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Love Dependency Disease v3c66

Volume 3, Chapter 66: It's good to have a friend like Wang Yi

TL: flarewk

"These.....these are just toys right......."

That person who was being referred to as Fei ge had a dumbish look on his face as he stared at Ma Qing Xue and the rest who arrived to support me, while gulping in his saliva.

"Want to try?"

Ma Qing Xue swang her chainsaw a little, resulting in a massive fissure onto the wall beside her.

"Try guessing."

Prez casually swung her long knife a few times, and similarly left many slicing marks onto the wall.

"That's right, these are just toys~"

Xiao Ling innocently smiled, if she said that these were toys, then it's definitely the opposite already, luckily I didn't call for the police, if not these people would definitely get into hot soup as well.

"You, you guys what do you want....."

That person who was being addressed as Fei ge probably had seen the real deal before, as once he saw Xiao Ling reloading the magazine he immediately became wildly distracted, with a look of wanting to run away as far away from here as possible.

"Nothing really, this disgusting fat female pig is finding our trouble, so........."

I pointed at the disgusting fat female pig not far from him; and the moment she was being pointed at by me she immediately became frenziedly frightened.

"Fei ge! Don't leave me alone here, they really scolded Fei ge just now.....also....Fei ge didn't you say it as well, you wanted to beat that guy till he was crippled, and wanting to drag that girl back to give our men to........"


The person called Fei ge didn't let her continue on rambling, but gave her a ferocious slap in the face out of a sudden. Even during this moment, that disgusting fat stinky female pig still wants both parties to clash against each other, maybe it's because she thought that like this, she would have the opportunity to run away then, hence she attempted to provoke both parties......what a real hundred percent scrawny scumbag.

"Shut up, isn't this all because of you, everyday making trouble for me, this time you'll settle this matter by yourself, my hands are out of this!"

These group of gangsters left as quickly as they came, and when they left they also took away those people that were right with that disgusting fat stinky female pig from the start, and right now, there's only that disgusting fat stinky female pig and that piece of shit guy whom Xiao Yu had rejected before.

"I warn dad is a......"

"Whatever your dad is it's none of my business, I only cared about who you are, and what you did last time, that's all."

I rudely interrupted her words; her biggest support would be that Fei ge already, and as for her dad whatnot, it's evidently a bluff attempting to deceive all of us.

" dad is a cop....."

"If that's the case you'll be long beaten to death by your dad already."

I really don't believe that a cop would have this kind of daughter, even if there is it wouldn't be to the point where it's the absolute useless nuance of society.

"What do you guys exactly want to do to me......"

"Apologize, and you too as well!"

I barked towards the disgusting fat ugly female pig my original motive, and casually pointed to that piece of shit scumbag guy as well, it'll be useless even if I was to violently beat up these people in front of Xiao Yu, and what's more was that I originally hate violence as well.


The disgusting fat ugly female pig immediately apologized pretentiously, but what I wanted wasn't this level of apology.

"Sorry on what, and when, and how do you want to compensate."

"Zhang Yu....sorry, last time it was because I was jealous of you which made me bully you....right can hit me back."

"And you?"

I looked towards that piece of shit scumguy.

"Zhang Yu, sorry, you can also hit me back as well........"

"Xiao Yu, come here."

I waved Xiao Yu over to my side; if a beating onto those scumbags could really vanquish off the darkness within Xiao Yu, I won't waste time trash-talking with them at all, and would long ago pummel them to bits ruthlessly already; but now, let's first not talk about pretentiousness or whatnot, at least they used an apologizing tone to plead Xiao Yu to hit them back in return, this way, it would be way more meaningful.

"You people didn't think that there would be today as that time I was really serious, I really wanted to kill you all, but I endured it, and luckily too as well, if not, because of you two I would have dirtied my hands, and ruined my own life, that wouldn't be worth it at all."

XIao Yu's expression looked to be very serene and calm, as her fists slowly clenched tightly, afterwhich loosening them before she even flung them out.

"Forget it, hurry up and get lost, I don't want to see you people ever again."

