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Love Dependency Disease v1c17

Volume 1, Chapter 17: Forced to Crossdress

TL: flarewk

The final ball! After this match, there will be a winner, and a loser!

"Additional match, begins right now, the first serve to be given by Experimental High School!"

Veteran King Liu Hua still continued to speak a load of bull crap before he served the ball, most of it's contents about various kinds of threat against me; and my response towards these kind of despicable actions is that to just ignore him, for the best.

As Liu Hua noticed that I was ignoring him, he slyly laughed, and did a little tampering; he secretly swapped the ping pong ball, but with regards to this I won't say it out of course, for this will be even better for my upcoming plan.

"Have you said enough already, if you're done then quickly serve!"

"Humph, you will regret this!"

He still thought that I haven't realized about his tampering, and was quietly celebrating in joy, as if that he had already won the competition.

The eleventh round had began, and due to his serve, the ball could actually adjust it's angle of thrust midway; such an obvious cheating act, won't he be afraid that it'll be discovered?

"I've said it before, you won't win!"

This person's pettiness is too much already, ain't it... if this competition doesn't affect me till the point of requiring to stay within Su Hua then I really can't be bothered to compete with him at all......

We've already traded blows more than 20 plus times; every time he catches the ball, the ball will automatically approach towards his ping pong bat, while the opposite goes for me, whenever it's my turn to catch the ball, it will automatically attempts to detract itself from my ping pong bat. I have no idea what kind of tampering he had done with earlier, but after battling till now, it should be the ideal time to launch my plan already.

I intentionally made a mistake; my footsteps slightly paused for a moment.

The ping pong ball skidded across my bat, and zoomed towards the floor; if this ball lands onto the floor, it would be game over for me.

And as expected, his expression have already changed to wild happiness, but would I really just let him simply win like this?

A strange gust of wind suddenly blew to us, the ping pong ball under this gust of wind was not only prevented from touching the ground, but was even slightly drafted in the air a little, I seized this chance to swiftly serve the ball.

If under this kind of situation he's still able to hit the ball back, I'll feel that it's alright to be my loss, since this kind of counterattack reaction belongs to world-class standards.

Pa ta, pa pa........

The sound of the ball landing onto the ground, except that it landed right behind him.

He still maintained that expression of wild happiness, looks like he still haven't regained back his senses...

After roughly a few seconds later, the referee announced the outcome.

"Ping pong team competition, Su Hua's victory!"

"Right now, the score ratio for both sides is Su Hua's 200 points, and Experimental High's 220 points."

(TL: Wait, wait. Team competition? where's the team in this?!)

"Next up is the final sports event, the women's team relay race! Having a point ratio of 30, the final conclusion will be revealed after the race, so everyone, please eagerly await for it!"

those who have no idea what's a team relay race is

The referee then spouted a load of words, unexpectedly there still wasn't a conclusion to this sports meet yet, as there was a last sports event remaining, which I have no sway onto the outcome.

"Librarian Keeper! I admit, you're indeed very strong, but for the next competition, it will be our win!"

A student secretly whispered a few words to Liu Hua's ears, I'm not sure what kind of news it is, but it actually made him rather ecstatic with joy.

In any case, this definitely wouldn't be positive news for me.

The women's team relay race, this is Aihua Amelia's strong field, I know her prowess in this well, as she's the captain of the school's track and field team; most other males can't even compete with her, she's one of our aces of Su Hua this time.

As for Experimental High, the ace is someone called Crossdressing King; I didn't quite understand much about him as there is very less information available.

"Zhang Jian, something had gone terribly wrong....... Men Huntress had fainted!"

I've just left the competition grounds when Wang Yi told me an extremely bad news, I daresay that this would be something that Liu Hua had done.

"What happened?"

"There's traces of strong sleeping pills detected inside her body, she probably won't be waking up in a short while already....

"Was it known who did this? I feel that it's better if we call the police to let them handle it, because if there was an overdose of these stuff then it'll be a case of murder!"

"I'm not sure, as this occurred in a place outside of our watch, we'll have to wait for her to wake up before finding out exactly what happened."

"It's definitely Liu Hua's actions, let's just ask the President to stop the competition...."

