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Love Dependency Disease v1c25

Volume 1, Chapter 25: Becoming a member of the Student Council

TL: flarewk

"Ya~hoo~ Good morning Zhang Jian, how's that book of mine by the way~?"

I've just stepped into the school when Amelia greeted me; and as usual used that special hugging technique of hers to lock down all of my limbs, and the two mounds of comfortableness squished onto my back made the originally lethargic me slightly more wide awake instantly.

"Extremely not bad!"

This phrase not only applies to the collection that I've exchanged with her, but also subtly referring to the feeling I had onto my back.

"Hehee, looking at you right now already had told me, such big panda eyes.......also, how many times did you mast**bate last night?"


Is it really normal for a girl to ask a guy this kind of question?

"And by the way, I've mast**bated thrice!!"

Looking at me being sullen and not answering, she went on to reply her own question first, is it really normal for a girl to tell a guy about this kind of question!!!

"I didn't do anything, my self-control is still rather strong."

"Is it? Self-control~"

Amelia squished her breasts onto my back a little more closer, as her lips went right beside my ears, and kept repeatedly breathing hot air into it.

Damm it....this kind of irresistible feeling will really be addictive.....

Early in the morning being attacked by this kind of stimulation, this was extremely lethal against a guy in his youth like me, even if it's the old veteran's me I still subconsciously had a certain part of my body reacting to it.

"Ohh~ ohhh~ Zhang Jian, your soo energetic! Do you want to play with me~?"

"P-play, what?"

"Of course it's to play with those stuffs that will be worthy of my title of 'Men Huntress'~~"

".....I warn you, don't play with fire! The consequences will be very severe!"

"Forbidden Books Lord, you're scared already? We're at the very least the first Duo Emperors, being together happily discussing and exploring such knowledge....wasn't it a rather pleasant thing to do?"

Pleasant.....that's a definite yes, but I don't want to unknowingly after seventeen years lose out on the most valuable thing on me!

"Amelia, lessons are about to start, I'll first head on towards the classroom......."

I did my best to extricate myself from her hug, but the more I struggled, the more my joints hurt as a result, and the sensation on my back became even more pronounced and comfortable too, what exactly is this kind of move......

"Heh heh, wanting to escape from my lock, huh? Zhang Jian, you've thought of me being too simple already~"

"Consider me impressed, so please, please let me go!"

"Sure, I was just finding you to tease around only~ even if you're within the scope of my hunt, even if it's the kind that's within the bulls-eye, I won't do anything strange to my companions~~"

Amelia let go of me, and that term 'companions' of hers made me a little touched, so she should be considered one of my closest allies already, both being one of the Five Human Trashes, and as well as being a comrade among one of the 12 legendary veterans.

"Mm? There's a killing aura!"

Amelia's face suddenly darkened, as her body swiftly repositioned to form a rather dangerous stance, that should be some form of martial art's style......

"Zhang Jian~ good morning, do you want to have some cake?"

Ma Qing Xue appeared behind me.

"Ah....sure, thanks, you don't need to bake a cake for me every morning, it should be rather troubling....."

She smiled as she approached me and hugged my arm, shaking her head.

"It's not troubling at all, if it's for you."

"All....all right, then you'll first head on then, once I finished eating this cake then I'll head upstairs...."

"I'll wait for you, let's go in class together."

"It won't be good this way, since you'll be late, but I won't need to worry on being late though....."

I struggled out of Ma Qing Xue's grip onto my arm, and gently nudged her from behind.

"Zhang Jian you're so gentle~ still worries about whether I'm late or not~ all right, I'll go up first, don't be too late or the teacher will scold you, alright~?"
She stared towards Amelia briefly, and she smiled towards me, waving her hands as she left through the big gate.

"Zhang Jian........Ma Qing Xue....she....may be a little dangerous, the killing aura aimed towards me earlier was from her, and as my bàbà was once the sergeant major from the military, he often trained me in combat, so I'm a little sensitive towards these kind of killing aura, I can't be mistaken on that.

"It can't be? When did you ever made her mad? Since you guys have really nothing against each other at all....."

I really find it hard to believe that Ma Qing Xue would actually had some sort of killing aura towards Amelia.....

"I don't know.....maybe it's perhaps that I'm a little too sensitive already...."

Afternoon break time, just as I was about to go to the Student Council's canteen to enjoy a delightful meal, I was being called out by a broadcast.

"This is a notice; this is a notice; from now on, Second year third class' Zhang Jian tongxue will bear the responsibility of being the Student Council President's assistant, also, may the President's assistant please come to the Student Council room for a meeting shortly."

Good job! President.

You've arranged a position where I could create as much havoc as possible, and even if I was to be fallen into a real despicable scum in the future, although I can't do as much as I liked in the school, but basically small havocs caused by me would likely to be ignored.

Gratefulness welling up within me, I rushed towards the Student Council meeting room, because the Prez previously had told me that the reward I had up to now is to just merely let me and Ma Qing Xue had a rather not bad afternoon meal only, and I felt that the reward wouldn't be just that simple.

"Good day, President~ and good day to the rest of the Student Council members~"

After I opened the door, I noticed that other than the President's assistant me, all the other members were already present; and I thereafter did a simple greeting towards them, in order to quickly join into their ongoing conversation.

