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Love Dependency Disease v2c44

Volume 2, Chapter 44: Even deeper disorder

TL: flarewk

One point that I knew was...based on my girlfriend's prowess, how could she not know that someone was investigating her, so she must have used some kind of deception trick, but no matter what, in both bits of information, one of them must definitely be correct.

After sending the Prez and Xiao Ling a short message each, I quickly received a reply from both in return.

Both Prez and Xiao Ling's reply had the same depiction of my girlfriend, be it whether the outer appearance description, body size and so on. The only difference was that the timing that she had set off was different, and that particular time gap was just nicely same as the time gap that I had between the Prez's call and Xiao Ling's call.

And the most important point is, both Prez and Xiao Ling's information all pointed to the same station, so that information of Prez should be fake, and Xiao Ling's should be real.

(TL: I think what the author is saying is that the route is somewhat like you have to get past City G to reach City D, both having City G in their train-stopping destinations so Xiao Ling's info must be real.)

Looks like even my girlfriend didn't expect that I would call upon two influences to keep a watch on her.

So my girlfriend is in City G right now, and since my province have a total of 17 cities, counting from that day that my girlfriend gave me a call, she basically just needed 1 day to track out where there's my whereabouts in a city.

But, City H is merely a small city only, which means that since City G, City C, City D as well as the nearby City S and City K were big cities, it won't be that easy to carefully check my whereabouts within them.

Time left till the next month, 7 days remaining. A perfect one week duration.

Today I didn't go to school as usual, and I close all windows and doors before leaving my house, deciding to just while my entire day in a nearby hotel. This is for the sake of not harming Ma Qing Xue any more, and to be honest, I think that I possibly felt more anguish that what she was feeling always.

The phone rang, it's Ma Qing Xue, right now she should be in my home......

I set my phone to silent mode, and borelessly spend my time in the hotel sitting down reading books, but due to me feeling extremely monotonous I then decided to go out for a walk.

There wasn't any motives at all; I just plainly strolled around the streets, at times buying some snacks from the roadside hawkers, and afterwards watching movies by myself.

The movie's name was the same movie that appeared when I and Ma Qing Xue had our date, the originally planned to watch <Love Dependency Disease>.

This movie talks about a normal guy who encountered a female lead who had love dependency disease, and I had to admit, the male lead in the movie had the same encounters as I did. What happened in the movie was that because the male lead was unsure about a few female leads, in the end when he was being confessed by female #2, he gave up on female #1, and was together with female #2, with the final ending of the movie being that the male lead and female #2 both being murdered by the angry female #1.

"This female #1 clearly had a problem, anyhow killing people off like that......although the male lead was also in the wrong as well."

After the movie had ended, a stranger commented on his thoughts about the movie.

"Actually it's the male lead that's too useless already! Didn't female #1 said it from the start already, just give her a clear and direct answer, but the male lead kept dragging here and there, and later-on even ending up being with other women together, if it's me I'll also want to stab the male leads a few times as well!"

Another stranger gave out a different view of the movie.

Looks like it's only me who find the male lead rather pitiful huh.......he's still lucky though, he had only 1 case of LDD......

And for me......I don't know why, but I suddenly had an urge of wanting to cry.

Who would want to pity me at all......

After exiting the movie theater, I haven't walked far when a tiny cute little girl pulled onto my hands.

"Zhang Jian, long time no see."

The one who was pulling onto my hands was Experimental High's Crossdressing King, and it's indeed quite long that we haven't seen each other, after the sports meet ended last time I didn't see him since.

"Umm.....yeah, long time no see, what's your name again?"

I felt that it's a little impolite for others to know my name, yet I have no inkling of theirs at all.

"My name's Huang Zi Qian, just call me Zi Qian will do, I'm smaller than you by 1 grade."

"Oh, Zi Qian.......such a coincidence.....haha"

I can't find any words to say.....

"Oh right, about that, Zi Qian, last time the words you said to me after the sports meet had ended......"

