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Love Dependency Disease v3c51

yey sister arc! dem absolute territory*....

Short Glossary: 
Absolute territory = the gap between the stockings and the skirt/shorts

Volume 3, Chapter 51: Imprisoned

TL: flarewk

"Although it's only a month's time, but long time no see already, gege~"

Suppressing the trembling within my body, I deeply breathed in a mouthful, in order to make calm myself down a little. I turned around, and faced her directly.

My meimei, Zhang Yu, no matter whether it's from her looks or her figure it's absolutely perfect, but.....she's my meimei, a blood-relation kinship kind of meimei.

"Xiao you've come already....a pity, it's already over by two minutes, you have lost."

"It's gege who've lost, when I saw you, it's exactly 11.58 PM at night~"

"Xiao Yu, since your still calling me gege...if you really still think of me as your gege........then please go back, I've begun a new life here already."

"Gege sure knows how to joke around......"

Her expression, always remained smiling, and within her deep abyssful eyes I couldn't see any sort of emotional changes from her.

"Xiao Yu, you're crazy......I've told you how many times already, I'm your gege, your dear gege! We have a blood-relation kinship, you understand? Just speaking from a moral stance, we cannot be together, so just give up."

"No, it's not me who's crazy, it's gege that became crazy, and everyone else in the world is crazy, it's because that me and gege had the same blood flowing within us, so it's even more for us to be together, isn't it?"

Looks like just continuing debating around with her is hopelessly pointless.

"What must I do then you'll give up on me."

"Never even if I die."

I expected this answer already.....

"Mom and dad.....are they still alright......."

"Mm, they are very fine, but since they disagree on the point of me and gege being together, I don't even want to acknowledge them as my parents already; since they are my parents, shouldn't they just support their daughter, right?"

"Xiao Yu! Filial piety is the most important among all kinds of kindness acts, do you understand what you're exactly saying right now?"

I became a little enraged, my meimei......Zhang Yu....she changed into what you would term as "absolutely no common sense" already.

"Filial piety? In my heart.....only can contain only gege and gege alone......."

"Can you face towards mom and dad's kindness for your upbringing? I'm your gege, your brother!!"

"I're my gege, my most beloved gege......"

It's already impossible to continue onwards talking with her already.......

"Xiao Yu.....just go, I'll return home after I graduate."

"Impossible! It's impossible~, gege do you really think that this is impossible? Tell me, is it possible? Shouldn't meimei always be with gege together forever, why must gege always be so worried about other people's gazes........please tell me, my most beloved gege."

"No matter what you say, you within my heart, can only just be a meimei."

"Your changes recently is a little huge.......even in the phone as must be her right.......fufufufufufuu....."

"Aahh, it's her, that's right. But so what, I warn you, Xiao Yu, if you dared to touch her at all, I'll never let you off!"

Since I've already decided to rebel against her, I won't once ever retreat again.

"Gege, Xiao Yu always love you, always always.......from small to big....I'm always looking at"

"The woman who tricked gege, I'll make her suffer in hell!"

"You dare!"

The fury within my heart had uncoweringly exploded towards Xiao Yu, I just couldn't hold my temper in against her any longer.

"Gege, it's been a month since we've met, I really want to hug gege, can you please hug me awhile?"

"Never, that's all, I'm leaving already......."

I turned around, and escaped forward with all of my might, it's best to first contact Prez first, to see if she had any way to restrain Xiao Yu, since talking sense to her seemed completely futile.

However, Xiao Yu not only caught up to me, but she even pounced me onto the ground.

"If you dared run away again, I'll dispose gege's hand's and leg's nerves~"

"Xiao Yu, you......."

My ears was suddenly being licked by her, and she gently bit onto my ear lobe, and even at times using her tongue to slide inside my ear hole.

"Stop it, Xiao Yu, quickly stop!"

"No way, I really miss gege's expected, in this world other than gege, everyone else are trash~"

"I asked you to stop! Xiao Yu, now you've started not to listen to me already!?"

Her actions of licking my ears stopped, but then it suddenly changed to her furiously biting on my ears, and fresh blood dripped from the surface of my ears.

"Shouldn't it be that gege must listen to meimei's words? Gege you've changed too much already....can you please change back to that gege from last time? That gege that only belonged to me......."

She laid onto my body, and used her tongue to lick the injury that she had bit onto my ear.

"Gege's's really tasty......."

She lifted her head slightly up a little, and faced me directly; her face having an excited blushingly red expression, with the corners of her mouth dripping traces of blood.

"Gege, let's go back together......"

My neck suddenly felt a tiny bout of sharp pain.....I turned my head over to take a look, and on my neck, poked an injecting syringe into it, I was being injected by meimei with some sort of unknown drug.

"Xiao Yu! What's this thing!"

"It's an extremely strong's something that can make gege sleep and after waking up would always be with me dear gege....Xiao Yu really misses you....."

After the syringe had been drawn out from my body, a tiny spurt of fresh blood gushed out from it, and she gently licked a few times on the needle's surface, which gave me quite an amount of goosebumps.

My body became gradually weaker and weaker.....and a sensation of irresistible urge to sleep assaulted me, my eyelids slowly becoming heavy, and as I looked towards Xiao Yu, she chuckled as she blinked her eyes cutely in front of me.

"Good night, my dear gege....."

"Xiao Yu.....if you....dare......."

"Don't worry, gege, after you've woken up you'll never ever see her again."


The effects of the drug made me completely defenseless, I could only use words to warn her......if.....she really done something that's unforgivable....I will never ever let that go, even if, she's my meimei......

