want to protect Ma Qing Xue, so I made the choice to harm her instead.

What I'm currently doing...was it justifiably right, or woefully wrong! I'm really begging someone to tell me right now........

Ma Qing Xue had already washed the clothes, and was now hanging them to dry at the balcony. She took the broom and helped me to sweep the floor, used a cloth to help me wipe all the dust around my house, arranged all the various kinds of items that I left messily around, it's just like what she said earlier, she did all of these, just to hear a single praise from me.........

But it's a pity that I won't praise her.......why I would not choose to have our relationship deepen even further, it's all for the sake of her, not being harmed by my girlfriend.

As the storage cabinet below the sofa wasn't ventilated that well, the lessening of oxygen within gradually started to make me feel uncomfortable.

"I'll go and buy some ingredients then! Tonight I'll make a delicious dinner for Zhang Jian to eat! Will he like it......"

After Ma Qing Xue left the house, I then stood up from the sofa, the feelings of my lungs taking in air once more felt really exhilarating.

"I'll also.....leave my house first then......"

Ma Qing Xue seemed to have skipped school today.....this more or less would affect her future somehow, hopefully the Prez would be able to cover this matter up.

I found a cybercafe to while away my time, but the me right now felt that even my most favorite game was a bore to play.

"The ****, I dropped to brass rank already!"

"Now the gap had widened again......"

My mood worsened even further after I experienced defeat in-game, and after I returned home, there was a lot of dishes laid out on the table, there's even steak too, Ma Qing Xue also intentionally prepared red wine and candles.....a candle-light dinner huh......

"How come you're in my home?"

I asked her knowingly.

"I came to make dinner for you~"

"How did you come in......."

"Didn't you give me your house's keys last time? Your memory sure is bad."

I didn't pass her the keys at all, even my house's address was her stalking me to obtaining it.

"Let's eat dinner first, don't think so much about it already."

Eat dinner, stomach does feel rather hungry too.....but I still won't eat it.

"Sorry, I'm not hungry, it's better that you leave.."

" can wait for a little while, when your hungry later you can eat it see, the time now is still can eat it for supper....."

"I'm very full, tonight I shouldn't be eating anything else already."

"Can you please have a taste, just give me a review on it will do!"

Ma Qing Xue looked to be rather confident on her culinary skills, and to be honest, her culinary skills had never been bad before.

"I've eaten till I'm bloated already.....I don't want to eat anything right now."

My stomach suddenly gave off a rumbling sound at this kind of inconspicuous timing.

"You see, weren't you hungry in the first place? You're still trying to be courteous with me.......let's just eat first, since, I'm your girlfriend anyway......"


"I'm! Not! Eating!"

I forcefully slammed onto the table......since, I'm your girlfriend anyway that sentence made me recall a really hated memory.

No matter what my girlfriend does, she'll always had a look of I-did-all-of-these-for-your-sake, and she'll always repeat these words every time.

Since, I'm your girlfriend anyway.........

All of these are for your own good......

Even though you don't know anything at all, yet you acted as if you knew everything about me......

Ma Qing Xue had a look of disbelief on her face as she stared at me.....tears stared to well up in her eyes.

"Huh.....even though you clearly said that I want to eat these tomorrow, but why.....I had a feeling that you said that you don't want to eat.....can you please tell me once again.....what did you say just now........"

So she finally recognized reality already huh.....or was it that she knew that this was reality, but wasn't willing to believe at all.

"Sorry........I've lost control of myself........please go."

"Zhang Jian.....what did you say just now! Do you want to eat tomorrow or you don't want to eat.....can you please tell me, alright?"

"I....don't....don't want to eat right now."

I can't put out ruthless this behavior right now wasn't being gentle, but being a least, that's how I felt about it.

"After you've eaten finish if you don't want to do the dishes, then just leave it there till tomorrow when I come over to wash them......"

