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Love Dependency Disease v2c48

Volume 2, Chapter 48: Searching in the rain

TL: flarewk

"Secretary..come here, use all the manpower that's available, and find this person with your absolute best!"

Prez took out a photograph of Ma Qing Xue and passed it to a man who looked to be extremely shrewd.


He swiftly left after replying Prez briefly.

"Amelia, thanks a lot!"

I sincerely and respectfully thanked Amelia, it was her who shouted me awake.

Within my heart probably had the seeds of rebellion planted within a long time ago already, and it only lacked the opportunity for it to grow, and Amelia, was that opportunity.

"Don't thank me....sometimes I feel that I myself, is more foolish than you as well.....even though it's such a good chance.....but I gave it towards Ma Qing Xue...."

She suddenly laughed mockingly towards herself.

"What chance...?"

"Humph, dense idiot! Hurry up and find her then."

"Alright, I'll go ahead then! If you guys have any news onto Ma Qing Xue then let me know immediately!"

The sound of raindrops pattering onto the ground, made the silent night rather noisy, and in a normal residential house, two people were boredly sitting on a chair and surfing a certain website.

"Big bro, come take a look, at this......"

One of the two shorter male youths pointed towards the computer screen.

"This is.......the 12 veterans of legend's writing, only they could offer this standard of resources...move off, let me take a look!"

The another male youth who had a bigger build pushed the shorter male youth away from the chair.

"It's the Emperor......Forbidden Books Emperor....."

The male youth with a bigger build exclaimed out.

"One of the very first Duo Emperors? Didn't he retire already?"

Evidently even the smaller male youth also knew about him as well.

"There's some paragraph of text underneath too.....I need everyone to help me on something, everyone please help me to look for a person, the photograph's right below, and anyone who can provide any source of information will be heavily rewarded, and if I'm able to find that person, I'll offer <Hundred Extinct Babes> as a reward!"

The smaller male youth read out that paragraph.

"Big bro, what's that <Hundred Extinct Babes> about at all?

"MY HEAVENS! Hundred Extinct Babes, it's actually THE <Hundred Extinct Babes>! It's one of the three legendary forbidden books, and it was even suspected by people to whether it's existence is true or not....this kind of resource was any sort of old veteran's hope to even dream about possessing it at all!"

Within the eyes of that male youth with a bigger build, flared grit determination.

"Little bro, tell mom and dad, tonight I'll probably not be returning home already."

"Big bro! Where are you going........there's a typhoon outside!"

"When the Emperor is in trouble, being a veteran....we must never ignore his cry for help...Little bro, one day you'll understand it as well."

The elder brother patted his younger brother's shoulders; the firm determination within his eyes even making it difficult for anyone to straight-up look at it.

"Big bro.......take care!"

"Mm! I'll be back in a jitty!"

The youth walked out of his house, and at the same time, in City C, numerous many other male youths and bachelors all ignored their family member's dissuasion, and determinedly walked off from their homes.

"The Emperor issues a command, everyone shall look for this lady called Ma Qing Xue with all of their might!"

The entire City C's veterans all moved out.

"Ma Qing Xue!"

I yelled out her name; I had already looked for her at many different places all to no avail.

"Xiao Ling, it's me, Zhang Jian, Ma Qing Xue went missing, help me look for her!"

Having the mindset of utilizing any sort of manpower available, I gave Xiao Ling a call.

"Ma jiejie went missing? Hold on......oh right, then what happens to that lady who you asked me to keep a watch on, once I transfer my men over, then I might not even know if she comes to City C or not!"

"Don't bother about her for the time being, it's more vital that we locate Ma Qing Xue!"

"Umu......I'll immediately get my men to look for her!"

With Prez's influence, along with Xiao Ling influence, plus my influence as well all looking for her; if it is said that a few person's effort to look for someone would be a really low rate of success, then, a gigantic amount of people's effort together, the success rate would be massively increased.