After this thought flashed within my mind, I completely lost consciousness.

When I woke up once again, I realized that I was sitting in a small room, the small room's ceiling hung an old lamp that gave off a rather dull darkly light source, and the decor around the small room was rather simple, a bed, a table, a chair and a toilet bowl.

Other than that, the four corners of the room were covered in spider webs, and the floor was littered with layers of thick dust, and the thick musky smell of bacteria in the air made me quite nausea.


After vomiting in a fashion emptily, I didn't vomit anything out at stomach was empty, and my throat was extremely uncomfortably dry, so it's been a few days already.....also, where exactly am I.......

I moved around my body, but my body doesn't seem to be that freely able to move about as expected; my hands and legs were tied up, and there's a dead-knot tied on the rope, which I couldn't untie it no matter how hard I tried.

My brain quickly realized the current predicament I'm in, I've been imprisoned by meimei......

Like what she had said before, she locked me into some kind of love's nest.....

I can't feel time's this deathly silent small room, only loneliness accompanied me.

"Gege, you've awakened?"

Not long later, Xiao Yu came.

"You didn't do anything to Ma Qing Xue right!!"

This was the first bout of thing I worried about after I regained consciousness.

"So she's called Ma Qing Xue huh, don't worry, I didn't do anything, after I found gege I straightaway left~~ Xiao Yu is a good child, so whatever that gege doesn't like, Xiao Yu would never do those at all."

"Then the situation right now I really don't like it at all, can you please let me go?"

"No, the condition is only once, you chose to allow me to let go of her......."

"Then what if I chose to let you leave that time, would you agree to it?"

"Absolutely impossible, wasn't the condition that time to be other than letting me leave you, anything else would be possible, right? Xiao Yu is a well-behaved meimei who obeys her promises, but then went back onto your promises, you're a bad gege......but.....I'll still forgive you....being meimei means accepting everything about gege....."

A sickly gentle smile appeared onto her white delicate face, seemingly thinking that she's absolutely correct, just like the old wimpy me last time, it's really detestable.

"Xiao Yu.....when you're small I've always let you in everything...delicious toys.....all to you, at home committing a wrong and being scolded by mom or dad.....being bullied outside......I all helped you to take these, can't you just let your gege on this once?

Even if it's just wild hopes, or despairing reality, I don't want to let go of any chance to free myself from here.

"That's why, right now it's my turn to protect gege......."

"I don't need very own's life doesn't need any intervening from you at all."

"Gege, your thoughts are in the wrong, I didn't intervene into gege's decision at all, I only changed gege's mindset from wrong, into right only~"

"Fufu.....what kind of wrong, and what kind of right exactly........."

"Being able to be with gege together is right, and anything wrong!"

I cannot understand her thinking at all, and don't wish to understand it too, trying to go into petty arguments with her is just a waste of time.

"Have something to eat, gege, I'll feed you......."

"Are you planning to lock me here forever......."

"I won't~ whenever gege changes his mindset, then we'll go overseas together.....begin our brand new life.....and forget about everything that happened in the past."

"First untie my ropes, I'll do it myself...."

She unhesitantly untied my knots; originally I was just betting on that wild hope only, but after I saw the smile that was always hanging onto her face throughout, I gave up once more.

It's probably futile that I struggle for now, it's better that I preserve my strength to think of a solution to escape here.

"Gege, when do we go overseas together......"

"Who knows...."

"All right, then it'll be like that for now, gege, you'll definitely agree to it, sooner-or-later......."

She left, and before she went off she left some water and food behind, the small room's door, was a metal door that had extremely good sealing capabilities, after she closed the door, she extinguished the light.

She did it purposely, I knew, for the small room now is pitch-black inside, I couldn't even see my fingers in front of me, and other than the breathing sounds from myself inside, I can't hear anything else.

Staying for long in this kind of environment would definitely drive one crazy....I need to escape here right before my reasoning crumble........

After a period of time Xiao Yu returned, I didn't know how long it passed my body had completely lost it's sense of time.

"Gege, these food and water are enough to last you for a period of time already....and now, have you thought properly about going overseas with me together?"

"Not yet."

"Is that so? Well then, see you next time......"

"Xiao Yu, can you please leave the lights on......"

"A pity, no."

I'm really relieved that I had a habit of mine, which is to always carry my collection along with me; although it was of no use at all, it's already enough for me to while away my bored time here, even if my eyes cannot see it at all.......

I have no idea how long I'm able to persist in here........just like what Xiao Yu said, I've already thought numerous times about compromising with her thinking, but then again rejected them off countless times; right now what's still supporting me, was that unyielding will inside my heart.

I didn't know how long had passed, for Xiao Yu returned again, and this time she also brought quite an adequate amount of food and water.

"Gege, right now have you thought properly on going overseas with me already?"

"Mm, let's go."

"Right now it's still a no huh~ within gege's words, they were filled with the smell of deceit.......bad gege please don't try to lie to Xiao Yu alright?"

It's me who had thought of it too simply expected she wasn't someone who could be deceived that easily.

"Xiao Yu.....I won't admit defeat.....never......"

After she left, in that neverending darkness, I can only helplessly repeat that same sentence, because there must definitely be a chance for me to escape......definitely.......

-ch 51 end-

(3246 words to tl)

TL: As you've might have noticed, I had another series I wanted to pick up, it's called These Dangerous Girls Placed Me Into Jeopardy, yup, it's another comedic yandere series as well....


gege = it meant "elder brother"; just think of it as onii-chan chinese version

meimei = it meant ''younger sister"


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