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Ch 3(new) - What is a Yandere?

Chapter 3(new)

TL: flarewk

"I wasn't dreaming... right, it's actually Asaka senpai, she actually came to our classroom!"

Hirano Okibo also said jealously; "Asaka senpai is really so beautiful! Aaahh how come I don't have such a beautiful nee-san like her!"

Ignoring a few guys in class's envying and hostile eye glances, I walked out of the classroom entrance door to right in front of Asaka nee-chan and asked her: "Asaka nee-chan, is anything the matter?"

Asaka nee-chan hid both of her hands behind her back and acted mysteriously as she said: "Hiroto, can you guess what I've brought along for you?"

I became a little speechless: "No idea."

"Hiroto answered it correctly~, it's a love-bento made by your nee-chan!"

Asaka nee-chan happily revealed her hands from behind her back, and placed the bento right in front of me to show me.

With an emotionless face, my lips twitched: "Didn't you gave me a bento this morning already?"

"It's different~ this is a specially made love-bento, and inside contained all the love I had for Hiroto~"

"Two bentos, are you trying to bloat me to death? I don't want....."

Just at the moment that I've finished saying, the originally happy-looking Asaka nee-chan's mood changed instantly, and it became.......something that made me rather terrified.

An expressionless Asaka nee-chan approached me slowly, and feeling frightened I instinctively retreated backwards, all the way until I've backed up against the wall before realizing that I had nowhere to run already.

Asaka nee-chan placed her head close to my ears and spoke every word slowly and deliberately: "If Hiroto doesn't want this bento, then I'll be like the guy who confessed earlier, and will confess to Hiroto in front of your classroom entrance~"

After finishing saying that, she stretched out her tongue and licked my ear lobes, causing my body to shudder, that kind of slimy wet feeling really made me rather disgusted.

Asaka nee-chan fixedly stared at my face expression, and resisted herself from chuckling as she placed the bento onto my hands, afterwhich she happily jump and hopped with every step as she left my vision.

I blanked out at my current position for a while and observed the surroundings; and I realized currently in the second floor corridor no students were around that saw what happened earlier, and because Bai Jing High School is more democratic, the students doesn't agree on the installation of CCTV cameras, thus there wasn't any such monitoring of whatever happened. My heart which was hanging on a thread then calmed down, and I bitterly laughed as I wiped the saliva clean on my ears using school sleeves.

Holding onto Asaka nee-chan's proclaimed love-bento, I walked into the classroom, and sitting on the corner seat I opened the bento and took a look; heart-shaped roasted pork meat were laid on the rice, even if it's under a situation where one is not hungry, once he sees this he would feel rather it's rather appetizing. As both my hands clutched onto my chin, I carefully pondered on how to settle about this bento,

At this moment, Hirano Okibo walked to beside me and looked to be rather concerning as he asked: "Hiroto, what's with that sullen-faced expression of yours?"

"Asaka nee-chan once again made me a love-bento, but I can't eat both at the same time, what should I do?"

"Ayy yaaaaaa.....that's such a pity, how should I help Hiroto-san about it........oh right! Since you can't eat it, how about you give the bento to me, I'll........I'll pay you for it!"

Hirano Okibo then suddenly exclaimed to me with an expression of having just thought out of a bright idea, and before I've even said anything he then churned out a wad of money and threw it onto the table before me, grabbed the love-bento I was holding and returned back to his seat and started whistling.

Gazing at the huge wad of money on the table, I once again bitterly laughed, and Yamazaki walked towards me from the front and said: "Hiroto, why do you sell that love-bento to that guy and not me? Didn't you know that guy always act that accommodating in front of you just because of President Asaka, and in order to sneak out information about President Asaka as well?" 

"I know......but I don't feel like giving the love-bento to you.....because your too fat already heh heh."


Once Yamazaki heard that I had called him fat, he looked to be extremely hurt as he returned back to his seat.

Another boring day quickly passed, and because me and Yamazaki's house were in the same path, so we had always walked home together, and after casually chatting on the way home I very quickly reached my house.


Saying as I switched on the entrance lights and looking at the slightly gloomy dark house, I then turned on the house lights and took off my shoes to notice that Asaka nee-chan still hadn't return home yet.

(Strange, why Asaka nee-chan wasn't at home, usually she have returned first already, was it because of something at the Student Council?)