Xiao Yu would actually made this kind of choice....that's really beyond my expectations, I really thought Xiao Yu would beat them up to a pulp, at the very least, the Xiao Yu from this two years interval will, but not that gentle Xiao Yu before those two years; looks like she finally had a little of what she originally was in the past already.

"Thank you.....thank you......."

The disgusting fat pig and scumbag guy hastily thanked her, afterwhich they ran away from the scene as fast as they could, seemingly afraid that we might change our minds anytime; except that when they left I saw expressions of vengeance within their eyes, so they've not learned their lesson yet huh?


"Oh ho? Who dared to bump into me? You people are really bold huuh!"

I was just about to call them to stop, when Wang Yi appeared from the corner above out of a sudden, bumping head-on into the scumbag plus disgusting pig, and afterwards.....that fella actually went on to bully middle-school students, dragging the both of them into the corners of the alleyway off.

"I'm wrong already, please don't beat me any more!"

"Big bro, please spare me....big bro please spare me......"

In the corner of the alleyway, resounded two pitiful agonized screamings, that Wang Yi, he's really......

"Heh heh heh, today my temper is a little vicious, right now it's much better already!"

Wang Yi once again appeared right before me as if he had succeeded onto a mission, proudly lifted up his chest akin waiting for a reward.

"You've trashed them so lightly, if it's me, my clothes would definitely been dyed in red!"

I gently thumped his chest, as an expression of gesture; this fella Wang Yi was actually not a bad guy, as expected, the only way to resolve a scumbag is through another scumbag.

(TL: ouch, Wang Yi got shot in the knee)

"Zhang Jian....when are you going back....."

Ma Qing Xue glanced at Xiao Yu, before intentionally rushed forward and hugging onto my left arm....she's purposely provoking Xiao Yu, I've got to quickly have her let go!

"Gege will never go back, gege will always be with me together forever!"

Xiao Yu surprisingly didn't went bonkers, but only grabbed onto my right hand, as she calmly smiled towards Ma Qing Xue.

"Well I'm his girlfriend!"

"I'm his meimei!"

"So what if it's a meimei? A girlfriend is more important!"

"What nonsense are you saying~, it's definitely meimei that's more important!"

"Nonono, neighbors are then important!"

Xiao Ling dashed over and cut into their conversation as well..... right now my back feels really chilly.......

"Companions are then the most important, right? Forbidden Book Lord?"

Amelia instantly plunged into my embrace, and I can almost immediately feel Xiao Yu's sunshine persona swiftly vanishing.

Why must you guys go purposely provoke Xiao Yu, you guys really want to look for death huuh!!

"What's the point of talking too much over this, can't you guys have any mutual understanding at all? Since you can't, then just draw out your knives!"

Prez encouraged them with a look of wanting to see a good show, and was the first to draw out her long knife.

"Who's scared of who, today I must get rid cleanly of all the pests that surrounded gege!"

"I'm not a pest at all, in a certain way I'm going to be your jiejie, isn't that right~"

"I don't want a jiejie at all!!! You pests, all of you better disappear right now!"

I'm doomed, this are the upcoming events of my doom, if they fought between each other it'll be fine since they'll be helpless against one another, but the problem was that I would easily be a sacrificial victim of their messed up battle, and so...... I'll need to flee.....


"Zhang Jian!"

"Jian ge!"

"Forbidden Book Lord!"

"Among us, who exactly is important!"

At the same time, they threw out that question towards me; I looked at Amelia's hands, being pinched by it would be extremely painful.....I glanced towards Ma Qing Xue's chainsaw......this one probably wouldn't even leave me a complete corpse, and at Xiao Ling's shotgun as well, I'll probably turn into a sieve, and lastly Xiao Yu's dagger......arrrghhh I suddenly had the distinct feeling that my kidney was aching painfully.

During this moment, there's only 1 way to escape this volatile situation.......

"You guys hold on for a moment.....I'll think for a while."

I temporarily escaped from their grasps, and walked to Wang Yi's side, patting his shoulders twice, afterwhich, I looked at him with eyes of pure sincerity.

"We, are still friends, right........"

" do you want..."

"We, are best of brothers, right?"