I've really let her down, I understand that clearly, I was swamped with the fear of my girlfriend, and the actions these few days I did towards her made me really guilty enough for me to commit suicide as repentance.

Even as raindrops splashed onto me, drenching my entire clothes soaked in natural water, I didn't had any sensation from it at all, as my heart was entirely filled with the guilt I had towards her.

My decision right now could be said as being extremely dangerous, as Ma Qing Xue would definitely meet harm from my girlfriend's hands, but so what then, I'll still protect her as well.....No, it's a definite must!

My girlfriend.....this is a title that Xiao Yu claimed herself, and I never once did admit to it before, and according to me, girlfriend is just a title that she used, and it doesn't have any deeper meaning to it at all.

"Ma Qing Xue!"

The heavy downpour covered my voice entirely, and my gradually sore-ish throat made me feel extremely uncomfortable when speaking, but this compared to the scars on Ma Qing Xue, it's way, way too much light already.

"Ma Qing Xue! I'm Zhang Jian, if you're here then please reply me!!"

Under this kind of weather, my voice had no way of traversing very far, and as the typhoon became bigger and bigger, I really became scared that she would have encountered onto mishap.

The ringtone of my phone ensued, it's Prez who called, don't tell me that she had located Ma Qing Xue already?

"No, I just wanted to tell you, it's too dangerous already! The weather forecast station announced a yellow warning for the typhoon, in a while the typhoon would be even bigger than before, and also......."

"And also what......."

"And this time it's a double typhoon! It's very likely that it would evolve into an orange warning tier typhoon! It's extremely dangerous to continue staying outside!"

"When would the typhoon weaken........"

"According to what I know, the typhoon would only brush besides City C, and won't be staying for long, before dawn it should be declining already, but! Before that, it would be the fiercest point of the typhoon!"

"Mm, I got it, then if there's any news about Ma Qing Xue then let me know immediately, that's all!"

Typhoon....what luck, it exactly surmise an ancient proverb, good luck never comes twice and bad luck doesn't just strike once, but, so what if it's a typhoon, just this kind of thing won't stop me from retreating!

The school, her house, my house, the theme park, I searched all places that I thought that Ma Qing Xue would be likely to appear.....but there's still no sign of her shadow at all.

As the blowing of the strong winds became even more aggressive, sounds of trees being wrecked into two resounded from behind me.

The sky at times even rained down various objects being blown up by the wind, it's extremely dangerous to still remain outside right now.

"Ma Qing Xue.....where are you exactly......"

The strong winds was so ferocious that it made impossible for the eyes to even open up, and to squint around looking in this sort of environment made the task even more unimaginably daunting by the minute.


My right hand suddenly felt a sharp heartwrenching pain, a piece of aluminium roof shelter fragment had brushed past my side, and the sharp pointed crack on it tore out a massive scar onto my right hand.

On my right arm, blood dripped out frighteningly fast, and it's extremely critical for me to go to the hospital to settle it right now, but I didn't bother to do that for lack of time, and mood as well.

I picked up a piece of clothing that were blown onto the ground along the way, and did a simple bandage wrap onto it; I wasn't hoping that it could completely stop the bleeding, as long as the leaking blood would lessen from before then I'm already contented, and when I really can't take it any longer, then I'll call for an ambulance then.....

Right now I can only hope that in this dastardly weather, an ambulance would be able to come out at all.

"Where's she at....."

I searched around aimlessly, maybe it's possible that Ma Qing Xue had already found a safe place to hide right now, but.....I dared not take that bet.....if there's a even minuscule chance that she didn't, I would hate myself for the rest of my life.

Right now what I'm doing is only repenting, and also doing what I felt in the bottom of my heart as, the most righteous choice.

I won't be deluded any further, before I hear any safe news of her, and before my blood haven't bled dry, I must never stop searching.

"F**king typhoon, you didn't come earlier or later, why must you come right now.......but, I may need to thank you a little as well!"

I naggingly grumbled out.

"Under this sort of weather, it's impossible for her to even come searching for me right!"

