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Love Dependency Disease v1c26

TL: overworked my kidney for this chapt~ enjoy~ 

Volume 1, Chapter 26: The Prez had relapsed again

TL: flarewk

"We'll be very gentle with you~"

Other than the President, all of them kept messing around with me, and in the commotion I felt my body being groped around by them numerous times....

"Aiiyee! Who groped my backside!!"

My buttocks were being assaulted! Who's the culprit here......if you have guts, then come up and admit it!

(TL: culprit is probably Qingxue)

"All right! Since Zhang Jian had already received his punishment, I think that next time he won't be repeating the same mistake again."

The Prez did a certain hand gesture, which made the rest of the Student Council members back off, and she pointed the gun at me and fired.


A net erupted out from the shotgun....

"Sorry.....I've misfired......."

"If it's the real deal, I'm afraid that I won't have a complete head by now already!!"

It really frightened me just now, as I thought that I had been dead already.

"How could you guys do this to me? I'm at the very least the hero here!"

"Why can't we do this to you, even if your the hero?"

The Prez chuckled, as she walked forward to help me remove my entanglement from the net.

"Huh? It's a little tight...."

She increased her strength applied, and the me inside the net also complemented the Prez by helping to pull it up too.

"Zhang Jian, stand back, I'll pull the net, this net's rather elastic, it's not that simple to remove it."

"Got it!"

This net's quality is indeed quite good, for as Ma Qing Xue and the rest used scissors or knifes and still failed to cut open the net, and they had no choice but to accompany the Prez in pulling the net as a result.

As the net got pulled up wider and wider; I could nearly see the light of day if it just were being pulled a little higher.

"My hands hurt......I can't hold on anymore!"

The Vice Prez suddenly heartlessly let go of the net, and the net's elasticity instantly made the rest of them let go of their hands as well; but only the pitiful Prez had the net strewn onto herself earlier, and she was just using her body's weight to pull up the net when this happened, with the result of her and me being entangled into the net together.


My face had been covered by an unknown part of Prez, which caused me to unable to even speak a word clearly.

"Let.....go.....quickly let go!"

Just as I had finally managed to make out some room for my mouth, the moment I had just finished speaking the net gripped me even more tighter than before.

I'm almost dying of breathlessness right now!

"Zhang Jian! Don't move.....unn.....haaaa....."

As I slightly calmed down, I could very clearly distinct heartbeat sounds from the Prez, and I think I've already realized what position I've been stuck onto against the Prez.

If I still didn't get rescued from this situation asap, there would probably a breast suffocation murder case in Su Hua.

That's right, breast suffocation!

"Quick! Hurry up and separate us apart; Vice President, go take the chainsaw! I'm.....about to relapse again.....hurry!"

Within the Prez's breasts, I could clearly hear her heartbeat getting faster and faster, and from analyzing what she said earlier, she shouldn't be lying just then, about Prez's relapse condition.....

That's intermittent love dependency disease!! Right now I'm still entangled in the net along with her together, and if this goes on it definitely will be the end of me!

"Ma Qing Xue.....hurry up and grab some pliers, no matter what you must separate me before the President relapses!"

Hearing unto my request, Ma Qing Xue panickedly dashed off to look for the tools; the secretary and the accountant looked at each other, and quickly ran off to look for something that could separate me and the Prez.

"Zhang Jian....hurry up and think of something....when I relapses, I don't know why, but I'll have an uncontrollable urge to r*pe you, if you don't want to be r*ped by me then hurry up and knock me unconscious!"

The Prez's eyes started to be more and more blurred, and I could clearly feel her body temperature rising exponentially.

Don't tell me this is the omen before the Prez's relapsing?

Being r*ped by the Prez and so on, actually...within my inner self I still was a little eager for it to happen...... ptooey! ptooey! When exactly did I turn into someone like that!

"Zhang Jian! Hu.....rry.... right now, in my eyes you looked even more and more cuter already! I can't control myself any longer!"

