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Love Dependency Disease v4c73

TL: I know the sudden surge of suffixes here and there will confuse you about, so from this chapter onwards, ANY form of suffixes used will be denoted* with a  '  or  -  (e.g. Xiao' Ling or Jian-ge)

edit: once again, if there's any mistakes just point it out! >:3

Volume 4, Chapter 73: A disobedient Xiao' Ling

TL: flarewk

"Umm.....Xia-shushu, I really didn't do anything at all, and I can swear it to heaven!"

Right now, I can only hope on the power of communication to save me, as my dialogue speaking was always not that bad all along.

"What didn't do anything at all, do you really think that I would believe my daughter or to believe you this bastard! Spit it out, what kind of mind-trance potion did you feed to my daughter?"

"What must I do in order for you to believe me?"

"How do you want me to believe you?"

Even though Xiao' Ling's Lao bà looked to be a rather understanding person, but why is he so utterly unreasonable at all......was it due to his love for his daughter?

Speaking of which, I had the distinct feeling that I've saw Xiao Ling's Lao bà somewhere before last time.......

"Xia-shushu, did we meet before somewhere last time? I think I might have seen you before when I'm younger......"

"Trying to play the close fiddle with me? No deal!"

He wrapped both of his hands around his chest, and laughed mockingly.

This......looks like I'm destined to die already, but where did I ever see Xiao' Ling's Lao bà before, Xia Qin, this name I've indeed heard somewhere before too......oh yeah, it was that time!

"Hero-dàshu, have you forgotten about me already? I fell into a river at the neighboring city before, and it's you who saved me too!"

"Was there such a thing at all....oh, yeah, if you didn't remind me, I wouldn't have really remembered about that, so you're that kid who saved that cat."

"Mm! Mm!"          (nodding head)

I remembered back then, his impression onto me was still rather good, so it looks like I'll probably be not granted the death penalty.

"What you did at that time really touched me, but I still decided to kill you; who asked you to touch my daughter."

"Must it go that far!!"

I really need to save there any plan to save myself......

"Xia-dàshu, isn't there any chance of sparing me at all?"

"There is, I won't kill my own people, so........"

Own people.....what does that mean, don't tell me he wants to join in.....who cares about that, as long as it can save my life!

"I, Zhang Jian, from today on will be one of this organization members already!"

And Yang-dàshu mentioned this before, they won't do any sort of dangerous activities too, plus the fact that they also ran a business, so worst come to worst after graduation I'll come here to work then.

"Whatever would I want you for? The own people that I'm talking about, refers to that responsibility of owning up to what you did of being a man!"


I had some kind of a bad feeling, somehow I seemed to have been deceived by Xiao' Ling........

"Since Xiao' Ling had already acknowledged you, so you'd better be prepared to become my son-in-law! Next time it's possible for you to take over my position right now, so, today you'll first get familiarized around here, and tomorrow you'll report here for training sessions! Look at you, being weak and feeble, what kind of  a man are you, indecisive and hesitant, even when your talking you lacked vigorness!"

"Um...I think it's better to take it easy, since she's also that young too, it's not too late to also talk about this when she's grown up."

"Dear, what do you want to eat for tonight?"

Xiao' Ling suddenly chuckled as she pulled onto my hand, not even caring at all at her Lao bà, who's so pissed off that he's already trembling about vigorously.

" nickname's called dear, so......eheheh."

It's really expected of myself to even think up of such a nonsensical reason, who would believe this at all, this......

"Huu.....must,'ll be like this first then, remember, don't ever leave this building, I still have some work to settle, remember about this, don't ever leave this building!"

Xiao' Ling's Lao bà gave us a last stern warning before anxiously leaving the door, and those people surrounding him all filed out orderly as well.

"Xiao' Ling, you've nearly killed me, you know that?"

"What do you mean by killed, didn't I say it before, Lao bà's a gentle person, right?"

If that was being called as gentle earlier, then in this world there wouldn't be any gentle people at all already.

"All right, very gentle.....I'll swallow this down....."

Arguing around with Xiao' Ling wouldn't have any meaning at all, she's too good at playing dumb already, plus I had no choice against her as well; which, made me quite rather pitiable.

"Jian-ge, let's go, accompany me outside to play."

Xiao' Ling, who couldn't keep her temperament still immediately prepared herself to go against her father's warning.

"You've so quickly forgot what your father had just said already?"

"He huuh, always using this to scare me, whether it's real or fake it might not be anyway, and what if it's fake, then wouldn't I be on the losing end already!"