"Oh, you mean that huh, right now I have the same feelings still~ but I know that you'll definitely won't acknowledge it, so I just said it out only, as I don't want to have any regrets at all; and at that time I was thinking, what if you had accepted it?"

A method that give you any regrets huh.......this point of his made me extremely impressed, being able to say it out would need quite an amount of courage to do so.

"It's impossible for us for that kind of relationship, but we can always be good brothers, next time I'll bring you'll to explore around the world of old veterans, who knows that you'll reawaken to become a manly man!"

"Alright, I'll be going first then, I still have something on too."

After Crossdressing King Wang Zi Qian had left, I continued the meaningless street strolling, and after whiling my time outside till I ate my dinner as well, I returned back to the hotel, and I discovered that I actually didn't bring along my phone with me the entire day; it was strewn onto the hotel bed.

On the phone had many missed calls, most of them being Ma Qing Xue's, and a few came from the Prez at the end.

I returned the call back to Prez, don't tell me that she had some latest news already?

"Hello, Prez? I didn't carry my phone earlier, so anything happened earlier?"

"Where have you been!"

"I didn't go anywhere at all...I was just outside playing only."

"'d better hurry up and go home now, Ma Qing Xue was looking for you nonstop......right now she still should be in your house, her condition recently looked to be a little strange......"

"Ah....sure, I'll go back immediately."

Of course I knew about what happened to Ma Qing Xue's recent condition, it's precisely because of that which made me choose to hide, trying to avoid meeting up with her at all.

Heavy feelings weighing down onto my heart, I returned home, and Ma Qing Xue was sitting on the sofa in my house, her eyes sore with redness, and the corner of her eyes still had traces of tears on them.

"Zhang Jian!"

I haven't even begun to ask what had happened when she just suddenly hugged me without warning.

"Calm down........what happened?"

"I thought.....I thought you were gone, I can't find you everywhere, I called you but you didn't answer too......"

"So why were you looking for me..?"

"Nothing.....I didn't see you at all, so I panicked...."

"Just only because of that?"



Just because she couldn't find me and she turned out to be like this... right now I was completely speechless towards her already.

"Ma Qing Xue, you're very strange recently, you know that!"

"Stra.......nge? What's so strange about me, I'm perfectly normal!"

"Ma Qing Xue, for now can you temporarily not come to find me, I'm busy with something going on, if there's anything can you find me next month, alright?"

"The strange person wasn't're the strange person! You're the one who's strange recently.....why must it be next month! Even though we are a couple already.....why must you hide from me.....why did you not pick up my phone calls.....why did you not care about me......whywhywhy!"

Ma Qing Xue's emotions started to become unstable, and she became a little hysterical.

"No reason why! I'm really thinking for your sake that's why I did all of these! What do you know as well! Did you think that I was enjoying myself during this period of time? Wasn't I equally sad as well!"

My temper was usually always very good...but the troubling matters in this period of time had already crumbled off my coolheadedness.

"You're indeed hiding something from me! Tell me! What was it!"

"Enough! Nothing, don't say anymore, this period of time don't look for me, that's all!"

I pulled her hand, and forcefully dragged her to outside of my house door, and closed the door thereafter.

"I'll come tomorrow as usual....."

Ma Qing Xue left this monotonous sentence, and left my house.

I collapsed onto floor behind the door entrance; I really had no idea what to do. Ma Qing Xue's condition was becoming worse day by day, and as time passed on, my girlfriend could have also found me anytime, I dared not take any rash actions either.....

At least, if I could make Ma Qing Xue lead a normal life right now... no, what's important is that I must not let my girlfriend find out about the current stage of relationship between me and Ma Qing Xue. In Ma Qing Xue's imagination, we were in a couple-relationship; this kind of thinking was extremely dangerous, so I must quickly let her recognize reality as soon as possible, if not, it'll be too late when my girlfriend founds out about it.

The sound of the phone ringing suddenly cut my thoughts, it's Xiao Ling who had called......

