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Love Dependency Disease v1c16

Volume 1, Chapter 16: Despicable Dirty King

TL: flarewk

"I actually thought that, being fellow drivers, since you've arrived before me you must have some brilliant logic to discuss, but I've never expected you to say such childish words ever. As for what drivers are, they were the chosen ones destined to rescue all our male comrades from the deepest of waters and the hottest of fires, risking their lives driving passengers when they could have been arrested anytime, not for other's sakes, but for everyone to prevent them from having sleeping difficulties in the darkness of nights. And you, actually was haphazardly selling these resources, notwithstanding the fact that it's poor lousy qualitied pieces, you'll not only cause harm to people, but also to yourself! You've caused all the male students in Experimental High to halfheartedly survive and being unable to voice out their pain!"

"Your deeds are full of wickedness, yet you've dared to name yourself as a driver; only reaping rewards without even putting in any work at all, only knowing how to obtain these resources for your own selfish profits, ultimately you should have been the one to be taken away by the police!"

"You....if you say any more nonsense again I'll make you......"

"Shut up! Being called as the Dirty King is to be as expected of you, with a dirty body, dirty being, and a even dirtier heart; do you not know of the fact that the male body of the Experimental High School always wanting an opportunity to stab you a few times, yet you've still dared to rebut my words? I being the real veteran driver just simply felt ashamed of all of what you've done, yet you've still dared to stand in front of me calling yourself king!" 

"Among the wide spacious internet and numerous countless drivers, I've never heard of any such titles of yours, you this small-time criminal, ignorant childish brat, for you'll soon be thrown into jail! I'll wait for the next time when you would have the gall to see us, the legendary 12 veteran drivers! I've never ever seen anyone who's so dirty and despicable ever! You don't even deserve the right to become a driver at all!"

(TL: Zhang Jian, king of roasting)


The Veteran King was scolded by me till he was speechless, and as he stepped back several times he stumbled and fell headlong onto the ground.

"Librarian Keeper, don't think you've just simply won by this!"

His face had been colored full of redness, clearly it's not been due to shyness, it's obviously the expression of him being in extreme rage yet unabling to vent out his anger.

"You're welcome to do so, it's just what I've wanted!"

I once again gripped my badminton racket tightly, as the finals were about to begin.

"Zhang Jian, if..... we won this competition, would you go out with me tomorrow?"


My brain seemed to have stopped thinking clearly, as what I really wanted now is to just win this competition, hence I've just agreed to Ma Qing Xue's terms without even considering about it.

"This is what you've said, you must never, never, go back on your promises, alright~?"

Ma Qing Xue's voice tone suddenly seemed to have undergo a slight change, and as I peeked a glance towards her, I noticed that the atmosphere around her have gone through a big change.

If you was to say that she was a meek little lamb last time, then right now she's like a hungry ferocious wolf.

She probably had entered into a semi dark and sinister state. 

"Those who dared to prevent my date will all die!"

A seemingly invisible aura of fierce killing spirit had erupted from her body.

I swear, that definitely is not the Ma Qing Xue that I knew at all.

Until the match have ended, I just sat in the corner all along just resting, while watching Ma Qing Xue single handedly defeating the opposing team.

I felt that I was totally useless in that match.......

"Zhang Jian, it's a promise~ tomorrow we'll go out for a date together~ don't be late~ "

"ah.................. sure, my phone number is....." 

"Don't need to tell me that, I know already."


Other than my mom, I've never ever told anyone else about my phone number!!

Looks like I've really underestimated Ma Qing Xue about this.

"For the badminton team competition, victory goes to Su Hua!"

The referee then announced the results. No matter what, since we've won, it's a good news regardless. 

There's a point in which I must deeply thank Ma Qing Xue for, which is during the badminton team competition I've properly saved up my physical energy, which allows me to participate in the following ping pong team competition in an extremely good condition.

My opponents are all those students that weren't in their best of conditions, which led to my easy victories every round.

"The ping pong team competition finals will now begin, Su Hua Middle School's Zhang Jian against Experimental High School's Liu Hua."

It's actually the Veteran King Liu Hua! I seem to remember that he didn't even register for the ping pong competition in the first place.....

I confusedly look towards the President who was sitting at the judges panel, and after she noticed that I was looking at her she helplessly shook her head.

Looks like my original match-up have been swapped, looks like competing in an away field is indeed disadvantageous after all.

(TL: the sports meet is hosted in Experimental High)

I've been through several tens of matches already, and my physical energy had largely been depleted, while Liu Hua had been in the resting area ever since the badminton match; this match-up is extremely unfair to me.

"Librarian Keeper, for this match the winner takes all, and I heard that if Su Hua loses, you'll be expelled, right?"

He gave a thumbs up towards me. Faced against this kind of detestable actions I could only be inwardly impressed with his tenaciousness.

Ma Qing Xue seemed to have been watching my competitions all along, the impulsive her could hardly not wait to dash forward and give Veteran King a few stabs in the gut.

The main reason would be that she doesn't want for me to just simply be expelled like that, and I know that she had tried pleading for me many times with the President behind my back.

What a kind-hearted girl, I really do like her from the bottom of my heart.

After a month later, if I still wasn't discovered by my girlfriend....... then I'll be with her then.

"A despicable person would naturally have their divine punishment, let's just wait and see!"

"That girl.... you seemed to have liked her a lot, right? If you're to lose then I won't do anything at all, but if you're to win me..... I can't guarantee that I won't do anything rash as a result."

The Veteran King looked towards Ma Qing Xue, as his cunning eyes revealed a glint of danger within.

"If you really dared to do that then I'll fight you to the death!"