I switched on the television as I boredly watched the television shows while using the microwave to heat up a little bread and milk, and sat on the table starting to eat these foods up.

After finishing my meal I glanced up to look at the clock on the wall above: "It's already 8 PM at night, why Asaka nee-chan still haven't returned home, could something have happened to her!"

I became a little worried, and hastily wore my clothes, planning to go out of my house to look for her; but I've just switched off the television when "pa tah" door unlocking sounds ensued from the house entrance.

Asaka nee-chan held a huge plastic bag in her hands as she greeted me: "Hiroto, it's so late already, where are you planning to go?"

I pointed towards the clock on the wall and shouted at her: "You idiot, of course it's to find you, take a look at what's the time now? Why did you return home so late? Didn't you know how much I was worried for you?"

Asaka nee-chan placed down the big plastic bag she was holding in her hands and she grabbed my shoulders excitedly as she asked: "Hiroto is concerned about me?"

"Aren't we a family? Being concerned for you is normal! ..........wait............what's inside the plastic bag?"

Asaka nee-chan opened the bags and showed them to me: "Hiroto, don't you think that our house lacked atmosphere? So I bought a few toy plushies to decorate the house! Hiroto, take a look at this pink penguins, aren't they cute~?"

"Quite cute."

Asaka nee-chan repeatedly took out toy plushies from the plastic bag as she placed in several different areas while murmuring: "As long as Hiroto liked these then it's fine hehee, the living room must have two placed in them, and Hiroto's bedroom must have five or six, the toilet must have three............"

I suddenly noticed that behind Asaka nee-chan's school uniform had a few red dots, and asked: "As long as your happy, huh? Asaka nee-chan..what's that red-colored dot at the back of your upper uniform?"

Asaka nee-chan then right in front of me took off her upper uniform, revealing that perfect body figure of hers, as she poked out her tongue playfully and stretched the clothes towards me and said: "It's just tomato ketchup~!"

I covered both my eyes with my hands as I yelled: "Asaka nee-chan, quickly put on your clothes!"

Asaka nee-chan then actually started to spoil cutely around with me: "I want Hiroto to help me put on my clothes."

I ignored Asaka nee-chan and walked into my own room, locking the door as I laid onto the bed and looked at the ceiling.

After lying for a while I felt a little bored, so I rubbed both my hands in glee as I sat up from the bed and started to expertly switch on my PC and key in my password, afterwhich I clicked onto my D drive with excited anticipation.

3 seconds later I sat in front of the computer and roared in ferocious anger: "Who deleted all of my loli resources! All of these resources are from what I've so painfully gathered up for half a year!"

I who was raging to the limits had already started to feel my body shaking around in anger, and once I triple-confirmed the factual reality that my resources were permanently gone, I wrenched open my room's door and roared towards Asaka nee-chan who was currently eating some bread: "Was it you who deleted all of my resources?"

And suddenly from the TV flashed a woman's voice: "Right now it's a news urgent broadcast, just tonight earlier there's someone who discovered a dead body in the park, the person had his chest slashed open and his stomach cleaved wide bare to die an extremely horrific death; according to investigations, the deceased is known as Hirano Okibo........"

My brain suddenly had a "Whoom" sound exploding out.

-ch 3(new) end-

(2018 words to tl)

TL: I had the distinct feeling the author forgot to express it in jp-ish style >.>

Hirano Okibo = it's the first time he's intro-ed in this chapt, but I guess you'll find it slightly weird the way he's introduced.

bento = lunchbox

tadaima = "I'm back" in japanese

resources = innuendo for p*rn


  1. K... This series got a bit more serious...

  2. Those plushies are totally spy cameras

  3. He deserved to die, how dare he steal the love bento that the sister made!

  4. A yandere with a bit more time would have , to remove the evidence -
    worn a discardable raincoat and a discardable knife , both not bought recently , taken away all identification data from the body , burnt the body to ashes along with the raincoat to further stall the case , thrown the knife into the river or buried it .

  5. Am i the only one who is baffled that he is warming milk and bread in the microwave? I can't even imagine why you would do that?
    And this remake feels like a completely different story, not that in any way is the excellent translators fault (i love this site)

    1. well yes, the author rewrites the story to add more depth to it... lol


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