"We can't, there's no evidence, and if there's a call to stop the competition it would mean that it's our loss. Even if the Men Huntress wakes up later on to pinpoint the culprit, it'll be at most justice being handed out to the perpetrator, but the police won't bother about the winning or losing of a sports meet!"

"Let's go look for a replacement then, further discussion about this right now is pointless!"

"Zhang Jian, bad news, there's a traitor within our team, I suspect that it's her who drugged Amelia!"

The Prez located me, and pointed to one of the girls of the relay race team.

Right now, not only there's a lack of one last member for the relay race, but if the traitor deliberately runs slower to destroy our efforts then it will be certainly doomed for us.

"What should we do then? Let's quickly find two other replacements! Take off the traitor and replace her!"

"There's no one in our track and field women's team that could run faster than Crossdressing King, as according to what I've gathered on him is that although his sports abilities isn't that good, but since he's a male, so from no matter what aspects we looked at we can't find a suitable replacement for the race."

(TL: -face slowly turning into an evil grin as I realized what is going to happen next-)

I looked at the other team's Crossdressing King. I knew, that he's a male, but looking at that small petite figure with the cute face features of his along with a twin-tails hair style; if it's just looking at the outer appearance I would have never believed that he was actually a guy.

"Can't we just expose the fact that he's a male?"

"We can't, because if it's based on suspicion alone to just recklessly request a girl to undress herself for an inspection, we currently don't have the authority to do that."

"Then..... does it mean that because we don't have anyone that could be able to crossdress which results in our ultimate loss?"

"Although I don't like to admit it, but basically it's this meaning......"

"Damn it, I don't believe that such a gigantic school as Su Hua's, we won't be able to find someone who can crossdress!"

I glanced around wildly, but managing to find a suitable candidate in such a short period of time is indeed a rather difficult task to achieve.

Meanwhile, the President and Wang Yi looked at me with a somewhat strange expression.

Don't tell me that they plan to..........

"Ah.... I guess it's fated that we can't find any replacement, although it's such a pity, but it's no choice after all.... Prez, I'll do the school transfer tomorrow!"

Of course I knew what they were plotting, but being forced to crossdress in front of so many people is something that I definitely do not want!!

"Zhang Jian tongxue, for everyone's sakes you'll just have to sacrifice yourself, I'll double the reward given to you!"

"I definitely won't agree to this, isn't the penalty for me is being expelled from school? I'll gladly be expelled!"

"Oh? But this isn't a decision for you to make! Wang Yi, Miscellaneous Task Manager, Secretary, drag him to that corner and put this clothes on him!"

The President passed a female sport's outfit to Wang Yi......

"You guys can't do this to me!"

The Prez covered up my mouth, and dragged me to a bushes where there's no one around, and started to just tear off my clothes without saying a word. Me being unable to fend against the rest of them ended up being stripped to my boxers left.

" guys know that your committing a crime, aren't you!"

"Zhang Jian tongxue, I have evidence of you spreading resources around our school, let's see who will enter jail at the end of the day then?"

Why! This sports meet is practically inhumane, both the enemy and the ally threatens me alike.

"Why do you guys want to treat Zhang Jian like this, this is completely unaccepta.....No! It's too enviable!"

I have no idea when did Ma Qing Xue appear to join into the commotion.

"Put it on, you'll be Su Hua's hero after this, and I'll permit you to enjoy the same privileges as what a Student Council member gets."

The Prez then threw a huge tempting bait towards me.

"Zhang Jian tongxue, just agree to it, the lifestyle of a Student Council member, you knew about it too..... what you need to do now is to just put on a set of clothes, so why not go for it?"

Under the various lucifer's persuasion, I gradually stepped into the pits of hell.

"Prez.... even if I was to agree to this, I have no solution about my leg hairs already......"

"Don't worry, you'll wear mine!"

Saying that, the Prez then took off her own long stockings and straightaway wore them up my feet. That just-worn stockings..... is still warm.

"Next, since there's a chance to be exposed if you just go bare like that, and even Crossdressing King didn't go bare, you'll need to put on that too!"

"Put.... put on what?"

My heart already knew the answer, but I really, really don't want to believe that I would finally encounter a day that I would have to do that.