"All right, right now since all of the Su Hua Student Council's members have already arrived, this person here is Zhang Jian, and at the same time he's also one of the Five Human Trashes "The Forbidden Librarian Keeper", I believe that everyone is no stranger to him, correct?"

"Plus he's an M too!"

The fu nǚ Vice President added in as well.

"I love it when he crossdresses!"

A normal-looking secretary then pushed up her glasses, as she evilly laughed while glancing towards my buttocks.

"I'm very interested in him!"

The muscular miscellaneous task manager then flexed his muscles towards me.

"Zhang Jian is a very gentle person~"

The accountant Ma Qing Xue had finally given me a seemingly more positive review.

"Since everyone is rather familiar with him, then that's good, for his main duties is to assist me handling the various aspects of the Student Council, if anyone have anything that needed his help, just feel free to find him; Any further questions?

Ma Qing Xue raised her hand, and under the Prez's gesture she then stood up.

"President, recently I'm being swamped with my work, I hope that  Zhang Jian will be the assistant accountant!"

"No way, he must be the Vice President's assistant number 1, and also, the Vice President's assistant number 2 must of course be Jiang Tian!"

"Laughably funny! He must be the secretary's lover.....oh wait, sorry, I bit on my tongue, it's the secretary assistant!"
"Childish positions! He must of course accompany me to do wondrous miscellaneous tasks together!"

"Can I leave the Student Council? Please fire me from this position!"

Su Hua's Student Council is a really dangerous place!

"""""Dream on!"""""

All five of them instantaneously barked towards me, looks like I'm really someone who attracts people's affection easily!

Huh? But why.....does I suddenly feel like crying....mummy, I want to go home!

My inner self howled in agony, I might as well find a time to run away to home then.....

Wait, wait! After I've returned home then wouldn't I face against that person again?

My girlfriend is way more dangerous than those five people from the Student Council.......

All right, I choose.......death!

"If there's nothing else, then I'll go downstairs first to have some lunch, alright?"

"Go ahead then, since your title is only just a namesake, but if the Student Council gets busy and approaches you to help out, you must remember then not to reject about it~"

"Mm, when I'm free then I'll definitely help out!"

"President! I'm hungry too! I'm going to have lunch as well!"

Ma Qing Xue was like a leech, I've just taken a step forward, and she came up to me closely all the while hugging my arm tightly without letting go.

"Zhang Jian, are you and Ma Qing Xue in a couple relationship?"

The President looked at the way Ma Qing Xue expressed towards me, and curiously asked.


Both me and Ma Qing Xue erupted at the same time.

"He's my dearest hubby!"

"We're just normal friends!"

"Mm, as you've heard from him, President, actually we already had been marri-"

Ma Qing Xue suddenly halted, as she had just reacted to what I've said being way too off from her imagination, followed by her giving me an extremely pitiable look that indicated her sorrow.

"Ehh? We were just normal friends?? Even though we've done this and that and that and this sort of things already!"

"This and that and that and this sort of things are what kinds of this and that and that and this sort of things exactly~?"

The Prez questioned Ma Qing Xue, and although I knew that the President wouldn't do anything untoward to me, I still hoped not to have my lifetime's brilliancy being ruined here.

"Let me clarify one thing first, I didn't do anything, I'm innocent!"

"Zhang Jian, don't interrupt our conversation!"

The Prez rebuked me, but I felt that I didn't made her mad in any way possible....don't tell me that she had really thought of me as her subordinate?

This can't be happening! For the sake of my next time having peaceful days, I need to retaliate back, it's fine even if I don't have any titles from the Student Council, as I really hate to have my freedom oppressed by other people.

"I just want to interrupt! I want to interrupt, and not only that I want to interrupt, I also want to inter-"

I haven't even completed my sentence, when the Prez suddenly took out a gun from underneath her desk.....a shotgun to boot.....and pointed it onto my head, why does the school have these kinds of things around???

"Go on, say it, you still want to inter-what?"

"I.....I won't interrupt anywhere anymore...."

"Raise your hands, place both of your hands behind your head, and squat at the corner of the room!"

"Should I raise my hands or place my hands behind my head....."

"I don't care, how about doing it with one hand raised and one hand behind your head?"

Being forced to the wall corner, the Prez continued to use the gun to point towards me, and at the same time gave an eye expression towards the rest of the Student Council members.

"Get him!"

The Prez gave off an inhumane command.


-ch 25 end-

(2748 words to tl)

name titles* = see ch23 to have a deeper understanding

killing aura = an aura emanated from someone when they really intend on killing something.

mummy = the original word there used was the chinese word(妈妈), i didn't sub it in and just used the english context cos it fitted the situation better

Five Human Trashes = five people in Su Hua who are despicably bad until they earnt such a famous title

bàbà = daddy (yeah, it's a cute way of saying it)

-tongxue = this is considered to be an appendix placed behind a name, it means "student"

fu nǚ: refers to a girl who have a liking for BL (chinese word directly means, "corrupted girl")

Jiang Tian: this is another person from the Five Human Trashes, the BL-lover Vice Prez once caught him and our poor MC being in a rather sexually misunderstanding position once.


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