"Jian ge..... what's up about that girl? All the men that I've called over had been disposed by her alone."

"Was there any leak of information?"

"No, and it's impossible that there would be a leak too, other than me only telling them to keep a watch onto that girl, I didn't mention anything else, and they were all excellent fighters from the organization as well, but how could all of them be discovered by a small girl in such a short period of time?"

"'s all because of me........are these people fine?"

"They're alright, they had only passed out."

"Xiao Ling, when I've resolved all the troubles surrounding me, I'll go look for them to offer my thanks......"

"That's great already, the organization's future leader thanking them and whatnot, they'll definitely be overjoyed."

Organization's future leader huh......ayy.....I'll first focus on settling the issues troubling me right now before mentioning about that again.

"Alright, I'll first hang up then, if there's any news let me know right away!"

I hung up Xiao Ling's call, and immediately called Prez.

"Zhang Jian, I was just about to call you too... that person whom you wanted me to keep a watch on had already discovered my men, but this doesn't matter, so what if she had discovered us, at most she can only think up of ways to shake us off her tail; she can't use the same methods as what she did to the Xia family, and if she really did that, then it'll be a police assault!"

" noticed that I asked Xiao Ling to help out as well?"

"Rubbish, of course I knew, and Xia Ling probably knew that I was helping you too; right now both the police and the mafia are helping to keep a lookout for her, and I won't believe that she would be able to disappear from our sights!"

I had quite hoped that my girlfriend would assault a police officer.....and after being arrested by the Prez and afterwards being jailed for ten days or half a month then won't I be absolutely safe by then? A pity that my girlfriend wasn't such an idiotic person to do that.

"Prez is indeed wise, Prez is like a divinely genius god, long live Prez!"

I gave a few effortlessly thought out butt-licking praises to the Prez.

"The target is still in City G right now, and today probably wouldn't be going to other cities already."

"Mm, I'm really thankful to Prez's help!"

After the Prez had hung up the call, the caller ID displayed another number; I didn't pick it up, but switched on my computer and used an internet call to call it back.


"You still had some good means, you could actually find so many people to keep a lookout for me, except that, it only exposed more information about you~ like Xia Qin, Sun Xuan, Yang Tao Yuan, Zhou Hai these people or one of the important people within them, you definitely must have some sort of relationship with them!"

"And so what about that?"

"There's a breakpoint already, isn't there?"

"So you've called just to especially tell me about these only?"

"That's right, I just want to tell you, you're unable to run away already, and if you come out earlier, that request of yours that I agreed to earlier still counts~"

The request that my girlfriend had agreed to, was that request that I've made during the sports meet; after divulging my whereabouts to her she must follow unto my request to do a certain thing, but rather than asking her to do something for me, I don't even want to see her entirely at all.

-ch 44 end-

(3108 words to tl)

TL: After nearly 100 blog posts I realized that I had mistook "appendix" for "suffix". Good job, me.

LDD = love dependency disease

Huang Zi Qian = I did a check of this name with every combination that I could jumble it up with, and it seemed like the author didn't put a pun onto this one. Hafth doomsday arrived?

Crossdressing King = See Vol 1 sports meet arc to gleam on this cute guy's backprofile!

old veterans = in this context he means that he wants to show Ziqian around the world of p*rn...


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    1. vol 2 is drama only without violence, vol 3 may be possible warfare alr since the name of the volume is "Girlfriend's assault"

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  3. "This movie talks about a normal guy who encountered a female lead who had love dependency disease, and I had to admit, the male lead in the movie had the same encounters as I did. What happened in the movie was that because the male lead was unsure about a few female leads, in the end when he was being confessed by female #2, he gave up on female #1, and was together with female #2, with the final ending of the movie being that the male lead and female #2 both being murdered by the angry female #1."

    This sounds a little bit like school days....

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    My temper was usually always very god...but the troubling matters in this period of time had already crumbled off my coolheadedness.
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    1. ah, thanks for the clarification on that, I've edited it! >.<

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