"And what if it's real? This is quite dangerous, and I suggest to just listen to what your Lao bà said, since the period isn't too long too, it's just only a week."

What I've said are the facts though, plus I don't think Xiao' Ling's father would really joke around at a time like this.

"Then I won't be so rushed for now then, Jian-ge you're really such a coward, when that time comes you'd better protect me okay!"

"Me? I think that my abilities aren't good at all......."

Battling against foreign underground mafia and whatnot, just thinking of it made me scared, unless I have battle prowess skills towards Prez or Xiao' Yu then it'll be evened out.

"I'll go play some video games then, Jian-ge are you coming or not?"

"Come on then...."

Looks like I could only use video games to burn off the boring length of time, and originally I thought Xiao' Ling would play those rather easygoing games, but it was totally unexpected that, she actually played many brutal, gore and even......some games that weren't suitable for my age to play it as well.

(TL: MK X/ DOA Beach, anyone?)

"Jian-ge..., your controlling is really lousy, look at me, a single gunshot and one's down!"

"You're're impressive....."

I who had a lousy talent for gaming could only be non-stop impressed towards Xiao' Ling.....

"Jian-ge, look! The selection option came out already! Do you want to it to be in the kitchen, bathroom, or to be just on the spot?"

I didn't expect Xiao' Ling to be so knowledgeable onto these kind of games as well......had she neeted too much at home until she had her brain neetly irreparable already?

"I think it's better not to play anymore, it's not good to continue on playing it......"

"What's the matter about it also, anyway, it's only just a game, right?"

"Although you can put it that way, but......"

"But what huuuh, I've already finished preparing already, plus you're a man so why are you being so indecisive about it, quickly choose!"

"Xiao' Ling, I think that since your age is still so small, doing this kind of things really isn't good at all......"

"Tch, take a look, the clothes were all stripped off already and yet you're still saying about these, I'll help you choose then, just on the spot!"

"Don't continue this on any longer!"

"Although you kept saying this with your mouth, but Jian-ge's body's so honest, so, was it stimulating?"

"''s still wait, stop it right now!"

I really can't take this kind of situation already, so I just ran towards in front of the video game console and directly switched off the power source.

"Oh right, Jian-ge, I seemed to have just accidentally switched on my pen-recorder earlier, and our conversation had already been recorded down."

The me who originally thought that I could heave a sigh of relief after switching off the video game console once again took in a mouthful of deep gasp; what kind of contents did she record again........

My voice resonated out from the pen-recorder, it started all the way from the speech I think it's better not to play anymore, it's not good to continue on playing it onwards.

If you went on to hear this piece of recording from a clueless point-of-view, anyone would definitely think that I've committed something that should be served out a life-time punishment crime.

"Xiao' Ling! How could you do this to me!"

I'm finished, I'm doomed, if this was to be heard by Xiao' Ling's dad, ten shots of ka boom! were considered to be quite less already, and don't even start about the Qing Dynasty's Top Ten Torture Methods.....

"It's just accidentally recording it only, don't worry, as long as Jian-ge listens to me, I won't be playing this recording around anywhere."

"Consider me unlucky!"

Facing Xiao' Ling I can only admit myself in defeat, it's really that I've never won once against her before, not even a tiny, slight little bit at all.

Whenever I thought that the following week would be me accompanying Xiao' Ling, it really gave me a headache, plus tomorrow Xiao' Ling's dad still wants to give me the so-called training sessions too.....

I really want to find some kind of reason to go back.....

Time went by very quickly, and in a blink of an eye it's already dinner time; Xiao Ling's family's dinner were a few simple home-cooked dishes, and wasn't that luxurious that I've expected it to be, but the taste still wasn't that bad as well.

As the night sky started to gradually set in, Xiao' Ling started to suspiciously peek towards the entrance door, looks like she wants to secretly sneak out side, this really made people worry about her, and I've got to quickly stop her about it.

"Xiao' Ling, what are you doing!"

"Nothing, I'm bored after finished eating, so I want to go out to play."

"No way."

Xiao' Ling's Lao bà did rescue me before last time, so I can't just let Xiao' Ling be exposed within danger's grasp at all.

"Jian-ge is really such a petty person, don't forget already, I have a lot of treasures around with me!"

Xiao' Ling patted her purse-bag in an act of bravado, and it looked rather filled up to the brim inside, it should be filled up with quite a couple of "good" stuff, but I still can't rest my worry at all, since Xiao' Ling's age was still so small, not being sensible during those times wherein she should be sensible, and more knowledgeable than anyone onto those things that one shouldn't be sensible with; so I definitely mustn't let her go out like this.