The only good news that the typhoon brought to me was that tonight my girlfriend would definitely not come already.

Since most of the transport had already stopped, I wouldn't believe that she would go so far as to walk to City C, and even if she would, it would take till tomorrow night to walk all the way here!

As my body temperature started to lower, my body started to shiver, and the lessening of blood within me started to make me a little giddy.

"Zhang Jian, there's news already, there's a rumor that someone saw her at South fifth street!"

Prez's call, made my despondent heart immediately flicker up with excitement.

"South fifth street, right, I'll gothere immediately, Prez, you'll also call some people to hurry there as well!"

"Got it, I've asked already."

South fifth street is in the south of the city, and I'm in the city north; the distance route there is over 20 kilometers, it's most probably impossible to just walk there.......

How did Ma Qing Xue ran all the way to South fifth matter whether it's Su Hua Middle, my house, or her house, it's all at the city's north!!

Ka cha......

Not far in front of me, a bunch of bicycles were being blown up by the wind, the railing locks on the bicycles gripped the bicycles firmly in mid air, but amongst them, one of the bicycle stood out especially, as it didn't had the railing's grip onto it at all, thus that bicycle immediately fell onto the ground.

That bicycle, wasn't locked too.

"It's time to start the race."

I've just only sat onto the bicycle when a strong gust of wind assaulted me from behind, giving me a tremendous push, which made me ride extremely quickly even if I didn't pedal.

"Ma Qing Xue, wait for me!"

Half an hour had only gone by when I reached the city south; it's probable that today's road conditions were clear of obstacles, which was suitable for racing too, as I had pedaled the bicycle to my maximum speed along the entire way throughout.

"South fifth street....let's first look from this side then......."

My body felt's energy was almost exhausted out, and my right hand still slowly dripped warm-ish blood.....right now I don't even feel like moving at all, and wanted to just lie down somewhere having a nice sleep.

"Ma Qing Xue!"

Other people shouts resounded into my ears, it meant that Prez's people had already came here earlier than me, but South fifth street was simply too large already, it's extremely hard to locate her if there wasn't a even more closer, and accurate information available.

"Ma Qing Xue, I'm Zhang Jian, if you're around just reply me!"

Within the streets and alleys, every short distance I travel I would yell out loudly, and the time was almost close to midnight, with the typhoon slightly weakening already, it's probably would be almost gone already.

"It's all my fault! I had eaten the wrong medicine last time! My head was being struck by the door, I was being kicked dumb by a donkey, please don't be mad, last time I wasn't being serious at all!"

"Ma Qing Xue.....where exactly are you...."

The anxiety within my heart, along with regret, had mixed together, and right now I really had hoped with all my might for her to appear right in front of me......

The inner contents of my mind was already entirely filled up with her figure.........and as my consciousness become more and more hazy, I knew that I wasn't about to hold on any longer.....

A strange kind of feeling, of me having gnawing affection towards her, flashed suddenly within my mind; and I have the distinct sensation, that Ma Qing Xue should be at that place.

"Lingering affection huh.......other than looking for resources finally it became useful for once!"

Unknowingstly, I could already estimate on Ma Qing Xue's approximate position based on my lingering affection for her.

Following that feeling, I came to beside a small river, and on that river stood a rather ancient bridge, and this scenery made me a little nostalgic, it seemed that I had came here before somehow.......

At the end of the bridge, stood Ma Qing Xue, she leaned onto the handles of the bridge, and dazedly stared at the river shore, with her face still hanging expressions of clear distinct smiles.

-ch 48 end-

(3067 words to tl)

<Hundred Extinct Babes> = a hundred babes so gorgeous and rare that they were considered to be non existent

12 veterans of legend, Duo Emperors, Forbidden Books Emperor = see side story 1 for back-story

resources = it subtly meant, p*rn

veteran = a person who drives, aka a person who religiously surfs p*rn website, or does anything relating to p*rn

jiejie = an appendix, it meant "elder sister"


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