"You know what I'm talking about! For the sake of victory I'll have to sacrifice myself, so you'll put on mine."

The Prez slowly unbuttoned the buttons on her school uniform, but was immediately stopped by Ma Qing Xue.

Seeing this I suddenly became a little sad, what exactly happened to me?

"President, no need for that, luckily I have a lot of spares, since I'm a little clumsy sometimes~ often spilling water onto my chest~"

"Ma Qing Xue, you've done an extremely good job. all your future tests will be given an bonus of ten extra marks!"

What did I just saw? I once again witnessed the Student Council doing a dirty agreement!

Being forced to put on something that could make my chest seemingly bulge up a little, what made me speechless was that this thing was actually still warm, can't you just take something spare for me to use?

"Woah..... this standard, is really high..... almost able to compete with the Three Great Beauties of Ma Qing Xue, Amelia and Prez!"

Wang Yi gulped in a breath of saliva, apparently becoming not himself.

"Wang Yi, don't tell me you're....."

"That's right, I'm a incurable short-hair fetish lover!"

Looks like I'm doomed for my this lifetime!

"Zhang Jian, I've already modified the distribution of the team relay, Ma Qing Xue will be the second last relay runner, and you will be the last; go make some preparations now, and good luck~!"

Since there is a period of time before the start of the race, I ran towards the toilet to make my hair slightly more moist, and looked at the mirror to observe myself.

A miniskirt, black long stockings, tight sports tank, with a slight bulge in the chest area, accompanied with refreshing short hair. All of these combined to form a sporty mei shaonǚ.

Looking at the figure in front of the mirror, I actually even became a little aroused......

"Women's team relay race competition, begins right now!"

"Both sides have 10 members each, every person will run 1 lap, and the winner will be the side who completed all ten laps!"

At the start, Su Hua was full of disadvantages, for Aihua Amelia is the ace of the track and field team, without her, everyone seemed to be downcast and depressed, but since the prowess of the track and team is still up there, the overall strength of Su Hua didn't lose out much to Experimental High's.

I slightly stood up from the back rows, as since I'm the last relay runner, it's still early before it reaches my side, so I plan to stretch my body in advance, to prevent myself from underperforming later.

"Hey, quickly look, that girl from Su Hua looked so marvelous!"

"Indeed, I feel like our Experimental High School doesn't have that much meinǚ as compared to Su Hua's......"

"Don't try to stop me, afterwards I definitely want to confess to her, since I come from a wealthy family, I'm going to gift her a seaside house!"

"I've already fallen love with her at first sight!"

I've just merely stepped out to stretch myself, and had already started to hear Experimental High and Su Hua's male body starting to discuss wildly about me.

But I'm a one hundred percent male guy!!

-ch 17 end-

(3087 words to be tl)

TL: Are we reading a sports webnovel or a yandere comedy web novel? @_@  was my thoughts when I started tling this chapter. And yes! Zhang Ma Qing is baaaack!!! I've fallen towards [Lucifer's Commandments]! (if you can remember who that is)


Veteran King Liu Hua = I can't believe i forgot to explain a pun about this guy. His name, Liu Hua, if you reverse it (Hua Liu) is a pun on the term 滑溜, which basically means a person whom is able to talk very smoothly and persuasively. But he still got roasted by Zj.

Librarian Keeper = a title for Zj, coz he collected a load of porn till you can say it's like a large library of collection.

Aihua Amelia = a girl in Su Hua Middle School who is also known as the [Men Huntress]. She's probably the golden haired girl in the cover photo I've place above, and is a likely candidate for Zj's harem in later volumes (why else is she listed in a volume cover?)

Crossdressing King = one of the aces of Experimental High, holding a Four Dirty Kings title. People with these titles are known to be special in a way.

President = refers to Student Council President of Su Hua Middle School

tongxue = student

Misc Task Manager / Secretary = two other members of the Student Council

resources = pornographic stuff

lucifer = a demon that can change gender at will.

Three Great Beauties of Su Hua Middle School = Three most beautiful girls in the school named as such. They are, Ma Qing Xue, Aihua Amelia, and the Student Council President.

Mei shaonǚ/ mei: Literally means bishoujo or extremely beautiful youthful girl. (meinǚ is the short form of it.)


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