Can't you not use the term 'cute', but use 'handsome' to describe me!
Although I'm not really that handsome too......

But how can I knock someone out to an unconscious state.......that's right.....being devoid of breathing should work!

I quickly plunged my head deeply within the Prez's breasts, and used a humongous force to dig my head at the middle of her chest, this way, it should be able to force her to have difficulties in breathing.

"Har.....der! Do it until I've fainted!"

"Haven't you eaten yet? Do it harderr........ahh! I'm about to faint! Aaah....I'm almost there......."

The Prez started to have her consciousness being clouded, is she about to faint already?

"Not......enough! It's not enough! More.....even more force.....hurry! Don't care about my feelings, just use even harder force to do it!"

She used a wildly exhilarated voice to keep pushing me on.

Prez, can't you just quietly fall into unconsciousness, if this conversation were to be heard by other people I think I'm going to be invited back to the police station to have some tea!

"I already used my hardest force already!"


The Prez managed to free out both of her hands to hug me tightly, and as she forcefully pressed my head into her breasts and pressed onto them tightly; if this goes on not only will the Prez faint, but me too as well!

So agonizing.....can't warm breath went past through the Prez's clothes and were repeatedly sprayed onto her breasts.

Just as me and Prez were about to fall into unconsciousness, the huge doors of the meeting room slammed open loudly.

Our rescue had arrived!

"I'll use the pliers to cut open the middle portion; Vice President you'll use the electric saw to open the net's hole, be very careful not to harm Zhang Jian, and as for President, whatever; Secretary and Misc Task Manager use those knives to cut open both sides of the net!"

"""Got it!"""

When the Prez was useless, it looks like Ma Qing Xue became the next authoritative in command, as everyone followed her commands without hesitation and started to carry out their respective orders.

And after a while, me and Prez managed to successfully separate apart.

"Ha~aa, Ha~aa, Ha~aa!"

After being rescued out I gulped in huge mouthfuls of fresh air; for if I'm to really faint I think that my life would be gone already, for since the Prez's head wasn't being obstructed by anything, but my face was completely squished till there isn't a gap of space left.

Last time, I may have preferred a bigger variety, but right now I don't like large breasts any more! As for something that have nearly took away your life, may I ask anyone in this world that they would still love that thing?

"Zhang Jian, are you alright?"

Ma Qing Xue passed a towel to me, and as I wiped the sweat onto my face, and stared at the Prez's breasts, I still have a little tinge of fear lingering within me.

Wait.....the Prez's breasts have disappeared! Ah, no, wait, it's the Prez that had disappeared!

I frightenedly stared around the meeting room wildly, but still didn't see the Prez around.

"Where's the President?"

Under the reminder of my words, they attempted to look around as well, but failed to locate the Prez.

I'm absolutely sure that I didn't hear any door closing earlier, so that means, the Prez is definitely still in this room!

"Disturbing other people's lovey-dovey time together is an extremely impolite thing to do, alright~"

The Prez suddenly leapt down from the corner of the ceiling, and she gave a hand chop each to the secretary and the misc. task manager, and the moment the chop landed onto both of their necks they instantly fainted.

I casted a glance of pitiful plea towards Vice Prez and Ma Qing Xue, as it left only them who could save me right now.

"I remembered that I still have something to do right now, see you later."

The Vice Prez then actually immediately leapt off from the windows without saying another word, but here's the third floor! The third floor!!

"Leave the medicine behind!!!"

The Prez's medicine, is all but my only hope remaining now.

"There's no more medicine, I forgot to buy some yesterday, who knows that the Prez's condition would happen so quickly again~"

A voice floated out from downstairs, which made the hopelessness in my heart widen even more.

"Ma Qing won't leave me alone and run off, right........"

"Mm, even if I was to die, I would never let the President come near to within an inch of you!"

Waahhh....I'm so touched....Ma Qing Xue is too reliable already..