"Humph, is it? My dad is one of the heads of the underground mafia, you..... still dare to do so?"

I kept silent, if Veteran King really have that kind of power then I'll have to forfeit, I really didn't expect the Veteran King to be that shameless; Ma Qing Xue is my only weakness, even though we've only got along for just a few days, but the cold ice within my heart had already been mostly defrosted by her warmth fervor.

Even if I had to go back to my girlfriend's side, I would rather not want to see her being hurt because of me.

I let go of my ping pong bat, and gave a reassuring smile towards Ma Qing Xue who was just standing at a little distance away.

"I will definitely accompany you for a date tomorrow."

After saying this sentence to her, I prepared to raise my right hand in surrender, as there wouldn't be any more meaning towards this competition.

"Zhang Jian! Don't........ I don't want you...... to transfer schools!"

Her voice was choked with tears, as Wang Yi stood beside her, opening up his hands towards me in helplessness. Looks like she had already heard some sort of news from Wang Yi already....

It's most probably bad news, for if I really surrendered, then the sports meet will be considered as our loss.

"If there's anything just focus it all upon me, can't you not be that despicable!"

"I just simply wanted to win only, who doesn't want to?"

He looked at me with a pleased expression, if I'd just let him win like this, then I'll be extremely depressed.

"Is that so....then wait for me for a moment, I'll need to make a phone call."

I walked to a slightly quieter location, and dialed a number that had caused me fear from the very depths of my heart.

"Hello, may I ask who is this~"

A voice that's familiar to the point of being too saturated with familiarity suddenly appeared from the phone, even though it had just been a few days only, after I've heard this voice it's akin to me dropping into hell once more.


"It's youu~ wheeeeere have you been to? I'm been looking all over, all over for you~, countless cities that I've been, countless counties that I've went, numerous mountains I've passed, I've been through many many many places yet I've still not caught sign of you yet~~ What happened? Missed me already~? Then just hurry up and return home then~ Right now just from hearing your voice my body starts to feeeeel strange alreadyyyyy~~"

My girlfriend's voice was expectedly the same as last time, dangerous yet filled with extreme infatuation to the point of almost suffocating.

(TL: you must remember china is freaking big, just look at the world map)

"I'm at one of the cities near towards the south-east, this is my only hint to you, if you found me, you must promise one thing to me!"

"Alrighttt~ no matter what requesttt~ other than leaving you again I'll all agree to it!"

"Alright. Then goodbye!"

I hung up the phone, and threw away my SIM card. If I didn't do that, my girlfriend would be able to easily track me down.

My girlfriend, she's the most dangerous LDD I've ever seen, in one day of 24 hours she would always be in a state of dark and sinisterness, she would definitely be able to make that bastard Veteran King taste the seeds of fear!

"Alright, time to start the competition!"

I picked up the ping pong bat on the ground. This battle, must definitely not be lost!

"The first serve is to be from Su Hua, begin!"

The ping pong team competition's rules is within 10 matches, the one who scores the highest will be the winner.

At the start, I ferociously attacked non-stop, and the Veteran King wasn't so bad either, he's always able to catch up to my pace.... if this goes on the side who had lesser stamina will definitely be the losing party.

I slightly pushed up my sports attire, and from within revealed a book, and as I moved around under the help of the wind blowing the book's pages kept flipping around nonstop.


Veteran King got distracted by my prized collection, and him being unable to concentrate lost the first point of the match.

"You can only win by this kind of methods against me!"

He showed an expression of unwillingness, but it looks like he still hadn't realize that it was actually him who's truly despicable.

The second match, third match, and fourth, I won continuously by four points, as long as I win another two more matches then it'll be my victory, but now my physical condition have already started to be deteriorating rather badly.

He played a rather safe stance, totally not attacking at all. All of this behavior is to intentionally wear me out for the matches.

I panted heavily, looks like I've slightly overestimated my body's capabilities, and as my wrists had already became excruciatingly aching with pain I entered my fifth match.

And the result is within everyone's expectations.

I've lost, and I lost rather badly, I didn't even manage to grip my ping pong bat for it accidentally flew out from my hands.

"This sports meet, looks like it would be Experimental High School's win!"

"That might not be the case...... isn't there still five more matches?"

During the break at halftime, I called over Wang Yi to discuss a countermeasure plan with him, as whether I'll be able to win or not in the following matches will be wholly dependent on him.

From the six match till the ninth match, I had been playing extremely conservatively in order to recover back my body's vitality, and now the score ratio is 5:4, I'm behind by a point.

I tore off the sticker from atop the ping pong bat; the bat is a special type that I've specially requested from the Prez to make, this particular bat under high speed movements will cause the surface of the bat to seemingly form an image, which belonged from one of my highest prized collection of resources.

The Veteran King Liu Hua unexpectedly became distracted from the ping pong bat and lost his concentration, and according to my plan I successfully took down the final point of the tenth match.

"Score ratio, 5:5, outcome is a draw. Now entering additional match, whoever is the first to score wins!"

The eleventh additional match, this is the crux of whether I'll be able to win the competition or not!

-ch 16 end-

(2856 words to tl)

TL: Well. First time seeing Ma Qing Xue going mildish yandere mode. She's so cunning to have been the fisherman when the stork and the clam were busy fighting each other. And here comes the first appearance (ok, voice appearance) of the yandere GF of the MC as well!

drivers = people who guides around those people who wasn't as experienced as them in the world of porn, all vehicle related jokes will point towards this term.

Veteran King = fifth member of the Four Dirty Kings of Experimental High. Roasted by Zj badly.

dark and sinister = refers to one someone who had undergone a sudden black change indicating that the person had fallen to evil (imagine a black miasma floating around)

LDD = love dependency disease


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