"No way means no way, no deal at all, even if you want to use the recording to threaten me it's of no use, Xiao' Ling, you must know the severity of the current situation, and I think that your dad wasn't scaring you, and you must know, if you are to be really kidnapped, your dad would be worried about you, plus, I'll also be very worried too!"

Helplessly stroking her head, I had hoped that my advice had some sort of effect onto her.

"I also won't be running too far out too.....can't it be just downstairs only......."

"Don't say anymore, there's no negotiations onto this."

I used a stern tone to slightly lecture towards Xiao' Ling; she wasn't dumb at all, but only a little naughty, and after understanding my way of thinking, she shouldn't be thinking otherwise any longer.

Boredly watching the television, I was about to prepare to sleep when I noticed that Xiao' Ling was lying on the sofa, seemingly looking to be sleeping already. I didn't think too much about it, this topmost floor's approximate regions I had already been familiarized with it, so I planned to go to the bedroom to take a piece of blanket to lay onto Xiao' Ling, although it's summer right now, but it's still rather chilly at night.

However, when I went into the bedroom to look for a blanket, and I returned to the living room afterwards, there's nothing at all on the sofa....

Don't tell me that Xiao' Ling had ran downstairs already....this.... that's not my concern anymore, I'll locate her first before doing anything else!

Hurriedly pushing open the doors, there were people standing guard at the lift entrance and stairs entrance, so how did Xiao' Ling manage to escape in the first place.

"Hey, have you seen Xiao' Ling already?"

If they stood guard at the top-most floor, they definitely would have known about Xiao' Ling.

"Xiao jie? We didn't see her at all, wasn't she inside here?"

"She seized the chance to run away when I wasn't looking, and if you guys didn't see her also then quickly check the surveillance!"

Xiao' Ling, oh Xiao' Ling, when I locate you later I'll definitely punish you severely.....

A few dozen minutes later, the outcome of the surveillance feed showed that Xiao' Ling walked through another staircase, and that staircase seemed to be usually locked as well, but Xiao' Ling possessed the keys to it unexpectedly.

"Everyone go look for her, she said before, she won't go too far......."

Going down the building with an extremely anxious heart, I went around the surroundings of the building, shouting for Xiao' Ling's name together with a bunch of balded black shirt uncles.

"Xiao' Ling!"


"Why did you....."

"Shh, lower your voice, don't let them discover us already."

When I turned towards a corner, Xiao' Ling secretly called me over, as her hands carried a few little kittens, and beneath her legs was a physically bigger cat, so this should be those little kitten's mother.

"Hehee, a period of time ago I noticed a pregnant kitten over here, and I didn't expect it to have already given birth, drink a little more milk, hurry up and grow up~"

"So you've always wanted to go down just for them? You could have called your men to help these......"

"Jian-ge, do you think Lao bà's men would really take care of these kittens?

I visualized in my mind those black shirt balded uncles with a combination of little's indeed a little too absurd already.

"That's true, but you can always come here during the day, right? Forget it, don't say it anymore, hurry up and finish it up and return back with me!"

"Just stay for a little while longer~, the little kittens are so cute, so how about when we go back this time we bring along a few with us, I'll keep a few, and Jian-ge keep some too also, alright?"

"Sure-sure-sure, we'll talk about it later....."

Xiao' Ling gently played around with the little kittens; so it's expected that little children are little children after all, like this, she's way more cute than her usual cheeky demeanor.

 "Jian-ge, what namee would you think onto giving these kittens.......oi! Behind you!!!"

Xiao' Ling looked at me, and suddenly yelled loudly in surprise, but, it's already too late, my head suddenly felt rather painful all of a sudden, and my consciousness only retained for a few seconds before vanishing completely.

Just before my consciousness extinguished, I heard Xiao' Ling's struggling shoutings, along with the yelps of those little kittens.

-ch 73 end-

(3316 words to tl)

TL: I can see where the plot is going from this. What do you think? 

Qing Dynasty's Top Ten Torture Methods = Qing Dynasty refers to a period in ancient China, you can google these torture methods up if you liked.... -3-

-shushu = a suffix, this meant 'uncle'

-dàshu = a suffix, this meant 'big uncle'; it's termed more respectfully than the above ^

-ge = a suffix, this meant 'elder brother' being short-cutted, it's termed rather affectionately

Lao bà = informal way to address one's father

Xiao jie = 'young mistress', think of it as a gender-specific (-sama term)


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