"And so what do you exactly want?"
"But I cannot tolerate this kind of relationship any longer; I want to initiate a closer relationship with you, to me, the most important person, is you!!"

I hugged Wang Yi out of a sudden, and immediately let go of him to quickly scavenge for a place to hide.

That's right, I've decided to sacrifice Wang Yi for my safety, I can't help but to say that, being able to know such a friend like him in life, it's really my blessing!

"Librarian Keeper, you'd better watch out, I'll come back to get you sooner or later!"

Followed by a gust of wind, everyone went on to chase Wang Yi, and I stopped Xiao Yu who wanted to pursue after Wang Yi as well; we both left the alleyway thereafter after bading farewell to Prez.

"Gege, it's so strange just now, why couldn't I control myself on wanting to stab that person just now.....although last time I had that kind of impulse as well, but it's not as strong....."

"Oh, you mean Wang Yi huh, he's probably born to be being made fun of, it's alright to get used to it."

To use a word of proverb to describe it, Wang Yi actually is that kind of person that you would really feel like beating him up.......

"Mm.....I didn't realize that there's actually such a strange kind of person in this world......."

"Alright, Xiao Yu, let's hurry up a little, mom and dad must have been waiting long enough for us already....."

Pulling her hand along, me and her scurried along; when we were young, me and Xiao Yu would almost play outside everyday till it's extremely late, and would reach home when our dinner were almost cold, and so, just like that, holding hands with each other in the dusk running along home was a little habitual event in our childhood.

"Ge, go slower a little......don't fall down and make me fall along as well....."

So Xiao Yu also remembered as well too huh....there was just that one time, those old events that after I've anxiously ran and fell plus causing her to fall along as well; she've even used that as an excuse, making me do quite a few troubling deeds for her as a result.....

"You probably was hoping for me to fall, right....."

" can it be...."

"But, when I fall this time, I'll definitely use my chest to receive you......"

I've just finished saying, when Xiao Yu suddenly used her legs to trip me, and I subconsciously let go of her hands, falling onto the ground just myself.

"Xiao Yu, how could you do something like this....hold on...what are you trying to do?"

"Gege catch me properly alright~"

She spread open her arms wide, and pounced right into my arms.

"Urk.....arghhh, your bumping onto me really hurts my lungs...."

She actually purposely made me fell, and even pounced onto me afterwards, but luckily Xiao Yu's still rather light, unlike Ma Qing Xue, who's just a slight bit heavier, but if it's Ma Qing Xue....I probably wouldn't feel any pain at all, since.....those objects in front of Ma Qing Xue's chest could help to cushion the pain, and as for Xiao Yu.....she's still in the midst of growing up......

"Gege, I don't know why, but I had the feeling that you're thinking of something impolite....."

"Ehh? Is it~ it's just your imagination."

Xiao Yu's instincts were really wonder she still could be able to locate me in a foreign city, without any sort of information at all.

"Friend, do you still want those vegetables that I've kept for you?"

Just when I was about to reach my house entrance, that vegetable hawker that greeted me from earlier before called out to me, and just then I suddenly remembered that there's actually such a thing as well.

"Yup, oh right, help me to wrap that cucumber over there together as well, how much for all."

"A total of 7.50."

"Here, 8 dollars for you, as for the change just keep it."

"Forget about it, I'll just take 7 from you, next time remember to come here often."

At this moment, I suddenly comprehended upon a realization. Sometimes, rather than purposely diametrically opposing something, it's best to just give the other party leeway; this way, perhaps both parties would be able to benefit from it, and if the me last time knew about this realization, then Xiao Yu wouldn't have to go through such a period of agony in the past already.

-ch 66 end-

(3178 words to tl)

meimei = 'younger sister'

gege/ ge = 'elder brother' , it can be shortened to signify closeness or just for spoiling cutely

jiejie = 'elder sister'

Forbidden Book Lord = A title that only the 12 veterans of legend knew, and it's indirectly referencing to Amelia calling out to Zj, as she's one of the 12 legends. Zj's title was that because he had a forbidden library of XXX materials.

Librarian Keeper = a title of Zj, known throughout the internet, as he had a library of p*rn


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