After Ma Qing Xue had left, I ate the still considered warm food....this steak really tasted like the one from Prez's western restaurant, but it still lacked quite a bit of grill, so she knew that I liked to eat this, huh...........

Last time when I went on a date with her, the teethmarks that she bit onto me still hadn't faded off yet too........when I recall back to that day's memories, that day was the day that I'm able to be sure that I had fallen for Ma Qing Xue.

In order to prevent Ma Qing Xue from being harmed by my girlfriend, I kept harming her in the process, even though I really wanted to protect her and whatnot and I really the only one at the wrong here? What did I do wrong too, when I think about it carefully, no matter if it's my girlfriend or Ma Qing Xue both of them cuddled up to me willingly too.....

Was it my girlfriend's fault? Because of her, I couldn't face Ma Qing Xue......or was it Ma Qing Xue's fault.....blaming her for why she would approach me in the first place.....

The thoughts of pushing the responsibility away made me sunk even deeper and deeper.


"Zhang Jian, Zhang Jian! Are you still even a man or not!"

I gave myself a tight slap, the acute pain temporarily halted my nonsensical imagination, and my thinking slightly cleared up a little.

For the situation right now it doesn't matter who's in the right or who's in the wrong, what's important was that how I'm going to decide next.

During the sports meet, I can already choose not to let Ma Qing Xue be harassed by Veteran King and daringly make a call towards my girlfriend, which proved that the me back then had thought of Ma Qing Xue to be more important than myself already.

If Ma Qing Xue doesn't want to distance herself away from me, then I shall use another method to protect her then.

"Hello, is this Xiao Yu? It's me."

I'm using an internet call right now; being one of the 12 veterans of legend I may not be that skilled to conceal myself in real life, but if it's on the internet, I'm very confident that almost no one can find me, and of course, that includes my girlfriend.

"What a rare sight, you would actually initiate looking for me, was it because you wanted to plead pity? Sure~ as long as you willingly return back to my side, I can leave the rest of the people alone."

"No, you may not necessarily find me yet, what I want to say is, if you found me and promise not to hurt her afterwards, I'll think of a way to earn money to go overseas.....and afterwards will always stay together with you, never seperating again! But if you dared to touch her........"

"It sounded like not a bad idea, but the more you talked about this, the more interested I am to see her already........"

"Don't even think of anything about her!"

"That would depends on the relationship between you two already~"

"That's all then, I'll hang up now!"

So the negotiation this time was considered to be not bad, as long as I don't admit my relationship affiliated with Ma Qing Xue, and remain in this kind of distance right now, her safety would be guaranteed.

"Thanks for the meal, it's really delicious!"

This sentence, if Ma Qing Xue heard it she'll definitely be overjoyed.

After finishing the dinner that Ma Qing Xue prepared for me, I washed all the plates by myself, as I definitely won't leave it till tomorrow for her to do them.

At this moment, my phone suddenly rang, I looked at the caller ID, it's Prez who called me.

"Zhang Jian, the person in the photograph appeared in City H, she bought railway tickets heading towards City D, and had left already."

"Thanks a lot, Prez."

My girlfriend had indeed lied to me; she was trying to bait me out, otherwise she wouldn't run towards City H to look for me. The selection of City D, City G, and City C could also probably be her thinking of that those cities had a higher probability of me hiding in them as well.

And after a short while later, Xiao Ling also gave me a call.

"Jian ge, the target had went over to City G."

"Thanks, Xiao Ling, I got it, so I'll be hanging up first!"

Right now I'm able to pinpoint the whereabouts of my girlfriend already, and this to me is a huge breakpoint already; but as for the reason why Prez and Xiao Ling's provided information are so vastly different, I'll need to carefully consider the reason behind it.

-ch 43 end-

(3113 words to tl)

Veteran King = a dude from the opposing school during Volume 1, sport's meet arc

Xiao- = an appendix placed before a name. In this context it's being referred to as someone younger than Zj.

12 veterans of legend = titles awarded to 12 famous people. For a more complete backstory, see side story 1.


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