"I hate those people that liked to disturb other people's hobbies~"

The Prez licked her lips, as she picked up the long knife dropped by the Misc Task Manager. Not to be outdone, Ma Qing Xue picked up the still humming electric chainsaw from the ground.

"Let me show you my prowess, [Sun Sect Swordsmanship]!"

Sun sect swordsmanship? What the hell was that!

"I won't lose too, [Ma Family Sawmanship]!"

Ma Family Sawmanship? Now what the hell was that!!

But, don't worry, Ma Qing Xue, I won't let you be disappointed, [Zhang Family Escapemanship]!"

I shot out like a rocket and dashed towards the window; I remembered that below the Student Council building there should be a soft mound of grassy patch, and if I just jump off like that there shouldn't be any problems at all, at most I'll just dislocate my knees only.

"A naughty child that tries to run shall be punished~~"

In a flash, the Prez leapt around from Ma Qing Xue's sight, and she stepped onto the sofa, utilizing the bounciness of the sofa to jump over to my side.

Looks like the plan to escape from the window had already failed before even attempting it.

Ma Qing Xue grabbed onto the chainsaw and quietly crept behind to the Prez......she can't be truly serious on using the chainsaw to fight against the Prez, right.....

Someone will die from this!


As sparks flew, the meeting room resounded noises of the electric saw hitting onto the knife....Ma Qing Xue actually dared to do it!

"Ma Qing Xue, if you still don't let go right now I'll fire Zhang Jian!"

Prez, you're so despicable!

"On the count of three, one........two............."

"I'll go! But you must promise me that you won't do anything much towards Zhang Jian!"

"Very good, I'm just obeying the will of this body only~ and since it's the will don't blame me!"

Ma Qing Xue's defeat, marked my eventual fate.

Am I about to be r*ped by the Prez?

"You must grasp ahold of your own fate!! Forbidden Books Lord!"

Just when I was about to give up resisting, a light golden haired twin tailed girl who possessed beautiful blue eyes walked into the meeting room.

"You looked like you're in trouble right now, right~? Hurry up and go, I'll help you cover for awhile!"

This girl is not only the "Men Huntress", but also the "Lord of Drifting", she's Amelia, my comrade!

Amelia did a posture of readying for battle, and I remembered this should be the opponent-grasping techniques derived from the military side, and based on Amelia's prowess it should be enough for me to escape.

"Amelia, I'm deeply grateful to you! Goodbye."

"Oh right! The Prez's only in a state of relapse, so just knock her unconscious will do!"

Before I left, I gave a reminder to Amelia and Ma Qing Xue, in order to prevent them from going too far.

"Amelia, you will regret this!"

The Prez's tone had resentment in them.

"When you're awake you will thank me!"

"And me too!"

Just like that, Ma Qing Xue, Prez, Amelia. The battle between Su Hua's Three Great Beauties commenced.

And as for the reason of why they were fighting for....I think it's because of me.....

I'm such a sinful person!

-ch 26 end-

(2903 words to tl)

TL: I want to burn this MC

hero = he refers to himself saving Su Hua from losing at the sports meet

Sun = surname of the Prez, her full name is Sun Li Hua

Various martial art skills = puns only, these are all puns on wuxia. It's merely just a shoutout, but it's not REALLY real skills.....

Vice Prez hands hurt when pulling the net = she meant that it's more of soreness, but to make the text seem less weird, I subbed in "hurt"


Forbidden Books Lord = a title that belongs to Zj, only those from the 12 legendary veterans (see side story 1) call him that.

Aihua Amelia = an oriental beauty who held several titles; being one of the Five Human Trashes of Su Hua Middle School, being a "Men Huntress" (literally, on crossdressers) , and also being one of the 12 legendary veterans "Lord of Drifting"

Three Great Beauties = the whole school unaminously agreed that the most beautiful gals in the school belonged to three people only, and these people were given that title, the Three Great Beauties.


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